Custom ‘Freddy vs Jason’ Battle Damages Diorama

One’s Customs is always busy with figures from all horror movies. When he makes something related to the Friday the 13th series, it is always worth mentioning. Recently, he made a custom diorama for the end scene of Freddy vs Jason where the two titans of terror were battling it out on the dock. His diorama comes complete with dock and both figures. Some of the images he captured of his two custom figures are amazing. Look at the pics below to see the amazing detail added to the figures and check out his Youtube channel to watch the video he made of this custom diorama.

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4 Responses to “ Custom ‘Freddy vs Jason’ Battle Damages Diorama ”

  1. Thats sweet!!!! I just want to say Ones Customs designs are beautiful. I won the Crazy Ralph figure a few weeks back (not to rub anyones nose in it) but the detail is just amazing. It looks 100% better than it does in the pic. The Freddy Vs Jason figures above look kickass. Keep up the good work.

  2. These are awesome pics. One’s Customs has outdone himself again!

  3. Wow you have outdone urself again ones customs!!
    Apserloutly brill on the detail!!

  4. Well done, One!! I like some of the film’s scenes you created with the figures. :)

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