New look at ‘Sackhead’ Jason

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Check out the latest picture of ‘Sackhead’ Jason from Platinum Dunes upcoming remake of the 1980’s cult classic. Judging from the theme of this picture, and the clips featured in the trailers, it seems as if Jason is going to have alot of screen time during the day.

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9 Responses to “ New look at ‘Sackhead’ Jason ”

  1. Awesome- can’t wait!

  2. I like that picture. Very atmospheric, Jason looks very intimidating in that picture. I can’t wait to see the movie we have no more than two weeks to go, not counting this week. Friday Feburary 13th will come in no time. This is a very good year to be a Friday the 13th fan.

  3. You’re right, John it is a good year to be a Friday the 13th fan. I am anxious to see the film itself.

  4. this is so awesome

  5. I’m not sure I’m all that excited about Jason having a lot of screen time. I think it makes him “scarier” when you don’t see too much of him. That being said, the picture is pretty sweet-looking.

  6. I’m gonna definately have to drink bout 2 or 3 buds then smoke a fat blunt, then go see it, I also guarantee theres gonna be some sweet ass chicks there. Both in the film & in the theatre :)

  7. Looks sick. Who agrees?

  8. I agree, and I cant freaking wait!!!

  9. I hope Elias Voorhees makes an appearance in this. We definately have proof of his existance( His name is JGTH:TFF) and I have heard that there were scenes with him in Jason Lives. Unfortunatley these scenes were cut. :(

    Also, this film looks badass and I hope it spawns many sequels. Since we have seen pics of hockey mask jason he must switch his burlap sack mask for the hockey mask.

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