Rumor Control: Friday the 13th Sequel

bts4_twistThis weekend I have received a few emails pertaining to the imminent sequel. A few of our visitors pointed out that has Tom Savini listed for the special effects and Kane Hodder working on stunts for the new film. Neither have been confirmed our even mentioned by Platinum Dunes for the sequel. I have to wonder if these two were added to as a wishful thinking type of situation. Don’t get me wrong, I think having Savini do the effects would not only be supremely awesome just on his own merits, but would assure some gruesome kills for the next movie.

Please do not believe anything posted anywhere outside of  Platiunum Dunes’ blog unless they have it listed as confirmed. We will always give you guys the latest on the franchise as it is anounced.

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23 Responses to “ Rumor Control: Friday the 13th Sequel ”

  1. Sweet, first post. Damn, if Savini and Hodder did work on this, it would be freaking awesome. But seems unlikely for both. If anything it would only be Savini. Still awesome if it was.

  2. SAVINI =AWESOME , kane hodder =who cares..

  3. If they officially announce that Tom Savini and Kane Hodder will be working on F13 Part 2, It will probably be one of the best films in the series.

  4. Yeah I never believe IMDB when it’s this early in the game.

    If anyone else was paying attention back when the 2024 Friday remake was fixing to be shot, IMDB said the movie was returning to Higgin’s Haven and it was going to be some return of Chris lol… even listed a few actors to be in the movie!

    So don’t fall for that crap ;)

  5. Savini would have been sweet though.

  6. is a good archive for movies that are completed … but it is totaly useless as a news-site but sadly some people still think that this is the official site of Hollywood. Every member cn edit the pages at So everytime an 8-year old freak unleashes his whisfull thinking to the imdb the internet goes crazy.

    Savini and Hodder will not be in the next F13. Count on it.

  7. I recently spoke to Kane about him doing another friday movie and he said he wont be involved. it would probably be derick mears, and as for Tom Savini, well he doesn’t do effects anymore. sorry.

  8. i don’t think tom does much effects these days, which is too bad. it would rule if he were onboard. I watched the reboot again this weekend and the kills could’ve been a bit better. In the past the script has left the kills open and Tom and crew have come in and come up with some great stuff, ala the twist picture shown here. And we’d definitly have better Jason makeup which would be worth showing onscreen. The Jason in the reboot look like half the guy from Goonies, half handsome Derek Mears face. The maquette shown in the special features for all of two seconds was way better.

  9. Kane Hodder is a bad move, it has to be Derek or a new actor,the fast lean tall Jason from the remake is what we want, not some pumped up Zombie (No disrespect to Kane) But Tom would be a bonus for some grousome Kills which the remake lacked, the remake in my opinion was tamer than some of the early sequals especialy part 4, & if you compare that to the likes of Saw & Hostel it is very tame in todays Horror market, I feel the sequal should keep it simple & not stray away from the traditional Stalk & slash style of our beloved franchise, with teens, sex, drugs & Rock n roll. But most of all a truelly pissed of Jason Voorhess

  10. its crap
    Savini dont do FX anymore

  11. Yes please too both, would be a fantastic film!!

  12. Agree’d.

    So sorry boys & ghouls, but this is pure fanboy-style fake news.

    Savini’s income is mostly supplemented via genre film convention visits (in which he can charge up to $20 for his overrated signature and, legend has it, is a historical prick to us fans for all four people who’ve met him that I’ve talked to), and of course, his Pittsburgh, PA based make-up effects school. That’s all. And occasionally, like in Machete, someone like Robert Rodriguez will put him in a very minor role in order to remember and flash back to his Creepshow haydays and the like.

    And Kane’s income is also mostly supplemented with genre film conventions and appearing on special edition’s of his glory days films, such as the recent Deluxe Editions of Friday’s parts VII & VIII, ect.

    So while this to some might be a fanboy’s dream come true, I doubt VERY seriously that it will happen. Sorry.

  13. Also, Kane Hodder is probably a little too expensive for the taste of Platinum Dunes who usually prefer unestablished actors for character roles in their films. It keeps costs down Kane Hodder probably got more money for each time that he played Jason. Warrington Gillette only played Jason once and I think it wouldn’t cost Platinum Dunes to get him out of his day job at Walmart. Plus, he knows that character very well since he already did it once way back in the day. Friday the 13th Part 2 was the scariest entry in the series too.

  14. Tom Savini? Really? …why? I mean I met the dude while with GWAR for a short time! He’s a jerk! like, “I’m Tom Savini b***h!” Of course he has a right to stand up since he is the godfather of special effects, but his ego is beyond that of Hulk Hogan or something. Now, I am a freind to EVERYONE here since we ALL love Jason, but I have to speak my mind on this one. I thought ?toybox? was it for Jason X did pretty good so why not them again? As for Hodder, why don’t he just play Jason himself again? It woul tie everything together again in harmony for the chaos ensued over the years.

  15. Your right Corey, Savini is an ego maniac, it’s been noted many times that at conventions people by pass him because he thinks everyone should flock to him.All that because he is rude and just wants his $20 for his chicken scratch,I agree his work is great, but his attitude blows.

  16. Disappointed to hear about Savini’s attitude. Everyone has their bad days though. I think that the films are big budget enough that the effects have been great. They were really good in the remake. I don’t want Hodder anywhere near the next film except maybe getting coffee for those involved. He almost drove Jason into the ground as far as I’m concerned. Mears was the first really good Jason since Brooker and White! Looking forward to a sequel. I’ve always liked the idea of a snowy crystal lake and what about a group therapy retreat for survivors of Jason? Ginny, Chris, Trish, etc… just a thought.

  17. Savini is the best at this slasher sh*t. If saying that makes me a fanboy so be it! I don’t care if he’s a jerk. I don’t want to be his friend, I want to see him kill people. And in this age of the director’s cut I can’t imagine how gruesome and cool it could be. Just look at Day of the Dead or the semi uncut The Burning. The acting is so bad you can’t believe the people are actually being killed, but it’s not for lack of great effects. Since they seem to be throwing good money after bad with these Platinum Dunes reboots, why not get Savini? He has the moments: like the guy trying to fend off the garden shears and getting his fingers cut off (Burning), the guy with the bayonette in his skull and out his chin (Prowler), and totally disturbing effects like the blown up security guard in Killing Zoe and the skinned dude in TCM II. Savini needs one last hurrah!

  18. When Kane was Jason, everyone loved him, especially when we were gearing up for Freddy vs. Jason. Since then, some fans have turned their backs on him. Kane Hodder is Jason as Robert Englund is and always will be Freddy.

    But, Derek Mears did a kick*** job in the remake and I can’t wait to see him in the Sequel. All I wish for is if Newline ever decides to make Freddy vs. Jason 2 that they bring back Kane and Robert for a True war of the icons.

  19. i actually got a chance to meet Kane Hodder on Oct. 2nd, here in indianapolis, indiana and when i was talking with him, i asked for his thoughts on the sequal, but one thing he never mentioned was working on the sequal..which i’m sure he would have.
    Kane made over $100,000 on Jason X. that’s a lot of money that, i’m sure, is way more that Platinum Dunes is looking to spend.
    Although i would love for Kane to come back on more time!!

    (The Walmart Man) it wasn’t Warrington Gillette who played Jason in pt. 2. He was credited and took all the credit for playing him, but it was actually Steve Daskawisk who played jason in the majoity of the film, except the ending.

  20. Okay…hold up! Lift the Hockey masks and lower your machette for this, BUT: Kane Hodder did NOT run Jason into the ground. Sure, he was more brute-force than Like White, Graham, etc w/ their speed and stalking (which 3 and 6 are my favs to make one thing clear…but he made Jason Scary again (a La Pt. 7) If anyone ruined Jason at all it was that lousy director from JTM-whom he HIMSELF agrees that was pretty horrible in the end. Uh HELLO… “Rennie was around in the years of Jason drowing, and she acts as if she really seen him…then why would that idiot director give jason long brown hair! Talk about “Running him into the ground!” …okay I am done!

  21. The end of JTM was definitely the low-point of the series and the director/writers should take full blame for that; however, Kane was the worst Jason of all of them. He paled in comparison to the others. He was good enough to carry his films for us die-hard fans but he lacked the life to maintain the series.

  22. Anything involving IMDB and pre-production has to be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, I’m sure neither rumor is the least bit true. Unless Tom Savini is down to his last dime, I doubt the guy will come back to the franchise. I think for Tom, it’s a matter of “Been there, done that”.

    Regarding Mr. Hodder coming back, “God, please don’t ever let this happen”. I was never in this guy’s camp back in the day, and I have more contempt for the guy after not only seeing interviews with him, but also reading them. Talk about a guy with an overinflated ego. I never liked how Kane Hodder played the Jason Voorhees character, but that is only part of the reason I don’t like him. Kane Hodder, in all of his infinite wisdom has been preaching to all of us fans on how the way Jason was played in the original films, was not how Jason should’ve been played. Give me a break! Give me Richard Brooker, Ted White, or Steve Daskewisz any day over this bozo! I take umbrage with anyone who says that Kane Hodder is Jason Voorhees. Why, because he played him the most? Big deal! Tyler Mane has played Michael Myers for the 2nd straight time, so I guess that means he is the real Michael Myers? Please…

  23. I realy do hope they make a sequel to the remake. That would be awsome!

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