Friday the 13th 2024 Revisted: Thoughts Of The Fans

It is hard to believe that the newest Friday the 13th film was released over a year and half ago already. Before you know it, we’ll be into the new year and past the two year mark with no official news on a sequel in sight. Many have debated the 2024 film and it’s place in the franchise. However, now that a lot of time has passed and numerous other reboots and remakes have been released from the horror genre, have the fans changed their outlook on the 2024 film? Does comparing the film to other genre remake efforts help shed a better light on the newest Jason Voorhees?

Remember the first behind the scenes images to be released?

Or, how about when we were first shown the mask on the MTV behind the scenes video.

The excitement level for this film was through the roof. So much so, that it was guaranteed to take home a lot of money from the box office! As with every film with high expectations, it was destined to fail with certain fans. The film’s billing as a reboot and Producers proclomation of returning to the original four film’s look and feel gave numerous fans false visions of yesteryear.

The newest Friday movie is a good horror movie and a good Friday the 13th film. However, it will never live up to the nostalgic views of many of the Friday the 13th faithful. Back in 1985, fans absolutely hated A New Beginning. That is a very generous statement as it was actually a much worse feeling. All of these years later, a shift in feelings has occured towards Part 5 and now many people can embrace the film. In the coming years, perhaps more and more people will be more accepting of the 2024 film as well.

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29 Responses to “ Friday the 13th 2024 Revisted: Thoughts Of The Fans ”

  1. There’s one huge difference between part 5 and the reboot, however. New Beginning has charm…a very quirky essence that took a long time for people to warm up to. The reboot is just…well, boring. The characters are douchebags that aren’t memorable at all, the kills aren’t exciting, the humor is forced and annoying. It lacks that “so bad it’s good quality” from part 5…the reboot is “so bad it’s…depressing”. That’s my 2 cents, anyway.

  2. For years “Jason Takes Manhatten” was my least favorite, and I avoided it for the most part. Over time I warmed up to it and enjoy watching it from time to time. There are others in the series I watched less for one reason or another, but over the years I warmed up to them as well, and view the entire series as one of the most important sets in my DVD collection-if not the most important. If given a choice, I’d probably pop “The New Blood” in the DVD player (old school?) before I’d watch the reboot. My initial reaction to the new film was “this sure is boring for such a fast paced movie.” I have to say I watched it last August, Friday the 13th, and it does seem to get better with more viewings, but it is now my least favorite of thes series. Maybe next time!

  3. I enjoyed the reboot a lot and while it can’t have that nostalgic aspect that the other films have it certainly gave us a brutal Jason that was actually pretty scary. While Final Chapter is my #1 for this series the reboot certainly captures the brutal malice that the Joe Zito classic gave us. The only thing it had missing (and it took me a while to put my finger on it) was that it wasn’t… fun (in comparison to the My Bloody Valentine 3D remake where it had the greatest midget death ever. Littered with fun kills that one). The majority of the series were pretty fun to watch as kills were made to be over the type and kinda funny. Even Final Chapter squeezed a fun kill or two in there. The reboot was just brutal. The first 20 minutes did a great job of showing us what this Jason was all about and I loved it. Not quite as fun as I’d like it to but I appreciated the brutality of it.

    It certainly gave us back a Jason that wasn’t a bitch like he was in Freddy vs Jason as Derek Mears gave Jason a type of range that we’ve never seen before. Whatever they do with this series I want to see THAT Jason on the big screen again. The fact that Jason was made intelligent is something else I was glad to see. It’s in my top three of the series that’s for sure.

    I’ll take it over the Halloween reboot and the Elm Street (talk about messing up a sure thing) reboot any day.

  4. I wish people would stop pissing on the remake. If you brake down the film it just the same old friday with a few new elements added to the mythology. Honestly, I don’t think there will be any friday films to come that will make everyone happy. @jasonfury… I understand why you like jason goes to hell. When the film first came out, I was really disappointed. It wasn’t intill the dvd came out with the audio commentary that I really started to appreciate the film. The only thing I don’t like about it is the soundtrack. I think it’s Harry Manfredini’s weakest music along with jason X. I think the music from Jason goes to hell is really cheesey and takes away from the film but overall I like jason goes to hell. I would recommend Friday fans to give it a chance with the audio commentary, it might change their minds. (the reason I put this here then in the Top 5 Friday’s blog was because I didn’t think anyone would see it.) I still can not stomach Friday Part 5. Everytime, I feel dirty after watching it. I don’t know why? The film is just a distraction from all of the other films. As bad as I hate to say it, Friday part 5 almost belongs in the same category as Halloween 3.

  5. Eric the people who piss on the remake have a right to, that’s their decision.

  6. CoyT got it right.

  7. I won’t piss on the remake but I will say that even though a year has come and gone since it’s release, I still don’t care to much for it. I tried watching it the other night on cinemax and I just couldn’t sit through it again. I was distracted with the thought of what could have been. I do agree that Derek Mears is a fantastic Jason Voorhees and I loved his performance, but that didn’t save the movie for me. The only gripe I had with his portrayal was, he didn’t make a sound at all when he was being strung up in the barn on the chain. I mean come on just sound like you’re in pain or like your having trouble breathing. That was the biggest problem I saw with Mears’ Jason. The rest of the film was just awful, the characters were not very entertaining and the whole jason taking a hostage was annoying. Oh yeah and I still can’t stand Part 5, I remember watching that film when I was younger and just hated it. It is at the bottom of my list of good Jason movies.

  8. I said it before. They should’ve based the Remake in the ’80s. Rebooting these movies in today’s world almost seems silly anymore. Cell phones, Lap tops, ect. Jason biggest enemy is communication. If they would’ve based the remake in the 80s, it would’ve added a more nostalgic value and more scare to it as well.
    My favorite part about the Remake is Derek Mears as Jason. Like Kane Hodder, Derek still makes Jason look scary in a okay film. If we get a sequel, they need some better actors. Seems like every actor in the remake was the same age. Throw some variety in there, like the earlier films. Most importantly, bring back Tommy Jarvis. I still prefer the Remake over parts 1,6,8,9,X, and FvsJ.


  10. I like the remake, to me it stays true to what F13 is all about. Wish/hope they would make some sequels!

  11. Honestly, I never liked the remake. In my opinion, it’s somewhat better than some of the bad Friday sequels, but not by much. What killed it for me was the whole shakey camera thing they had going. It left some viewers with that “what’s happening? I can’t tell” feeling. I’ve rewatched it twice since the theatrical release in order to see if it would grow on me…But it hasn’t grown on me yet. I can see why some people enjoyed it, but everyone has there own distinctive cinematic taste and the film just didn’t do it for me.

  12. Oh and the over the top references to drugs and sex and one too many one liners killed it for me as well.

  13. I thought the reboot was fun. I really had a good time seeing it in the theater. Nispel did a good job with it. I bought The Killer Cut Blu Ray, thats the way to go! Trent’s death was so cool!

  14. I enjoyed the hell out of the reboot. Sure, it didn’t have the cheesy charm of some of the old films, but it was still a decent flick! I personally LOVED Mears take on Jason, as he blended the best aspects of all the previous Jasons into one, cohesive character. In fact, I’d actually go out on a limb and say he’s now my favorite Jason! (yeah, I said it!)

    Yes, the kills could have been better, but I ENJOYED seeing the douchebags get theirs! It had lots of humor, but not so much that it lost the horror aspect of it. I also liked the fact that it WASN’T an actual remake, but more of a continuity enema, getting rid of the crap like wormbabies, space and cyborgs, and getting back to the core of the character as a campfire legend. It didn’t remake the original film (other than the first five minutes recapping the original film’s climax), but instead got back to the central components of Jason as a character, and I found that extremely refreshing. I wish more relaunches of franchises would take this route, rather than retelling the original story once again.

  15. thevengefulmachete,said it in the same boat!
    i grew up on the originals and call me old but it lacked somethings!i used to love the chase with the last victim in the originals.part 4 and 2 was my favorite!but,,,the remake didn’t have much of a wasn’t suspenseful like the originals!(axe through door/hiding in the cupboard),things like that.and the other thing was the classic jason music(ki ki ha ha).its hardly used in the whole film!things like that add up and thats why it wasn’t the best Michale bay has done!Texas chainsaw was the best(so far)!learn by your mistakes and make the next film better!

  16. Following novelty films like JASON X and FREDDY vs. JASON (and even JASON GOES TO HELL to a certain degree), the reboot was a breath of fresh air.

    Sure it was lacking the 80′s charm we all know and adore, but all the elements were in place, and the movie did something I’d hoped for: it took us back to basics. No spaceships, demons from hell or dream worlds. No laser cannons, wacky feminine bounty hunters or crossovers with other franchises. The film took us back to camp, put a badass machete in an extremely menacing Jason’s hand and brought back the hood mask.

    The characters might not have been on par with the genius of Teddy, Jimbo or the hilarious mustache guy who nearly shits himself when a 3D cobra nearly rips his face off (and let’s face it: the Chewy Asian guy’s acting makes Larry Zerner look like Daniel Day Lewis), but by God… they were worthy to massacre.

    I stand by the reboot. I respect everyone who doesn’t like it, and can see their reasons perfectly, but I loved it. Surely we can all agree on one thing: it’s damn good to see that mask back on the big screen again. Great movie or not, we got to see our favorite maniac doing what he does best: maiming the hell out of busted teenagers in a wide release. Plus, it did pretty damn well at the box office… meaning the potential for new films is out there!!!!

    The Gill-Man, I love your take on it, brother. That sums it up for me too… and I agree: Mears is my new favorite Jason as well. That man is big, fast, sharp and scary as hell, everything I could want in a maniac serial murderer. Bring on the sequels & thank God the character we all know and love is still thriving strong!

  17. Plus, he used a bow & arrow like fucking Robin Hood, which was incredibly awesome.

  18. There’s no doubt that the remake is at least the most well made film in the series since part 4, with Jason Lives right on it’s tail.

  19. I was very pleased with the remake. I didnt get the pleasure of seeing the original in theatres since I was only 2. So it was awesome to at least see the remake on the screen. I love how Platinum Dunes does all these remakes respectivaly, especially FT13th. One of the reasons I knew the remake was going to be cool was the job PD did on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. And with FT13th I had a blast. For awhile my theatrical expereinces with the later Friday films were starting to get a little lame starting with Jason Goes To Hell. I enjoyed Jason X and still do to this day, but the audience I swear was asleep. And even though the crowd was lively for Freddy Vs Jason, I didnt enjoy it myself. But the remake really gave the series a kickstart. Marcus Nispel is a cool director, and Derek Mears has really become one of My favorite Jasons. Making Jason more faster, angrier, and smarter. I love how they went back to Jasons old ways with a twist. Alot of nods to the first 4 films. Derek considers Ted White the best Jason ever, and knowing that explains alot in Dereks performance. The cast was cool too, the dialouge has alot of laughable moments. And some pretty awesome kills like Nolans death with the bow and arrow. I honestly didnt see that coming, same with His girlfriends Chelseas death. My brother and I got a kick out of that. I really love the remake. I know I didnt put it in My top 5 yesterday, but I still love it. I hope once this sequal finally does happen, Derek will return as Jason. I dont mind waiting for a sequal, as long as its good if not better.

  20. I only had 2 problems with the reboot, the over the top sex scenes and drugs, other than that, I loved it!

  21. I loved the remake. It had a few more dislikable character but other than that I really liked it. If you think about it part 4-part X had a lot of dislikable characters also. Plus far more cheese and unintentional humor. I’ve been a fan since 1980 and I’ll take the remake over every sequel since part 4 with ease.

  22. BTW I still hate part 5 and feel the same way now as I did 25 years ago. But as bad as 5 is, its F-ing Shakespeare compared to part 9. Its the only sequel I won’t own.

  23. It cracks me up a bit that people that dislike the reboot hate it on because of too much sex and drug use.


    This is a Friday the 13th film andf outside of the fact that there was a pot plant field, the drug use was about the same as fan fave “Part 3″.

    I love the reboot and have watched it many times since in debuted in theaters in Feb of 2024. I understand people have a right to their own opinion about the film but some of the gripes about the film that I read on blogs like this show that haters contradict themselves by bashing elements of the reboot with what they liked about films in the original series. (i.e. sex, bad language, drug use)

    I grew up on the originl film series and loved the Paramount run, this includes parts 5 and 8. I was never crazy about new lines part 9. I did like part 10 but they just did not feel like Friday films to me. Freddy vs. Jason got things back on track for me and thne the reboot finally had the feel of the old films, for me at least.

    The reboot is my favorite remake and I feel that the strength of it going with a new story with sprinkled elements of the earlier films lies in it’s strength. It simnply did not rehash the original films like so many remakes have done I look forward to many more films and hopefully Derek Mears will return to the Jason role. He is the best Jason since CJ Graham in my opinion

  24. It cracks me up a bit that people that dislike the reboot hate it on because of too much sex and drug use.


    Yea, Ben. The single most baffling complaint about the new film is your comment. Not that I think people are wrong for thinking it, but it is one of the things that sold the original films. You know, sex plus drugs equals death.

  25. yeah i remember people complaining about all of the weed in it. like, if that bothers you why the hell would you watch a f13th movie? it’s like watching a Hugh Jackman movie and complaining that there’s bad acting in it.

    i think the remake is good enough. sure in hindsight there were a few bad ideas and sloppy details, but at least it brought the franchise back to life. ..unlike rob zombie’s halloweens which led the rebooted storyline down a path that is impossible to do anything with.

  26. lol comparing number 5 and this sparknotes version of the first 4 films is very appropriate; they both suck and are not legitimate parts of the series. The 2024 made for MTV movie wreaks of Bruckheimien production and I genuinely hope for the franchise’s sake that they don’t continue down this path, it makes no sense that they would unless they’re really intent on alienating its core audience. The last two outings have not been kind to Jason; in Freddy vs. he was stuck in a Freddy movie and in the Jason For Dummies version he was stuck in MTV’s The Hills or something…just atrocious.

    The audience needs to take the franchise back we want Hodder we want grit we want cheesey goodness we want innocence we want heroism. Number 6 stands the test of time as the best in the series, and the most recent one finds its place among number 5 and Jason Goes to Hell; not needed even if you’re a completionist. My message to the creators of this most recent “Jason” outing if they even ever read this: Please stop, do not Rob Zombie this franchise.

  27. all I’m saying is that if you go into a horror film and don’t expect to see boobs, sex, alcohol and death you will walk out disappointed. Also, if you walk into a F13th movie and don’t expect to see boobs, sex, alcohol and death you’ll be disappointed (its on a different plane for me haha)

  28. I just watched the remake again recently and my thoughts haven’t changed on the film. It is hands down the worst of the Friday The 13th films in my eyes. Until the remake came along the one I liked the least was part 8. Not sure if the remake will get better for me as time goes on due to the fact that my thoughts on part 8 haven’t changed since I seen the film back in august of 1989. Just wish I had liked the remake but in the end it just didn’t work for me

  29. I totally don’t have a problem with a joint making it’s way on to the screen, I actually think that has some precedence in past films of the franchise, but to bring overt paraphernalia into the picture numerous occasions immediately brings the class of the picture down; no one cares if a bunch of losers and potheads get the axe. On top of that there was no one condemning that behavior so we the audience didn’t really know who the innocents are and who to feel sorry for and worried for. The remake really has no redeeming qualities once so ever.

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