Friday the 13th Part 5: Joey’s Revenge

The earlier films in the series are notorious for their dream sequence endings. The original film in 1980 had one of the most effective sequences ever in the genre. Friday the 13th Part 2 tried to duplicate the success of the original dream sequence with Jason jumping through the window to grab Ginny. Part 3 tried the dream yet again with Jason’s mom, complete with reattached head, jumping out of the lake to grab Chris from her boat on the lake. The unused ending of The Final Chapter was also a dream sequence where Jason follows Trish upstairs to attack her as she finds the corpse of her mother.

Now, there is another dream sequence that was rumored to be filmed for A New Beginning and it would have been quite interesting if it ever materialized. The dream sequence would have had Tommy, Pam and Reggie in a canoe in the lake. A reassembled Joey would then jump out of the lake and pull the three survivors underneath the water. The scene was never filmed, but it would have fit with the dream sequences trending from the first four films. One has to wonder if this sequence would have made the ending of the film better or even more confusing?

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34 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Part 5: Joey’s Revenge ”

  1. I think that would have confused more people than anything else. It’s pretty much beating a dead horse when it comes to endings in the series. Jason, fine. Pamela, alright. But a character with no true significance in the series eh.

  2. Joey wasnt that important to the series but he was pretty important to the plot of part 5. I think the proposed ending for pt.5 would have been okay, but just.
    When I was younger I hated pt.5, but in my old age of 28, I view pt.5 as being just as good as 1-3. Roy really might as well have been Jason. I mean…if it smells like a duck and walks like shit…it must be Jason. It was the last one to feel like a classic f13 flick. As much as I liked pt.6, it was the last time that a retrofitting of the series really worked. 1-5 are the classics IMO.

  3. It would have been erie as hell but it would’ve made no sense, did it even show a lake in that movie at all?

  4. It would have made sense, actually. Joey is to Roy as Jason is to Pamela Voorhees; hence having Joey appear at the end of the movie would follow the pattern of the killer’s child rising from the lake.

    I love Part 5. Finally tracked down an uncut VHS version, and Joey’s death is much more brutal than the R-rated print (as are all the other deaths).

  5. Nice way to tie it together, backwoodsdrifter. I like it. Also, I would like to see some screen caps of the unedited scenes you have on your tape. If you can, post a link on here or send me an email. Thanks.

  6. Nice point backwoodsdrifter.

    I too, love part 5. It was the last time Friday really felt like an original Friday. And the victim POV kills were fabulous…my favourite is Ethel’s…damn that was great kill.

    The guy who played Tommy was so much better than who they got for part 6. Part 6 brougt in many elements I did not like; car chases and gun fire are not scary and Jason wearing a tool belt was kinda silly looking and the ending; boring…where was that frantic chase we need in the endin of a Friday movie?

    I do like part 6, but like part 5 much better.

    …if Jason still haunts you…

  7. I would have liked to see this ending, IMO. I think that it would have been nostalgic to the series.

  8. lol, picture Joey jumping out of the water all outta breath with a Zagnut bar and chocolate all over his face, now that would have been classic. but all in all, i don’t think it would have played well with the movie, hence why it wasn’t put in.

    Jasonsfury mentioned that it would have added confusion, and i must completely agree with this. even though i have seen this movie 50 times, i still have trouble watching it and trying to piece shit together. when i watch a movie i want shit to make sense, and when watching movies, my wife gets pissed off all the time when i pause and rewind scenes saying that doesn’t make sense.

    one scene inparticular was when Roy kills the drifter with a big knife, and then uses garden sheers on the chicks eyes, and then a belt on the guy, like come on, all the kills are within a minute and all have different weapons. i am a huge fan of true crime and when i see three quick kills within a minute and all with different weapons, doesn’t make sense.

    i realize that they want to shock the fans and gore it up and keep it fresh, but that annoys the shit outta me. but the Friday movies would be kinda boring if Jason only stuck to killing people one certain way, like most real life killers.

    also more confusing scenes in this movie is where Roy has super human strength. picking people up with one hand and busting through heaving wooden doors like they are made of styro-foam, or even having super human speed and being able to appear at in front of his victims while they are in a flat out run, he still manages to get way infront of them and not even be outta breath. Roy is human, not supernatural like in the later films, and thats the only way i could say that Jason could get ahead of people and be everywhere when needed. again, i know that they are going for dramatics, but c’mon?

    either way, i hated this movie aswell growing up, cause the real Jason was not in it, but i have grown to appreciate the way that they tried to take it somewhere else, but by doing so, it throws alot of confusion into the series, but every movie in the series throws its own confusion into the series with timeline problems and continuity.

    either way, having Joey jump outta the water would have made for a cool deleted scene but would have made absolutely no sense, just like Pamela with her head re-attached jumping outta the lake at the end of part 3 does, i still don’t get that part, Chris would not of even known who she was? but either way, part 5 still ended very confusingly, but atleast it stayed with the theme of the movie…….confusing.

  9. I have thought it would be a fun fan spoof to do Friday the 13Th Part 5.5 where Joey comes back from the dead like Jason for revenge. Interesting to know that idea was kinda on the table.

  10. Part 5 is great. I liked it as a kid. It’s not Halloween 3 or anything–there’s still a masked killer. I love how at the end, the sheriff is sifting through Roy’s wallet and there’s a picture of Joey from modern day (how is this possible?) and a picture of Roy. I always keep a 3×2 glossy of myself in my wallet. It’s just so convenient–because none of us have any frickin clue who fell on the spikes or who Roy is, so this wallet really wraps it up for us. So bad, it’s good. The kills were brutal–like parts 3 and 4, the MPAA doesn’t take to much away from the brutality, like John Robert says Ethel’s was brutal because of the quick editing and the sound effects *thwak!* Sqeezing the tomato was great too

    I think Joey should’ve popped out at the end, missed the people in the canoe and done a huge belly flop creating a tidal wave that buried the camp underwater. Then Pt 6 could been an underwater horror, like the Abyss.

  11. Sorry to sound shallow or argumentative but why would the alternate ending being disscussed have been confusing? All of the earlier films in the series had endings like this, with the exception being 4. Why do people think part 5 is any worse than any other friday before it? Why do we like the first friday movie where Jason is not the killer and only appears as a dream, and people hate 5 cus’ Jason is not the killer and only appears as a dream? It’s contradictory. Taste can’t be accounted for so if one preferes one film to another, you can’t argue with that. But the reasons usually given for not liking 5 are BS. Do we not like Joey cus’ he was a fat nerd? If so we are no better than vic (which is cool cus’ Vic was great and probably had better records than violot). Roy was much more justified in doing what he did than Pamela was. Roy went on a killing spree directly after his son was murdered. Pamela went on a killing spree decades after the fact, and none of the people she killed were even remotely involved in the death of her son. For me the movies really are just about a guy in a mask killing people. Thats it. And part 5 did a better job at that than most of the other films featuring the “real” jason. If we want a story that is good, or even a story that just makes sense, we all need to keep the hell away from any Friday movies. They are all shit movies with gapping plot holes. Likeable shit movies but shit none-the-less.

  12. They are all shit movies with gapping plot holes. Likeable shit movies but shit none-the-less.

    Whoa. Hold on now. You made really good points up until the above statements. Yes there are plot holes, but to say these are shit movies, I do not agree with that at all. The original films have an endearing quality to them and are historic in fact in terms of how they affected studios and how they distributed movies in the 80’s.

    The Friday the 13th franchise spawned a horror character just as popular as any icon in the world. So to say the movies are shit doesn’t sit too well with this fan.

  13. Or me dude!

  14. nor me!! why the fuck come on a fan site then slag of the films. think you’d be better stickin to high school musical

  15. i think the quality is real high for the movies. Anyway, I love them. Part 5 seemed a bit TV-movieish, but was also real intense, especially the John Shepherd parts. I love that Jason isn’t in it! It just underscores the rippling impact he has on all these characters. I also like how each movie is sort of its own take. It may give rise to some continuity gray areas, but so what. Almost like a campfire story that keeps getting told and evolving each time

  16. Thats interesting. The only thing I liked about the ending to part 5 is when Tommy does that demented laugh after He stabs Pam in the stomach in a dream. It just makes me laugh for some reason. But other than that I found the ending rather boring and misleading. It made Me think that in part 6 Tommy would become the killer, which I wouldnt have liked. Im glad Jason lives turned out the way it did. 2 years after the supposed final chapter, Jasons back in buisness. But this unfilmed ending of Joey jumping out of the lake wouldve been cool. In a way, Joey was kind of like Jason as a kid. He was kind of slow, nobody really liked Him, and He died because Dr. Leonard screwed up. Why the hell would You let a psycho with anger issues chop wood with an axe. I mean one look at the guy and You could tell Hes really pissed off. And the sad thing is Victor doesnt die in part 5. Joey might have been annoying, but it wasnt his fault and he didnt deserve to die. He had good intentions. But anyway, I wish they wouldve went with this original ending. Much like I wish they wouldve went with the original ending to part 3 (Jason beheads Chris in a dream), part 4 (Trish finds Her mothers body and Jasons behind Her) part 6 (We finally meet Jasons dad) and part 7 (Jason jumps out of the lake and pulls a fisherman under while Hes in a boat). Freakin Paramount. Lets face it people, the ending to part 1 will always rank supreme.

  17. Wow, that was scary..

  18. I agree that Joey is key to the plot of the movie but once again, a movie where it does not tie into the rest of the series. I have to say its H20/ Season of the Witch -esque lol Have this killer but its not actually who everyone wants it to be or expects it to be. Part five could honestly be considered the red-headed step child of the series until JGTH came along. I give credit for the kills in the movie and for the attempt to keep Tommy in the series other than that it still leaves a bitter taste.

  19. Sorry. Didn’t mean to piss any of you off. I am a huge fan of the Friday series, but for the life of me I don’t know why. I mean…I bought all the movies at least three times over. I buy the merchandise too. I have been comming to this site as long as I have had a computer. It’s nice to see you all here as it makes me feel not so alone in my love for these movies. However I’m not under the allusion that these are high quality films. I know there is a differance between me likeing something and truly beliving that the thing I like is actually good. Like I said before taste can’t be accounted for (even when it’s my own taste).
    I’m not a morbid person, I hate videos of real life gore. These movies allow me to laugh at death while I’m still alive. I think that’s the main reason I like these and other horror movies, or at least the only justifiable reason I can think of.
    I understand what Jasonfury is saying about the series trailblazing the way for other horror movies. I appreciate that, and enjoy a lot of the films F13 paved the way for. However the sucess of the Friday films was somewhat inadvertent. Sean Cunningham never intended for the film to be a huge as it was. He saw horror as a quick way to make a buck so he could make some ‘Bad news Bears’ type of project. The guy was a hack. He stole from the formula of other sucessful horror films inorder to make money to fund another project that stole from the formula of other sucessful childerens films.
    I know I sound a lot like a dick or a guy who does not like these movies, but let me assure you that I do love these movies and also this site. These are my favorite movies (and I assume they are yours too), but they are far from the best movies ever made. I’m also a huge fan of the Ramones, but I know those guys were limited in the “talent” department. In other words, none of the Ramones were ever going to write a symphony, but I have never heard a symphony that I liked as much as the first Ramones album.

  20. It sounds like you are at a crossroads in your Friday the 13th fandom. You need intervention. ;)

    Seriously, though, I do see where you are coming from as well, but man you can’t call the movies shit and then say you’re a fan. That doesn’t make sense. You can say that you’re a fan, but realize that they are low on the totem pole of acceptable movies to watch. I think we all know that.

  21. Eh, Jason jumped from a lake because he supposedly drowned in a lake… Joey was dismembered by a psychotic wood-cutter. Maybe if Joey came crashing through the clothesline covered in chocolate and attacked them with a load of hershey squirts it might have worked…

  22. haha! Rad!
    I’m a fan of shit! What can I say? :) I like those sleepaway camp movies too, and there is no denying that those movies are shit.
    Again though, not to sound like a dick, but I think horror movies are totally acceptable to watch as much as we want. There is nothing wrong with watching fake gore and seeing how convincing it can be. There is an art to it. However some people do take it seriously and do bad things after watching movies like these, but those people a mentally ill. I seriously don’t think guys like that would watch ‘driving miss daisy’ then go apply for a chauffeur’s license.
    I recently watched an interview with Stephen King. He said he thinks horror reaches new hights when there is a consevative government in charge. I personally don’t see the connection as I like horror movies no matter what time of day it is. But I can’t deny that horror was really great in the 80’s, and pretty darn good in the last decade too. King might be on to something, but again I don’t see how the two are connected.

  23. i would have loved to see this at the end of pt 5. i don’t think it would have been anymore confusing than the other dream sequences. if Joey wouldn’t have died, Roy wouldn’t have went insane. and all the kids seeing Joey get murdered, that had to leave some kind of mental trauma, especially to Tommy. so who’s to say that Tommy couldn’t have had a dream that, that had happende and then woke up in the hospital.

  24. Hi jasonsfury – will send through some screen caps when I can (going away for 3 weeks so will send them when I return).

    It took me a few years and many false leads to track down an uncut version of Part 5. I will create a fan edit with the uncensored kills reinstated (I’m already working on uncut edits of Parts 6 and 7). I want all the fans to be able to see these uncut deaths for Part 5; I’m sure people will be blown away when they see them.

    And John Robert, I agree about Part 5 being the last one to feel like an original Friday. Although Part 6 is my favourite of the series, from then on things were definitely different.

  25. Incidentally – does anyone have an uncut version of Part 3? It’s the only one I don’t have uncut. I’ve found a few guys online who have the uncensored version of Vera’s death (speargun through the eye – it was included on an extremely rare 1997 Dutch VHS re-release, curiously), however they are jealously guarding this to say the least!

    Having the uncut versions of all the films is an obsession for me, as Paramount will obviously never pull their fingers out.

  26. This isn’t true…

    It can’t be.

    Then again….

    Friday the 13th: Joey Lives.

    Ummmmmm…. no. Fail.

  27. “Fine DrJohnMan, if that’s how you feel about it just forget it!, but I think you’re really outta line!”

  28. Haha, nice one MadWorldDesigns.

    Great campy dialogue in Part 5.

    “You d-d-don’t set a p-p-place for a d-d-dead person!”

  29. …”I said I was sorry!”…

  30. Lmao, I’m almost 30 years old, consider myself a fan, and also consider the Friday films to be “shit”. They are hackneyed, generically shot, churned out by Paramount as a cash cow. Just because I happened to be born in 1980, that’s why it’s nostalgic to me. The only way they “changed” the movie industry is by proving to other studios that cheaply made, low-brow, horror films can be produced quickly and cheaply with maximum returns.

    Just speaking objectively about something that I do in fact enjoy, but can see its immense flaws.

  31. The only way they “changed” the movie industry is by proving to other studios that cheaply made, low-brow, horror films can be produced quickly and cheaply with maximum returns.

    You nailed it! Thanks for expanding on my point about how the franchise changed the way studios distribute movies. A lot of films that normally would not have been seen in theaters, got their shot at a large audience. ;)

  32. “You afraid of spiders? You afraid of spiders on a string? Man, you are one scared cat!”

  33. yo backwoodsdrifter can you please send me some screen-caps or clips for uncut deaths or alternate scenes for parts 2 and 5???

    My email is [email protected]

    I think it is so awesome you have actually found the uncut versions and would really love to see them in some form

  34. might be confusing at first but still fit it with the concept of “friday revenge”….

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