Friday The 13th Goes Viral

I’m not going to say a word because it’s just that more fun if you go to these sites blind, baby…

And for the 1000th contest floating around on the web…

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9 Responses to “ Friday The 13th Goes Viral ”

  1. Pretty sweet (and quite brutal for viral sites).

  2. Just a heads-up, the MTV contest is not open to North America residents.

  3. i like the video!

  4. cool video!

  5. Holy crap. *laughs*

  6. Wow…if you actually sent this to your friends, I bet they would think this is real…until the end with that cheesy arm trick.

  7. Ha! I love it

  8. If you notice there is no hole in the tent where Jason first stabs the woman with the machete. Atleast I didnt see one, maybe I overlooked it though. Anyone else see one?

  9. These are some sweet links. But I wanted to share my viral movie of a super 8 claymation I made in the 80s – check it out and let me know what you think! Go jason!

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