Get “Hillbilly” Jason At Camp Blood

Ari Lehman (Jason Vorhees, Friday the 13th 1980) is offering an opportunity to own a very cool Jason Voorhees bust from Part 2 at a lower price for fans that are attending the Camp Blood Friday the 30th Reunion. Read the information given by Ari below if you are attending Camp Blood in August and are interested in purchasing this very life like bust!

I am now taking Pre-Orders for these TOP-QUALITY FIBERGLASS JASON 2 HEADS.

Life size, Fiberglass, Comes with Glass eyes, hand laid Beard Stubble, Synthetic human hair, and all hand painted, the realisim is extremely creepy! Comes with DISPLAY STAND.

I am taking exclusive Pre-Orders for these fine collectibles to be delivered directly to CAMP BLOOD to be signed by the Jasons of your choice!

I will sign the heads for FREE at CAMP BLOOD…

These collector-quality busts will be going FAST so order yours today and pick it up at CAMP BLOOD!

Those who are not attending CAMP BLOOD must wait until they become available at my website STORE.

If you are interested in ordering one or more please contact me right away at:

The current CAMP BLOOD SPECIAL price is $250. After we sell out of this limited edition the price goes up! The same item has been getting $400+ on the internet sales networks!

The heads will be shipped directly to CAMP BLOOD for ONLY for those who order NOW while supplies last! ORDER YOURS TODAY!!!

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  1. That looks very accurate to what Jason looked like in the movie. I wish I could get in on that. It looks fabulous. $250 is a lot of money, but better than $400.

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