Jason Voorhees: Box Office King

Short but sweet. Especially for Jason fans. Bloody-disgusting is reporting that Friday the 13th has taken home the record for the best domestic opening day ever for an R-rated slasher flick. It is expected that the film will be bringing in $60 million this weekend alone! B-D reports that the film very well could become the biggest horror opening ever!

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  1. The movie was ok. Add ki ki ki ma ma ma where appropriate and some instrumental score. If they the soundtrack it’d be 10/10.

    Glad to see it’s taking in so much money though. I tried to go see it last night and it was sold out! The vast majority were somehow under 17, though.

  2. Glad it is doing well, as that always bodes well for a new movie down the line. >:)

  3. There are some who felt they were disappointed by this film, but hey this 2024, not the 80’s. Alot of fans should appreciate the fact that studio executives still hold our favorite slashers, such as Friday the 13th in high enough regard to even consider retelling them for newer audiences!

    But everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is just mine.

  4. I saw it last night with a friend and brought in the $5 off coupon that was inside His Name Was Jason. I really enjoyed it. I would love to see another movie somewhere down the line. The only thing that bothered me is some idiot brought in a little baby and a bunch of three year olds to see this movie. The baby could not stop crying and they were sitting up front. I posted my review in my myspace blog. It doesn’t give away any spoilers.

  5. I was supposed to see it yesterday night, but I’ve been sick all week long, and will have to wait another week or so to see it, as long as my school projects don’t get in the way. I envy all of you. lol.

  6. That’s fantastic news! The critics can bitch all they like; the tills are ringing. :D DD F13th has often made good money in it’s lifetime and there it goes again! :D

  7. ‘Alot of fans should appreciate the fact that studio executives still hold our favorite slashers, such as Friday the 13th in high enough regard to even consider retelling them for newer audiences!’ Sorry Kane but I don’t thibk holding anything in high regard was there motives. They’ve remade everything else so this movie was bound to come around eventually. And Platinum Dunes will be raping Freddy Krueger next. Whoo-hoo!!!!!

  8. I don’t think it was their motive either, but it was something they knew would draw fans of the old school horror, as well as the newer generation. They wanted to make a re-imagining of a classic, but in a more modern stance, and I think they did a good job of doing that. I mean I wouldn’t expect them to copy the original right down to the core, we’ve already seen those versions. I mean yeah there were things that could of been done without, such as the whole hostage scenes, but other than that the fans got Jason Voorhees, and 13 victims to boot. It was a Friday the 13th film, with a whole new generation.

    The motive was making a horror movie that could make a profit, and what better horror film than Friday the 13th. Yeah they have remade several classic horror films, Friday the 13th stands out from all slasher films.

    I’m not actually a fan of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so if Platinum Dunes think they can do something with that series, then the best of luck to them. Freddy Krueger has always been played by one man, and recasting that character will more than likely bring some issues.

  9. And before anyone starts yapping about how Jason ran…..Old School Jason ran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe some people are really making that a compliant….I mean fans anyways who should have seen all the movies after all.

  10. Actually, I thought that all of the running and quick movements in this film really made Derek Mears version of Jason unique.

    He was sneaky, and his speed made him appear more deadlier than past portrayals.

  11. I think the real big news is that Jason will be taking his title back as highest grossing horror franchise…Saw didn’t stand a chance. Jason owes Jigsaws’s ass.

    Jigsaw: Do you wnat to play a game?

    Jason…doesn’t talk…one swipe…head off…LOL.

    I will say Mears is the fastest Jason yet…which I did like.

  12. I am So Thrilled That Its Kicking ass Jason Deserves it cant wait for that DVD and More Movies In the Future I really think they should do one in the snow around crystal lake Ive followed these since i was 5 and love them all (yes even 5 and 8) Jason Goes To Hell Was My First on the big screen I was 13 and after being cheated out of seeing a full crystal lake movie on the screen im more then satified My Fav Kill in this one was the arrow in the face that on got everyone in the theater Ive seen it twice and will see it more

  13. That is so great. I love jason ever since i was 5yrs old when i snuck a copy of the new blood and popped it into my vhs player.
    People complain about re-makes which I don’t blame them but this movie brings life back into the series and was different due to the fact it didn’t remake an entire story, it was completely original and made jason very badass. I hope with the success of this film that the producers will hold off of freddy and focus on a sequel for this because i know fellow friday fans, it sucks waiting a 10yr gap to see jason on the big screen again ever since new line took over. In the sequel i hope they either have a composer compose harry manferdi score or have the score sound more classical than heavy metal, also throw hair-metal in there for nods back the the old series.



  14. Couple of quick thoughts:

    A)The movie was great, and deserves all the box office success it’s enjoying.

    B)If you call yourself a FRIDAY THE 13TH fan and you found enough wrong with this movie that you didn’t enjoy it, you’re not what you think you are.

    C)Using the words “rape” or “raping” to describe the artistic and stylistic license employed by filmmakers when remaking or sequelizing a classic film is a sign of complete immaturity, bordering on serious emtional issues. Rape is a violent sexual crime, forced on an unwilling victim. Movies are pieces of entertainment art, to be viewed by people of their own free will. Changing a fictional character’s look, origin, motives, etc. isn’t rape; forcing someone to have sex with you is rape, and I’m pretty sure no one at New Line has any intention of doing that to either a fictional slasher or the melodramatic fanboys who inexplicably love to use the word so inappropriately. Drama queens make me nauseous.

  15. Thought I would hate it…turned out I liked it.

    They kept it simple, and that was the best thing they did.

  16. also, after seeing it three times lol, I analyzed it and I think jason isn’t a pot farmer, he just went to after the people who had the weed b/c they were fuking around in his woods and he didn’t have a chance to kill them. Did anyone else thought it was awesome that he has those booby traps with the bells that alerts him if people or at crystal lake, that was a really good idea to explain why jason always knows where to go. Since jason has more character devolpment in this movie,i hope in the sequels they have him be like predator,when he gets wounded you see jason heal himself in his batcave showing you this guy will stop at nothing to fuk your shit up

  17. This is great news…for Freddy

  18. After watching this 3 times now, I still can’t get enough. I was really enjoyed the new take on our beloved friend. Bringing back Jason this way opens up my heart for more! Though, a DIE-HARD FAN, and I do appreciate each and EVERY “Friday” on their own right, this just works so much better. Yeah, to see Jason back was good enough-but Derek Meers is great! (Mostly a Hodder fanboy growing up) I think we all have someone now that can be equal for the role. Here’s to hoping Derek returns-it’d seem only right!

    ONE question though, Who was the old man driving the pick-up? [yes, I know he is “monty” from TCM, but I was almost hoping it to be Elias? I guess it was just the old ladys (That told Clay about JAson wanting to be let be)husband…or what? Can someone please verify just who the hell he is please?

  19. “COrey”, i think it’s the owner of that farm where jason gets his hockey mask b/c that car he drives can be seen earlier in the movie when clay meets that redneck or maybe just a cameo b/c maybe marcus nispel liked monty and wanted him in there for fun. Now if crystal lake is in new jersey, why is it so redneck. People who live in new jersey, are there red neck part of that place, I’m from baltimore and 30mins away there is a huge red-neck part

  20. As much I as hated the new movie, this news is somehow fantastic. They will probably start making new Friday the 13th every year again! Paramount must be kicking themselves to have let domestic distribution in 1990 to New Line! Also funny how Friday the 13th in 1980 was the biggest slasher movie of all time up to that point and in 2024, Friday the 13th remake will probably be again the biggest slasher movie of all time again, and will for sure start a new wave of slasher movies as it did in 1980. Talk about history repeating itself!! :)

  21. Thank you for the reply. Yes, I did notice the truck earlier-I just couldn’t and stil lcan’t figure out who he really is though-his response to Jason was as if he knew he was out there doing these things. Also, I lived (check my myspace out for pix) 20 minutes or so from the original. It was filmed in the areas of Blairstown, NJ. a back road off Birchwood Dr. and Sandpond Road. My dad delievered the “express times’ years and years back-that camp NobeBosco just happened to be one of his customers…HOW COOL IS THAT? I got to go there almost every morning in the summer if I went with him. Yes there are in fact ed-neck area like SUSSEX COUNTY-it’s not all industrial city waste lol.

  22. This movie is fantastic…except for the fact that they left out the the classic Manfredini score…if that were in it, it would be pitch perfect.

  23. the diner on Rt. 94 is still there too. It’s nice to go to these places after all these years. But being able to be in the filmed locations, it takes away sometimes the fun-like when “Annie” is walking through town in @ that time-present day-she is really walking for mdifferent parts of the stillwater town and they crop it to make it look like all one walk from one direction…It’s still fun though!

  24. I’m torn apart over this news. On one side I’m glad it’s doing well…but on the other hand it’s such a shitty ass movie that it shouldn’t deserve to be seen. Not if encourage Platinum Dunes to butcher any more classics.

  25. i still cant quite believe the scale of love/hate for this film. i mean we are all huge friday fans or we wouldnt be on this site, but some absolutely loved it and some completely hated it, its amazing! i for one thought it was briliant and im so happy its making mega wonga.

  26. according to http://www.deadlinehollywood.com it felt down 25% on saturday to 14$. it’s still great it could bring home 50$ on monday. platinum dunes was hoping for 10/11 on friday.

  27. They 1 of 2 major things right. #1 – It has to be at Crystal Lake, they got this very right.
    #2 – The soundtrack for Friday the 13th has to be very creepy. That is what still made the 80’s films scary today was the soundtrack. The creepy strings and the ki ki ki ma ma ma’s still creep me out listening to them on my ipod today.
    Great movie though. Everyone should see this so we can get another one made and this time with the great soundtrack.

  28. the movie was great remake of first 3 films rolld into one. derek mears played a awesome jason. i see no one said anything about that. it was a true 13th slasher film. 13th not goin to win a reward and never will. it is a slasher film. i’m a true fan and love it. stop picking it apart and enjoy it. if they make a other one great. isn’t that what we are here for? this blog and website?

  29. Friday the 13th earned 42.2 millions over the week-end (Friday-to-Sunday period).

  30. Biggest horror movie opening ever.

  31. Oh and by the way the movie made an average of 13,000 $ per screen how cool is that!

  32. box office king, not surprised in the least. I think the next one should stick to the formula used in this one, I\’d like to hear more of Manfredini old score mixed in with the new score though.

  33. If I had any really big complaint at all about this film, it would be the score.

  34. When I viewed the movie Friday night, it was on three screens and the theatre had to loop one print to a 4th screen because all of the early evening shows sold out. Plus the lines were all the way out the main lobby doors. I have not seen a long crowd like this since ’83’s Return of the Jedi. Taking Jason back to basics was the smar move on the film makers. It really felt the 80’s all over again. If Jason’s brutality is any indcation on the dream world kills of Freddy Krueger…the new Nightmare reboot will rock as well. It will be interesting to see how many more Jason’s will be made.

  35. Ohh soooo pleased about that, loved the film and hope it rakes in a lot more money!!!!!! I loved iy when derek ran, it deffinatly made it more scary, cause u think he cant run, then he does!! Its a very good suprise!!

  36. I am thrilled to hear those numbers. More Jason movies should be coming then!.

    The theater yesterday wasn’t overly packed. There were more adults there than kids, and more females than males. Lol. I even saw a mom taking her son and he had to of been 10 maybe. There was a couple who brought a baby. The baby had to of been a newborn. I was like “Who would bring a brand new baby?!”, but when the dad took his coat off and revealed muslces the size of tree stumps with razor wire tattoos all the way on both arms, I figured “Yeah, it’s cool”. Lol.

  37. ‘Friday the 13th’ nails No. 1 spot with $42.2M
    Feb. 15, 2024, 12:20 PM EST

    Thats from MSN!!!

  38. I saw the movie Friday night at our theater and it was packed. I am a die hard fan of the original series of movies but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was nicely done. I’m so glad they didn’t try to redo the original but instead gave a new perspective and also a reason for Jason’s killing spree. I think the only thing missing was Manfredini’s score. They should have put it in–but that is my only complaint. I loved it so much I went back yesterday to see it again. You can never have to much JASON!!!!!!

  39. A reason for Jason’s killing spree? I thought that was settle in stone since part 2, what r u talking bout?

    I’m going to see My Bloody Valentine 3D again just to wash away the rancid taste of this sorry ass Friday the 13th remake.


  41. I can’t say i loved the movie, i don’t know if there is any way to love a new Friday The 13th after how terrific the original movies were … but the new movie is still really good, and remains true to the premises of the old ones. If you mess with drugs, you will die. If you engage in sexual intercourse on Jason’s turf, you will die. If you take a walk off to an outhouse, toolshed or into a basement by yourself, you will die. I just really enjoyed the fact that the creators of the film didn’t try to get too weird with it (last Halloween film, ahem) and kept it simple and that’s why the crowd was clapping, cheering and roaring throughout the film at the theater i went to.

    As far as the turnout, i purchased tickets on line to a 7:45 showing on Friday … and upon arrival the theater was already jammed packed and seats were gone. Oh, same for the 9:05 showing. We finally got into the 10:20 showing, which you had to wait on a half hour line for lol. Still well worth it to me, and great to see how this could revitalize the Friday series. From the turn out and waiting on lines … you would have thought this was the Dark Knight or something.

    Long Live Jason.

  42. Christian, you know you really are starting to piss me off. Ever since you started talking crap about FvJ you’ve drove me nuts, shoosh with your negativity!

  43. I’ve never talked crap about FVJ… not do I care if I’m taking the piss of you. That movie is a masterpiece next to this dumbed down reboot, whatever.

  44. freddy vs jason was a pile of shit. JASON WAS NEVER AFRAID OF WATER! i bet you only have seen FVJ and jasonX fucking N00B! get some taste and get the fuck off the site. You say you dont care what people think. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU THINK!! DUH! Go kill yourself no life. The remake was great. people who dont agree are just too close minded. get a life. peace.

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