Theory: Possible sequel release date ?

part2_original_poster11With all of the talk about the possible release date for the sequel to 2024’s re-imagining, I have a theory, keep in mind its just my opinion that it is possible that Platinum Dunes could start filming scenes in August and then again film some more scene between November and December to get the snow, and then set a release date for Friday May 13th, 2024. But just keep in mind that is a theory of mine since I strongly believe that if PD is serious about making a good sequel, then they’re not going to just rush everything. No, they will want to plan this baby out now, start filming the last part of 2024, and then release it in 2024.

But don’t get your underwear in a waud yet, because the longer they have to plan everything out, the better the movie will be. You saw what happened when Rob Zombie got involved with Halloween and how he rushed production. We don’t want that for our Friday the 13th sequel. Still, like I said, this is just a theory of mine so take it with a grain of salt until we get something official, but I believe this would be the more logical move to make.

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19 Responses to “ Theory: Possible sequel release date ? ”

  1. Brad Fuller and Platinum Dunes want this sequel to go now, and are waiting for WB. A lot of our thoughts were mentioned in this blog,

    I am pretty sure May 13th, 2024 is a go, unless some unforseen events take place. You never know in the world of filmmaking.

    However, I think scabby mentioned in another sequel talk blog that WB is waiting until after Nightmare is released in April. I agree with that. I think we are looking at a late spring to early summer shooting schedule much like the reboot had in 2024.

  2. It would be logical to wait until ANOES is released in April. I’m afraid that if Fuller and PD push it too hard, it might end up turning out like Halloween and Halloween II by Rob Zombie. I would just rather them plan it out smoothly and just not throw everything in there at once. That would be a recipe for disaster.

  3. We waited four years between JTM and JGTH. I think we can wait a little longer for the sequel.

  4. Maybe the makers have too much pressure on themselves to make something fantastic out of this one?
    After all, it is the 13th installment..

  5. i agree with Fredrik

  6. PLease come back some old survivor character of the franchise like corey feldman or lar park

  7. The way I heard it the Studio kept cutting days on Zombie’s H2, forcing a rushed production. Filmmakers are Talking a lot about release dates being set before any work is done, and they have to rush to meet the deadline.
    The Studios are way too eager to get movies into theaters, making the films as quickly as they can. I hope they learn from their mistakes so this doesn’t happen to Part II, but it could. I want them to make the best Friday movie they can, and I don’t mind waiting a little while for it to be made right.

    The release date is not what I’m worried about.

  8. In all honesty there was 2 years between RZ’s Halloween remake and his Halloween II!! I’m not saying it wasn’t rushed (b/c from what I’ve heard they were forcing fast production) but this is just how Zombie wanted to do the sequel!! He even stated in interviews that he wanted to take the character HIS WAY and not down the same route Michael Myers had been before… I personally liked H2 as much as the remake… But as for F13… I think that platinum dunes is going to take they’re time with it and we’ll prob see a 2024 release… From what I’ve heard they already have a script written and there’s plenty of time for revisions before the ANOES, which I’m assuming F13 production won’t officially start until then… So I have high expectations for this sequel and definitely expecting it to top the first!!

  9. Who will be dirrex=ct that movie? It will be Marcus nispel, or Johnathan Libesman, or who?

    IMHO Rob Zombie’s Halloweens is sucked.

  10. Rogger, Marcus Nispel is clearly not coming back. And I hope Libesman doesn’t direct it, ’cause I hate the shaking camera he use for TCM: The Beginning. I prefer someone else & one not using shaking camera. The sequel should be easy to see too.

  11. I hope, maybe Ryuhei Kitamura, Martin Weisz or Dwight H. Little can get dirrector’s chair. This guys can dirrect good horror films.

  12. if marcus nispel isn’t directing it that will just suck because he did a great job with the remake but i’ll still go see it but i wish marcus nispel couls direct it.

  13. Bring in Tarrintino

  14. They should try to get Rob Schmidt or Eli Roth. I’m not mentioning Tarantino(or Rodriguez) because that will never happen(I fear). They already did their grindhouse stuff.

  15. Rob Schmidt is a good choice.
    Eli Roth… he’s not bad, but… I don’t know…

    Tom Holland will be a great choice :)

  16. fuller wrote on his twitter that he has NO GOOD NEWS! come on guys u alredy know that we won’t get f13th 2 as soon as u think. may 13th 2024 is already full and there’s no other friday 13th available until 2024.

  17. well if its 2024 then its then!

  18. What about Neil Jordan? I kind of liked Interview With the Vampire for its eerie imagry.

  19. I think the next one should be more realistic. Like have Jason be 65. Yes he’s old but he can set traps.

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