Review: Nightmare Warriors #4, Expanded Contest and Giveaway

fvs_nightmarewarriors_coverFirst off, DC Comics and Wildstorm Comics have been nice enough to provide with some more special goodies for our fans. Not only will you be able to win Nightmare Warriors #4, but you can also win previous installments in the series.

5 Second Place Winners Receive:

- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #2

1 First Place Winner Receives:
- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #2
- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #3
- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #4

1 Grand Prize Winner Receives:
- All 3 Special Edition Covers for – Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #1
- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #2
- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #3
- Freddy vs Jason vs Ash: Nightmare Warriors #4

In order to enter you must send the following to, Subject- Comic Contest:
- Your full Name
- Physical Address
- Your idea for either the next Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comic or a stand alone Friday the 13th comic

Previous entrants will automatically be entered into this expanded contest and will not have to enter again. The contest ends on October 18th. So, if you aren’t really into the comics and have been holding off on purchasing them or are curious about the story and just didn’t want to spend the money, here is a chance to get yourself into the comic franchise. Good Luck to everyone!

Review for Nightmare Warriors #4

After reading through all of the previous comics, I was surprised at how many characters from the varuous franchises resided within the pages of this series. It is amazing to read thorugh the pages and see the attention to detail that was given the characters, story and illustration. At the core of the story, the government hpes to utilize the powers of the Necronomicon as a weapon, and in doing so, set into motion the imminent destruction of the world

In Nightmare Warriors #4, Freddy’s plans are coming full circle as he now controls the Necronomicon and Jason is his general in charge of hell’s army of demons. Jason is sent to Washington D.C. to wipeout anything political so Freddy can take over not only the presidency, but the world. Along the way, Jason is reborn via Freddy and the Necronomicon, transforming from a rotting corpse to a living, breathing individual with a full head of hair. At first, I was not happy about the flowing locks, but I was able to look past it for the progression of the story and it did look cool to see Jason hacking people in half with his hair whipping all over the place.

Ash, of course, is in hot pursuit of the Necronimocon in order to stop Freddy and send Jason and the demons straight back to hell.



After Jason and hell’s minions obliterate most of Washington D.C., Freddy arrives to take his place and rule the world. Now, the drawing was great and I loved the gore factor that was disaplayed during Jason’s slaying sessions, but I thought that Jason was really placed to the background here and shown as just a pawn again in the more grande Freddy scheme. The Freddy character is centralized more this go around and Ash and the Nightmare Warriors are losing steam. Perhaps next issue Jason will grow a bigger pair and let Freddy know who’s in charge.



In all, it’s an enjoyable comic series and issue #4 sets in motion the events that the first three issues have been building up to. I cannot wait until issue #5 is released on October 21st as now I am hooked!

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14 Responses to “ Review: Nightmare Warriors #4, Expanded Contest and Giveaway ”

  1. Why does Jason have Conan hair?

  2. I read some of this in a comic shop, and it was really horrible. The first one was okay, and kinda interesting, but Ash was written really poorly. The only way it would have been any good as a movie was if Sam and Ivan Rami came in, and did a lot of work on the diolog. That and keep wes craven, and Sean Cuntingham the hell away from it.

  3. This idea of Jason/Freddy/Ash probably only has one or two good storylines possible… So, I dunno if we should expect too much from it. Just sit back and enjoy for what it is… then wait for the third series, to make it a trilogy…

  4. I actually think Jason looks cool with the hair! But that’s just from the pictures you’re showing. I’ll have to pick these up.

  5. dude..looks bad ass!

  6. Hey JasonFury,
    When will you be updating the film page for FVJ and the new Friday? FVJ needs pictures and the New Friday page needs to be formatted like the others. Love your site – want more!

  7. etherwanger,
    Dusk owns the website and he usually updates the movie information, however he has something special in store for everyone who visits the website. Stay tuned.

  8. I still havent had a chance to pick this issue so i skipped the review sorry jasonsfury. i been reading these comics since the first one and the story is awesome so far. Many fans who are not picking these up dont know what they are missing. And to answer the question about the hair you would have to read the series or at least issue 3. It ties into jason goes to hell which started this whole series because the necronominon had a cameo in that movie for those who dont remember. And then the freddy glove at the end. well hope 4 continues on a great story and i hope that no more surviors get cut off. Im just sad after i read this one i will still have to wait for the other remaining 2.

  9. I only have the first 2 issues right now. I am getting ready to get the remaining issues when they all come out at one time. I am a little disappointed in this sequel because I want to see ash freddy and jason battle it out again. I am a big friday the 13th fan though so I will get all the issues and try to enjoy it. Maybe I will change my mind after reading the third and fourth issue.

  10. I have the first 6 part . in spanish jejejej i hope cant find this second stage, of fvjva because is cool see jason in new “ADVENTURES”

  11. The Contest ended this past weekend and the winners have been chosen and contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered and look for further updates on this comic series and for new contests in the future.

  12. I won this contest. I never win anything(with the exception of my wife’s heart). Great comics!!!

  13. I won Issue #2. Don’t recall seeing an email about it but wife brought it to me yesterday from the mail. i was totally shocked. Very awesome. Thank you

  14. Wow, I thought I sent an email out to everyone who won. Sorry that you did not receive the email. Well, at least you were surprised!

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