Warrington Gillette attacked by crazed fan

How crazy is this? It appears that Warrington Gillette (Jason in the closing scene of part 2) was attacked by a crazed fan at a party in honor of the release of the new Friday the 13th! Check out the story below compliments of the NY Post and Wenn.com.

Friday The 13th Party Turns Bloody
17 February 2024 4:10 AM, PST | From wenn.com | See recent WENN news

A party to celebrate the launch of new movie Friday The 13th turned into a real life
blood bath last week – when one
of the franchise’s former stars was attacked with an axe.

Warrington Gillette, who played serial killer Jason Vorhees in 1981’s Friday the
13th Part 2, was attending an event
on Friday honouring the new slasher remake.

The actor arrived in full costume, wearing the character’s famous ice hockey mask,
and took to the stage to frighten
partygoers wielding a real axe.

But his performance ended in disaster when a woman invaded the stage and tried to
wrestle his weapon away from him,
slashing his hand.

A source tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, “She jumped on stage and tried
to grab his axe. It was straight
out of a horror movie. Lingerie-clad models were running and screaming, as a
blood-soaked Jason ran off the runway to
get to a hospital.”

The character Vorhees has been played by ten actors over the course of 12 films,
with Derek Mears playing the latest
incarnation of the mass murderer.

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Tony Carroll

Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand. You will also find me over at my site http://www.benevolentstreet.com Feel free to drop me a line at tony@benevolentstreet.com

50 Responses to “ Warrington Gillette attacked by crazed fan ”

  1. maybe it was steve dash!!!

    ha sorry… maybe a tad inappropriate. still kinda funny though!
    hope hes ok!

    long live Jason

  2. Whoa, I was more surprised at Warrington Gillette being IN-COSTUME. Kind of ironic since he never wore the hockey mask in pt2 – maybe the psycho fan was one of our beloved members, aiming to protect continuity!?

  3. haha yea maybe so dusk… could have tried throwing the sac on his head and he flipped out! haha

    I feel kinda bad for laughing but it seems funny to me. I wish I could have seen it. probably was more scary than I think

  4. This is not funny at all! It’s really sick! I definitely hope that he’s alright!

  5. That is quite a story. Glad he’s ok I guess. But was thinkning the same thing as Dusk. What’s with Jason from part 2 showing up in the costume Jason wore in every movie but 2?

  6. i cant stand him. He tried to take all of the credit for part 2. To bad Steve Dash didn\’t do it.

  7. Why did he bring a real axe. Come on man that\’s just not right.

  8. I have to admit, the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline was \

  9. I have to admit, the first thing I thought of when I saw the headline was “Where was Steve Dash???”

    Hope he is okay, though, seriously.

  10. It sounds made-up. Not sure if I can believe the sources.

  11. Awesome.

    Fits him right

  12. What the hell? Did the lady think it was the real Jason or what? That shit is crazy. Where the hell was security? I would love to see someone try that shit with Kane Hodder.

  13. Probably attacked by Mrs. Dash.

  14. First off this is not even remotely funny. Warrington who is one of my good friends and clients – could have been hurt. If Steve Dash ever tried to step to Warrington , Id knock Douche bag Dash the hell out. Everyone knows Warrington is the Real Jason of Part II.

  15. Dude calm down Mr. “not a laughing matter”

    Warrington didn’t even wear a sack in part 2 lol.. which is funny that he dressed up in a hockeymask..

    how long was he at this party? 3-4 seconds just like the film?

  16. I know the feeling, just today I’d to deal (meaning laugh at) with 2 stupid jerks calling me names on my blog just because I didn´t like the stupid remake.

    While I was reading their mess the only thing I could think off was “damn, I tho moronic characters like the ones depicted in the reboot didn’t exist…now I know they do and are inspired by low lifes like these two”. Rant over.

  17. I dont know whether to laugh hysterically at the story or say Im sorry he got hurt..maybe both..but I can tell you he played one hell of a good jason in part 2..

  18. Hey Mike New, attacking someone with an axe is infinitely worse than having one as part of your Jason costume!! YOU come on!! Fucking idiot!!

  19. Wow…..

  20. Wow that’s fucked up. I hope he’s alright. But you know it’s ironic that he was wearing a full Jason costume with the hockey mask since he only played an ‘unmasked Jason’, he didn’t even wear the burlap sack in Friday 2.

  21. It’s absolutely ridiculous that even though the truth is out about Jason in Part 2, he refuses to admit his only scene is crashing through the window.

    I liked in the Jason Forever documentary with Ari, Warrington, CJ and Kane, a fan asked Warrington what his favorite kill from Part 2 was. His response was something like “Uh, um, my favorite kill is when Jason crashes through the window and attacks Ginny.” Yeah, game over Warrington.

    It’d be like Sebastian Shaw(Anakin Skywalker in Return of the Jedi) trying to fool everyone into thinking he wore the Darth Vader suit.

  22. I liked your comparison to Star Wars there Kevin. Yeah I’m not big Warrington fan but yeah that sucks. Is this the 2nd time he gets his hand cut up, or was that Steve Dash?

  23. No matter what Dash says, he didn’t not get credit as playing Jason. If every stunt double would try and take the star role in action movies, all the action stars but Jackie Chan would be out of a job. Gillette is the real Jason of part 2. Nothing anyone says will ever change that because that is what the screen says. Just the same way most Friday fans will never believe that Crazy Ralph does the voice over on part 7. It is all Friday the 13th lure.

  24. Sucks to hear that he was attacked. I hope he’s ok.

    I’m glad that Steve Dash is getting the recognition he deserves for playing Jason in Friday the 13th Part 2. He’s one of the best.

  25. Haha, as I wrote on the horrordvds.com boards, and I got the same responce, I agre with scabboy: I’m sorry he got hurt, but pretty much serves the weird douche bag right. He need’s to stop showin’ up as these events cause ever since the infamous blood&guts.com message board fights between Warrington the liar, Mr. Dash the calm & respectful one and Part 2’s stunt cordinator Cliff Cudney, we all know the truth that he’s lived for years.

    Again I’m sorry he got hurt but for Christ sakes, he’ll get over it. He is not dead or anything, so …*shrugs*

  26. link to this? I searched for the site nothing came up

  27. That’s terrible; hope he’s OK. :( What a crappy thing to happen.

  28. Click in the story above where it says “NY Post” in the red and it takes you directly to the original story.

  29. Please read my new screenplay. It is in the tradition of F13.


  30. Hope he’s ok, that’s real funked up

  31. Well if he had not been using a real axe this problem would not have happened.

    & if he wouldn’t have busted through the window no one would know who the fuck he is!!! ahahaah

    But for real man, a real axe? Maybe he was going to murder some lady to get back in the spotlight again? Its been 28 years brotha, come back in style!

  32. I think this tabloid is nuts. 1st off; Exactly wht everyone else is saying: “Why did Gillette appear in Jason gear after part 2?” That makes NO sense. (Little fact though:Being a die-hard I really never realized Steve Dash played the whole Jason other then a few scenes.) I never really like part 2 growing up though-when your little and you see your 1st film usually for most-Jason has already donned the mask-so this may be why. I’m 24 now and I enjoy it since I’ve “grown up” I suppose…either way I hope Mr. Gilette is okay…did anything ever think that maybe the lady was someone form his past? Perhaps even one of the girls there he tried hooking up with? etc…

  33. This is crazy. Why did he even bother showing up with Jason’s apparel AFTER part 2? I really paid no attention growing up Steve Dash was the TRUE Jason for part 2 until last year-hell a few others didn’t either. Anyways, was she someoe from his past? Perhaps he tried hooking up with this lunatic?

  34. Gotta agree, with all due respect, that he shouldn’t have bring a real axe with him. He got hurt, plus, he accidentally chould’ve hurt someone else, ect.NEVER use real weapons for a silly scare joke or a publicity stunt like that is the best life lesson to take away from this.

  35. The woman who attacked him was probably the message boarder from here known as “Chris,” who constantly whines about the new F13 while hyping that turd MBV.

    While assaulting Gillette with the knife, “Chris” was screaming, “My Bloody Valentine in 3D is way better than Jason! Wahhhh!”

  36. I wonder if he’s still going to be at Wonder Con next week.

  37. Yea this guy didn’t have too big of a part in jason part 2. Heck, he only took the job because he wanted an acting gig.

  38. Fake Jason + Real Axe = Lack of Sympathy

    He already committed a no no by claiming all the work, but a REAL axe. Only explaination I could think of is that no one knew it was Warrington and the lady thought he was a nut and tried to stop him from going well…nutty. I’m sure he’s alright, the worst he’ll have to deal with is a few stitches and the hate of a community he tried to be apart of.

  39. Not A Laughing Matter…

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm is that you TimAB80?

  40. Voorhees has 2 o’s in it.


  41. Until that fuck gives me the money I spent on his phony raffle tickets and his signed script that I never got, it is a laughing matter.

  42. I met Warrington yesterday.
    He showed me where he was hit, and showed a picture of that moment.

    He wasn’t wearing an icehockey-mask, but a face-mask (the deformed jason face) and I must say that it was a nice looking mask.
    (just for those guys who were wondering why he was wearing a mask)

    What I found disappointing is when I asked him about the remake, he told me he didn’t see it. Shows to me that he isn’t interested in friday 13th, and indeed did it (as mike said) for the acting gig.

  43. The thing is ,is that Warrington is still Acting with recent roles in Confessions Of A Shopaholic with John Goodman, and a part on an episode of 30 Rock.. Plus Warrington played Jason through-out part 2.. and Steve “The Real Taxi Cab Driver” Dash is exactly that a NY cabbie who hasnt worked in a film for well over 20 years.

  44. Yeah it really sucks that somebody would do something like that. Ok, Warrington was Jason for all of five seconds…..but he had the good humor to do the gig, which gets him atleast SOME points.

    However, anybody find it interesting…..Steve Dash (the REAL part 2 Jason) got his finger split wide open by a machete while the film was being made…..and now Warrington gets HIS hand mangled…..at a film party…..kind of weird…..

    Yeah it really sucked. But it’s also one of those things that, admittedly, WILL make a true fan of the series giggle (and you HAVE to admit that).

  45. This sucks. I respect Gillette and all their shaving products….wait I meant Warrington Gillette, I liked his 3 seconds on film, no one deserves this, not even if you did what he did to Steve Dash.


    If Steve Dash was properly accredited for his fine performance of Jason, a real staple performance in the series (It set the grounds on how Jason acts and moves), he would still have an acting Career and Gillette would be the spokesman for razors.

  46. its a shame that happenned and not at all funny.but why does he want all of the credit for what steve does.didnt he realize that the truth woulsd eventually come out and hed be made a laughting stock.i mean cmon warrington.and a real axe is stupid beyond belief.he shouldnt have even showed up but a fake axe couldve been used you know.

  47. First Off.. Steve Douche-of-shit IS and WILL FOREVER be a PHONY. I mean this mother fucker deserves to have his ass beat. He wants to start all this drama, and all this controversy. Hoping and Wishing that a group of ADOLESENTS WHO HAD NOT YET HIT PUBERTY WOULD LISTEN TO His Rants and Raves and incoherency about him playing Jason Voorhees. Looks like it might have worked on a few. The real Mature Educated People know how to read and write and can read that in the credits Warrington is credited as Jason Voorhees and Steve Dash is credited as the Real NY Jewish Bag Of Shit Cabbie, and Douche Bag Of Shit is PISSED. Ill tell you what If I saw Douche Roach in person Id have to BITCH SLAP the Mother Fucker and set his broken ass straight. Douche Bag OF Shit and his small group of fellow immature commies need to go fuck yourselves. May The Real Real Jason of Friday 13TH Part 2 Warrington \

  48. Hi, Tim.

  49. I want to admit to the fans of Friday The 13TH, that Warrington Gillette did indeed do all the scenes in Friday The 13TH Part 2 as Jason. In fact the only thing I did in the whole film was walk up the stairs in Saundra and Jeff\’s death scene -spear in hand. And the only other scene I did was in the shack when Jason took on Ginny, I took the machete shot to the pick ax, which missed and allmost tore my finger off in the process. Now for 25 Years ,I was a recluse and in fact only came out of hiding and wanted recognition for my two scenes,when I realized their was money to be made having played a Jason even for a brief 30 seconds. My manager Sean Clark advised me -to come out of hiding and to MILK the story of me actually having played Jason through-out part 2. I want to admit to the fans of Jason and Friday 13TH part 2, that Warrington Gillette deserves credit for having played Jason through-out the whole film of part 2. I extend my deepest sincerest appologie to Warrington who is 100 times the Actor that I could ever be. It is my hope that Warrington and the rest of the fans accept my appologie. Thank you for reading this and thanks for your time. -

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