Summer Contest Part 1 Winner Selected

Our very first contest of the Summer, which ran for three weeks,  drew to a close yesterday. The winner was selected at random by drawing. All names from the entries were placed into a container, mixed up and then a name was pulled out of that container. The winner was notified via email last night. Congratulations to Garet for winning! The prize, an original set of 8 lobby cards, will now be sent off to the lucky winner.

Thanks go out to everyone that submitted entries to participate. We had another great turnout for this contest and I am sure we will have a similar if not better turnout for the next contest, coming soon!

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4 Responses to “ Summer Contest Part 1 Winner Selected ”

  1. Well done Garet, u lucky person!!!

  2. Congratulations on the win. Those are going to be a great set own. What a great piece of nostalgia.

  3. good job guy.

  4. Congrads on to the winner! I’ve been trying to get back into posting a lot as of late, as I apprechiate Jasonsfury and this site. And I’ll most definately will enter in the next contest. I was actually going to go back and to enter this one around five or six days ago, but sadly, my online scheduale has been mostly pretty non-existant as of late thanks to me trying to learn another language in order to be a Plygot as well as my general part time job. So I’m mostly off-line exercising or writing my novel idea or 35mm film watching as I find it an artform. But seriously, there’s been a lot of great topics that Jason has created over the last few days that I’m going to have to go back over and comment on just out of respect.

    Seriously a lot of good stuff ’round here as of late. And again congrads to the winner.

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