Possible Release Date for Friday Sequel

Now, I must start off by saying this is nothing official as Platinum Dunes nor Warner Bros. have officially announced a date for the sequel, but I have heard and checked around that Friday May 13th 2011 is a target date for the sequel to be released in theaters. I originally stated last week that I didn’t think that the date was going to work being that it was the beginning of the summer movie season. However, the movie is going to be profitbale whenever it is going to be released. I can’t wait to see it when the movie does come together.


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24 Responses to “ Possible Release Date for Friday Sequel ”

  1. I pretty much rather the release date be in 2011, it gives them enough time to get a good story going and it gives a bigger hype to the film.

  2. WHY does it have to be released on a Friday the 13th?

  3. there is no reason except to attract kids that are too young to see it because it makes them think it’s a bigger event.

    i don’t think pushing the date out means that they’ll spend more time on it or try to make it better. these movies are always disappointingly sloppy.

    if they want a movie loved by the fans they need to do something substantial like firing shannon and swift, rather than superficial dumb shit like saving a ‘friday the 13th’ date.

  4. Why does it have to be released on a Friday the 13th? Quite simply, marketing. The previous film opened on a Friday the 13th, and made a profit on its opening weekend as a result. Despite a heavy drop off the following weekend, the studio was still pleased because the picture was in the black after three days. It may be a gimmick, but it is a successful gimmick.

  5. I hope the sequel doesn’t go into development hell because of a lack of ideas from the creators. They really should pay more attention to the fans’ ideas and pan through those to see what they come up with. Wishful thinking to be sure but one can hope.

    Oh they should bring Ari Whoozits into the next movie as himself performing at Crystall Lake only to be offed by the real Jason.

  6. The difficulty, I’m confident, that they have with giving the fans creative control is called Jason Goes to Hell. If I understand it correctly, Aadam Marcus was about as big a fanboy as you can get. He was on the set during the filming of Part 1 and seemed to have a good relationship with Sean. Many franchises speak about the transition time wherein the people who were fans of it as a child begin to make the new ones. Well, Jason Goes to Hell was the first movie that was true for.

    While I love all the Friday the 13Ths, many do not like Jason Goes to Hell that much. He did everything a fanboy would be expected to do. Something radical at the beginning, blowing up Jason. Adding new elements to expand the story, Duke and this bloodline history with Jason. Inside nods to another Franchise, the Necronomicon. Adding new powers to their hero, body switching. It’s all, all there.

    So, given the result of giving the biggest and most connected fanboy the reins of directorial power… do any of you honestly think they’ll let one of us ever direct or write for one again?

  7. why don’t they make the next Friday movie about a bunch of documentary people filming in crystal lake.kind of like Blair witch style.it will be different and very cheep to make.not to mention how much money they will make off it(paranormal activity/cloverfiled/quarantine/Blair witch)…just to name a few.
    plus they can have snow in it!!!
    just make the end with the last victim a good chase @ the end like all the other Fridays!!!the remake didn’t do much of the big chase,and i wasn’t happy with it.my fav chase would have to be part 4!!!the hammer thrown @ the chick was a classic!!!
    what about every one else…whats your fav end chase with Jason and the last victim???

  8. i doubt it will be the right date. SPIDER MAN 4 will be out the week before and THOR the next one. so…:-(

  9. I think that is a great idea C_S_A78 but maby for a part 3 or part 4 !! there is a lot they can do they rebooted the movie so they can go any way the want to lead back to zombie jason !! bring it on and i want it out this halloween !!!I DONT NEED IT OUT ON FRIDAY THE 13TH ,,,

  10. francesco Dec 18th, 2009 at 5:00 pm

    i doubt it will be the right date. SPIDER MAN 4 will be out the week before and THOR the next one. so…:-(

    That was my initial thought as well. That being said, the date I mentioned is a STRONG possibility.

  11. The date being pushed back, might not be such a bad thing. The more time they have to work on it, the better the chance that it’ll turn out good… And firing the writers from FVJ and the remake, might not be such a bad idea either. I doubt it’ll happen though.

  12. I liked the writers. Aside from the Jason afraid of water thing, they have a good grasp on the character of Jason that isn’t seen in most of the films. Parts 1 and 2 characterize him beautifully. Parts 3-10 leave out the entire story element of the mother is almost every way. They mention her, and she pops up at the end up 3. But, otherwise, she’s almost completely absent. Without her, Jason stumbles into the difficult situation where people forget why he kills in the first place. Then he becomes lost as a charter because he loses his motivation. He doesn’t, himself, but sometimes the audience, even fans, forget it.

    I applaud the writers of Parts 12 and 13 for actually giving character back to Jason, something that had gone missing for more than twenty years…

  13. i have to be honest i as hoping for an august release,but also rather it not be rushed,so that t give’s the writers time to come up with more ideas (kills,story or whatever),but i did enjoy the reboot,and hoping that part 2 is even better

  14. Well may 13th is 2 days after my birthday……so whos up for a f13 part 2 movie theater party!!!! LoL

  15. It’s also important to note that only a few of the “old school” Fridays actually came out on a calendar Friday The 13th. While the corresponding date makes for a cute marketing device, releasing a new Friday movie on an actual Friday The 13th calendar date is relatively immaterial.

  16. f13thticket, going back a few posts, if you think giving the fans creative control results in Jason Goes to Hell, you’re insane. nobody ever liked the ideas of that movie except the creators. no other “fan” would have ever thought that shit up.

    all we’re asking for is something accurate…is that really all that radical? is it really a bad idea to ignore that? we just want traditional f13th style kills, good cinematography, and not to let the gimmicks drown out the movie itself. i don’t think that will result in disaster.

  17. cheers shotz10! :-)
    now,i have to agree with you tommyblah,
    the Jason goes to hell was “very” weird.the first time i watched it, i pauses it and check the video cover to make sure it was the right movie.LOL.
    here is a thought for the writers(who cant think of any new idars)…
    what if you continued jason goes to hell…BUT…dont do the body swapping thing.it was so stupid!!!but keep the whole Jason’s relatives can destroy him thus he goes to get them and there friends!sounds a bit like Halloween i know,but i want more then a couple walking off in the sunrise with a baby!!!what happened after that?!?

  18. While its always nice to think of a Friday the 13th movie being released on an actual Friday the 13th, it won’t be the worst thing in the world not to do it again. To me, having the remake released on a Friday the 13th was a great idea. It was the first real Friday the 13th in many years. Also, it was the first Friday in a much longer time that was actually at Crystal Lake.

    Now that we have the new series moving along, the movies being released on a Friday the 13th isn’t the biggest deal. Sure, I would love watching a new Friday the 13th on a Friday the 13th in theaters, I know that it’s not always financially feasible.

    I’d much rather have a new Friday the 13th be released a couple months later than planned on a Friday the 13th with at least a good script with believable characters that the viewers can connect with and care about what happens to them.

  19. Shannon and Swift back in the dump where New Line found them please.

  20. Is there a release date that could guarantee a movie not sucking? Oh, that’s right, the only way to do that is to FIRE SHANNON & SWIFT!!

  21. we all have giving good ideas on here for a few Friday the 13Th movies.i say they get rid of the writers from the remake and listen to us…the fans!!!better still make a competition who the winner gets 2 pen the next movie!!!if there not up for that…read all this forms on this site (writers)!!!you mite think…fuk…why didn’t we think of that!!!

  22. i am angry that you are not telling me when the darn (and i mean darn) sequel is coming out ! please tell me the truth!

  23. Hi Mary,
    I am sorry that you’re angry. Visit the link below and read up on all of the goings on that have been occuring the last 5 months.


  24. we seriously need to start a petition to FIRE SHANNON & SWIFT!!

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