My Reaction To Comments and New Friday

I held off on discussing the new movie until I saw it for the second time today. I want to say that I have been reading tons of posts about the movie here on this website and on others. I am really amazed at how many people felt the need to share their thoughts and opinions on a movie that started almost 30 years ago. I have read an overwhelming amount of support, dismay and passion posted throught the web. Friday the 13th quite frankly is THE biggest horror franchise in the world. Proof is in the boxoffice.  I know that is a bold statement.

After seeing the new movie, I have come to the conclusion that this new version reminds me a lot of the older movies and has updated the Friday formula to include todays audiences. I think all of the homages to the original movies worked. People that have not watched the earlier movies from the early to mid eighties will not get a number of scenes and the story line that has been set up. I wonder if this has contributed to some of the negative comments or reviews to this movie? Also, I think there was an abnornal amount of hype for this film that caused people to think this was going to revolutionize the horror genre. It was never meant to do so. Friday is meant to reinvigorize and reintroduce the franchise as it was intended to be viewed. In the process, I am sure the studio wanted a whole new franchise to create.

Addressing the Negatives
I noticed three common problems that fans expressed:
1. How Jason got the mask
2. Jason Running
3. The soundtrack

To start, my only negative was towards the end of the movie where the characters were able to go from summer house to Camp Crystal Lake to the barn in a matter of minutes. I was able to look past this, however.

Now I understand fans and movie-goers were expecting this huge dramatic scene where Jason gets his mask, but honestly I think they did a better job in this movie than in any other movie period. In Part 3 they never even show Jason get the mask from Shelly. In Part 6 he is just shown putting the mask on from behind and then he turns around and the opening credits begin. In part 8 he is shown grabbing the mask in the boat and never shown putting it on. I mean, in the new movie, the fact that he finds the mask, while the classic Manfredini score plays and then looks in the mirror to see if he likes it ….. that is the way I imagined it.

I know a lot of people posted about Jason running already, but I have to point out obvious scenes in the franchise. Towards the end of Part 2 sack head Jason is running through the forest while chasing Ginny.  In Part 3, while Chris is stuck on the bridge in the van, Jason is shown running towards the van in the background trying to catch up to her. In Part 4, Jason runs after Trish from the Jarvis house to the party house next door. He even runs after Trish up the stairs. So, I just wanted to point out to those fans out there thay may not have remembered or have not seen the earlier movies, Jason has and now does run.

The soundtrack is a matter of taste. This is something that either works with people or it doesn’t. I actually like the soundtrack. It has a hard edge to it and can enhance tense scenes. Although some out there think there is no tension. :) Some of the songs that were included in the movie fit well, in my opinion. This is where Platinum Dunes brought Friday into the new Millenium. I would think the younger fans would be alright with it.

My overall thoughts on the new movie.
I had to see this movie twice to make sure I was right the first time I saw it. I really liked this movie. I loved Jason. I thought he was like a runaway train willing to run over anyone that came into his area. I actually thought he looked more menacing with the sack on his head. If Friday the 13th was a religion (to some it is) then I would be committing sacrilege with that statement.

As for the kills, I loved them. I remember back when the kills were believable, creative, but not cartoonish. What made the original movies great were the characters and watching for what Jason was going to do next. I agree seeing how the kills were going to be carried out are a staple of the franchise, but since when did we start judging Friday the 13th on how “subdued” the kills were. We are truely stuck in a Saw and Hostel world.

Final thoughts. Friday the 13th is a ride. We shouldn’t nick pick every little thing about the movie. When fans become movie critics, they stop being fans of movies. The enjoyment of movie watching is gone and then why watch movies? Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the movie in some way and support any future sequels. Long live Jason!!!

I welcome everyone’s thoughts.

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80 Responses to “ My Reaction To Comments and New Friday ”

  1. I agree for the most part with your comments. And I also agree that movies can be enjoyable for what they are and don’t need to be critiqued and pulled apart at every turn.

    I am happy with the movie, and with the new old take on Jason. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Yes that is a good shot. Derek Mears is the best man behind the mask. Mr. Hodder can take a back seat. I just got back from seeing the movie for the second time after someone in the theatre pulled the fire alarm just before the end of the movie on Friday night. The movie up until the Friday the 13th opening title was good, again Derek Mears is the best Jason at this point. The sack over the head is more menacing than the iconic mask, sorry, it is. But the hockey mask still rules. The scene when Jason gets the mask is good. Too much dialogue and scenes with the stupid kids but they were tolerable in the end. Jason sorta started becoming run of the mill when he would instantly pop up from behind. The kills were good however. Jason running and attacking??? Very cool. The ending was okay but not very satisfying. Why would Jason waste so much time playing dead waiting to sink to the bottom of the lake to get his mask and THEN come up from the dock to attack again? Could they have set up a sequel any more obviously? Jesus.

    Oh well, it is just a fucking movie. Oh yeah, Derek Mears now rules Jason.

  3. Thank you for a rational look at the most common complaints.

    To add to your post, in Part 6, Tommy had brought the mask with him to the graveyard and tossed it either onto the ground or into Jason’s grave. That is how Jason is able to pick it up and put it on. (Which you may already know, it just didn’t come across that way in your post.)

    I also found Jason’s donning of the hockey mask in this film to be suitable. What did people expect, for Jason to find it on a mantle illuminated by heavenly lights? (And, like you, I preferred the sackhead look to the goalie mask.)

    Referring to the soundtrack – I found the score in this film to be pretty damn good. “Ki ki, ma ma” was used sparingly, as it should be. Other Friday films used to everytime Jason was ready to make a kill. When you heard it, you knew he was about to jump out and administer the “coup de grace,” thus eliminating almost all tension (or should I say surprise?) from the upcoming murder.

    And Jason running is how it should be. Here, he was lithe, fast. His speed added to his brutality. He was violence incarnate. But in the older films (well, mostly the latter entries), he’s just limbering along, somehow catching up to his prey who are sprinting away from him. (And then of course you have “JTM,” here he’s teleporting all over the damn place.)

    The second time I saw this film, I picked up on so many homages to the early F13s. Plus you see little things like the trophies in Jason’s bedroom for hockey and archery.

    I think the producers put great care into this film, and the writers knew their F13 lore. Which is why it is surprising for me to see so many bad reviews from both the critics and (especially) the fans.

  4. OF1200 – concerning the ending…I think that, like most of the early F13 films (especially 1-3), there was always the “trick” ending. In this one, you can tell where the film actually ends (when the screen fades to black as his head is being pulled into the wood chipper) and the “surprise” ending begins when we transition to the dock. Besides, why would they realistically go to all that trouble to unchain Jason, wrap his body up, and drag it down to the lake? Then of course you have the obviously impossible task of Jason sinking, being able to recover and don his mask, and then torpedoing up through the wooden dock to grab Whitney.

    The ending was just an homage to:

    - Part 1 (Jason emerging to grab Alice)
    - Part 2 (Jason crashing through to grab Ginny)
    - Part 3 (Ms. Voorhees emerging to grab Chris)

    I am just wondering how the inevitable sequel to his film will begin? Will Jason stalk Whitney & Clay (ala Alice in the start of F13 pt 2)? Or will some new kids just come tramping around CCL and we soon discover Jason actually survived part 1?

  5. It was pretty good, I was just expecting it to be a bit more brutal than what we got to see because there was this hype that it was going to be pretty rough in the that dept. Definetly alot of homages to the first four flics which was cool. I wish we would have got to see Jason as a kid more. You didn’t even see his face at all as kid (or as an adult for that matter for a clear amount of time). Overall I think this is a pretty decent start to revamp this series. I think seeing Jason kill during the day more actually made him scarier IMO. I know he’s done it in the past but in this new flic in just seemed creepier. I also didn’t care for the whole tunnel thing (which I pointed out the second I read about it that I wasn’t thrilled w/ it)although it was a good try. I can’t wait for the dvd to come out because I’m sure it will be uncut or unrated or whatever, but either way we’ll hopefully get to see it in a more brutal fashion which is what they did w/ JGTH. As far as what a sequel will bring, I think they may do what they did w/ TCM, they’ll probably make some sort of prequel thing. Maybe not but who can tell nowadays. Either way, you can never have too much F13th! ;)

  6. Question—
    I have seen the tracklisting for the movie and think that some songs were left out. Can anyone help me with the song that was playing (rap song) when all the kids started partying at night at Tren’ts parents house? It sounded like 50 cent was in it, but it was a pretty quick tempo. Also the song where the couple is in the boat and wakeboarding?


  7. First off, this is the best Friday the 13th ever. Jason has never been so menacing or satisfying and to a degree, the most realistic. The part where he was running and threw the axe was the best. My biggest beefs of the film were: how they didn’t even bother trying to address the old issue of how Jason survived and never bothered finding his mother; and the ending.

    Addressing the first issue, it’s back in 1980, right? If they are still going by the Friday the 13th lore, then Jason has been dead or missing for 23 years? In the movie, after his mother dies it looks like Jason is no older than he was when he drowned and his clothes look like they are from the 50’s. Okay, well let’s say they changed things around and his clothes could be from the late 70’s and he supposedly drowned in the 70’s as well. Regardless, why didn’t the boy look for his mother or try to address her? Obviously Jason was watching her when she died. My only guess is that he was afraid of being scolded or disciplined by her for him going missing because he loved her so much. If they would have mentioned that in the movie somehow, it would make so much more sense and it would add to why he is so furious against the world and will kill anyone in his path or territory. This is why I should direct hahaha…but I mean it.

    Then there is the ending which I agree is an homage to the past films but it made no sense. My only reasoning for what they did was that there was no way to communicate to the outside world there is a killer here and they want to make sure he is dead. Well, they could have easily not had the guts to chop off his head (as you can tell in the past movies, every time a protagonist sufficiently hurt Jason – i.e. machete to the head or through the shoulder – it was out of fear and adrenaline) so they decided that dropping him in the lake would be the easiest way to finish him off. However, any movie goer, regardless of being a fan, would not assume this. If they had some simple dialog between the characters as to why they were doing it, then the ending wouldn’t have been so lame. Again, I should have directed this movie.

  8. ^I think addressing the “unknown” aspect of how or why Jason survived the “drowning” is kind of taboo. If the filmmakers try to explain it, some fans will cry foul. Or, they could just leave it as it was in the original…unexplained. I think it is up to audience interpretation.

    In the original, Jason drowned in 1957, yet his mother commits the crimes in 1980. Then in Part 2, a few months after Ms Voorhees’ demise, Jason kills Alice. Nothing else is explained on how he survived for 23 years without his mother’s knowledge.

    In the new F13, we see Jason as a small boy witness his mother’s beheading. This, to me, is far more believable. Though there is no timeline established, Ms. Voorhees thinks that Jason has drowned. Perhaps it was a recent occurrence, and the boy instead was floating unconscious and drifted over to another side of the lake. All the counselors/staff think he drowned since no body was found. Jason awakens confused and lost, and during the time lapse, makes his way back to Camp Crystal Lake, only showing up in time to hear a scuffle at night, and when he arrives, only finds the corpse of his mother. He takes the necklace, her skull, and the machete, and returns to his home in the woods. Scared, confused, and hateful of others (since they obviously picked on him due to his deformity) he remains secluded from society. Knowing that his disappearance (and supposed drowning) occurred because the teens were sinning, that became his motive to kill. Plus seeing a teen kill his mother and also him being protective of his “land” (which also happens to grow marijuana, which Jason himself does NOT harvest & smoke). Since he continued to grow older and without any interaction with society, he never developed any knowledge of societal norms. Thus, he is just a wild animal protecting his territory. That’s why he only kills those that trespass. (And leaves the older townsfolk alone – they were never “teens” to him, and they no to stay away from his “area.”)

    Jason kills the first group of campers for trespassing, and kidnaps Whitney because she looks like his mother. He probably only chained her up since she tried to escape. Maybe he would have killed her, had she not started her “It’s okay, Jason” routine which caused the mentally unstable Jason to have flashbacks.

    Next, he kills the redneck, who trespassed when he was stealing the weed. As for the kids in the house…the reason the house was never messed with before (hence Trent & family going there again and again) was because it was on the other side of the lake. Jason only followed Clay & Jenna to the house, since they trespassed on his land. So they are responsible for the deaths of all those other people, haha.

    Why Jason killed the boating kids, I cannot explain. Surely Trent & his family had been on the lake before, without incident. Unless Jason happened to see the boating on his way back from the barn where he got the mask. Then, out of bloodlust, he just decided to murder them.

    Anyway, my other thing – people saying that Jason does not torture, which many people thought he did to the girl in the sleeping bag. I think Jason was just using her as bait to bring the guy back to the campsite. She just happened to burn alive in the process.

  9. I feel the need to post this on the definitive Friday the 13th website. I just arrived home after watching the newest installment of Friday the 13th. I held off reading reviews to gain my own personal opinion of the newest member of the the franchise. If you your like me you like Friday / Jason for its simplicity. Jason who shows no remorse, no guilt, and share brutal slayings. Lets start with the basics..

    The score.
    With a decent score you can create tension. I found that this was lacking to say the least. I wasn’t expecting Manfredini. But a true test would be to watch the movie without any music…Guess what it wouldn’t of made a difference. The score just did not live up to the original, Try watching Halloween muted…It just doesn’t work..Oh and Mr. Director Marcus Nispel,You stated you wanted the fans to be able to whistle the music. I cant even remember what I didn’t like about it never mind whistling it, so you failed at what you tried to do.

    The Story.
    Why not explore the past. People like living in the past. Why not explore Mrs. Vorhees more? The camp? The drowning?
    P.S to the director…If you going to make a character as hateable as Trent, Kill him early..I not even gonna mention Jason takes hostages now….

    The Mask.
    Can you make finding the mask less relevant? Enough said.

    Im to disappointed to continue this rant..I wasn’t even startled by this movie and apparently no one else was, I can usually count on someone else jumping that causes me to jump.

    If I had to rank this movie with the others. Here’s my list.

    I (1980)
    Final Chapter
    Jason Lives
    Jason Goes to Hell
    The New Blood
    The New Beginning
    Jason X (sad)
    Friday (2009)
    Jason takes Manhattan

    They just didn’t capture the true essence of Jason Vorhees. A mindless killing machine.

    I will still but the DVD when it arrives and hopefully it will impress me with the uncut version..

    Can Sean Cunningham get a mulligan on this one?

  10. Yes, human Jason runs not “zombie” Jason & this was HUMAN Jason. We could have gotten a little more music but at least we got some “ki,ki,ki,ma,ma” and I liked how they had him find the mask & look at himself. It was cool. And although I never was a big fan of the sack, I thought this one looked better & I am glad he started off in it.

  11. “Brian,” did you even bother reading the article at the top of this thread concerning the mask?

    Nevermind, seeing as your entire post is entirely negative, I will just accept your bias.

  12. I did read the article above, and no I’m not entirely turned off by this movie..Any movie with Jason is OK by me.. I just figured from what I had heard this movie was supposed to be made by fans of the series..I just think it could of been better, a lot better. Maybe its just me maybe the hype of this movie had raised my expectation level to high, and reality caused it to crash quicker that 5 year old after drinking a gallon of Red Bull

    I was expecting that same feeling about this movie as I did after I saw TCM. Instead of hearing fireworks I heard crickets.

    Guess what, number 1 at the box office with 42 million and some change. It aint all bad, Just wanted to see better than average.

  13. Side Question Paul Holt…

    If you had to do this remake, would you have keep it the same way?

  14. I had high expectations as well, my man, but NOT too high. I mean, I knew that it wouldn’t be the epic I’d hoped for…but while I do admit the film is underwhelming, I really enjoyed it. And have enjoyed it since seeing it twice.

    In order to satisfy my eagerness to see this movie, I re-watched parts 2 & 4, which I consider to be the best of the prior entries. I even watched Part 6 the day after seeing the 2024 remake, just because I like 6 as well.

    Having seen F13 8, 9, and X as the most recent entries…there is no way this film could fail in my eyes. While FvJ is kind of “meh,” I think it is still better than 8, 9, and X. Those films were such celluloid garbage that I am ashamed they exist. 5 is also pretty terrible.

    Anyway, what I am saying is that I weigh those films against this one, and this looks Oscar-worthy. Perhaps people are holding the older F13 films in too high regard. Honestly, I think that they must be. Because this 2024 entry, while not without flaws, is a pretty damn good production.

    But these are just my opinions. I also happen to have loved the orchestral score on this film, though I thought it was used too sparingly.

    Also, I think they compressed an awful lot into a 90 minute film. There was a lot cut out, and I look forward to seeing it on DVD.

    To answer your question about if I were to do the remake…I would have at least made it 30 minutes longer. I can appreciate what these guys did, though it was too pressed for time. That is my biggest complaint. I blame today’s attention-deficient teens (who were probably the target audience, though I really was pleasantly surprised with all the nods for the old school fans). I thought the few seconds shown of Mama Voorhees recapped F13 pt 1 really well. I’ve seen many disagree with this. But they really captured it with her small appearance and the campfire rehash.

    But I could probably talk on and on about little changes I would have made, but really, I am pleased with what I got. And excited to know I will see an extended cut.

  15. Brian, I am sorry the film didn’t live up to your expectations. I hope in time this film grows on you.

  16. Brian,

    How could you possibly rate this worse than Jason X? While I do love Jason X for it’s extreme corniness if I wasn’t a die hard fan I’d probably think it was complete garbage.

    Original Post,

    I don’t think liking the bag is Jason sacrilege. Jason was originally a baghead in part 2 anyway. Plus part 2 is one of my favorite Jasons for sure. In fact part 2 may very well be my favorite movie. The bag head Jason is fucking creepy. The end with the deformed face and jumping through the window is a creative and excellent twist on the first one. Anyway this isn’t about 2 haha.

    My thoughts,

    I loved the new movie. Jason has a hell of a lot of badass kills. Especially the machete through the head where he uses his boot to pry it back out. That is just brutal. I’m glad they took the time to sum up the mother death and stuff in the beginning. The jokes about “Don’t mess with Jason’s weed” are just hilarious. Good mix of characters. The arrow to the head lake death was totally unexpected. I mean you knew a death was coming, but you did not expect random arrow to the head. I remember the crowd was way shocked at the theater for that death.

    Anyway I am so glad to see a good friday. In my opinion there hasn’t been a really good F13 since part 6.

  17. I’m 37 and was to young to see the first Friday The 13th at the movies but I made up for that by watching the first 4 over and over. The new movie reminds me of those movies and brought some crediblity to Jason that he lost after the 4th movie.

    I know the B-movie fan boys are going to attack me but I’ve never been a fan of corny horror / B-Movies (not that there’s anything wrong with that type of movie)and It’s great to see a director take Jason serious again as a true horror icon.

    Unlike many of you, I hope this film is left alone and there’s no 2nd or 3rd movie…..There doesn’t need to be another franchise…Let’s end this on a high note and walk away with our heads held high and the abilty to say we learned something from destroying the legacy of a great horror creation and just be happy with the fact that Jason was given a 2nde chance to show us…He’s the number 1 Horror icon of ALL TIME!

  18. when i watched it the first time i hated it i was so disappointed the only thing i liked was jason and the tits i seen it 2 times now and i think its a decent movie the best new line made for sure still think its way to funny and not a all scary but ill take it over 8 9 and 10 any day and mears kicked kanes ass at jason big time i hope he comes back next time also i hope we get better story and a hell of a lot more kil kil ma ma

  19. when i watched it the first time i hated it i was so disappointed the only thing i liked was jason and the tits i seen it 2 times now and i think its a decent movie the best new line made for sure still think its way to funny and not a all scary but ill take it over 8 9 and 10 any day and mears kicked kanes ass at jason big time i hope he comes back next time also i hope we get better story and a hell of a lot more kil kil ma ma is that to much to ask

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. All I can honestly say would have inproved it would have been maybe another half hour of historical development. Other than that it was great.

    I thought Jason using the compound bow was a nice touch. I also liked the way he got his mask. If you look to the right of the screen before he kills the dope-head, you see a pile of hockey stuff shoved in the corner, which explains why it was there. I kind of like the new twist on how he gets around. The abondoned mine tunnels are a nice touch, but not realistic seeing how there is a lake there & the water table level would not support tunneling……which is maybe why it is abandoned????

    What I didn’t get is how there would be power still running to the old camp & to his house. Who’s paying the electric bill? Power companies do not leave old abandoned structures hooked up to power. That simply could not happen.

    As I watched the film I was remembering some of the reviews here where people were saying Jason was protecting his weed patch. I didn’t see that being the case at all. It looked to me like there was an old weed patch (probably planted by counselors years ago) & it happened to be within his borders. As people tresspassed his borders looking for the weed he would go after them & kill them, but it wasn’t about the weed for him. It was about traspassing his borders.

    People had said that this movie was to encompass parts 2, 3, & 4. I really only saw parts 2 & 3 in it. I kind of like how they combined the Ginny & Sandra characters. Seeing how Jason reacted in part 2 to Ginney wearing his mom’s sweater, I could see him keeping the girl wearing his mom’s necklace.

    Jason was outstanding. He was very menacing. Darek Mears nailed the Richard Brooker version of Jason. It was spot on! Watching him flip the boats looking for the two kids directly reminded me of Richard tossing stuff around the barn looking for Chris in part 3. He did it in the exact same way with the exact same emotion & frustration behind it. I liked the look of his face too. It was like a combination of the look from parts 2,3,& 4. I noticed that when he popped up out of the water at the end, the shape of the top of his skull was like Ted White in part 4.

    I could go on & on about this movie. I just loved it. I figured with zombie-Jason & Uber-Jason having been the norm for the last 6 films I would never see a real scary F-13 film again. Well, I was wrong. these guys did exactly what needed to be done. They got rid of the science fiction Jason & gave us a somewhat realistic character that one could honestly believe might really exist somewhere in the world. This is a Jason that will make kids scared to turn the lights off at night. They killed the zombie & brought back the angry retarded boy who loves his mom.

  21. i hate what new movies do to nudity as well. i mean sure there was a fair share of it in the original movies but jesus christ every new movie takes it to exploitation heights and it fucking ruins the feel of everything. like in this movie, it had a genuine feeling of dread to it and then stupid scenes like “you have perfect nipple placement” just makes it ridiculous. A lot of people complained about that. and the end? what did jason hook the mask with his foot as he sunk down and put it back on before he jumped out? i thought at the end jason always came out with his fucking mask off. Wheres his face?! i dont want a glimpse i want full on backwoods mutant! these are my only two grievances. i really fucking liked the movie, especially as a friday the 13th obsesser i thought it fit nicely into place. and im very protective of my jason i havent and will never see Jason X because i just dont want Jason to ever have to be in space. Jason goes to Hell pushed it but at least it stayed in crystal lake and i thought it did a great job of making crystal lake look like a community with the diner scenes etc. But yeah. new movie = good. sequel to new movie = hopefully they improve some small things. and im sure the uncut version of the new one will be bad ass it has 15 extra minutes and apparantly is a “completely different movie”

  22. In response to Brady, I agree with you to the extent of it being great that this film paid homage to the previous Fridays I too thought that was great but also as a huge fan of the series I dont think we could possibly end the saga on this film no matter which way you slice it. The whole franchise went the complete wrong way starting with Jason Goes To Hell and I would have completely understood if they would have buried the saga and locked up the rights to it after that horrible excuse for Friday that we all know as Jason X or as I like to call it \

  23. fitzy – i think the part 4 involvement was simply clay looking for his missing sister, like rob looking for his sister sandra in part 4.

  24. “Captains Log 847649 Jason Plays Star Wars”. But Freddy vs. Jason pumped some life back into the series. In my opinion this film was good, but far from great. I say do 1 or 2 more, possibly do a prequal to this one for the next installment, pick up between Ms.Voorhees death and where this one started to give a deeper story of how Jason became what he is in this movie. Then get previous producers together after that and make the meanest F13 film yet and send Jason out with a HUGE BANG! It has to be previous producers and directors that do it in my opinion to kind of keep the franchise in the family if you will. Cause after all you cannot kill what you did not create. Plus, the next film would be the 13th installment of the series, who can resist that one? Just a thought from one true fan to another.

  25. Hey everyone. The scene near the end with Clay and his sister, don\’t they come out of a wrecked caravan? Isn\’t it the caravan from Jason Lives!!! Sure looks like it.

  26. The water scene with the bow and arrow was fucking kick ass. Two of the best killings in F13 history. Jason Rules!!!!

  27. I really enjoyed the remake, and it’s rare to hear me say it. I like how it plays around with Classic Jason elements (Stuff from 2-4), but adds some new elements, and some yuks to break the tension, then hit you with a kill really soon after (The death of the Asian guy comes to mind).

  28. I Loved The New Movie I think The way he Got His mask in this one made more sense then ever before (cept for Tommy in part VI) part VIII had the worst way he got his mask I always wondered how charecters that have the mask like jimmy in 8 know about the ax gash in the side anyways I love Derek Mears And as far as Jason Running I think its a lot scarier hes not a zombie anymore hes a person in the new film my fav Kill in this one was the Arrow and also the AX throw Ive seen it twice and will go again my only gripe with this film is the beginning I think Since Paramount put it out they should of showed the real Alice And Mrs Voorhees in the original I did like when Jason stole the head and Machete also I think the shack in Part 2 was scarier then this one also the movie does seem a little choppy I cant wait to see a extended cut

  29. On the issue of the kids getting to and from different locations in the film. I watched this movie and took it as, the Summer house was on the other side of Crystal Lake with the camp just around the corner and the Barn being not to far either. So I could see people running and getting somewhere faster than expected. It wasn’t an issue for me. The movie paid homage to the series and rocked my socks off!!



    I liked the fact he was fast and fuck anyone else who thinks he should walk exclusively.

  31. seriously did anybody even see parts 2-4? ya know, the ones where he RAN FULL SPEED?!?

  32. So, should i see this remake as a \

  33. So, should i see this remake as a “new” start of Friday The 13Th and actually not compare it to the originals at all?

    Is this the New part1 as to speak? Couse the one thing i have problem with in the originals is how Jason still seems to be as young as he was when he was supposed to have drowned. Im talking about when we see him for the first time in EP1.

    So if this remake approach that in a another way i think i will choose this reamake as the start of the serie, instead of the Original.

  34. ‘When fans become movie critics, they stop being fans of movies’ I disagree, I work as a movie critic yet I love movies now more than ever!

  35. Christian,
    Do you love movies more because you appreciate the technical and artistic work that is put into the filmmaking process? I have talked to some critics that share your opinion that they actually fell in love with movies more after seeing how much went into the production of movies. I do see your view.

    I made my comment because I have witnessed first-hand the awful transormation from fan to critic-only. Perhaps I should have clarified my view a bit more to say critic-only. I often wondered what would happen to someone after awhile if all they did was watch movies for the pure reason of critiquing them. Does that person have any real joy of the movie going experince anymore? Maybe you can tell me.

  36. I dont know the rap song but the wakeboarding song is click click boom by the Hives

  37. My rankings of friday films:
    9&X tied for last
    freddy vs. jason doesn’t count

  38. Totally agree with what you’re saying(except I like the hockey mask better) It seems that every film has taken a back seat to critics. I for one, could care less. I loved the movie.
    This new version really contributes toward the series. I think the ending itself was great too. It was no doubt a combination of Parts 3 and 4. I’m glad that they brought back the human Jason. I was sick of him looking like a piece of old meat, like in Jason Goes to Hell.
    Some people have this issue about time frame. I want to fix this now. It was mentioned by Derek Mears that Jason was 9 or 10 when he saw his mom beheaded. The movie starts off June 13,1980. This would make the new Jason 39 or so. If you remember, the first Friday movie was made in 1980, but started off in the 50s. Mrs.Voorhees had two killing sprees. This one didn’t.

  39. People having a problem with a running Jason I suspect are newer fans who really aren’t haven’t watched many of the older ones. I had a few minor problems. but overall I thought this was the best Friday since the first 4. I’ve been a huge fan since watching the original on HBO back around 1980. The series is finally back on track. I give it an A-.

  40. There is one more element I liked in this film. We don’t know how long it was between Jason’s drowning & Pam’s flip-out. It could have been the same summer. They gave no indication in the start of this film. Heck, it could have been the same week in the way they showed it. This left a much more believeable scenario in that jason could have just “drowned” & mommy flips out on the staff in her grief. Jason’s actually wakes up on the shore & goes hiding scared in the mines for a day or two, comes out to go home at night, & sees mommy whacked with a machete.

    That flows better than the original.

  41. bloopers—-i would like to read about any bloopers in the new movie…..i have one, so far……when clay and the lady were at the cabin and jason comes buy carrying a dead body….clay’s flashlight was out of batteries and he was fumbling in his bag for them…they hid when Jason comes by and leave the bag behind, which Jason grabs…..but yet when they run away a few moments later Clay’s flashlight is working

  42. Unfortunately no movie will be as good as the originals. But all in all the movie was good. It didn\’t blow me away, but no Jason mythology was disturbed. Personally I think the movie was geared more toward the teenage audience, which for good or bad is what drives a movie and where the money comes from. I also like the human Jason much more than the zombie, I like Jason running and thinking. Sure beats the mindless zombie that just walks around and magically shows up in front of you.

  43. ok first off everybody bitchs about movies anymore thats what the internet is for and sides everyone wont like everything about a movie. And second WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! were in a hostel saw world. I remember being twelve watching these movies going OHHH GEE WIZZZ how will he kill that one. Or WOW thats a lot of cool gore that had to suck. Friday started the whole lets see how far we can push the kills. Hence why the mpaa has always had a dick in there ass about the movie.

  44. Friday the 13th, 2024…I definitely felt that this was not an original entry but one updated, for good or bad, for the audiences of 2024. It was loud and crammed. Not the often tension filled pace of most of the originals. I found most of the tension/jumps worked because they were loud only and not truly suspenseful. It was still fun though.

    Without a brilliant score like the glorious days of Manfredini this didn’t feel like a Friday the 13th movie but a “Jason’s returned” kind of movie. In getting the newly mastered copies of 1 thru 3 the importance of suspenseful score is overwhelming. F13 2024 was just loud. It was still fun though.

    Not my favourite entry but not my least favourite entry either (that will awlays go to New Line’s firt entry “Jason Goes To Hell”).

    My biggest sore points;

    Tunnels? Really, why? And where was the lighting power coming from? (same goes for the ‘Christmas’ lights hanging on one walls of his ‘house’).
    Kidnapped somebody? Really, why? And how did he keep her fed during her captivity?
    Somebody burned alive in a sleeping bag? Why? This was wrong.
    The worst group of teens in any of the entries. Most of them were just assholes (did make you want to see them die, but damn I got sick of the attitudes/personalities).
    And, of course, the mechanical sounding score. Sucked. Really, I wanted some suspenseful strings/orhestration!

    It was fun though. I hope more entries to the series will follow (hopefully with someone who knows how to spin a good suspenseful score…and a few more “ki ki ki, ma ma ma’s”).

    Happy to have Jason back and at least it attempted, brilliantly at times, to go back to the grand Cystal Lake days.

  45. jasonsfury, the first time I watch a film I view it as a horror fan. I don\’t really look at it too deeply until I reflect on it afterwards. I am amazed by all the work that goes into making movies but I\’m usually too wrapped into what\’s going on at first to care about camera angles or things like that

  46. $42.2 million in the opening weekend.

    Can you say guaranteed sequal baby?!!!!!!!!!!

    There is no way we won’t get one with these types of numbers. But, will we get a good one like this was???????????

  47. Good film, funny how when freddy vs. jason came out everyone thought Ken was much better than kane, now everyone thinks Mears is better than Kane…but when Kane was Jason everyone LOVED him………no respect man…… respect…

  48. Kane was good. He is 4th on my favorite list behind Richard brooker, Darek mears, & Tedd White… that order.

  49. This is probably the first Friday since Jason Lives that I can honestly say I enjoyed watching. I really don’t see the issue with how he gets the hockey mask. I think it fits in perfectly with this new telling of the movie.

    I am a little surprised that you don’t hear more people complaining about the lack of over the top gore in the movie. Didn’t bother me.

    What are your opinions on a potential sequel? Was the dock scene at the end a dream or real time?

    I am looking forward to the sequel.

  50. I thought the movie was okay.
    Likes: a human Jason,good atmosphere, acting was good.

    Dislikes: the music score, the kidnapping ( what did she eat for 6 weeks?… dead bodies?) and some kills you can’t really tell what’s going on.

    As for the ending…. I thought it was better than what I heard it would be, like Stevie said above… was it a dream or reality?
    Why would they drag Jasons’ body to the lake from the barn unless it was a dream.

  51. True, why dump his body in the water, wouldn’t you want the authorities to view all this mass of evidence rather than blame you for it? Pointless. Hacking someone with a machete is one thing but putting an arrow through the head of someone in a moving boat? Robin Hood stuff there! Critiques aside I liked the movie alot and look forward to a Freddy update as TCM and Frdiay were done.

  52. I had to watch the movie twice as well to make sure I caught all the little homages to the original…also I liked it more the second time around for aome reason. derek mears sure makes a terrifying jason voorhees. Also to all the “kids” who claim Jason doesnt run… you shoould go and rent the first 4 fridays and watch the actual films that inspired this new version from Platinum dunes… please stop stating your false facts on here..especially considering from what I read alot of the people who frequent this site are alot like me and grew up watching and being horrified of the original fridays… when Jason did in fact run like a maniac for his victims. get your facts straight! this newone isnt based on “post dead” Jason Voorhees! he is clearly alive ad well! and scarier then ever!

  53. Anyone else think its imperative, any future sequels don’t discount the films that came before it?

    I mean this was pretty much a sequel, called “Friday the 13th” to cash in. Which I’m pleased it has.

    I just hope any future sequel will:

    A: Not write out the previous films and timeline E.g. Tommy Jarvis meeting Jason for the first time. Then it renders the previous films as something that didn’t happen and messes up the timeline.

    B: I hope the sequel isn’t “Friday the 13th Part II, and future films aren’t “Part III”. This again will wipe out the previous films. Just subtitle them – “Friday the 13th: Camp Blood”, “Friday the 13th: Jason Voorhees” etc.

    What does everyone else think? I’m pretty sure this new film didn’t mess with the timeline?

  54. Okay,

    I am going to give a frank truthful review on how I feel about this new movie. I grew up in the 80s and my favorite Friday movies are 1,4,6, and FVJ. Be warned of spoilers thanks.

    1. Nana Vistor was a horrible Mrs. Voorhees, I think they could have done this more justice and made the Mrs. Voorhees beginning more of a 20 to 25 min start, instead of the 5 min intro.

    2. I loved the homages in the movies to the other films, made me actually feel like this was sorta of a “quasi-sequel film” than more than a remake.

    3. The weed idea in the movie bothered me a first, but I know Jason isnt a “weed farmer” he is just living where weed grows.

    4. Hated that the film wasnt as gory as it could have been, I mean part 5 was more gory and it was heavily cut.

    5. I did like how showed the underground tunnels for how Jason gets around his victims so much. However I was torn on this cause Jason is well Jason and can just show up where ever he wants too lol.

    6. Breasts were excellent, especially the final “pair” they were the best since the chick in part 5 with the hedge clippers in the eye.

    7. Hated the fact that it had a “Texas Chainsaw Feel”

    8. Really wish this movie had some legs cause the box office is great this week, but this movie is going to be probably 5 or 6 by next week.

    9. Wish that the movie wasnt a “remake” I think hollywood should stay away from them. I know the filmmakers tried to honor the traditional friday movies, but I feel that this film should have just been a sequel.

    10. Okay on to the sequel, I feel that this movie doesnt need a sequel to it, let it just stand alone if possible. Now I do believe that New Line and WB should look at what Adrianne King said in “His name is Jason” Why not bring back Adrianne ( Iknow ice pick but come on maybe she is just in a coma) Tommy, and Tina and let them do battle with Jason one on one.

    11. I wish that before this remake was made they would have finished the “parts” and made a Friday the 13th Part 13 and really “killed” off Jason thus you end the “orginal series” and then you can remake it to your desire.

    Overall in my opinion the film wasnt the best, but not the worst either. I rank it between parts 7 and 8. It has its moments, but the gore was terribly low and film should have had a more fast pace film. I felt like I was watching a Jason movie but at the same time not really cause I am “old skool” I felt that FVJ really completed the old skool films of Friday and Nightmare cause I grew up with those characters. I just felt this film was a good Jason movie but it wasnt my Jason. Oh and where is the Kaa Maaa…Only heard it like 3 times. 2 and a half out of 5 stars

  55. For me, the bag head covering they used in the new Friday was massively better than the pt 2 sack. In 2, it wasn’t really all that scary, but the new Friday one seemed more like cloth wrapping and it made him look really intimidating. When he got the mask, and tilted his head when he saw himself in the mirror, I just loved that. The whole head tilt move that Jason makes when he sees something interesting and possibly new to him always looked cool.

    But overall, the new Friday wasn’t the best, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I’d list them from best to worst in this order:

    pt 6
    pt 1
    pt 4
    pt 3
    New Friday
    pt 2
    pt 7
    pt 5
    pt 8

  56. It’s funny how people are still disappointed over Kane not being Jason. He got to do 4 movies, that’s good enough. He was cool and all, but you just have to move on. Derek is also cool because he has his own version of Jason, just like Kane did. He not just a slow lurking monster. He comes at you full force. Like the original Jason. That alone makes him standout.
    On another note, Derek just looks like he would play Jason. Just look at him. If he had no makeup on and just put on the hockey mask, I’d be terrified. I’m happy with the new Jason. Let’s hope they stick with him.

  57. I agree with all you say. I love this movie and look forward to the sequel.

  58. I loved it personally. I like Jason running, it makes him more of a force I guess. Others have ranked the movies so here is my listing

    1-Pt 2
    2-Pt 1
    3-Pt 4
    4-New Friday
    5-Pt 7
    6 Pt 3
    8-Pt 8
    9-Pt 6
    10- Jason X
    12-New Beginning

  59. I have to say I love this film, it is hands down my faborite Friday The 13th film ever. I love the way Jason moves, Thinks and Kills. Derek did such ana amazing job.

    I plan on getting Sack Head jason tattooed on me from this fild and possibly a kill scene.. (if i can find one)

  60. I guess nobody here noticed how not only did they pay homage to the old friday films (1-4) but they also paid homage to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films… The tow truck driver that drove away with Trent\’s body after Jason attached it to the back of the truck is the same tow truck driver from \

  61. I guess nobody here noticed how not only did they pay homage to the old friday films (1-4) but they also paid homage to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films… The tow truck driver that drove away with Trents body after Jason attached it to the back of the truck is the same tow truck driver from “TCM: the beginning” that got his legs chainsawed off by leatherface… Good observation by me yes I know… You’re all welcome in advance ;)

  62. If I had to rate the series now it would go in this order:

    The Final Chapter
    Part 2
    Friday the 13th (2009)
    Part III
    Part VII: The New Blood
    Friday the 13th (original)
    ———————-Below this line are stinkers IMO————————-
    Part VI: Jason Lives
    Freddy vs. Jason
    Jason X
    Part VIII: JTM
    ——————-I’ve never seen Part V or JGTH————————–

  63. seen them all in the theatre this is the best one since part 4.ppl want the old manfredini soundtrack but that music cue would just give away that jason was there or about to kill someone and that’s been done ten times now.part 6- 10 were god awful and ppl are acting like those were great movies,don’t get me wrong parts 1-5 go together well,but after that they got really goofy and stupid.too many gimmicks and not enough thought at least this one trys to go back to basics without zombie jason,or trips to n.y.with toxic waste in the sewers,or rip-off of carrie,jason lives part six ppl love that movie it’s lit up brighter than a wal-mart parking about toilet paper man in part 7.???.will def go to a sequel if they make on.peace

  64. Absolutely loved the movie. Up there with the first few for quality, excitement, and deaths.

    With all the odd/false criticisms going around, i.e. “Jason doesn’t run”, “Jason is a weed farmer”, I’m surprised no-one noticed the solution to the “Jason is a kidnapper” problem.

    Why did he kidnap the girl? Why did he not kill her? It was explained in the first ten minutes, when Whitney’s boyfriend found the locket, and pointed out how Whitney looks like Mrs Voorhees. Obviously, and as shown several times during the film, this had an effect on Jason.

    Given his state of mind, would he really kill someone who resembled his mother? He isn’t mindless, so it’s possible the look of Whitney confused him bigtime.

    Nevertheless, he wouldn’t just let her escape. So he took her back to where he lives. To keep her safe. To keep her there. And like the head of his mother in the corner, he kept Whitney in a corner, alive and healthy.

    I hope that helps.


  65. David Bronstein,

    The scene when they are on the bus/RV definitely reminded me of the scene in Jason Lives when Jason is standing on the RV turned on its side. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me, given several of the other homages that appeared throughout the movie.


    I think it’s imperative that future films don’t discount the films that came before, but unfortunately, multiple films in the series have already done so in some ways. Part 2 started the trend, and it seemed to just be acceptable to do so as the series continued on.

  66. Thank you for that, Petar. I am sick and tired of everyone complaining about Jason “taking hostages”.

  67. overall i thought it was a pretty badass movie i liked it more than the last 5 movies i think they managed to take jason and put a more in depth story into it and with more details. Another thing i liked about this remake was the acting by Mears i thought it was so well done it was retarded just little things like the way he turns his head when he hears his name and something Kane did when he played Jason those stances where he looks very tall and menaceing and doing the big breaths i liked it alot. I dont really see a problem with the way he got the mask it is a very realistic way of him finding it in my opinion. One thing i liked but kind of didnt im iffy on it is the fact that he kidnapped the girl, we all know jason is a heartless killing machine but in this you see that he has some sort of train of thought and it shows how much he felt for his mother because he kidnapped her for the simple fact that she reminded him of her. Finally for all the people who are bothered by the fact he runs he does some running in some of the earlier films as well so it isnt much of a missinturrupritation of his character. 8 machetes outta 10!

  68. I just came home from watching it and I thought the movie was a great ride. The kills were great, the characters were funny and the setting never looked creepier. I don’t really know what the deal is with everyone complaining about the mask.

    What would of been better, Jason having a masking ceremony with Micheal Myeres and Freddy there to present it in a box with a golden bow? He just looks cool killing in a hockey mask. ITS A HOCKEY MASK

    Running, we already know he’s ran before I can’t understand how some fans can even begin to debate that.

    I can’t even really put the movies on a rating scale because even though JGTH and Jason X are my least favorite I still enjoy them from time to time. This (2009) movie will go up there with my all time favs: the original, pt 2, pt4 and yes Jason takes Manhattan. Hell that little list feels incomplete.

  69. dont forget the hair some seens u couldnt notice it cuz of the angles and he looked bald(how he should look) but some scenes he looked like hulk hogan wherein a hockey mask.

  70. Does common sense not prevail? All this talk about how the power would be running at Camp Crystal Lake (i.e., Jason having the lights on in his tunnels, or when he powers up the lights while looking for Clay & Whitney) – if you listened, you’d have heard the redneck guy say twice that “someone’s been stealing kerosene.” You know, the fuel for motor generators that power buildings in remote locations?

  71. This shitty ass remake is the worst since part. IX, period. The kills were not special in any way, totally dull & boring. Wanna see real over the top murders? watch My Bloody Valentine 3D, the miner looked like he could kick Jason’s ass anyday.

  72. “Chris,” does a murder need to have some sort of “over the top” aspect to it? Why don’t you go watch the “Saw” films, if all you want to see are inventive (and thereby farfetched) deaths.

    I think Jason’s kills were just fine. He achieved his goal of disposing with his victims as quick as possible (except for the one’s used as bait).

    Jason’s approach to killing was akin to a wild animal. He wasn’t killing people to get off on cheap thrills.

  73. Why is Chris trying to sell evertone on My Bloody Valentine so badly here?

  74. I think he’s just a horror novice and doesn’t appreciate what a true modern horror icon is.I mean c’mon “the miner could kick Jasons ass”.Are you high?How many movies in the MBV “franchise”(and i use the term franchise very loosely)?Yep that’s right,now compare that to how many F13 has.Bottom line,Jason has longevity and MBV’s miner character doesn’t.NOW LET IT GO YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE.As for Mears’s Jason,think James Bond and Hodder is Sean Connery.Still with me then Derek Mears is Daniel Craig and exactly the kick up the ass that this classic,beloved franchise needed.Point being Hodder will forever be associated with Jason but it’s time for “the new blood” and Derk Mears is the new king of kill.Sorry Kane lovers but he’ll still always have a special place in my heart,it’s just time to move on that’s all.

  75. i disagree that the three things mentioned were the weak points of the movie. the weak points were:

    1. it lacked the atmosphere and overall feel of any f13th, which is fairly easy to accomplish, even if it were just in a subtle way
    2. the camerawork is so shaky you can’t see what the hell is going on
    3. they basically made jason into leatherface with the redneck white trash element that was introduced and with him setting beartraps and having a wire attached to a bell to alert him of intruders while in his underground layer

    also, mrs. voorhees lines were altered for the worse, making that part of the movie unengaging and cheesy.

  76. …oh and before a dozen of you reply “what do you mean the atmosphere wasn’t right? it was on a lake in the woods”…that’s not what i mean. i mean shots through the killer’s eyes while he’s stalking the campers, shots of moonlight on the lake that last more than 1 1/2 seconds, an end sequence that lasts more than 30 seconds and has some pretty music playing to give you a sense of relief before the last scare. to me those are every bit as important as sex, weed, and jason killing.

  77. Read “paul holt” long message near the beggining!! I agree with 90% of wat he wrote!!!

  78. I am very divided by the new F13 movie. I am a hardcore fan of the first four installments and I watch them all the time. I have went through two VHS sets and I am on my third DVD box set. I also went and bought the blue ray for part 1 when it came out. I would rate the killings and the new Jason an A+, the script a D- and the casting, besides Jason, Jared Padalecki, and Danielle Panabaker was a F. What I love about the first four F13’s is how you care about the characters and how they are very believable. They also have some common sense. They also don’t wobble around the whole time drunk and with a bong in their hang. (Minus the hippy couple from part3) I think the new F13 is a combination between a horror film and Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The issue I have with this cast is, why would you go with a group of people camping that you really didn’t like? I also hate how the black guy or girl in a new horror films are always a gangsta, gonna cut you, and put themselves out there to be killed. Why can’t they act like the other kids and be smart. Why does the Asian guy gotta be the nerdy, fix things kid? I hated that they had the little prick, that went around saying this is mine or that is mine. I mean what sticks with you in the old ones is how you cared for the victims that died and it really had an emotional impact on you. Did you notice how the black and Asian guy were somewhat segregated from the group in the new F13remake? I like how a movie can play with your emotions and mind. I also think what makes the old ones so magical is the time period. They didn’t have cell phones or gps’s. What if the survivor in one of the older films got into there car, realized they left there keys inside and called On-Star to crank their car via satellite? LOL I mean that would totally take the magic out of it. They should have made it in the 80’s setting, which Michael Bay normally is good at doing with time lines. I was very disappointed with the script. I think they could have really dug deeper. Maybe made the creepy old lady Pamela Vorhees sister, or relative or something. I also didn’t like how they started the movie off with the killing of Alice and Mrs. Vorhees. You would think they would have come up with something different to start the movie. I have alot of respect for Adrian and Betsy and Michael really messed up when he attempted to recreate that scene. The scene lacked emotion. I will give them a A+ on the death scenes as far as the creativity of them. I thought it was so clever how Jason tied the girl above the campfire in the sleeping bag to burn while her boyfriend’s foot was caught in the trap and helpless having watch. That creeped me out the most, because you felt the helplessness of the character. I will say they could have found a better way to kill Jason. I also hate how Michael Bay never lets you feel closure to a movie, even if you know there is going to be a sequel. I mean who would go through a ordeal like the two survivors did, then drag him all the way down to the lake to dump his body? Come on! The script seemed to be scattered until after they all get to the house and by the time you do start getting into it, its over. I think that the fans deserve something way better than what we got. If the Jason has to be in the present, why not bring the survivors back from the originals and let them do a face off. I think it would make a much better movie!

  79. the miner in my bloody valentine was a 160 pound soap actor that movie was dog SH*&

  80. Hello,
    I am hoping I am contacting the right person. My daughter is having her 13 birthday on Friday the 13th, the cool thing is her name is Hope Voorhees…I swear!. She is having a theme party. Can you guess what she wants it to be? We are planning a “Camp Crystal Lake Party”. I am making the invitation to look like camp applications. We are planning to pick up the girls at school Friday in a van with a magneticc sign on it. I am hoping you can help me out with any other details to make it a blast. Please forward my information to whoever can help. I appreciate it. Thank you so much!

    Lisa Lawson :)

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