Jason’s Drowning: New ‘Man In The Lake’ Photos

Southlan-Films is looking to add even more to its burgeoning ‘Man In The Lake’ story as they went out a few days ago to film some additional scenes for the upcoming fan extravaganza. The newest scenes show a young Jason and his ill-fated attempt at swimming. Check out the pictures below. I am sure that some will have theri opinions about the fact that Jason has hair in the photos below, but remember that this is Southlan-Films’ take on the character, so try and save judgement until after the film!

Also, we will be giving away a few DVD’s of the film Friday the 13th weekend. Keep an eye out for more info on that very soon!

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13 Responses to “ Jason’s Drowning: New ‘Man In The Lake’ Photos ”

  1. if this is a part if the new movie ill be stuned

  2. I want this movie! This looks like such a great film to watch with a bowl of popcorn, just like the good ol’ flicks

  3. I like this, honestly i am happy they added this because in order to re-tell the story you need the whole story not just some campfire tale. Loving everything I’ve seen thus far and I can’t wait!

  4. So Jason is a normal person in this fan film? How does he go from this to a bald, deformed killing machine with limited intelligence?

  5. they should’ve shaved his head. i definitely would’ve done it for that movie if i was a kid. i shave my head now. anyways, i think it doesnt really make sense that he has hair. then later he’ll be bald or with little tuffs of hair. anyways, i’m sure this movie will kick butt. whats the opening date again on youtube?

  6. Friday August 13th.

  7. I think this version of child Jason fits with the current trend of Jason having hair in the hock later on. in some of the comic books he has full long Fabio hair, that is really weird.

  8. I guess not everyone understands unhealthy living. If you lived in the as a recluse in the forest never bathing the odds are very high that you would develop Psoriasis, along with other skin diseases. Hair loss is a given in this instance. I would guess that the filmmakers also make it known that the kid is not right in the head from the get go. Come on guys use some common sense before you post stuff like, why does he have hair and then none. It’s called skin disease folks, from unclean living.

  9. Hey Sid how do you know he has limited intelligence? Have you seen this movie already LOL! I also agree with the guy who talks about unhealthy lifestyle and skin disease. I know about this because there is a guy in my hometown who has been living under bridges and in dilapidated buildings for twenty years and I have watched him go from pretty normal looking to a thin haired ghastly looking fella. I think we should watch the film and stop second guessing. I like that they are making young Jason a fairly normal kid who obviously descends into madness.

  10. Hey guys thanks for all of the comments I guess your questions will be answered when you finally get to see the film. I hope you all enjoy it, as we made the film for you…the fans

  11. Wow how can one get a copy of this? Saw the teaser too. Man it looks like a great fan film. Thanks for making this whoever you are.

  12. Looks interesting Ill definatly give it a watch..

  13. I was wondering hows the production value on this film, sound acting, editing etc? Makes a world of difference to me, that’s why I usually don’t watch fan films, because I hate a movie with crappy sound and bad acting.

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