Rob Zombie Interview With Kane Hodder

kanerobinterviewThis interview is about a year old as this was conducted as part of AMC fearfest last October, but how many times will you see Rob Zombie interview Kane Hodder. Not too much new in the interview that we haven’t heard before, but I like to see Kane candid and relaxed as he is with Rob.

I am a little disappointed that AMC isn’t running any Friday movies this year for Fearfest. I have always enjoyed the TV edited movies.



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29 Responses to “ Rob Zombie Interview With Kane Hodder ”

  1. Rob Zombie can fuck right off. Him and Micheal Bay have something in common, they fuck up good movies.

  2. ppl who claim that rob zombies movies suck,you would need to go back and watch halloween 5,6,7,8.part 5 meyers crys,part 6 even the producer’s cut sucked and jamie lee curtis’s were the worst of the bunch like how h20 was like 79mins long guess they put alot of thought into that one.halloween fans should be grateful for rob zombie.and for the new friday the 13th it blows away everything after part 5.6-10 of friday the 13th was so bad roy burns wouldn’t want to be a part of ‘em.lets not forget ppl what kind of shit they were coming up with before platinum dunes and zombie came along.jason in space,meyers crys,freddie does stand-up give me a break.

  3. dont like rob zombie’s h2,but everything else was ok,even though they seem like really long music video’s.and i agree rocky,the remake was alittle better than most of the friday films,but it doesnt carry the memories the other films do,still, its a bad ass movie

  4. Kane should have punched Rob Zombie right in the face!

  5. ROCKY…I have watched Halloween 5,6,7,8 and Zombie by far still sucks, he likes to put his own spin on remakes and makes it a disgrace, that’s how I feel about him anyway, we all have have our own opinion on him i guess.

    I guess what p’s me off about him is that he remakes halloween, and then makes part 2.He’s taking the original concept and turning it into sequals,that’s called ripoff city.

  6. I’d be happy if Rob directed a Friday the 13th. He actually knows and appreciates horror and classic monster flicks. That’s very much unlike alot of other directors that just wanna get it over with and don’t really like the horror genre. He has done some great movies of his own and the Halloween movies he’s directed were pretty good even though I am a bigger Jason fan. This dumbass I hate directors bandwagon is getting old. People wanna over simplify the movie making process because they think their idea(s) would make a movie universally accepted.

  7. Sinz86….Some people do not like certain directors, and they have the right to express that, as other who do like the directors that others hate have the right to thier opinion as well, but saying that the ones who do not like so and so need to get over it is an attack, and doesn’t sit well with some because people feel like if your not agreeing or disagreeing with the majority then your voice doesn’t count… It’s just a case of “express your opinion, not attack the person/people”.

  8. i like zombie’s halloween movies, i am afraid with him out for H3D, that they will return to the worst of the series like h20 and part 8. i like the fact that zombie’s halloween didn’t have american pie, i know what you did last summer theme and bad acting rappers.

    i bet you with zombie out for h3d you may see the cast of one tree hill and kanye west fighting myers, then maybe you will respect zombie’s version much better.

  9. Thank you so much for clearing up the rights of expression and opinions. Do I have those rights aswell?

  10. I wish Kane knew Rob Zombie had called the Friday the 13th movies garbage, then maybe we would’ve seen him punch the little shit’s head off

  11. Sinz86..Maybe if you re-read and play nice instead of acting like a baby, you would see that I was trying explain something that benefits everyone.
    I’m sorry to hear that you cannot play nice with others.

  12. I don’t have to re-read jack shit. Your a pretentious douche with a double standard. I didn’t attack nobody. I think bandwagons that don’t follow any consistency in their arguement are stupid. . . END

    If I had mentioned anything against Rob Zombie or fans of his work I know for a fact you wouldn’t be here trying to tell me this bull so please go preach away from me.

  13. Sinz86.. That’s your opinion and your entitled to it, just like I’m entitled to mine.

    But good to see ya freak out like that.

    But your right about one thing….


  14. \ “zombie’s halloween didn’t have american pie, i know what you did last summer theme and bad acting rappers”

    No, H2 had 2 hours of Rock and Roll Bullsh** in place of rappers…

  15. Kane might have heard that Rob called the Friday the 13th films ,but may have chose not to care.

  16. Oops left out the word garbage lol

  17. tony lommis

    you can’t honestly say you like h20 and ressurection better than zombie’s halloween series. if you do you know shit about horror!

    h20 and resurection was that pop horror garbage made from the late 90’s to the early 00’s. the audience that went to see those films wouldn’t appreciate true horror and probably wouldn’t even know part 3 had nothing to do with myers and thinks jason was the original killer of the friday series.

    zombie h2 seem like i was watching a uncut horror film. every fucking death was gory, something horror films have lacked since dario agento, ever seen opera!!

  18. tony lommis

    you can’t honestly tell me that you like H20 and part 8 over zombies halloween reboot!

    H20 and part 8 were the pop horror crap made in the late 90’s and early 00’s. the majority of the audience who watch those movies would not respect true horror and probably have no idea that halloween 3 had shit to do with myers and thinks jason was always the killer of the friday series.

    when i seen zombies H2, it was like i was watching a uncut horror film. every death scene was gorified and very detailed. i haven’t seen a director make a horror film like since dario angento. ever see opera?!

  19. Rob Zombie made a shity movie. H1 H2 now H3 in 3d? in my mind mikey is still a live the remakes are some other guy. if any one disadgreea e-mail me and i will have a open mind at

  20. Rob is more suited for Jason. His Michael Myers was large, built like a mountain, and slammed thru things and tossed people around like rag dolls. Sound like any cinematical monster you know?. He ruined Michael Myers. I would still take the worst of the Halloween franchise over Rob’s 2 films anyday, although I kinda liked his re-make.

  21. I take it you know shit about horror for liking Zombieween 1 & 2 then, mike e? Kettle meet pot.

    And since when do you speak for all horror fans with that same old crap “true fan” nonsense, huh? Seriously, you’re no different than tony loomis with his view for hating Zombieweeen, while you like it. Funny how you call H20 & Resurrection crap, but you like the last 2 crap films by Rob Zombie. Funny, isn’t it? ;)

  22. And I wish Kane punch Rob in the face myself for dissing F13th. Doesn’t Rob know he is talking to the guy who is famous for playing Jason? If I see Kane next month at a convention, I will ask him to do that. ;)

  23. nw

    when 3D comes out with starring
    ‘kanye west” and the cast of twlight you will wish zombie directed it. and yes zombie versions is much better then dimensions crapo h2o. h20 is like the crap horror of the faculty-urbanlegand-i know-scream-final destination-rage carrie 2

  24. Kanye West & the cast pf Twilight? We know that will never happend in Halloween 3D. They’re not stupid to cast those people.

    And I still think all of the Halloween films are better than Zombieween films, which doesn’t feel like Halloween. Especially with no plot, white trash, & endless cussing. When you write too many cussing like Zombie did, you’re not a good writer. No wonder Zombieween II is a big stinker. Thank god he is not doing anymore Halloween, ’cause he would destroy the franchise for good.

  25. nw

    you made a point with the cussing, could have cut back on that about 99%

    i just hope 3d doesn’t go the h20 route with the casting…. i know it won’t be kanye west per say but the likes of him… like busta rymes and ll cool j… come on. ressuerction was like american pie meets myers… i like american pie or those types of comendies but didn’t need to see the cast of such movies in halloween.

    i enjoyed the last movie for the gore, that most horror today lacks… i mean scene where the 2 guys from the morge hitting the cow and the dead drivers crushed in face after followed by the beheading and every death that followed!

  26. hmmm

  27. None of you should really disgrace any director no matter how bad the movie. They still make money for Anyone who watches it. Directors have more money than me and they do something I can’t do.

  28. I really don’t like any of Robs movies, to me their more like disgusting skrewed up porns. My husband agrees totally with me. I love Kane as a villian, omg he’s incredible but even the Fridays he wasn’t in were still awesome…acc maybe #5, that just kind of sucked really. But every series has atelast one in the bunch that didn’t match (Halloween season of the witch, etc) or just plain sucked. Rob has good ideas but come on, some of the scenes are really horrible & shouldn’t be in any movie.

  29. *villain* meh typos gotta love em! Loved Kane in Hatchet & Ed Gein too.

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