My Friday the 13th review (*Partial Spoilers*)

Last night, I went to watch the long-awaited film that we all have been dying to see. I swear the whole state was in that theater wanting to watch it. I live in a small area, so that should tell you how good many people think this movie really is.


The beginning of film, sets the stones for Jason’s true motives. We see the quick introduction of Mrs. Voorhees (and a even quicker exit). Unless something is shown in the uncut version, don’t expect to see anything more than just little Jasons hands and feet, sorry guys.


Flash forward to present day. The film, like many others in the original series, touches base on some kids wanting to do the traditional Friday the 13th antics (sex, smoking weed, etc).  Their screen time is short, and very detailed. I thought the death scenes with this group were very creative. When they said Jason was to be smarter about how he got his victims, that was no bullshit folks. I won’t go into the details about the death scenes, but what I will say is that if you’re a weed smoker, you had better not get into Jason’s patch because you, as a soon-to-be victim says, will press the star button for a ass whuppin.


It’s now 6 weeks later, and new bunch of kids. Some of these faces will be familiar. Danielle Panabaker is just downright gorgeous. You’ve got the typical comic reliefs, and dope smokers. Jason, for the first time ever, dispatches one of them by shooting an arrow through their head, when driving a boat pulling a water skiier. Sorry for giving that away, just thought that was an awesome scene.


The scenes following these are pretty intense. We see how Jason plays mind games with his victims. Clay comes the closest, which isn’t even really close, to keeping his own when trying to battle the masked maniac. After the carnage at the lake house, the left-over victims end back up at the old abandoned Camp crystal lake. ***SPOILER ALERT***


We are reintroduced to Whitney, who Jason thinks looks like his long-deceased mother. After she is found, the three make an escape from the lair, and are quickly reduced down to two. Sorry guys, it’s a Jason movie, usually only one male and one female survive. I’ll let you see for yourself which one expires.


The ending proved not to be as good as I had wanted it to be, but hopefully there is alternate endings. The ending payed homage to Friday the 13th part 3, as it took place in a barn. It was a pretty good action sequence itself, with reminders of both the 2nd and 3rd films.


The last shot, Jason ends back up in the lake that he supposedly drowned in as a young boy. Does he come back ? Again, I’ll let you see for yourself. I do think the door is left open for a sequel.


Kane’s conclusion: I think that there was alot of hype to this film, and Platinum Dunes really lived up to that hype. If there was any way they could of rebooted the series, they found a good way to do it . This movie is well worth it’s money, and believe me I might just go back and watch it again. It’s definitely going into my collection. I just hope that they don’t do what they did with Texas Chainsaw Massacre and make a prequel to it. Like I said, the ending left a big opening for a sequel, so let’s hope they feel they don’t need to touch basis with a ‘beginner’. So folks, take it from me, this film proved to be a better remake than any of the others that has been made. Camp Crystal Lake is back in business!!

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Hardcore fan of horror films. I show interest mainly in the slasher genre of horror. Among my favorites are Friday the 13th, of course! I also enjoy the Sleepaway Camp movies, Halloween, and many others

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  1. SPOILER: The ending also pays homage to Part 2 as she pretends to be his mother. And the original movie when Jason jumps out of the lake. I was VERY disappointed with this movie :-(

    Here is my review -

  2. I am fan of the slasher flicks. Halloween, friday the 13th, etc… I have to say I am extremely dissapointed with the F13 remake. Why don’t they make horror movies like they used to? from the 70’s and 80’s!! This film was so predictable. Everytime a character left the scene in the F13 Remake, either to the garage or off to go water skiing, Jason was there and they were killed. There was no character build up, No suspense, and missed the whole point of the movie.
    John Carpenter where are you? Remakes today are so CHEESY!!!

  3. **SPOILERS**
    I won’t say this movie sucked, but I thought they took too many lberties with Jason. Jason does not hold someone hostage…granted I know why they had him do it, but really?

    The thing I hated most about this movie was the fact that you could tell the same people who remade TCM remade this one, even of you didn’t know already. The used alot of the same devices. The whole beginning centers around weed. Not really a problem there, but still. The closeup of a meathook (or at least that’s what it looked like). The way the old woman talked about Jason and said that he just wanted to be left alone. The aspect of Jason dragging his victims back to his “lair”. Maybe I’m too nitpicky but that kind of stuff bothers me. This felt more like TCM than a Friday film. I half expected to see Jason wearing someone else’s face honestly.

    It was also pretty anti-climatic as to how he aquires the mask.

    And one more dislike, Derek Mears sucked as Jason. Even though Jason has no dialouge, there still is a way to play Jason. It takes more than a guy running around in a mask. Body laugauge is everything. I think if you are going to play Jason, it should be mandatory to watch Kane Hodder do it. I always liked the way you could tell when Jason was frustrated and out right mad. Kane brought more depth to Jason I think. I would have rather seen seen Ken what’s his face play Jason again. He certianly did a better job and even he wasn’t that great at it. Thanks Derek, I have a new least favorite Jason.

    Now to the likes…

    The use of an underground tunnel system was good…really explains how Jason could be behnd you and then all of the sudden be in front of you.

    The death scenes were for the most part pretty well done, with a few not really Jason-esk, but good none-the-less.

    I also liked how they went a little bit more into the phsycological (sp?) aspect of Jason. Really built on what we saw in Freddy VS Jason.

    Overall this is a good standalone movie. Had I never seen anything previous, I would have probably liked it better. But as a Jason movie, it ranks up there with Takes Manhatten as one of the worst.

    I will buy this movie when it comes to DVD, but only for the same reason I bought Metallica’s St. Anger, because it is part of a series I love, though I will probably never watch it again.

  4. Here’s my thoughts.

    It had the setting right, it has Jason doing what he does best. It had plenty of T&A. I liked Dereks Version of Jason, while not the best, he still was a mean bastard. I liked how they showed he was intelligent. But somthing was missing and I dont know what it was. I need to take another watch. I have a feeling that it was somthing to do with the production side, didn;t seem quite finished in a way… I dont know.

    As for some of the scenes looking similer to Texas, that I didn’t mind to much. As there wasn’t to many and some of them you would have expected Jason to do anyway. The Traps and all)

    Its not the best but overall its a good friday film. I’d put it above the last 4 in the series. Im looking forward to seeing what they can do with another, cause (watch out for the major Spoiler)

    they way they killed him, just makes it seem like next time around there gonna have to make him more like the later Jasons, Undead and all.

  5. Fuck Kane Hodder! LET GO OF THE PAST!

  6. Derek Mears did an amazing job as Jason and I hope he sticks with the role like Andrew Bryniarski did as Leatherface. He said in His Name Was Jason that he made several nods to White and Brooker during his performance and he didn’t disappoint. If he goes to the conventions this year I’m definately going to get an signed poster.

    saundersc01, Jason didn’t take anyone as a “hostage.” He took Whitney because he has the mind of a child, that’s mom to him, you saw the locket. The film was very fun and in my opinion was set far from the TCM style. Were there hillbillies? Yes, but every backwoods place has them.

    Was there pot? Yes, but the original films had it too and that’s what people seem to forget. Teens smoke pot and teens who smoke pot get killed in Friday The 13th, not just in the remake but in the originals as well. Feel free to challenge me on that. I doubt Jason smokes weed, I think it was set up merely as a boundry line. Whoever got close to that pot was at Crystal Lake and therefore under Jason’s Jurisdiction.

    Bottom line is that the kills were inventive and they had a great story. If you were disappointed, then go and stick with the originals. I myself am open enough to not get mad when something is changed and that DOES NOT make me any less of a fan. I look forward to the sequel and I’m very happy that Kane Hodder was happy.

  7. no

  8. Friday\’s bot office estimates are out. They\’re estimating $19.5 million yesterday!!!!!!!! This movie will easily surpass the box office totals of FvJ. Well on it\’s way to over $100 million

  9. Derek is the best Jason since Ted White. Period.

  10. hell yeah thats what i wanna hear!

  11. they shouldn’t of killed him im mean we finally get a alive Jason then they killed him just like that and not even in a cool way i just hope he don’t turn all blue black and purple maybe like part 4 where hes still white i mean hes kinda dead in that one

  12. Okay, from what I have read, Jason is killed by the machete. But Ive heard people talking about somebodies head getting grinded up with a woodchipper.

    How does he really die?

  13. Hey T,

    Don’t worry man, if you rememer in part 3, Jason was hit in the head with an axe, but didn’t die until AFTER he was viciously attacked by Tommy Jarvis in part 4.

    Jason was only stabbed, and part of his head cut on by a wood chipper. Remember the ending, a sequel is pretty much set in stone.

  14. Based on the figures from box office….Friday the 13th has already made an estimated 19 mill…just one friday alone. WOW!

  15. It’s 23;15 pm here in Scotland and can’t wait till 18;00 pm tomorrow as i will have just finished my last dayshift for the week and my wife will be picking me up to go and see the big guys rebirth.I’ll be sure to post a review late tommrrow or early Monday.Well i better get some sleep,i start at 6 and have to be out the house for 5;05 am.Laters……..CHI,CHI,CHI,KI,KI,KI.

  16. I tought this remake was actually pretty good and bad. I liked the fact that itfelt like an older slasher flick just modernized.
    I also liked how Jason was not a retard and inteligent enough to set the bells and traps. Obviously meniacle and deranged but he has a purpose. I liked the humour in the film as I can’t recall anything like it in the past Fridays. And I don’t ever remembering feeling for Jason before, but I just didn’t want to see his head go into that chipper. I did’t like how quick he moved around between kills. (from the campsite to under the cabin, just like that) Also the ending left me feeling disappointed. 1 to 6 were great I’d have to rank this one in there w/them.

  17. i cant wait to see it again!!

  18. Mears owned, especially compared to Ken Kirzinger, the worst Jason of all time. “Freddy Vs. Jason” almost ruined Jason’s reputation of being scary. What a slow and predictable character his Jason was. Mears’ Jason is something to fear. He not only appears out of nowhere but has the most rage and angst since Richard Brooker. I especially love the homage to Brooker’s Jason in the new movie when he starts throwing the boats to the ground in frustration like the barn scene at the end of Part III.

  19. Yeah, I have to agree with all the negativity. This movie was more of a “Platinum Dunes” flick as opposed to something that fits in the F13 franchise. The filmmakers focused on all the lame F13 chliches that were never meant to become standards of the series. Zero suspense, predictable ineffective jump scenes (F13 part 2 still makes me jump even though I’ve already seen it too many times), too much frat mentality. Overall, like every other remake that has raped my fave fright flicks from back-in-the-day, this movie felt like it was given steroids and turned into an ESPN promo with breakneck editing and over stylized photography. All that was missing amongst all that mist was fabric blowing in the wind. This movie will make tons of money because its been hyped and people (grrrr, including myself) are hopeful suckers.

  20. I’d start by saying that I really enjoyed this film, but to give a little background, I’m not a huge fan of the original series. I do like most of the Nightmare movies and some of the Halloween movies. The original F13 movies were good for what they were, but were definately cheesy 80s slash horror. I never really thought the original Jason movies pulled the plot and charaters together the same way most of the Freddy movies did.

    So, with that being said, if you are a huge fan of the originals that believe the series cannot be improved on and are set in the idea of who Jason is and how he goes about his business, I’d recommend not seeing this movie.

    The thing I liked best about the latest F13 is that the writer/director assumes that the audience has a brain. I’ve read reviews commenting on plot holes that I believed were explained beautifully without holding our hand and beating us over the head with it, i.e. *spoiler* Whittney knowing that Jason believed her to be his mom. The use of camera shots to briefly picture important items was very well done.

    Jason was played well. Jason had a brain, you knew his motivation, and when your only reason for being is to kill you become efficient at it- good job! I’m glad that the movie wasn’t overly bloody, and had the suspense to keep my hands near my face and peaking through my fingers.

    Now for the flip side. Whereas, it is a slasher movie and I’m not expecting an academy award winning performance, the ending was weak. They did a great job with the build-up and explanation, they did a good job with character development, they really did rush the ending.

  21. “I am fan of the slasher flicks. Halloween, friday the 13th, etc… I have to say I am extremely dissapointed with the F13 remake. Why don’t they make horror movies like they used to? from the 70’s and 80’s!! This film was so predictable. Everytime a character left the scene in the F13 Remake, either to the garage or off to go water skiing, Jason was there and they were killed. There was no character build up, No suspense, and missed the whole point of the movie.
    John Carpenter where are you? Remakes today are so CHEESY!!!”

    Dude, your post makes no sense. How can they make a horror movie that’s like ones of the 70’s and 80’s and yet not be predictable? Of course when a character leaves to go skiing or go to a garage they will get killed by Jason, that’s a Friday the 13th movie; Jason kills trespassers of Crystal Lake in different ways. And by the way there was suspense and character build up, but you are a horror fan I assume, so you expected the unexpected that would be unexpected for other movie go-ers who did not expect the unexpected. Just get over the fact that it’s not Kane or C.J. or the fact that horror movies are not so original anymore and it’s not the 80’s anymore.

  22. so im sad, fans on this site, assuming if you go to a site thats all about friday the 13th that you must have more than a passing interest in the series so a lot of the bitching and moaning is tiresome, we should be talking more about how this movie breathes life and some originality into a franchise that has been ran into the ground,into a corner, and almost made fun of. Jason takes manhattan, Jason X, and even tho i enjoyed its campiness Freddy Vs Jason (jesus they made him Frankenstein)it seems like anyone in the right place at the right time regardless of talent can shit out a new Jason and completely twist his story to fit their vision but still claim its in the same timeline. so here comes Jason 09 (and from the same guys who helped bring us Freddy vs Jason oddly enough) delivering a \

  23. cont.. reboot of sorts that bring the atmosphere and character of Jason back to a creepy haunted camp. I am excited to see where this goes is there some parts that could be better sure what Friday or for that matter any film that has ever been without flaws, as an old school fan i loved this movie it brought back and with a vengence the Jason ive loved. and im anticipating what will be a grand return to the series and hopefully they bring with them some continuity in the new movies.

  24. hey whoiselias? here how he died

    clay and whitney tie him up around the neck with a chain the chain is being pulled by the wood chipper so Jason is being pulled and just a it starts to chip his head whitey stabs him in his chest and goes say hi to mommy in hell

  25. First of all, I liked this film. I say liked and not loved, because in my mind it’s exceedingly rare to love any movie completely. All flims, yes *gasp* even some of the early F13 series. However with that being said, and donning my flame retardant (to hell with it, I can’t spell) suit I’ll attempt to toss in my nickel. Derek Mears, to my mind, did a wonderful job as Jason, I would definately put him on par with Kane Hodder, probably a little above him, which I know is sacrilege to some of you. The fact that Jason is a fast, agile and effective killer is very memorable to me. Some F13 fans go to see unique kills, but thats not me. I want to see simplistic, brutal violence from Jason Voorhees. He doesn’t have to beat somebody to death with a plush toy for me to enjoy his way of slaughter, just has to have something behind it, if that makes any sense at all. Jasons kills in this movie, were fast, and brutal (the asian guy in the garage being my favorite for how deliberate it was), and in short everything I’d expect from Jason. To give you an example: The harpoon in the eye from Part III. Did Jason stand there and breath deeply looking at her? No. He killed her, dropped the damn weapon and moved on. He doesn’t need them to suffer…just needs them to die. I think that’s a scarier thing than some guy in a hockey mask using *insert varying tool here*. Next, I have to say that yes, some things in the movie were predictable, but lets be honest guys, we’ve sat through 11 of these so far. We’re experts. We know when it’s coming, we know why it’s coming, and most of the time via “Wall of Death” shots, we even know how. So complaining about predictability in a film that we all know the formula to is asinine. It’s like bitching that 2+2=4. And lastly, I don’t look at what I saw in the theatre being my final say on whether this movie was great or merely good. I look at the DVD for that answer. The ending felt rushed, so I’m sure there will be an alternate ending on the DVD. We all know as horror fans that those collective pains in our asses, the MPAA, raped the film. They always do. Parents groups, right wing neo nazi weirdo’s all get their silky undies in a twist when these movies come out and the bitching comes a flying. So lets let the DVD decide the endings fate, and gripe at the MPAA until it’s time to really blame the filmakers. And lastly guys, this is a forum, and I think everyone wants to hear opinions, I know that is why I came here. But remember, the people that came here, mostly, these are the guys that fuckin’ get it. We know why we like the franchise and though we have differing opinions about which one may the “best” and “worst” of this series, we all have love for it. Please take my comments here for what they are worth, and feel free to flame me to oblivion if you must. But remember, for a few hours of film, we could sit in the theatre with any one of these movies and laugh our asses off at the idiots who just don’t fucking understand.

  26. Cnt wait to see this mvie again…..Derek is an amazing jason I think the way he played jason is as good if not better than Kane….srry kane but derek kicked you a$$…….

  27. well… I went to see it for a second time last night, I did enjoy it the first time but I may have been studying it a little more than enjoying it, I really loved it the second time around, though it does have its heavy flaws that contridict some some of the originals… It also has amazing partsd that complimant the originals. I liked it alot more the second time around!

    hail Jaosn! good to see him back in prime form and ready to kill.

    I also think derek mears portrayed the character very well! I have seen all of the friday’s so many times I have grown so immune to the kills and scares… this new one definately had some very frightning parts!

    over all good movie I would say… even though there seems to be alot of na’sayers on here… sorry if you were dissapointed, I recognize that too… however I do truely think these guys busted there ass’s to try and bring a quality instalment of the series.

    they kept our favourite maniac alive and well as far as I am concerned

  28. also… for you dmsdragon, very good points, although I dont believe the new film as as well as the first 4 (probably because I hold the first 4 and part 6 in such a high regard they are untouchable to me) I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I thought the new version kept me more pulled in than 7,8,9,x, and freddy vs. jason (wich I love watching even though jason seems to be slower than ever) I loved derek’d portrayl of the masked maniac but I also loved kand hodder’s…not sure who I love more… Ted white is still my favourite jason bar none though… I think derek is a close damn second though

  29. Well I like everyone else here was very excited about the possibilities that a new “reboot” of the Friday series could offer. I have to say I was let down here, especially after Rob Zombie did such an excellent job with Halloween. I was hoping for less of the same old 80’s slasher flick and more of a detailed retelling of Jason and his back-story. Through all the original Friday films his origins were talked about but never really shown. I would have liked to see the first half of this movie be about who Jason was as a child, more about how exactly he drowned in the lake and so on. What I saw was just another Jason flick same gags, same tired horror movie jokes, I can’t believe they couldn’t do better than that. There was far more laughing coming from the crowd than anything else, that didn’t sit right with me, There was very little to no laughing from the crowd at Halloween Or the Texas Chainsaw remakes. I also am amazed when I hear people talk about how the deaths in the new Friday film were creative, I didn’t think so at all, seen them all before time and time again. If this would have been Friday The Thirteenth 11 something like this would have been fine but weeks leading up to the release all I heard from the cast and crew was how different and awesome this movie was going to be from the ones that came before it, all hype they couldn’t deliver on. I have to say I prefer the originals to the reboot, at least when they get corny I can say “Hey there from the 80’s” and that would be that easy to look past those goofy parts. The writers had a tone of material to work from here to give this movie a new, fresh feel yet stay true to the fans of the older flicks like Zombie did with Halloween, But it just comes up as stale as Jason in space…

  30. Listen, apparently there’s been some hostility between some of you over differences in opinions.

    Some of you have positive insight about this film while some of you have negative insight. Let’s please not resort to insulting each other just because one person didn’t like the film and the other did.

    It’s purely all discussion, and hopefully the right one will read some of your ideals and use it toward a future installment. We’re all fans here, so don’t worry if someone else has a different opinion, it’s their right so please don’t abuse that.



  31. I’m a fucking retard? I was just giving my opinion that’s all. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. I see your points, too. Again, I’m entitled to have my opinion and you yours, but you won’t see me calling you a fucking retard cause you don’t agree…

  32. ***spoiler alert***

    earlier post mentioned a homage to Jason knocking down the canoes, was like Part III in the barn. I agree. Bay did a great job relating this movie to the originals. Campfire scene at the beginning like in part II is another example. Clay looking for sister like in part IV. Jason getting hung at end like in part III. This movie was a great remake to kind of end the series.

  33. saundersc01, part of my previous post was in reference to that.

  34. One word comes to mind when thinking about this remake: unnecesary.

    Lame ass movie has written Platinum Dunes all over it. I wasn’t scary, no tension, annoying characters, quick editing & shaky camera work, but the worst sin of them all: BORING killings, they just came across as insipid and uninspired.

  35. for the ones who hated this film,

    could you go in detail why? instead of just saying you hated it. Chris points out that the kills were boring, i’m just curious why or what could have been done differenty. I think the kills may have seemed boring, because they were Jason like. My previous post points out that the kills were homage to the original films.

    ***spoiler alert***

    for example, the poke through the eye in the door with the cop, was showing 3D like in part III with the eye.

  36. Yeah Ryan but if I want to watch something that’s like Part 3 I will go watch part 3. I don’t mind a quick nod or two to the originals but there were too many moments that as a fan I could say “They Got that from part 4, they got that from part 5″ I felt like I was watching a spoof to be honest. I didn’t hate the film I just thought it could have been done much better especially after The Texas Chainsaw and Halloween reboots. I just don’t feel the filmmakers gave Jason the credit he deserved. My point is the movie as a Friday The 13th was nothing new just a rehash of everything we have already seen. Like I said in my earlier post I would have liked to see the first half of this movie be about who Jason was as a child, more about exactly how he drowned and the events leading up to it and so on, Then move on from there. Again didn’t totally hate it but was very disappointed.

  37. there are some things i would have dome different(no hair on jasons head more ch ch ch and would have liked them to use the music from the first 4 maybe updated) but its the best thing we have got from the franchise in over 20 years.

  38. But if this new reboot wouldn’t of made any of those references, then some fans would be disappointed with that and bitch about it. People would then say stuff like “they didn’t make one reference, or it just didn’t seem like Jason Voorhees”, no matter how this film could of been made, there’s still going to be differences in opinions.

    Not every fan is going to agree, because each and every one of us have ideals of our own, to how we would like a Friday the 13th to be portrayed. Personally, I don’t see how this film could of been made any better with the exception of a couple of things.

    Friday the 13th (1980) and all of its following sequels, including Freddy Vs Jason, was a saga that had its own story for Jason Voorhees. It was, without a doubt, the most successful horror film series in the history of cinema. Be proud of that fact.

    Platinum Dunes saw a open window opportunity to reinvent Friday the 13th using the same origin story for the character of Jason, but sending it in a different direction than the original. In the original films, Jason was portrayed as deformed and possibly retarded, where in the reboot he possesses a high level of intelligence, showing no emotions except for his mother.

    Think about it, if this reboot would of been made exactly like the original films, do you really think you would be satisfied ? Probably not, because you’ve seen the same thing over and over again. Alot of fans aren’t going to like the film because it portrayed Jason a little bit different than in the original installments.

    And from what I am hearing, this film is probably going to be the highest grossing horror film on opening weekend. That my friends if Friday the 13th. Love it, hate it, live with it!

  39. When I went into the theatre I sat down and actually liked the film. It kind of gave us all three Jasons from the first three films. The negative things was that everything was predictable all the way to the very end. That is one sad thing about all remakes of any genre is that they are way too predictable. I also felt like the film was paced a little too quickly throughout the entire film. Looking at the films from the past they are paced steadily until the final act when it is down to one person against the killer. The music was excellent in the film and quite different from past films. Sure we get the old Ki-Ki Ma-Ma theme but in past films most of the other music was similar and here we get something different. I was a bit upset that the reveal was very quick and short and you only got a glimpse of Jason’s disfigured head but then again there were past sequels that did the same thing too. Jason taking a hostage was a little bit too far but I believe they were going for the thing from part 2. The locket made Jason believe she was his mother much like the sweater did in part 2. I do know that I’ve heard rumors of a sequel but I believe we need to at least have a 100% definitive death on Jason caused by Tommy Jarvis, or at least bring the Tommy character back. However I did enjoy this film.

  40. I’ll second that, as I also hope that the character of Tommy Jarvis will be reincarnated into part of the reboot.

  41. I was a bit disappointed. I am a huge Friday the 13th fan and was really looking forward to seeing this one, although I wasn’t expecting it to be great (especially after seeing the remake of Halloween, which I thought was awful). I went in with an open mind, though, and I wasn’t that impressed.


    I didn’t care for the first scene, and as for the second scene, I was actually kind of annoyed with the sleeping bag kill. Jason holding someone over a fire, torturing them? I’m sorry, but that is just not his M.O. Jason never tortured people! As for the rest of the kills, they didn’t do much for me.

    Okay, so when did Jason start taking prisoners? I know that she looked like his mother, but still…I thought it was ridiculous. I liked how she talked to him like Ginny did in Part 2, but the Jason I’ve grown up watching would never take a prisoner, even if she did look like his mother. It just didn’t work for me.

    And as for the music (or lack thereof), there definitely should have been a classic Harry Manfredini score in there. Music is what keeps you in suspense and this movie had nothing.

    This movie was also way too focused on the weed, getting high, getting drunk, and having sex. That seems to be a pattern in horror movies these days. Yes, every other Friday the 13th has people smoking weed, drinking, and getting laid, but those elements are not the main focus like they were in this movie. I mean, topless water skiing? Who does that? It just seemed to me like the T&A were more important than the murders. I couldn’t stand the characters, either; they were the same as they are in every new horror movie with absolutely no originality. And that hick who had sex with a mannequin? Was he really necessary?

    I didn’t like the ending and I was really disappointed that we didn’t get a good look at Jason’s face. And the battle with him at the end was way too short.

    There were a few aspects that I enjoyed, however, like when Jason broke through the class and grabbed Clay, just like he did to Tommy in Part 4. I also liked the hanging scene, the part when the girl fell on the car, and the fact that Jason wore the burlap and the hockey mask. There wasn’t a lot of gore in this movie, either, which I liked because most movies today go crazy with it, but the killings looked more real in this movie. Throwing in the song “Sister Christian” was also a plus for me, and there was comic relief with Aaron Yoo handing Jason the hockey stick.

    I did think that Derek Mears did a good job as Jason and I liked that he paid homage to some of the other Jasons. I especially liked the scene when Jason was tearing apart the canoes and I thought Derek did a nice job of conveying Jason’s frustration.

    Anyway, I think it was a decent horror movie, just a bad Friday the 13th. I know it’s a new generation and almost 30 years later, but this just didn’t feel like Friday the 13th to me. I think it definitely could have been better, but all in all, I’m glad I saw it.

  42. I also put up a review in blog form

    But I know what you guys are mad at. Read my blog and hopefully see it the way I did after I was pissed at the movie for a few hours after I saw it. Your expectations were just as high as mine. BUT, I found where the blame goes. As a longtime fan, I found a couple things exciting about it. IMDB wouldn’t let me post the review, they have problems with it. Hopefully you’ll read it and exchange some e-high 5’s with me on this.

  43. Kane, i agree that no matter how the film turned out, the haters would still dislike it. I disagree w/ you on how they reinvented Jason. I think the directors took the same characer from II, II, and IV. He was deformed in the new film just like the originals. You say he was clever in this one and not in the originals, but he was clever in the originals. In parts II, III IV, he didn’t move or act like a mental person. I don’t think people on this blog have a good grasp comparing the films.

  44. AnomalyX7, i agree w/ you that it was rehashed, but i think most fans wanted that. Manhattan, JGH, Jason X, FvsJ, were all taken in a new direction. you can say parts IV, V, VI, and VII were all rehashed when they were in theatres, because they all took place in the woods w/ a hockey masked killer. You can talk to most fans, they will proabably say IV, VI, and VII were their favorites.

    I’m one of few who liked every F13th movie, because I took them for what they were, and that is sex, drugs and teenage murders. Most people will say that VIII thru FvsJ were horrible, because they skewed away from the F13th element. The directors of the new film wanted to put back the the F13th feel and that is a short storyline with Jason killing teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake. A lot of fans wanted a big backstory of Jason, but that’s not about a jason movie. He’s just a man behind the mask (kudos Alice Cooper) who shows no remorse for people who stray near him. In fact this new film gave more of a back story than any other jason film (besides JGH). His mom was killed, and Jason’s pissed…that’s all we need to know. If there was a backstory like JGH, there would be an outcry of how stupid it was.

  45. ” there are some things i would have dome different(no hair on jasons head more ch ch ch and would have liked them to use the music from the first 4 maybe updated) but its the best thing we have got from the franchise in over 20 years. ”

    The “ch ch ch ha ha ha” is historic and that’s why it was put in for a small moment. This is 2024 though, if you mix the 80’s F13th tension themes, it would not have a scary tense feel to it at all. Yes, some of the score i thought could have been better. In the originals you kind of knew when jason would appear with the theme elements. Scores from the 80s would not scare people today in 2024.

  46. Did anybody notice how they paid homage to the TCM movies? The tow truck driver that drove away with Trent\’s body after Jason attached his body to the back of it was the same tow truck driver from TCM who got his legs chainsawed off by leatherface

  47. Okay so I have already stated this on another entry but i wanted to elaborate… I think the biggest flaw in this film was the lack of Camp Crystal Lake.
    Atmosphere and nostalgia aside…the setting also provided a strong motive in the first two films of the original series… Mrs. Vorhees and later Jason didn’t just start killing people because they were invading their territory… In the very first F13 it was clearly stated that people started dying because they were trying to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. And again in part two they state that Camp Crystal Lake is nicknamed Camp Blood (which if I’m correct was a nicknamed sadly not mentioned in the remake…though i could have missed it) because a child died there and everytime they try to open it bad things happen (again this tied in the whole concept of “Friday the 13th” and the idea of bad luck, superstition and curses…it was the cursed Camp Blood…that was back when Friday the 13th wasn’t just the title, but also a thematic element to the series). Now this all runs into problems when you consider part 3 and 4 which much like this remake featured trespassers and house partiers on various other areas of the lake. These sequels suggest that Jason will kill anyone around Crystal Lake as was the case in subsequent sequels. But if you look at the timeline of those movies (2, 3 and 4) they all take place within a matter of days, still making Ginny and the crews reopening of Camp Crystal Lake the motiviation that sets Jason off on a non stop killing spree. This remake dropped that key element of the story…that which for almost have the series was the driving motivation behind Jason’s rage.
    Unfortunately this movie almost completely ignored the whole reason for the F13 series…Camp Crystal Lake…when we do see it briefly its merely as a split second creepy camp setting entrance to Jason’s underground tunnel which was more adept to a TCM of Jeepers Creepers Movie…I mean if there is an entire campground already abandoned and a creepy house in the woods, why do we also need an underground tunnel to hide in…its excessive.

    I will say there were some things I did like… I thought Derek Mears take on Jason was really good… I wish he was given a better script in which to showcase his interpretation, the running and the emotions and the intelligence make sense and are true to the story…
    I also really liked Amanda Righetti and that interpretation of Ginny, which was the only homage to the original series that seemed to come off well…at first I thought the locket was unnecesary, but since they clearly decided to expand upon that whole concept, she really needed something more than a sweater to become Mrs Vorhees.

    Overall this movie didn’t feel like a Friday the 13th but that had nothing to do with the way they portrayed Jason…if anything Derek Mears carried this movie, but the rest of the characters felt even more stereotypical and less interesting than the teens in the original series, and the entire tone was off…without he camp and the theme of superstition this movie falls flat… believe it or not Friday the 13th is NOT just promiscuous teens getting killed off by a guy in a hockey mask… there are thematic elements, tone and setting that make this series what it is and onthose counts tis film missed the mark. Now i will say that many of the sequels…especially after 4… lost site fo these as well, but they all had the foundation of the first films in the series to support them…this film is attempting to restart, to stand on its own, in essence become a new number one, therefore it cannot expect to rely on the setting and tone of the originals to carry it. It needed to establish those itself, and it just didn’t.
    When it comes down to it…this is supposed to be Friday The 13th Part One, and we’ve never really been to Camp Blood… and we’ve never been told “This place is cursed”…we have been told to stay away cuz he wants to be left alone, but thats not superstition, legend or curse… that’s straight up, crazy man lives here warning….And above all else, we have never sung “Michael Row You’re Boat Ashore”

  48. I do stand corrected…the camp in part two was not actually camp crystal lake…my poor bad bad innacuaracy… thank you for pointing that out…that said my statements about the setting of the camp, tone and themes still stand.
    In my opinion CCL is essential to the story and just tells a stronger more interesting story…and it is where it all started.
    Think of it this way…say ten years done the road we are well into a new franchise and Friday the 13 part whatever in this new series comes out…It;s gonna be the sequel to the movie where jason kills those kids at that fancy lake house…and not the sequel to that movie where kids get killed at summer camp… it just makes me sad a little…

  49. I don’t think true fans would have minded an elaborate back story at all, also people new the story would have probably found it much easier to understand what was going on. I took my girlfriend who has never seen a Friday movie before, after we left she started asking me questions about Jason and his origins, knowing I like those movies. Now she wants to sit down and watch all the old ones with me to get more info on who Jason is and why he is so popular. A good 10 to 20 minute back-story would have (in my opinion) been what this movie needed. I also would have liked to see the camp being reopened and a new group of counselors come in, instead of Group 1-looking for weed and Group-2 on vacation. I don’t know that seemed a little weak to me. Basically I think all they did was take parts from the older Jason films flop them all together into one and hope the name sold the movie, which looking at the box office returns it did. I just expected more, that’s all.

  50. You have a lot of good points, Joey.

    AnomalyX7, I also think it would have been a better idea to have the camp being reopened.

    I would have liked a little bit of a back story, like maybe the counselors’ point of view while Jason was drowning and the aftermath and Mrs. Voorhees’ reaction. I don’t want to know all about Jason’s childhood, but I think it would have been cool to have some stuff directly after the drowning because we’ve never gotten to see that before. Well, that’s my opinion.

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