NECA Replica Hock Worth Purchase?

ptru1-5672190regI know that I am way late on talking about this item, but I was on Toys R Us’s website purchasing something and came across the replica hockey mask from the new Friday the 13th. I have seen this floating around eBay and other places for sale, but I did not realize how good this looks. For an item that is mass produced, it is not bad at all. It’s $20 and you can’t go wrong at that price.

It does come with elastic straps instead of the leather straps from the movie, but again, for the price you can’t go wrong. Below is a pic from someone who bought the mask and put it on a their Jason Bust.


This mask is supposedly heavy and durable. Anyone on the website own this sweet little deal?

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40 Responses to “ NECA Replica Hock Worth Purchase? ”

  1. Seriously, I don’t know why they don’t just release the one-eyed pillow sack from Part 2. It is so much cooler and scarier if you ask me. Also, the best part of the remake was when Jason was running around with the pillow sack. After that it just went downhill. My name is Warrington Gillette.


  2. You found this on Toys’r' Awesome. I’ve gotta start shopping there more.

  3. It’s definitely a nifty thing to have… the paint up isn’t too shabby (and can easily be improved – - I’ve repainted several for other fans), but it’s only real drawback is the weight & fragility. It’s thick, heavy, and break easily if dropped. Not ideal for a costume, but great for display :)

  4. Excellent. Thanks for the info, DK. I might have to get this after all. A little paint will go a long way!

  5. Hey thats not bad looking but Me personally would rather spend the extra cash for a hock that is made alot better in quality. If your looking for a good remake hock check out these ones (and they have a wickid Remake hock….i purchased one and its the best ive seen)

    hope this helps for you HARDCORE Jason collectors!!!

  6. A lot of mask makers have been buying them, repainting them, putting accurate snaps and straps on them and selling them for 95-145… so yeah, the mask alone is screen-accurate and worth the asking price.

  7. The straps in the movie were elastic. Parts 3, 4, 5 and the remake were elastic. 6, 7, 8, 9, X, and FVJ were leather.

  8. Deff worth the cash
    your pretty much just paying for the mask and the box
    the paint job is crap IMO
    but I just repaint mine

  9. I was gonna purchase this in my local store, but decided not to. Not because of how it was made and how it looked, but because I didn’t have the extra 20. It is a great mask for the price. Definitely not a cheezy mask.

  10. I got one of these a while back and it’s not really that great. Like someone already said it’s very heavy and not very durable when it comes to wearability. I mean I bought it cause it said it was cast from the movie and looking at it, It’s not. The holes are off and the cheverons are poorly painted. The straps are very weak and can break. But it is the best looking mass produced hockey mask that we have availible. Beats the shit out of the foam and cheap plastic masks but the draw back is the lack of wearability and it being so fragile. I have 2 of them and the paint job is very different on both of them and the holes are off too. They don’t line up very well with the film used mask, Which is kinda funny if this mask was really cast off of the film used mask don’t ya think.

  11. MASSIVE FRIDAY THE 13TH ITEMS FOR SALE PART V PROMO LIGHT ECT.. EMAIL ME AT [email protected] i like this mask but the foam hock is to cheese they should give us a little better quality hock.

  12. Pretty damned good mask, I bought two just in case…I repainted one…left one alone.

    Best mask you will ever get for $20.

    If your not gonna wear it, then it’s damned good.
    If you want want a mask you can wear, and display…try

    You won’t be disappointed.

  13. The movie had elastic straps as well, not leather straps.

  14. We all repainted ours over at This hock is a GREAT buy.

  15. It’s a great hock to get practice on too =)

  16. I went to the store, and took it out of the box. It is really nice. It’s not cheap plastic or anything. The only problem is the straps. If I got it, I would just replace them with adjustable Leather or something. Definitely pick one up.

  17. The elastic straps it comes with are not good elastic, they are terrible and break easy. If you get one, def have someone repaint it, or do it yourself. The straps on these have broken sitting on the display, many of my friends have had it happen. High quality elastic goes a long way.

  18. The mask is great if you repaint it. I repainted mind and made my own straps. Pics are on my myspace at

  19. NOTE: It’s on page 5 of the “Handpainted Masks” album

  20. Actually, it is cast from one of the new masks, & the vent holes are exactly where they’re supposed to be. Keep in mind, it’s not from the same mold as the mask we’ve seen in all the other films (aside from JX). We’ve been talking about making a buck so we can make vacuum formed replicas of it, we’re just waiting on permission to do it.

    They used fiberglass for the film (& I still use it once in a while), but a lot people prefer kydex/ABS, especially for costume use, since it’s so light weight & durable. Since we’d have to make a negative mold to make the buck, we’d be able to do fiberglass replicas for those who want the film accuracy.

    It’ll be one more notch on the Frightstuff belt, and just one more reason why we’re one of the most versatile & THE MOST accurate spot on the ‘net for Jason gear – - But the HARDCORE fans already know that ;-)

  21. Here is my repaint Yes the straps are crap but if you go to you can get the real strap they used for the Part 3 hock. The Remake hock uses almost the exact same strap. The remake hock in the movie does not have leather straps it’s elastic.

  22. Can’t wait Gene :)

    Splitskull, if you go to FS a lot, you should recognize me :)

  23. Haha what’s up Mike it’s Phlip5150!!

  24. Well, it looks like a good looking mask to me. Infact it beats the horrible foam one they released in stores after Freddy vs. Jason came out.

  25. HAHAH, awesome how all three of us “Frightstuffers” turned up in this thread :)

  26. I got this mask when the movie came out and its a great collectors item for any F13 fan

  27. You mean 4 “Frightstuffers”.

  28. I seen this at Toys-r-us with my little boy. He was looking at Transformers and I looked down and saw this. It is heavy and a great great buy for $20.00. I think this is a perfect thing for folks who dont have $150.00 to 200.00 for an actually mask so pick it up.

  29. Does anyone know of any Canadian retailers who might be selling this? I can’t find it on Toys R Us Canada.

  30. I repaint the Neca hocks for $55 shipped if you’re in the united states. If anyone is interested, let me know.

  31. Also, the mask in the movie was made of resin. Not fiberglass.

  32. Damn…that’s 5 frightstuffers.

  33. We’re all over the place lol!!

  34. Fiberglass IS resin dude – - polyester resin reinforced with fibrous matte ;) And that’s straight from Scott Stoddard. Think about it, if Derek were wearing a mask made just like the NECA mask (a polyurethane resin), it would’ve been an even bigger pain in the ass for him to pull off some of those stunts, it would’ve bounced around & flown right off his head due to it’s weight. And if they had made thinner castings, it would have shattered like candyglass from the slightest impact. Not economically viable. Even if I didn’t have the word straight from the horse’s mouth, I’ve been working with both kinds for ten years now & know well enough from experience how each type would function for a given purpose.

  35. I just purchased the last hockey mask at toys r us last night. This is well worth the price. Man, Something like this could probably one day cost between $75 to 100. I recommend it if you are a big friday fan!

  36. That would scare the kids!! hahaha……:)

  37. Sweet. too bad im only 5,9 and too small to even scare anybody. lol this thing would look retarded on me. but it would be cool to have.

  38. This mask is great, the only gripe I have with it was the straps. But you can just add new straps and a new paint job and your good to go!
    just check out mine!

  39. The mask by itself is epic but I noticed that if you tug on the straps just a little too hard, they’ll rip on you. But have no fear, just add some leather straps (preferably adjustable) and you’re good to go! the mask wont even bounce around your face while you run and move if the straps are good enough.

  40. Well I´m from portugal and it´s hard to find a mask nearby. I didn´t want to spend too much money on a mask and also on the ones on ebay but this one seems really nice… Everyone is talking positive about it and there is one for sale on a portuguese auction site and I´m going for it!! Love this mask and all the friday the 13th stuff!!
    Hail Jason!!

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