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While attending France’s Gerardmer Film Festival earlier this year, original FRIDAY THE 13TH director Sean Cunningham chatted with Fango about the FRIDAY franchise and Marcus Nispel’s upcoming remake, due February 13, 2024. Cunningham is very fond of his “creature,” even if he would love to deal with a more “human” Jason rather than the cold (and a little dumb) killing machine we all know. “At one point, when I got the rights back and wanted to do another Jason movie, I thought the series had become just awful,” he tells Fango. “I wanted to make it about people again and create kind of a real villain, but then I understood that almost everybody wanted to have Jason as their gladiator! The audience wanted a ride on the rollercoaster; that’s what they wanted from the franchise.”

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  1. well…..i guess that new lime will make a part 2 , 3,.4,, then comes the un dead jason….thats cool..just make them better and have a better story,,,there is soo much they can go on ..alll the new comic books and so on….kill kill kill..

  2. where is kane????????????????

  3. Kane’s gone, let it go

  4. Apparently, Cunningham also thought that the audience wanted horrible dialog to go along with the roller-coaster ride, based on what he did to the Jason X script.

    I do hope this new films steers away from Jason being the star attraction. I think the horror element is lost when the audience starts cheering on the supposed “villain.”

  5. I agree… once the villain enters pop culture and appears on lunchboxes and in rock videos then the horror is taken out of it. As good as Kane may have been, the series stopped being scary long before his involvement.

  6. hate to say this guys, but jasons mother, as the original killer in the first friday the 13th was even more awesome than jason. betsy palmer was great, and any true friday the 13th fan would agree!

  7. Frank,

    You’ll get no argument from me on that topic. As a villain, she was far more effective than Jason has ever been. At no point during Friday the 13th was I ever rooting for the unseen killer. The revelation that the motherly figure who has come to rescue is actually the killer blows doors off any moment in any of the sequels. The original Friday the 13th also had an element of mystery to it, that simply can’t be captured in any sequel/remake/re-imagining these day, because everybody knows the story behind the series.

  8. hey exile-
    thanks for the quick reply. im glad someone agrees with me on that! i know so many people that love friday the 13th, but when i bring up how awesome jasons mother was in the first one, they’ll be like- huh? lol. i was so glad that jasons mother was in freddy vs. jason, and that shes pretty much the reason why he does what he does. it would of been great if betsy palmer reclaimed that role, but the recast wasn’t too bad. you could tell the actress probobly studied everything betsy palmer did as pamela voorhees. i read jasons mother is gonna be in the new friday, but im not really counting on the character to be in it very long, because i think she dies early into the movie, but here’s hoping they do this “remake” for the fans, because we havent gotten a good friday the 13th in a very long time! did you see when jason was in space? ridiculous, right!? take care.

  9. I watch the original Friday film and the sequels for different reasons. The original for tension and atmosphere, the sequels for Jason. Both good in their own ways, but tension and atmosphere don’t really belong in a Jason movie. He’s a gimmick, a way to keep the franchise going. The series never would have progressed to this level had Mrs Voorhees had survived the first film and become the killer in every movie. Jason may not be the creepy killer she was, but he makes the movies fun!

  10. I think they need a creepy killer who wears a thong while killing.

  11. I think the reason the first film pulls off the tension and atmosphere is because it was always intended to be a stand-alone story in its own right. I have always viewed the series as being the original Friday the 13th and then the “Jason movies.” They both have their own appeal, but I find that the first few sequels try too hard to capture the same essence of the original, yet still fall flat. I enjoy TFC, Jason Lives, TNB, and Jason X for the Jason character and his over-the-top “kills scenes” (and the FX associated with them) rather than for any kind of “horror” element.

  12. Kane? Yeah he was alright man. Let it go already. Ted White I think Final chapter Jason was by far the best hands down!

  13. Kane’s definetly my favorite so far. I have a feeling that Derek Mears is going to be awesome as Jason. I feel each actor that played Jason brought something different to the character and they each did it well. Kane brings this violent, killing machine approach to the character. I thought Kirk gave Jason a more sympathetic look to him (which is what Ronny Yu wanted), where you viewed Jason as the victim of manipulation (by Freddy) and felt sorrow in general for him. At least that’s my take on it. Stil, I can’t wait to see how Derek does behind the mask!

  14. For my part i think bring back Kane could be a mistake… maybe we need a fresh start with different staff. So i agree 100% with the choice in jason character. I can’t wait to see this title on friday the 13th… i exepect that jason will have long dirty hairs for a more realism. And of course i like jason’s mother than jason. But i’m affraid with the special effect… too much blood… gore :S we’ll see

  15. I definitely think Derek Mears as Jason is the most promising aspect of this movie. Not too keen on Platinum Dunes remaking it, but he looks perfect for the role!

  16. I am hoping that Jason’s hairstyle is something similar to Friday the 13th part 2. I don’t like the whole ‘humpback’ thing, I know its cool to make Jason with deformities but I think the whole mongoloid head was good enough

  17. I think its great that they are involving Sean s. Cunningham
    because after all he is the original creator of Friday the 13th,it is good that they are involving a original element to make the movie similar to the original I think this movie is going to be great.

  18. Yeah but Sean’s name was attached to FVJ, but he was not involved with it, only briefly in pre-production. His name was on the credits as he had spent 15 years trying to get it made

  19. I am in agreement with what Kane said. Jason doesn’t need to look totally deformed to be spooky. The ugly redneck look was more frightening than anything after Part 3. It’s too bad that FVJ wasn’t made when they first talk of it, which was after Jason Goes to Hell. Maybe it would have been good, unlike the movie that we were subjected to.

  20. In what capacity is Cunningham involved in the new film? I hope it’s not much. I’ll give credit where credit is due with the original Friday, but I have been thoroughly disappointed with just about everything else that Cunningham has had his fingers in.

  21. I’ll have to agree with a couple of the previous posts and say, when it comes to the fundaments of horror, no sequel will surpass the original Friday.

    Pamela Voorhees was the perfect, elusive antagonist. Her motivaton was sound. The mystique was essential and effective. And, obviously, it’s the foundation of the franchise.

    Like many of you, the reason I return to the series is because of convention; we all know what to expect and what will be delivered from a Friday flick.

    eXile, you make an astute and funny point. Cunningham couldn’t save his own child. He’d like to think he could revive the series, give Jason some sort or renaissance, but, the probability is, he knows the original was a fluke. He knows he wouldn’t be able to recapture what so many have failed imitating.

    The original Friday was not a success by design, but, like so many other horror films (Chainsaw Massacre, Evil Dead), a work of youth, determination and fervour.

    Anyway, no beef. I don’t ever post so thought I’d get that off my chest. And, in case I’ve given the wrong impression, my hopes are high for the return to Camp Blood.

  22. Dimon, FVJ was actually first proposed shortly after Jason Lives was released. Both Joseph Zito (The Final Chapter) and John Carl Buechler (The New Blood) had meetings with Mancuso Jr but Paramount, who at the time held the rights to F13, could not come to an agreement with New Line who owned Elm Street. Both anted full creative control. But I am surprised that they didn’t just run with it when New Line bought the rights back in ‘92.

  23. The thing I loved about the first four Fridays (and even five) was the element of surprise. For the first two thirds of each of those movies, you did not see a full body shot of Jason. You saw his arm, his feet, maybe his profile. For much of the movies, they used the camera as the killer, which is the same technique they used in Black Christmas, Friday\\\’s predecessor. By part six, Jason jumps out of the grave and you see his face immediately. To me, this takes away from the suspense. Bring back the mystery. The thing I loved about part five was you weren\\\’t even sure it wasn\\\’t really Jason until the end.

  24. Yes, the first Friday movie with Jason’s mother was great. Again, it had the element of surprise and mystery. You didn’t actually see her until the last third of the movie. I actually thought they were going to bring her back in Part four judging from the ending in three.I agree with Sean Cunningham that a more human Jason would be scarier.

  25. Really, using the camera as the killer started way back with Psycho, fourteen years before Black Christmas. That was where the roots of the slasher film were laid

  26. Sorry, I forgot about that one. Psycho is another great example. Don’t you agree that those movies were more suspenseful for that very reason, though?

  27. hey exile-
    yeah, as much as i love the original friday the 13th, i do just about love almost every friday the 13th jason movie, just as much. almost, meaning I really hated jason goes to hell. it just felt like jason really wasn’t in it, because his soul was being transferred into every human he killed. i thought that was really the worst one. part 5 in a way, was kinda bad too, in that jason wasn’t the killer at all, but i didn’t hate it. and actually, i did like jason x too. thought it was a little silly that it was in space and shit, but i still liked it. i just loved all the films paramount distributed. have you seen any photos or trailers for the new one yet? im dyyyyyyyying to see the new one! february cant come fast enough!

  28. does anyone know anything about the new actress playing pamela voorhees in the remake? i hope she lives up to betsy palmer, or even the lady that played her in freddy vs. jason! im so curious as to how shes gonna fit into the story. has an actress been cast to play the counselor that chops off her head? or is it gonna be a totally different story. i just hope this remake is better than the halloween one. Halloween was alright, but could of been better!

  29. Cunningham will have no real role. I think they let him walk around the set to make him happy, but I doubt anybody takes him seriously. I have no idea how he made the first film. He hasn’t been able to create anything resembling a good film since. I cringe everytime I see a new interview with him because I know he’ll say something stupid.

  30. The Fridays from best to worst in my opinion:

    Part 7
    Part 4
    Part 6
    Part 2
    Part 1
    Part 3
    Jason X
    Part 8
    Part 5

    I really hope Jason doesn’t have hair and, he looks like he did Freddy v.s. Jason. Even as a child in that movie he had no hair. I think he looks scariest that way

  31. You all have to read the trhead to “Teaser Trailer To Debut At Comic-Con?” They are outta control in there! They are insulting the crap outta eachother LOL! I love F13 1-4 5 okay 6 to the rest were good but…

  32. You mean there\’s actually room to post w/ all that insulting STILL going on in there! LOL! Definetly amusing.

  33. i have to say i am high DISAPPOINTED seeing the word mtv involved!!!!!!-mtv itself has sucked sinse 95!!!!!!!!!!!
    —-all horror movies these days are geared towards teeny boppers and hanna montana aged kids!!!!!-the horror movies of the 70s and up to late late 80’s rocked!!!!!-theres no gore anymore,you dont get scared anymore…….-they make it all about what the kids are wearing or what new teen stars are in it.-then all the new movies throw that horrible token black guy in the movie who just ruins the whole feel of the horror movie by saying stupid shit like thats whack and oh dang….-you know what im talking about!!!!!-the whole movie gets so cheezy and corny!!!!!!-everyone in the theatre is laughing when they should be hiding their faces and crying like was back in the day!!!-please dont ruin this movie……..this is friday the 13th not house of wax,prom night,or jeepers creepers!!!!
    -i was born in 1980 i grew up watching all these movies being scared out of mind as a kid going to bed loving every minute of it!!!!!-bring that back for me, dont let me hate going to see this or hear little girls in the row behind me laughing and chatting on their phones!!!-i want you to make them cry and be scared to walk to their cars after they leave the theatre!!!!!-a true horror fan-

  34. I feel pretty confident with the people involved, it’s been out of Sean’s hands for a long time. The premise of Friday the 13th is not original at all at this point, but I’m interested to see the treatment of it. We’ve seen funny and cheesy, but I often wondered what a really serious Friday-film would be like - what if it was sad, or struck a nerve? What if we actually felt the loss for the characters, and they weren’t just Jason-fodder stereotypes?

    That being said, I’d still enjoy a movie on the same “horror” level of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

  35. ROBERTG-
    You are so right. why is it, that every horror movie….better yet, every movie lately, has to have a token black character. its so retarded, because your right- the black character is usually the most annoying. and im not being racist. im talking about what the scriptwriter has them say or do. the black girl in freddy vs. jason wasn’t too annoying……but remember in part 5, when dudley from “different strokes” was in it, and he went to go visit his brother in some trailer park? and the fake jason killed him as he was taking a shit? that was so bad. in the Halloween remake, michael myers killed a black man also, taking a shit. ive also been seeing another new trend- sticking in a gay or lesbian character. now that is REALLY annoying. the guys act like feme-fatales and the girls are even worst!

  36. Thanks, Christian for clearing up my error about when FVJ was first considered. I just remember reading in Fango after JGTH was released about the story being thrown around, but Kane and Robert (Englund) were reluctant to commit to the movie unless the script was good enough. Thanks again though.

  37. In response to Robert G’s post # 33: What do you mean there is no gore? The late 80’s had every single kill in a horror movie edited. Now, we get to see everything. Example the new Halloween, or the Hills Have Eyes remake, Those movies are gory as hell. That’s why I am so excited for the new Friday, the censors won’t be looking at it just to see what they can cut out of it because, the heat is off of horror movies nowadays. We should get to see over the top kills and what I’m betting will be the best storyline a Friday movie has ever seen. Can’t freaking wait!

  38. No probs man. If you’ve never read them I strongly suggest reading both making Friday the 13th and Crystal Lake Memories… both excellent reads, great pics and well worth the money!

  39. You guys are insane the first one with the mother?
    that shit was big time ass and it sucked I was more scared by Al Gores movie.
    Bottom line is Jason is what made the series and Kane was the best Jason ever and just to let you know if horror movies really scare you I think you might wanna grow some balls and grow up unless your a female or under the age of 13 jesus what ruined the series and what’s ruined horror in general is the need to import celebs into the fucking movies like Kelly Rowland LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes and shit any main line actor/actress it was better when a bunch of no body’s where getting hacked up horror movies used to be a springboard for unknown talent now it’s just a shit pool for known losers that have none…..

  40. Not too mention all the blk people should dies early and the white people should fall down and be corny lol thats what horror movies are about not fucking busta rhymes kung foo fighting mike myers theres a place for that it’s called scary movie 627

  41. Hell ya, man! I feel the same about celebrities being involved in horror movies. Usually celebs are introduced to horror movies so the movie companies can make some more money. Just because they’re popular doesn’t make them good actors either. No name actors usually pull off better acting and more memorable characters.

  42. he didnt like where the franchise had gone? you mean iconic.Dont get me wrong friday 1 is a good horror movie but it wasnt going to be memorable without Jason moving on to do what he did.Cunningham lucked out because now he is known as a pioneer of friday the `13th instead of oh that guy that did that scary 80’s camp movie.Unfortunaltly ill just remember him as the guy who let them ruin Jason in JGTH. PLEASE KEEP YOU HANDS OFF ANY FRIDAY MOVIE IN THE FUTURE

  43. I have to admit that i prefer the friday the 13th movies that had jason as the killer rather than the first one,the bit from the 3rd movie was really creepy,when the deformed jason was looking out the window at the girl,i think kane hodder was the best jason,when i first saw the fvj jason i thought he wasn\’t as imposing as the kane hodder one,like kane hodder said,i guess they wanted jason to look like a big pussy this time,i heard the michael bay is directing the new movie,i hope not,he\’ll ruin the movie,as a die hard horror and jason fan i thought all the movies with jason were good

  44. “what’s ruined horror in general is the need to import celebs into the fucking movies like Kelly Rowland LL Cool J and Busta Rhymes.”


  45. Blame Scream for that L. Getting one of the stars from a TV show like Friends was a ballsy move, but then we’re subjected to rap stars and all sorts of crap. And then MTV get in on the act and all of a sudden horror isn’t aimed at horror fans anymore, it’s aimed at people who like Sex and the City. That’s the problem with Hollywood, they couldn’t give a shit about the fans, even though sometimes they claim they do, all they care about is money!

  46. Kane Hodder sux. Hate to break it to you fellas, but he did. as much as i loved part 7 with tina and her telekinetic powers, The friday 13ths after that with kane, SUCKED. Ronny Yu did the right thing by bringing on a new actor to play Jason. And I DONT EXPECT anyone under the age of 20 to love or appreciate the original friday the 13th, when his mother mrs. voorhees, did all the killings. why? because you young kids, if you see something thats made from years ago, you think its boring crap. im only 30, but i love movies from the 50’s through 80’s. and i agree with whoever said bringing in special guest black performers like ll cool j, busta rhymes, and other stupid idiots like them, ruined the movie. i just hope this new remake is a kick ass job and goes back to basics.

  47. I like Kane, but he’s already proven himself. The only regret I really have is that he had to go out with Jason X. I’m excited to see Derek - he has not only the physicality, but a great personality as well, and seems to understand the character (on a deeper level than “he kills people”). I’ll also be interested to see extras later on, and hear more interviews with him.

    A new era of horror is here - for better or worse, we might’ve heard the last of Kane Hodder and Robert Englund as Jason and Freddy. But as long as the new installments respect what’s been laid down, they can approach it how they want. Will be interesting.

  48. I’ve been serching for a few hours in different websites more info about the characters in the new Friday the 13th…and what i read Jared Padalecki (clay) is going to be investigating the deaths who had been ocurred there and also searching for his younger sister Amanda Righetti (whitney), sow i think aftyer read a lot of simple sinopsis and what i see in the MTV screencaps i think it will combine the idea of The Final Chapter of a man serching for his younger sister and Amanda Righetti i think it will be the conseler who died at the first minutes in the first friday but she will have more history because maybe Nana Visitor (mrs voorhees) will be involucred in the that part of the story as Pamela Voorhees and the other cast members like Dannielle Panabeker etc, will be the young conselrs who will try to re-open the camp cristal lake and they will find with clay and or big man jason who will kill them all off LOL!

  49. What about if he possed someone again? It’s not that great of an idea, but still it’s an idea

  50. Ronnie Yu did a piss poor job on Freddy Vs Jason. That was not the Jason that I grew up watching. Uber-Jason from Jason X was more closer to the \

  51. I really am hoping this movie turns out to be great. Everything I am reading about it makes me happy though. I hope Mrs. Voorhees has a good kill in it.

    I have always loved Betsy Palmer, I remember the first time I saw her outside of the Friday the 13th franchise and it was on Dallas or something. Man I got scared watching a soap opera with my mother just because she was on there. I love that woman lol.

    But I think Mears is going to be the best Jason yet. I don’t know why, but just the look of that man screams serial killer. You don’t even need a mask, just put him in there as himself and he kind of looks creepy.

    That trailer needs to hurry up!

  52. FRANK-
    I understand yous ponit of viwe about how the screeptwritter make black peopple look like..
    but thet of the gay or lesbian character i reaaly dont undestand it…
    i sound a litlle bit homofobic to me…

  53. its not really horror movies ive been seeing this new trend of throwing a gay character into the mix. lve been seeing that more in sitcoms and shit, l guess. there was an annoying gay guy in bride of chucky though. cant think of any others off of the top of my head. i hope jared paledacki, isn’t playing some annoying detective. i really hope this is as close to the original as possible. i hope its atmosphere and creepiness is as great as it was in friday the 13ths part 1-4. im a little nervous that mtv has ANYTHING to do with this film. mtv sucks ass.

  54. I think MTV is attached to the new film beause they are the sister company to Paramount. The company called Viacom owned Paramount and MTV and with MTV attached to it, they can do a lot of advertising and get the movie out there. MTV is really nothing more then a publicity tool for the film. It will be nothing but good for the movie. It isn’t like Carson Daily is directing the movie so relax man. lol.

  55. i glad to be in this chat with you guys and respect all your ideas and hope u enjoy mine!!!-feel free to comment or disagree!
    -yes i hate the rappers and teen stars in movies the 80s teens were so much more believable and cooler!!!!-all kids these days think real life is having your mommies escalade and them paying for everything and thats how they portray them in all movies too!!!!-theres the blk guy football player,the preppy ambercrombie best friends that are a blk and wht girl and the nerdy asian friend!!!!-am i right or what!!!!????
    -make them just plain kids not stereo types!!!!how great and believeable were the teenagers in the freedy movies and jason movies!!!!-you felt like them and could feel it was believeable when the girls in the tub and her mom yells at her to not fall asleep,kids took school buses and walked to school and snuck out of their rooms there were adults in it who told them what to do like real people!!!-dont make it about the stars make it about the god damn monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-im sick of hearing the teenage girls giggling about how cute so and so is and that they like them and they have the same outfit then laughing through out the whole movie!!!!!!-and nobodys scared……and the only one that dies is you at the end of the movie for feeling soooooo bummed!!!!!!!and cheated!
    ———-i have to agree i wasnt very fond of the first one either with jasons mom……i love 7 and 8 and 3.
    —-to the guy jason who commented on the gore issue-watch the original day of the dead or any of the italian horror movies,the nightmare on elm street movies, and lets not forget hellraiser!!!-then watch any of the 90’s-todays’horror movies wow youll be let down!!!!!!!-which brings me to the end of that ——thats why they remake everything cause all the new horror movies suck asssssssssss!!!!!!!!-i hope this remake is welcomed and great like texas chainsaw massacre!!!=loved when jason was ribs and dead rotting!!!-the best jason!!!

  56. by the way guys-i went to the nightmare on elm st. forum robert englund is not playing freddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-wtf!!!!!-hes the bela lugosi of our time freddy is robert robert is freddy!!!!!!-i will boycott this movie no matter what anyone who would even see that garbage w/o him in it should have freddys glove shoved up their a$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!!-the director for this deserves to be chased with torches and pitchforks!!!!!-death to the director of that movie!!!!-a sad sad day for true horror fans the day that movie is made!!!!-we should get together that day and have a memorial for freddy……..sniffle

  57. I always liked the make up in part 7! since there is no word on Kane, maybe you could get Taylor Mane( the guy who played the new micheal myers-rob zombies version) that dude is huge!! he could be jason easily!! cant wait to see it!! jason’s biggest fan!!!

  58. Jesse..uhm what are you talking about? Derek Mears is playing Jason… Although Taylor wouldn’t be a bad choice size wise. Dude is a huge mo-fo.

    Also I would like to just say one thing… The teenagers in all horror movies are the dumbest part about the movie. The only “kids” that I thought were believable were the ones in the first Friday and a few after that, but thats it. Seriously think about it. Why would you go chase down Jason after watching him enter a barn? What teenager in their right mind would do half the crap that these teens in the movies do? You hear someone scream bloody Murder and what would a normal teen do? He/she would do something like “holy shit what was that? I better go get some help” but no, in these kinds of movies they are always like “hmm I wonder what that was, lets go find out by myself in a dark and scary barn where I just heard the screaming from”

    Basically what I am getting at is that I hope the teens in this movie are a lot smarter than the ones in most scary movies. I can’t tell you guys how bad a movie is ruined by just having stupid people in them. It makes my head hurt why a director would even suggest “hey go into that dark barn with no protection right after you saw Jason carry some dead chick in there”. It just kills me to see that.

  59. Robert: I couldn’t believe it either when I read that man. Did you catch the list of possible rumored actors to play Freddy? You’ll piss yourself man! Check out these names RUMORED on Edward Norton, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, Robert Knepper, Javier Bardem, Jim Carrey, Tim Curry, Eric Stoltz, Crispin Glover, Brad Dourif, Bill Moseley, Ian Hart, Michael Jackson and Kim Coates. I find the Johnny Depp one to be ironic since he was in the original. Again it’s just rumors but pretty amusing nonetheless.

  60. i think it would be awesome if ben foster were to play freddy. that dude is the ultimate character actor these days. please not johnny depp! crispin glover would be cool, but he would definately want a ton of money.

  61. its tyler mane guys he was also sabretooth in x-men….
    yes i prefer ahuge guy myself-its that whole giant freak with crazy strength thing i love!!!1-live when jason punches through the boxers head!!!!!-i was lucky enough to get autographed poster,dvd,and pics w/robert englund and chris something the guy who last played jason in f vs j-i also had pics w/them and lunch in orlando!!!-that was my 23 b-day!!!! awesome huh????-the childs play remakes do sound awesome though!!!!-totally revamped from same director and more serious scary story to go with it!!!-please no new freddy though…!!!!!!!
    - i wish they remake night of the living dead and make it like 3 hrs long with the back story of how the black guy and the others get to the farm house and all they have to go through to get there-like the part where he talks about the zombie fight that breaks out at the diner-and even better set in the 60’s!!!!!!-have will smith as the leading role!!!!-thats one rapper /slash actor who does deserve all the praise he never does anything shitty -hes awesome better than when he was a singer-hes the only exception to the rule!-im sick of jonny depp!!!!!!-id like to see jason also be a cannibal and eat people and skin them in the woods that would be cool!!!-you know what would be a cool idea jason and freddy in hell vs the cenobites and pinhead????-by the way i think they shit canned the hellraiser remake-anybody know????

  62. i loved kane in the movies… to me, he IS jason… however, if you were to bring in a more “human” side to the character, i think the guy from rob zombie’s Halloween would bring a new life to the role.

  63. JASON RULES!!!!!!!!

  64. Why cast someone who’s just played Michael Myers? That would just cause people to make even more comparisons between this and the Halloween remake

  65. You know just the other day i was talking to my girlfriend and i said, baby i wish they would do another friday the 13th movie, which drove me to come to this website and what do you know …… this whole series is the best horror/slasher movies of all of the series’ that i have seen, i have been with the series for a while, and kane hodder was the best jason hands down in my opinion, he WAS jason through and through…from the movement, to the head gestures and hand gestures….everything

  66. Derek Mears is playing jason in this new f13th, some other guy played michael meyers in the new halloween, and i think that there is no comparisons between the halloween and f13th series, jason would kick michael\\\’s ass hands down! jason has more inventive kills in his movies, where as, michael just kills peeps with his lil\\\’ butcher knife. don\\\’t get me wrong, i like the halloween movies too, michael meyers did start the whole \\

  67. how about script combining part 1&2…where it shows jasson’s mother originally kills his cheating father. that would show how show began her kill career before her and jason fled away to the lake. leave it a mystery for awhile(like the first one by not showing the killer)then slowly show angles where you can’t tell whether it’s jason or…”killer mommie”. build the suspense up.
    i have some great ideas for this script. wish i were one of the writers.

  68. hey guys i’m new here. how come some of you guys have the bold, red names?

  69. The bold red are links to our own web pages

  70. ohhh ok. well anyway its awesome to find so many people that are so into jason and the friday films!! i grew up with them all but i’ll be damned if i can find anyone i know that i can sit and have a convo with about them!

  71. Welcome aboard, it’s always nice to find new blood ;-)

  72. I’m happy about almost every element about this remake of F13, the only thing that’s pissing me off is that they didn’t choose Harry Manfredini to do the sounds and the score, that my friends was a key element in the terror in the 1st 4 movies don’t you agree.

  73. Does anyone have any info on the re-release of the 80’s version toward the end of 2024 ? will it be in mono again ? or will they amp up the sounds, and are they gonna put out the directors cut. The studios always pull the ish around about the time of a remake release, but i gotta get it lol !! I agree with Bryan Gray hurry up with the damn Trailer !!!

  74. Reggie, I totally agree. Mr. Manfredini was just as important as the writers/directors for the lasting impression of these movies.

  75. This new Jason outfit is kinda weird most times jason has an auto mechanic/construction worker outfit on, i guess this is the time when jason started finding all the hand me down cloths that are mildewed already and your boy derek mears is kinda thin i hope they pull it off. That pic looks like ole Jason just may be a bad ass though.

  76. I spoke with Harry not too long ago and he was eager to return but had not been approached. Shame really coz he’s a damn good composer too!

  77. I think if they were doing this film for the fans and all that, one of the first steps would have been to talk to Harry. You know that they’ll just get someone like Steve Jablonski to do the score, or some other person that sounds like everyone else. How memorable was the score for FVJ?

  78. Reggie is right on the money.The key element was the original score and the sounds from 1-4…that’s what helped make the terror!!!

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