Even NHL Goalies Show Respect To Jason

I must admit that I do not follow the NHL a whole lot and don’t know who Jason Bacashihua is, but his choice in masks is awesome. While checking out the Sports Illustrated article on Scary Goalie Masks, I found his hockey masks. I would absolutely love to own one of these masks and get them signed by the men who played Jason, especially the mask on the right!


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20 Responses to “ Even NHL Goalies Show Respect To Jason ”

  1. Not gonna lie those are pretty cool.

  2. You gotta admit, this is pretty much expected for the sport. I mean, its a hockey mask after all.

    Still…I don’t know why we dont see more of these custom “Jason” jobs for the sport. The furthest one on the right is my favorite btw.

  3. Those are so awesome!

  4. A post that I can really sink my teeth into! They don’t call me Puckbunny for nothing!! Those are great! Yes, the one on the right is my favourite too. Gotta love the hockey players! Go Leafs Go!

  5. I like all 3, those are bad ass.

  6. ?go Leafs go? LOL hey didn’t they just get their first win of the season the other night? damn, i’m a Canadian and i don’t even go for the Leafs, lol. GO WINGS!!!!!!!

  7. very cool!!!

  8. im a baig hockey fan,but i didnt even know about this,awsome post and great goalie masks!

  9. oh,and go bolts!

  10. yeah tampa bay lightning ftw for sure

  11. BadAss!

    wouln’t mind owning one…or two

  12. I know, I know, they\’re not doing well but I\’m a true fan! Through thick and thin. I\’m not just going to jump on and off their band wagon depending on their standings! I think that they could use a few Jason Voorhees goalie masks for luck! What do you think? ;-) Go Leafs! and Go Habs!

  13. Hey bytor2112, where are you in Canada? I’m in Toronto obviously.

  14. hey Puckbunny13, i’m in posted in Petawawa. just incase your not sure where its at, its a little over an hour northwest of Ottawa. and a good ol Toronto boy should hopefully notice that my name takes two different parts from two RUSH songs.

  15. Do I know where Petawawa is? I’m originally from North Bay! Awesome!
    Oh and ‘By-Tor and the Snowdog’ and ‘2112 Overture/The Temples of the Syrinx’.
    I’m a music fanatic. All kinds.

  16. Canadian as well!!! The masks are awesome, never seen him play yet…GO OIL! GO!

  17. Wicked teddybearlives! Where are you?? I’m all for the Oil but as a Torontonian I can not abide Ottawa. My best friend was a pro-hockey player. He was property of Chicago.

  18. Colorado Avalanche FTW!!!!!!!

  19. Nice! Like everyone, I really dig that last one! Simply amazing!

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