Fan Made Promo Video For Friday the 13th: The Website

I need to verify with Dusk, but perhaps we could run a nice contest that would have our visitors create the ultimate promo video for our website. What does everyone think about that? I will check into that and let everyone know. In the mean time, Adam(Axeman82) was nice enough to put together his own promotional video to share for our website. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

What would you like to see in a promotional video for our website?

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5 Responses to “ Fan Made Promo Video For Friday the 13th: The Website ”

  1. Video Editing Contest?


  2. Yeah I’d love to enter a video editing contest!

  3. We shall see …….

  4. meh, not bad.

  5. If somone creates an official intro for the website I think it must end with the Jason James Bond bit from part six where Jason walks across the screen and then throws the knife at the screen.

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