Rumor Control: Sequel Date Not Confirmed For July 13, 2024

A few fans have emailed with some information and concerns over what was mentioned on NPR (National Public Radio) this past Friday, August 13th. I did not listen to the show, but apparently, Garrison Keeler of Prairie Home Companion mentioned Friday July 13, 2024 as the release date for the next Friday the 13th film.

We at Friday The 13th: The Website have received the cricket sounds when looking into this date and no other horror related website has even mentioned the tiniest little wimper about the July date being a possible release for a new Jason Voorhees romp. We have not heard back word from Warner Bros. yet, but the feeling here is that Garrison Keeler may have been throwing out a “possible” date.

Surprisingly, a number of people had emailed about this, so it made sense to squash the rumor for the time being and wait for something more concrete. Thanks to the site visitors for writing in about this topic!

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29 Responses to “ Rumor Control: Sequel Date Not Confirmed For July 13, 2024 ”

  1. Well to find out why this is a false rumor you don’t have to go any further than who reported it. Garrison Keeler is perhaps the most non-funny guy on radio. And another thing that discredits him, is the fact that he was in a movie with Lindsay Lohan.

  2. I’m hoping for May 13th, 2024 or May 1st, 2024 because it will be the 30th ann. of the second movie being released!


  4. They should release it if they even decide to make one, December 13th, 2024. But it does sound pretty gimmicky. I just want them to make a damn sequel.

  5. Until a release date is announced on here, I don’t pay any attention to this mumbo jumbo ;)
    This guy isn’t the first or the last to mention a supposed release date for Part 2. It’s a little better than HorrorHound’s 2024 estimate. That’s just ridiculous.

  6. All hype.

  7. WOULD SOMEONE JUST BUY THE FRANCHISE AND GET A DATE SET FOR THE SEQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just kidding! xx

  8. Hey we should film a sequel. Friday the 13th Part 2 – Raiders Of The Lost Date.

  9. I actually think that 2024 would be the earliest date we would see this film. Remember they were talking about the 2024 film back at the end of 2024 and getting everything together. Then the movie was released in 2024.

  10. Well I think this whole ordeal is just drawing on too long. I think we need to stop focusing on the sequel and enjoy what we have. I can watch every one of those movies (JGTH Exempt) for now and still enjoy them at face value.

  11. Im hoping We get a sequal sooner than that. I visit alot of horror sites and I havent seen anything about a release date either. I know a sequal is going to happen eventually, the question is when.

  12. Nice one RustyMachete, i like the title.

  13. Garrison Keeler made a mistake,
    he meant 13th july

  14. and RustyMachete,
    good call!!!lol

  15. I think it’s time to make a BIG Friday the 13th movie for once in years… I mean, remember what Ty West did with his “The house of the devil”?, it’s a film shot in 2024 I think, and its story is set in 80′s and in fact it looks like a real 80′s movie!… Why not making it with the next Friday the 13th movie?… even without setting it in the 80′s, they should make it “the old school” way, I mean, like the four first films… IS THAT HARD TO MAKE IT??

  16. Make a sequel to the faster

  17. Apparently the almighty dollar trumps talent in Hollywood. Most of us here agree, if we had access to cast, crew and budget, we (as fans) could produce the best friday film yet. How the producers of the remake-Form and Fuller right?-can call themselves fans and make such a dilluted, watered down (I won’t say piece of crap b/c I am a fan therefore it is on my shelf, I paid to see it in theaters and I bought the DVD) movie is beyond me. The “reboot” was missing something big time. The 80′s Friday series had that gnarly gritty look and prolonged build-up of suspense. Not to mention Manfredini’s all-important score. The reboot just threw you right into it. I mean, come on. The beginning with Mrs. Voorhees? Blink and you miss it. I know some of today’s audinece may have A.D.D. and want to get right to the point (no offense), but come on. There’s a way to do that while giving it some depth. After seeing how Rob Zombie nearly butchered Michael Myers in H2, it bugs me how brazen producers and filmakers are getting when it comes to our favorite horror icons. Change is good, I agree big time. Nobody wants the same ol’ same ol’, but I wouldn’t watch a Child’s Play flick where chucky jumps into a human body in the first five minutes. Change to these characters should be subtle-not dramatic. Subtley is effective. Hollywood, are ya listening? Leatherface, Michael Myers, Jason voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Pinhead-these guys are our Universal Monsters. To paraphrase Otis From the Devil’s Rejects, “When it comes to sequels, I lower my expectations so I’m not so disappointed.” I thought that strategy would work, but after seeing Nightmare on Elm street…not meaning to bitch, but how hard is it to make a kick ass-I mean really kick ass-movie with some imagination-some guts? Sorry for the rant. Had to get it out there to those like-minded fans. And despite it all, I can’t wait for the Friday sequel-in hopes the filmakers will fially get it and do it right.

  18. Totally agree with you letsplayhidethemachete!

  19. once again false rumors


  21. I saw this on his wikepedia bio page!!
    And i guess 2024 sounds right for the frangise, cause it has 13 in it!!!!!!!!!

  22. i can’t wait that long lol

  23. Same here!!!lol

  24. Oh come on, I need my Jason fix!

  25. I have let JasonFury know, and he doesnt want us too think yes!!! BECAUSE it could off been changed my fans and he doesnt trust Wikiedia or the other comany that involved in the info, so very sorry!!

  26. @letsplayhidethemachete,amen brother!I think it’s pretty bad though,when us as fan’s can remember every little inkling of the series.All of a sudden they throw in a director who doesn’t know jack about it,to direct it.???????????,anyway’s,maybe will get lucky and have the director of the sitcom tv series (fullhouse to direct this one).lol.but seriously i’m sorry for the sarcasim but we defianately need a true hardcore fan to rationalize this,that can possible put this over the top.

  27. I hope that a new movie just gets made! :)

  28. @letsplayhidethemachete You’re spot on. I wish they would go back to what made many of the movies (Halloween & Friday the 13th) a success in the first place. I think it’s the thriller aspect that mixes with the gore. The first’s were all “realistic.” Counselors were setting up a camp, and then mysterious deaths occur slowly in a classic “scary setting — at night in a forest during a storm.” The stuff of the first movies were events that “could happen” and are things that kids are afraid of when they go to a camp. I’d like to see more realistic suspense and less blunt killing. For example, in the first movie in the bathroom, you have the shower curtain moving and you see a hand.. you don’t know if someone’s about to die. Then there’s a dead body on the top bunk while some teens are having sex. All of this was made with a low budget, just like Halloween. You don’t need tons of money to throw some kids in a forest and then kill them. Also, having a immortal Jason that can transport like in part 8 is a little much or one that can transport through different bodies (JGTH). It is a lot more exciting when you think the guy could die (the first 3 Fri the 13ths and the first Halloween), although unlikely. Of course it’s still great to make him a bad@ss.

    Regardless, I’d like to just see another movie… even if it’s done poorly… just don’t put Jason in space again.

  29. The first remake certainly made money, so it is surprising that they didn’t crank out a sequel right away (the nature of the Hollywood beast), but I’m not sure I want one. I don’t think the remake was that good, and I can’t imagine if we have the same people responsible that we’re going to be wowed out of the room by a sequel.

    No doubt, I’m in the minority, but they haven’t really gotten this formula right in quite some time. I’ll just make another fan flick to make the sequels I want to see.

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