Meet Friday Stars in June at Monster Mania

dmIf you live in or near Hartford, Conneticut then you could meet Derek Mears and other Friday stars in person. Monster Mania Con will be held June 12th through 14th and will host the usual suspects besides Derek. Get your tickets, meet the new Jason and enjoy your favorite franchise up close and personal.


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13 Responses to “ Meet Friday Stars in June at Monster Mania ”

  1. FIRST!

    My name is Warrington Gillette.

  2. Wow that looks very interesting! shame i dont live there :(

  3. I feel the same way cat.We don’t get shit as good as this Scotland.The “Dead By Dawn” horror convention in Scotland is the only one that i know of.

  4. your so dead

  5. Hmmm may have to make a trip up there for this … finally there is something within a couple of hours from me worth attending !

  6. I would love to make the trip up there but I don’t think my boss will give me the time off. He is such a stickler about taking time off to do cool stuff. Another thing is that I’m not sure if my 1978 Ford Mustang II will make it up there without breaking down.

    It will be a sorry representation if I don’t make it up there though. I’m worried that Steve Dash will see that I’m not there and go on and on about being Jason in Part 2 without even giving me the credit I deserve just because my boss and my car suck. My name is Warrington Gillette.

  7. I’m gonna chop your head off when I find you

  8. That’s nothing man
    ALL 10 original Jason’s *derek Mears not included* will be attending the Hollywood show in Burbank July 18th-19th. Sean clark gave me the scoop and it’s legit! check it out! I’ve been trying to find contact info on this site to send the scoop but this is the only way I could do it

  9. I couldn’t give a rats’ ass about Arlen Escarpeta. The remake sucked.

  10. It’d be interesting to hear from Brooker, Dash, Palmer and Graham though.

  11. What location will the Burbank show be held at?

  12. 2500 Hollywood Way
    Burbank, California 91505 USA

    Hope to see you there Jimbo X it’s gonna be Effin’ epic.
    WoW what a chance. I can’t believe all 10 of them are gonna be at the same place *sure if derek mears was there it would make it 1 step cooler* but Ted White. he’s only done like 4 shows. and I wonder if they’ll sit Dash and Gillette next to each other? maybe we should be for warned about real machete’s flying through the air from those 2 he he he!


    I think that’s the link check out all the info their bros!

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