WickedBeard’s New Ultimate 8 Costume

Jeff has really solidified this as the best Manhattan fan made costume out there. Even with the dried clothing it looks spectacular. He mentions that he used both a Crash and fiberglassmask Part 8 hock for his pictures. Check out his images below and view the entire array of photos at Benevolent Street.






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11 Responses to “ WickedBeard’s New Ultimate 8 Costume ”

  1. Even though part 8 is one of my least favorite in the series, the costume was always awesome to me. This recreation is top notch, kudos to wickedbeard

  2. Is that Kane? :)

    Great work my friend!

  3. i love the guitar shot! one of the best scenes in that movie.

  4. That is very kickass!!! Just I dont remember Jason using a machete in part 8. But the guitar shot is cool. Another badass creation.

  5. I love that he kept “very human pinky” like Kane did in part 8 lol but in all honesty I DO hate you wickedbeard. You always look so damn good in those costumes and the fact that you HAVE the costumes. lol great work.

  6. Another triumph Wickedbeard,bravo dude.I think you should be working in these movies straight up.If you read this,do you make costumes for any other horror movie characters?Can’t wait to see what you come up with next……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  7. Thanks so much guys, and no he really doesn’t use a machete at all in part 8 but I love machetes so they are usually a part of all my Jason suits.lol
    I have been on a mission upgrading all my suits to be as accurate as possible, and since the 7 and 8 have been completed, I am going to start improving my X next.
    And baz yes I have done quite a few other characters including the creeper,Freddy, pinhead,Leatherface,Chromeskull from laid to rest,Mick from Slipknot, and just recently splatterman from a comic by Jimmy Palmiotti.
    Check out myspace for all my pics.

    Thanks again everyone,I truly appreciate all the kind words.

  8. Excellant once again! I’m sure it takes alot of hard work and plenty of dough but we all appreciate your work!!

  9. Sadly, Jason has turned into a “toyish-action figure” character, always holding that stupid machete like a GIJOE’s hero or villain. I mean, he is scary no more (as he was in Parts 3 and Final Chapter…)

    Don’t get me wrong, the costume and pics are fantastic… but it’s not my personal concept of how Jason should be.

    To me, Jason is the one we saw in Part 3 and 4. And I’ve always preferred giving him an axe than that real boring machete thing (with that machete he looks like a strange kind of pirate or something). I love the classic Jason, not the “rock-star-toy- action-figure” Jason.

    It’s a matter of opinions… and that’s mine.

  10. wickedbeard, if you so cool, make an original costume so we can talk about. I mean your stuff def. looks cool, but I\’d rather see if you have some skills coming up with some original work instead of always stealing some body elses work so YOU can get some props. This is no diss. I\’d just like to see what you can do from scratch.


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