Two Jasons, one similar look.

Thanks to a crafty screen capture, I was able to get a good view of the 2024 Jason unmasked. I noticed quite the similarities he has with Warrington Gillette’s unmasked Jason. Of course the 2024 version has no facial hair, but still the creators must of used the looks of the Gillette-Jason to craft the look of the Mears-Jason.

Below is the match up. So what do you guys think ?





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30 Responses to “ Two Jasons, one similar look. ”

  1. I see your point… they are very similar, although it looks like they used Part 1 for inspiration as well; perhaps it is a cross between the two. I’d like the see all three side-by-side. “must have used,” though (as if it really matters…).

  2. I see the similarities, too. If anything, they found a face that makes the Part II Jason look more handsome by comparison! hah!

  3. The the lack of facial hair is very noticeable and rather unrealistic. Does anyone really think that Jason is going to Walmart to get a Schick and some Barbasol to keep his face nice and smooth for the ladies? …or even better using a straight razor or his machete to clean his whiskers.

    Also the 2024 Jason’s hair looks more like Gollum’s than anything else. Part II Jason looks a lot more like what I would think a dysfunctional woods boy should look like.

  4. whoa Youre right. Thats a good call.

  5. Mears-Jason unmasked looks a bit unrealistic. looks more like something from wrong turn, or hill have eyes and not so much Jason

  6. Seeing Warrington’s Jason always makes me itch. Kinda makes me sad that Jason looked like that. Give me a hockey masked Jason anyday.

  7. I still can’t believe that they didn’t show Jason unmasked for more than a few shadowy seconds in the remake. It’s like they did all that work for nothing.

    But SERIOUSLY, who else could the remake Jason resemble from the rest of the series? Warrington Gillette’s Jason is the only other one with hair in the entire franchise (I’m not counting Freddy vs. Jason or any of the other stuff that New Line did).

  8. fuckin real big head the remake..!!! any new news on the part 2 remake news????

  9. dude…questioning whether jason shaves? did you notice in part 3 & 4 his head and his face are suddenly bald? maybe he has a deficiency for growing hair…i mean after all he is a mongloid. hell, dereck mears, the guy playing him, cannot grow hair anywhere…that’s his natural unshaven face.

    …there isn’t much use in analyzing this stuff…rob zombie tried to hair up myers for H2 to give it a more realistic, gritty feel, and in my opinion, it sucked ass. it made me feel like i was watching some oafy homeless bum instead of “the shape”.

    seeing this shot, i like the way they made him look. there should have been more time maskless.

  10. Thats true tommyblah because Dereck even mentioned his alopecia and how he could relate to the character because of the hair loss or lack of hair growth.

  11. I hate ginger Jason. Love the new Jason.

  12. I personally like the part 3 version of jason much better, they should have used that as there inspiartion when they made the new film.

  13. Part 2 Jason Scareds the hell out of me I had nightmares for week about that crashing through the window when i was 5 But the ultimate look for jason is a toos up between 4 and 7 but personally as much as i love Kane Hodder Ted White scared the shit out of me

  14. There is almost certainly a homage to part 2’s look whilst still retaining a air of originality.If the whole killing thing doesn’t work out,he could always get a job being a d.j on radio,(he sure has the face for it)……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  15. I love the F13 movies but seriously, you’re arguing the realism of the lack of facial hair on a ‘man’ who has been knifed more times than a Jackson’s nose! Seriously? Let’s just assume that his inability to grow facial hair is another deformity…it’s as feasible as anything. Any news on the new sequel??

  16. PS I think that Mears’ Jason is the best Jason we’ve seen since Brooker and White. I know that it’s not a popular opinion but I thought Hodder was lame. At best he was lethargic. there was no mania. He didn’t emote any real need to kill anyone. He always seemed to be just up from a nap and a little confused. The others were focused, frantic, manic, and terrifying. They seemed like nothing would stop them from killing you. Good stuff.

  17. I think that the 2024 version looks like an alien. Gillette actually looks human! Th Puckbunny13, I can see what you are saying, but what you have to remember, is that when Hodder took over, it was in part 7. Jason had been killed 300 times by then, I doubt running was an option! The new jason is suppossed to be from part 2, he is fresh, not a zombie jason! Like in part 7.

  18. I thought Kane Hodder made a good Jason, Mears did a really good job himself, set aside from all that though I think that when making a friday the 13th film, when someone gives rave reviews on how a person plays the role of jason that person really should be kept in mind for the sequel, lets give an example, Richard Booker from part 3, I thought he did an amazing job, the person who played Jason in part for was just as amazing as Booker, I think one of thos 2 should have been in the continuing sequels, they have something that makes the character believable, scarey, maniacle, and etc etc…. and then there are those who could not make the character be what that person needs to be and thats where going back to the drawing board comes in, Mears played an amazing role, he gave the character new life and he shouod be in the new sequel because of the GREAT JOB he did in bring the character Jason back to life and rebooting a Icon from the dead so to speak just because the franchise was basically dead from all the bad sequels, and if they can do that then the franchise has a good shot at keeping jason going for a while longer til some other moron comes and screws it up.

  19. I see your point Andrea but if he could run ater being at the bottom of a lake for over 20 years, a few chops with a machete arent going to make a difference. On the other hand, the lake burial might be quite refreshing. A quick dip always cures a hangover; who knows what burial could do!
    Mears kicked ass. I hope they make it worth his while to stick with it. I don’t remember why Brooker didn’t continue but Ted White didn’t continue due to his disgust with the way the kids were treated on the set by the director. He’s been quite frank about it.

  20. I will be tackling the remake Jason next complete with a removible n more accurate hockey mask and a display base you know the scene where hes sharpening his machete the head sculpt is already complete

  21. part 2 is more scary than the remake

  22. Jimbo X, you’re wrong, my friend. If you want to discredit the New Line films, that’s fine, but in the Paramount ones, Jason had hair in parts 2, 4 and 6.

  23. Tom Gotti Oct 24th, 2024 at 3:03 am

    I hate ginger Jason. Love the new Jason.


  24. Jason had hair in 6?

  25. It is obvious that the producers of the remake wanted to take the best of the original series and put it in the remake. Warrington Gillette was THE BEST JASON EVER and they took note of that making Derek Mears look like him. Also, the best kills in the whole film happened while Jason was wearing the bag over his head, not some stupid fucking hockey mask. And whoever says that Jason had hair in Part 6 needs to watch that film again…it doesn’t matter that your name is Truth. You are simply wrong.

  26. You mean that scene where they threw him through the window? If that makes him the best Jason ever then you must be the best Wal-Mart employee ever! :)

  27. Walmart man,welcome back.This place wouldn’t be as funny without your outlandish posts……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  28. Yeah, Part 2 was the best Jason ever. Anyone who saw the movie in the theater like I did would attest to that. He scared the shit out of me for weeks (I was 10). Part 3? Second best.

  29. I see the close similarity. Something funnier to note, I kind of see Triple H in resemblence to Relaunch Jason…you guys see it?

  30. I think the 2024 Jason looks more like some sort of alien rather than the deformed Jason we all know. I like the Part 2 Jason a lot better, he looks more realistic. I mean, that eye in the 2024 Jason just absolutely kills it. I think they should have made him like they did in Part 2, where half his face looks normal, and the other half is hideous. That would have made it better.

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