Halloween Hockathon

I know I am tad late in finding this, but over at Scab’s Blog he mentions Crash Cunningham’s $100 Hockathon. For those of you looking for an awesome hock for a Halloween costume or just to add to your collection this is the way to go. Check out the banner below.



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8 Responses to “ Halloween Hockathon ”

  1. wow would love one….but it’s to expensive! :(

  2. I still hate Crash lol. Good mask, but the painter is an ass.

  3. Crash Is one of THE BEST
    Hockey makers I’ve seen and I’ve been doing this for a LOOONG time

  4. Crash is one of the most respected and well liked hock makers in the hobby. I’m guessing Ghastly is one of those tards from frightstuff that hate on makers who don’t buy Ken Tarallo’s bullshit. Crash is the best bar none.


  5. It’s my own opinion, if you can’t accept that there’s a neat little X button at the top right of your screen and you’re free to use it at any point. Like I said, he is a great artist but I REALLY don’t like the guy. I’m entitled to my opinion so piss off.

  6. I don’t care if he doesn’t do FS masks, An artist can be great but still be a dick. It’s just the same when you meet an actor at a convention, they can be complete tools and be awesome in movies.

  7. hate the pt 6 flat faced hock…ugh

  8. Great deals from a great artist.

    Ghastly, Crash is a friend. Your comments had nothing to do with his sale so why don’t you leave your comments to your f*cking self. Douche.

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