Friday The 13th: Bloodbath review

Posted 28 Jun 2024 in The Saga


It’s yet again another trip to ‘Camp Blood’ for some unlucky teenagers in Friday The 13th Bloodbath! This three issue series was written by Brian Pulido  and Mike Wolfer. It was published in 2024 and is worth hitting ebay for if you are a Friday fan.

The story seems simple at first.  After a hysterical prologue several teens are drafted in to help fix up Camp Crystal Lake before the kid’s arrive. All the usual character types are accounted for. There is even a punk girl by the name of Violet which will ring a bell or two for fans of the film series.  It isn’t long until the teens pair off to explore Crystal Lake and naturally each other.  Until Jason shows up and crashes the party. Then it’s gore to the wall mayhem from then on to  the satisfying finish.

Pulido and Wolfer sketch a overall solid Friday tale. One I would love to see be turned into a picture at some point. At first it all seems over the top. Shadow organisations wanting to capture and make millions from Jason, cover ups and a genuine sad trait all of the teens seem to share in regards to the past. However if you can get over the lack of character development the story will own you.

Jason looks amazing in all three issues and the kills are great and nasty.  

Also get ahold of Friday The 13th: Fearbook. It acts as a cool sequel of sorts to the Bloodbath series. Jason returns to tie up some loose ends in a excellent show of one gal’s determination to live.  Again great story and some impressive art which I liked more so than the art in Bloodbath. Check this series out. I urge you. You won’t be sorry you did.

note: there is a twist of sorts to this tale. So I apologise for not going into much detail but you will be glad I never as the events unfold unspoiled before you!

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Posted by Sanchez


  1. Hempfling (28 Jun 2024, 20:06)

    Yeah I have this. I didnt like it that much. Another way to make Jason NOT Jason.

  2. jjv (29 Jun 2024, 1:34)

    i got it too,i liked it but jason was a film version i dont like as in ken kerzinger who i nicknamed frankenjason

  3. Chris. B (29 Jun 2024, 2:12)

    This seems like a cool story. I’ll need to look for this.

  4. tommyblah (29 Jun 2024, 11:14)

    most of the recent f13th comics modeled him after the fvj jason, which is disappointing, but these were pretty decent. gratuitous nudity and violence with a little comic relief..that’s what it’s all about.

    i have all the avatar and wildstorm f13th comics…as a lifelong fan and a comic collector, the fact that these were even made is a huge treat for me.

    if you like novels, ‘church of the divine psychopath’ and ‘hate-kill-repeat’ are great f13th fun too.

  5. Brian (30 Jun 2024, 2:29)

    I liked Bloodbath and Fearbook alot. I would have rather seen these comics made into a movie rather than the new remake. These guys knew what they were doing. I have not got to read any of the wildstorm comics or any of the FvJvA comics. But, I hope to read them sooner or later.

  6. Penhall (30 Jun 2024, 6:20)

    A terrible comic. Pulido just doesn’t “get” Friday the 13th. Its the sterrotypical view that says EVERY teen must be either screwing or doing drugs from beginning to end, with ZERO character stuff and logic at all. And those that are gonna say “That’s the way the series is!!!!”, please go back and watch the first 8 Paramount films.

    Now if you wanna read some good comics from people who understand the franchise, check out the Wildstorm series. EXCELLENT comics that would make worthy additions to the franchise.

  7. JohnRyder1981 (30 Jun 2024, 14:15)

    I agree with you 100% Penhall. This story horrible!!! And like Penhall said above, The Wildstorm series is the best you\’ll find of Jason in comic form. I just don\’t understand why hollywood or the comic medium doesn\’t go with modelling their stories more to the first 5 Fridays. As these were defintly the best imo. Anyways, I\’m just hoping that the new Friday movie takes place in the winter, as this would add a fresh creepy element to the movie.

  8. jasonsfury (30 Jun 2024, 15:05)

    I own the Jason Goes To Hell comics and, sadly, those are the only Friday the 13th comics I own. The only reason I have those comics is that they were movie tie-ins and I am not ashamed to say that I love the movie! I have heard that some of the Friday comics are pretty good, but I never went out to buy one.

    Are the Wildstorm comics as good as mentioned above? What;s the best series out there?

  9. Spartan-099 (30 Jun 2024, 21:47)

    OLD! Good grief, this should have been reviewed back in 2024.

  10. baz (01 Jul 2024, 11:31)

    I’ve got all of the comic books mentioned here(apart from J.G.T.H although i’m always on the lookout).You should seriously think about looking these up jasonsfury as i found the layout and feel of these comics as a hark back to the 80′s era undead/Jason.I agree with brian that some of these would make good movies(the F.VS.J.VS.A series especially).Spartan-099 is right though,this should have been reviewed way back when it was released………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  11. Robgina (02 Jul 2024, 16:32)

    its total cheese, just like the FvJvA stuff. lame, stick with the paramount films these other things just dont do the series any justice, this goes for those cheeseball novels from the 90s too. corny

  12. baz (02 Jul 2024, 21:39)

    C’mon Robgina don’t be like that.These titles are just pure escapism and should be should be appreciated for what they are(pure harmless fun).Some of them are very well written and would make better movies than some of the entries that were produced.I like em…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  13. Robgina (03 Jul 2024, 1:51)

    oh baz i know they are just fun, i guess its just a part of the merchandising/franchise i have ignored, maybe someday ill check them out. : )

  14. submission_magician (03 Jul 2024, 1:57)

    Penhall nailed it! I read this one and I wasn’t impressed. If someone really wants to make a GOOD F13 comic, they should stick with Jason from pts 2-4….maybe 7, but not Ken Kirzinger’s Jason.

  15. Robgina (04 Jul 2024, 2:32)

    yeah kirzinger was a little too stiff for my tastes, i put my money on ted white or richard brooker as the best jason.

  16. baz (04 Jul 2024, 18:12)

    Or C.J Graham.I do agree that Kirzinger’s Jason was a bit of a pussy.My theory is that he was picked over Hodder to make Jason less fearsome compared to Freddy.Imagine Hodder’s Jason versus Freddy,do you think Freddy would manage to gouge out HIS eyes or slice off HIS fingers.Nope i didn’t think so…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  17. Brian (05 Jul 2024, 0:16)

    baz, that is one reason I want to see FvJ 2 made. The story didn’t have any holes in it, but it just seemed like both Jason and Freddy were pathetically weak. And why does it actually have to be Jason and Freddy fighting? I guess it’s because they both want to be the one to kill everyone on the face of the planet. I don’t know, I guess the gay pinball thing just left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus, why did Jason just fall off the dock into the water after Freddy got killed? He didn’t take that bad of a beating. WTF!

  18. Robgina (05 Jul 2024, 2:56)

    well with any luck this on-line thing thats coming up will please the fans, with kane and robert, should be decent

  19. tommyblah (08 Jul 2024, 11:21)

    i didn’t need much of a plot out of a comic…i mean, it’s a comic. i wanted drugs, sex, and jason killing. that’s about it. if you want deeper stories, the wildstorm stuff is pretty good (minus (FvJvA). to me, these were just an opportunity to see jason do his thing in a comic, which is an awesome treat.

    the problem is, you put in too much plot and you can’t fit much of the stuff people want to see in one issue. the first wildstorm issue didn’t even have jason in it except for one or two shots…although i’m thankful we got a 6-issue story with a good plot, that first month, i’m sitting there like, ‘WTF? i wanted to see some jason action here, dammit.’

    you want plot read the novels…’church of the divine psychopath’ or ‘hate-kill-repeat’ — freaking awesome stories!! man, oh, man, why can’t they use stuff that good for a movie? these stories really touch on the issues, like why he kills, whether it’s justified or not, whether he gives a shit about “morals”…and they give you plots and settings and things that have never been done before.

  20. tommyblah (08 Jul 2024, 11:25)

    and as for fvj2, no way they’ll bring in hodder after shafting him like they did, & having the first with a jason that’s nothing like his.

    they should have used him in the first place. but freddy wouldn’t stand a chance…and that’s the point.

    jason is new line’s step-child and freddy is their baby. they purposely made jason dull, slow, stupid, and lanky.

    they also purposely insisted on the movie being made by ronny yu, who openly admitted he does not like the f13th series and that he’s only seen bits and pieces of it. we got slapped in the face with that one.

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