Tom Savini In Jason Voorhees Type Role?

Tom Savini is stalking hunters and campers in the woods? Is he finally falling into the psyche of the character he helped create 30 years ago? It sure looks that way, but he is not playing Jason, rather Tom is now The Sadist!. The new film has Mr. Savini playing a combat veteran that loses his marbles and begins stalking victims in the woods.

Although Tom did not lend his effects talents officially to the film, I am sure he had some input in what the viewer will see in the finished product. Check out the trailer below for The Sadist and let us know what you think.

SOURCE: Fangoria

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5 Responses to “ Tom Savini In Jason Voorhees Type Role? ”

  1. Tom Savini kicks ass!!! This could be cool.

  2. Tom Savini is a great guy and extremely cool.
    He is great in Machete, don’t miss that film!

  3. Freakin awesome!!! Tom Savini is just as kickass as an actor as He is a special FX artist. This looks like a movie Id love to check out.

  4. Looks kick butt.

    I’m surprised only 3 comments so far other them mine.


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