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First of all I have to state that I am very protective of the series and of big Jase and thankfully it’s a relief to say that I enjoyed the new film. Marcus Nispel does a good job of firstly setting Friday apart from his TCM remake and secondly of injecting a genuine scary atmosphere into Crystal Lake. Also credit has to go out to Shannon and Swift who banged out a solid plot full of likeable teens that you root for.

Personally I found the kills effective but there was nothing here that will go down the classic route such as Andy’s hand stand in part 3 or Marcy and Kevin Bacon’s deaths in the original. That’s not to say the kills are tame, far from it but I just wouldn’t go in expecting to get blown away. The look of the camp is great, the people who decorate the set did an good job of creating a run down haunted camp which time forgot.  I liked it.

By now I guess most of you have seen the film and it’s a given some will dig it while others may feel disappointed. I can see why on both accounts as there were some aspects of the film I was down about as an uber fan. For example I loved how Swift and Shannon had pointed out it could be viewed as a sequel but then the damn title at the beginning stating Mama Voorhees get’s it in 1980 was like a time paradox bomb. They just could have left that out or said screw it and tossed up a time title that at least harked back to the original.  Also the climax was abrupt as hell but you know these are little things and I wouldn’t say they ruin the film.

Derek Mears is a bloody great Jason. It’s no use saying he’s better than any of the others as it’s just his first outing but to hit the ground running is a positive and I hope he gets the opportunity to continue and develop the role.  Travis Van Winkle’s Trent steals every scene he is in. A funny guy who plays a great arsehole. Also of note is how the film, a first for any Friday, set’s up the possibility of two final girls. I liked that a lot. I never knew which one was gonna get it and I guess it will split people down the middile with how it pays off.

To sum up I’d say IMO it’s better than parts 5, 7 (Unless they release it uncut!), 8, 9 and 10 but it never came close to beating my personal fave Jason Lives or the first four entries. It’s going to be interesting to see how the extended cut plays out on DVD. Anyway if you haven’t seen the film yet and you’re still reading this poor example of a review (LOL), what the hells wrong with you?! Go SEE THE FILM!!!! NOW!

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  1. I agree I loved it. I was worried since I didnt like the remake of Halloween at all! But this was GREAT!

  2. I liked this movie but didn’t like the time line paradox either! Thank you for pointing that out. I mean come on they didn’t have to make it as though Jason was already a legend therefore he would have already had his mask, it was making it as though it was just an abandoned camp due to what had happened that was about the only downfall. THat and the fact that somethings were “TCM” like. Such as that old lady’s house looked really texas like, as well Jason setting baretraps and having a butchershed like place. But it was gorey and great. I did like it, I don’t know if I liked Jason being as fast as he was though, he didn’t have that creepy, stalkerlike Jason feel that he has always had. Since this is kind of a new beginning for the franchise it’s alright. Loved that the person you thought was def going to live, so didn’t!! Keep up the good work, just keep the huge fans in mind and that we will notice little things. Oh yeah another TCM like moment was the tow truck, if Jason was driving that tow truck though, I’m telling ya I would’ve walked out of the theater but just the tow truck thing that was a little “Tcm”

  3. Almost word for word I agree. Derek Mears was an awesome Jason, I loved the visciousness he gave to the character. My favorite kill was the guy trapped in the bear trap. when he split his head in half and then used his foot to remove head from machete, it was so systematic and brutal. I Loved the movie for what it was, a good modernized version of the first 4 films.

  4. It fell short with me, but now I’m just hoping that the sequel/next installment gets the green light so we have a chance to see something from someone who gets it right.

  5. I’m going this evening to see two showings of this movie at 7:20 and 9:50. It’ll be an interesting and spooky walk home for me! :-)

  6. Agreed, everything about this movie was good. they did not make it as bad as the TCM and Halloween remakes. this was much better and Derek Mears is the fucking man for the new jason. he made him a hunter like part two and a cold blooded killer like parts 2,3,4,6,7,8,9 and X. i saw it today with my mom and we both liked it. the gore was very good for a remake. they made it feel like the classic friday movies in a way. it was still a very good and nice addition to the friday franchise. i hope the DVD’s are just as good as the movie it self. can’t wait to see how they play out. i enjoyed the movie and hope Derek keeps being jason for the rest of the movies in comparison to the new horror movies, this movie out beats them to the hilt.

  7. Sanchez, part 6 Jason Lives is my favorite sequel as well!!!

  8. You can NOT beat Jason Lives my man! The soundtrack, the characters, the story, the kills….everything about that film rocks. For me I think it’s when the series peaked, I love them all, really I do, but thats the one to beat for me.


  10. well I’m a Hugh hardcore fan of f13th and this was the biggest disappointment iv ever had with a movie to start the kil kil ma ma is in it 3 times its way more of a comedy then a horror the ending sucked if u take the tits out it would be pg-13 with out a doubt its all choppy cuts to this to that i just found it hard to get into it with the f13th movies my eyes are glued to the TV i know its for the younger generation but i’m am that generation the whole thing didnt even get off the ground to fall short i’m not saying don’t go watch it i’m still buying the DVD hopefully the uncut one can save it imo just wait until it comes out on DVD and rent it from a red box with that said i must honestly think and trust me its hard to say this and god i hope im so very wrong but maybe Jason is dead this is the 5th bad movie in a row i give it a 2 out of 5………so sad :(

  11. and i know u guys are like f13th and bad reviews goes hand to hand but not when its the fans giving the bad reviews


  13. Waited a long time, all I can say is that this new movie is really brilliant. Some great kills, Great characters and a real creepy feel to the movie. There is even some black humour. Not a remake and not a sequel of sorts. Ended abruptly, but a great ending. Jason Rules. And a great performance from Derek Mears. One last thing do we call this movie Part 12? or Part 3.5 ?

  14. Oh and they missed a great opportunity, just as Jason is getting killed. They could have had the machine tear into his hockey mask and make the famous crack at the top as an in joke reference thing. Anyone agree????

  15. i have no clue why you guys like this movie, i\’m as big a fan for Friday the 13th as there is, but this movie was not up to par, it had to many cliches and no new kills that were amazing…i could have saved my money and done something different with my life in that time frame of being in the movie theater. the only reason i went to go see the movie is because i never seen Friday the 13th in the theater. other than hype this movie blows. to predictable at the end when he jumps out. i was already leaving cause i knew it was gonna happen.

  16. I Just got from a Matinee Screening. I Enjoyed the Movie Alot.I Had read alot fo teh negative Reviews & expected It to be Terrible But it wasnt. Im not going to Post Spoilers Like alot of other reviewers Did but i didnt agree with alot of what they said regarding the Pot Fields ETC ETC.People Seem to be complaining ab out how Jason Got his Hockey mask & other little Things But we need to Remember This Is a Reimagining Not a Remake.What fun would it be if we saw the Same Screenplay shot for shot as the Original.That is Why i forgive the little tweeks.The Movie had some weaknesses But all in All Its a Fun Ride & its good to see Jason Again. Go Into this Movie as a fresh New Movie & all Should enjoy it. Peace to all & Long Live Friday the 13th

  17. Saw it today, too. I liked it. I wasn’t blown away by it, but I wasn’t disappointed like I was when I saw the Halloween remake. This is true to Jason/F13, for the most part. Would love to see another one!

  18. I’ve got my free movie ticket that came with the His Name Was Jason DVD set so it’s not like I’m having to pay money to see it. I’m hoping for some cool kills and more of a return to the original first 4 films kind of style and from what I’ve read so far it seems like they nailed it.

    BTW, did they have to cut the movie any to get the R rating?

  19. i think i went in with too high of expectations…i’m gonna see it again tomorrow and see how it goes. i liked it, but to me it felt too much like the recent Texas Chainsaw movies and not much like a F13th. i don’t understand why they are still doing that shaky camera shit when everyone has been complaining about it for years. nobody likes it. if anybody likes it please speak up now because i’ve yet to hear anyone say they don’t mind it. you can’t tell what the hell’s going on. i’m pretty sure jason’s first kill was on-screen but i can’t tell you what the hell happened.

    i agree the kills were brutal and pretty good, but nothing memorable. he mostly just goes around stabbing and slashing people. i miss the old days where you were actually excited about the next kill because you never knew what he was going to do. in this one, i always knew what he was gonna do next…stab or slash. what happened to wrapping a belt around a tree and smashing a guy’s eyes with it?..that’s the kind of shit you remember!

    the part with mrs. vorhees i thought was a disgrace. the acting was bad, and the lines were changed in a way that made them just…blah. that part was a huge letdown for me.

    jason with the pillow-sack over his head…i think it looked good but the camera was so shaky throughout that part that you never really got a good look at it. i don’t even know if it had one eye-hole or two.

    the end was terrible in my opinion. the way they killed jason did nothing for me. i didn’t feel like the movie was over at that point.

    all that aside, it just didn’t have that epic feel that the earlier fridays had. i remember watching those in the 80s and after it was over, you turned to the person next to you and said “holy shit.” for this one, it was like “oh come on!”

    oh well. sorry to be the party pooper. now that i know what we got, i’m hoping the second run will play out better for me.

  20. dead on review. im still pissed about the soundtrack, but im a parate and a digital editing hound. dont care about anybody’s opinons on this, but there WILL be a torrent of this movie with that origional manradini soundtrack. mark my words.

  21. I absolutely loved it. I can’t find a way to translate the huge grin on my face into words, so I will just say have a huge grin! :D My favourite kill was … um… I think the speedboat arrowhead; Jason is such a good shot! XD I was watching it in a cinema full of kids and I am not sure how many of them had even seen an F13 movie before and they were loving it! In fact, the prologue sequence got a little round of applause. :D Ferocious show and I will definitely see it again! ^_^

  22. i’m a fan from rome, italy.
    in my own opinion this movie is a nice work!!
    i didn’t expect a masterpiece, but i find the characteristics of every jason’s movie and this is the most important thing for me,
    this remake doesn’t really make drastic changes to the events of the first 4 movies or the main plot.
    so.. jason is back!! and i don’t ask anithing about this!!
    greetings from rome. ( italy)
    ps: sorry for my bad english-)

  23. torgo, yes they did confirm it was cut for gore and to thin out the plot. i noticed the cop’s eye actually came through the door on the end of whatever it was he stabbed him with, but you barely see it. i assume there’s a closeup shot of that.


  25. Just got back from a roadtrip (had to drive to the next town over with a pal of mine to see it – damn the local theatre people!).

    I liked the movie. I haven’t really laughed with (as opposed to at) a Friday the 13th movie this much since Jason Lives. Overall I actually think it surpasses all of New Line Cinemas installments. The characters were likeable and simple – even though they were a little stereotypical (as can be expected), it wasn’t thrown in your face. Sure, the constant joking and mischief they’re up to is not genius stuff, but it’s just a fun popcorn flick. It delivered the jokes, it delivered the kills, and if anyone cares, the sex as well. There’s a nice blend of kills – some gory, some suggested, some intense, some jokey.

    Derek was right – I wasn’t sure how much it’d show, but at different times he was sort of emulating or homaging previous Jason actors, and even brings something new to it. A great ferocity, mixed with restrained underpinned emotion. What matters is the force though – something Kane did best, that he also does well, he grabs and treats people like squirming pieces of trash (so to speak).

    Sure, the opening sequence and the ending seemed a bit tacked on (sort of a “must-have” bookend for Friday the 13th-fans expecting something specific), but it’s nice to see that they’re homaging what came before, and the mythology is pretty much intact (at least you could describe the thing the same way).

    I’d rate it 7 out of 10. But it’ll be interested to see what the DVD version brings, I heard it may be as much as 10 minutes longer.

  26. Doobious, I’m up for helping you with the Manfredini music if you need it. The problem is we need a DVD to strip the actual theatrical music from the correct track. I’ve never done this before but I think there is a program that can do it. I know some of Manfredini’s work is floating around the web, so I’ll do my best to find some and hopefully get a bootleg screener soon to work on what goes where. This film would benefit greatly from a classic soundtrack.

  27. The question is finally answered: Parts 1-4 will NEVER be topped. They should have just made it Part 9 with the same basic approach. Kids find a camp that no one has used in 20 years, and they find out why. Keep it simple, they tried to do too much here.

  28. this is a great movie!

  29. I agree with some others. The new movie sucked. I have watched each Friday movie no less than 50 times each since they released in theaters. The new movie was a travesty for the series. Jason is now running… and unlike the former Friday’s, they didnt even set up the characters. You never got a chance to know who they were before Jason was hacking them up. Damnit, I wish these studios would stop making remakes of classic horror flicks! You cannot recapture the era.

    Jason just isnt Jason without Kane Hodder playing him. Kane has the mannerisms down, the new guy was just to quick and deliberate. Where Jason of old is slow and calculated. Another problem I had was that the actors just seem too professional. They need to go back and find people off the street as they did in the early Fridays. It adds a certain innocence to the film with amateur actors. Otherwise, it feels like every other horror movie made these days.

    I knew from 15 minutes in the new movie, that it was going to be another hack job, trying to make Jason new and cool so that they can draw the young people in for sequels. What about the original fans of the series, who have been watching since 1980?

    They need to let fans write and direct the next film. They could do a hell of a lot better job.

  30. We are stil waiting for it to be released in Australia. This sucks!

  31. Best $5 I’ve spend in a long time. Saw the first showing this morning and came out pumped. Then again, I also loved RZ’s Halloween.

  32. I had my expectations up too high but it was still very enjoyable. I think they did go a little far with the sex though. Sex in horror movies is great, but this one almost felt borderline porno.

    Derek Mears, you are awesome! It was refreshing to see a smarter and faster Jason. Definitely makes him scarier. Looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

  33. It’s so sad to hear people say they love FRIDAY THE 13TH movies but hate this one. “It has too many cliches”? Really? This from a series that gave us Chuck and Chili, Deadfuck, and Demon. This from a series that had a telekinetic girl, Jason loose on a spaceship, a stoner named Freeburg, and Jason hopping from body to body as a demonic worm. And those don’t even scratch the surface… especially when you consider that no less an authority than Victor Miller himself admits that Sean Cunningham called him and said “Let’s rip off HALLOWEEN!” “Take out the boobs and it’s PG-13″? Really? Take out six or seven more seconds of blood and Marcie’s nipples from the original and that movie could play on the Hallmark Channel without angering the censors. Part 6 and Part 8 are pretty much already ready for broadcast TV as is. “It had no standout kills”? Really? So the sleeping bag doesn’t stick out in your mind? The bear trap? The arrow? The dock scene? The axe? Granted, there are no toxic waste barrels, liquid oxygen facials, or road flares in evidence, but there’s plenty of grisly, vicious carnage nonetheless. “The kids are too MTV”? Really? Because I’m pretty sure Jimbo and Ted would have fit right in on MTV circa 1984. The same with Cort and Sissy in 1986. That’s kind of the point, folks – Jason kills CONTEMPORARY teens, so that contemporary teens and the adults who hate them can all relate to what’s happening on-screen in their own unique way. “It was more of a comedy”? Really? Come on, people. What am I, a farthead? Calling this movie a comedy on your little computer is definitely a deadfuck thing to do, Ted. Kind of like lifting your hockey mask to scare away street punks. This film has funny dialogue in it, to make the characters more likable and distinctive and to alleviate the tension, but Jason is never once played for laughs. (BTW, I’m not actually calling anyone here a “deadfuck”, so please don’t be offended by the reference. Just making a point.) “It was a letdown”? Really? Because that’s all expectations, kids, and that’s pretty much on you. The filmmakers promised us a FRIDAY THE 13TH movie, and that’s what they delivered, in spades.

    I won’t even address the whole “running” business, because true F13 fans have seen Jason run many, many times. If that’s your beef, you haven’t paid close enough attention to the previous films (no matter how many times you claim to have seen them) to speak with any authority on the subject. You’re entitled to your opinion, but it is an uninformed opinion nonetheless.

    I’ve seen it three times already, and I can tell you it only gets better and better. By the time Wade, Richie, Whitney, and company first appeared on-screen during my third screening earlier tonight, I felt that warm, fuzzy, familiar feeling coming over me – the one I get whenever I rewatch any of the old films. I was home, back at Crystal Lake, where I belong. If you put aside your preconceptions, stop listening to the trolls and critics (who NEVER like these movies), and stop nitpicking (sorry, but that’s what most of the criticisms boil down to), you’ll start to feel it too in subsequent viewings.

  34. I agree ten fold with Don Krouskop.

    The criticisms are foobar at best.

  35. The comments are totally foobar!

    What is with the criticism of Jason running. If I remember correctly, he does in part 2 and part 3.

  36. word for word…agreed good sir! I walked out of the theatre tonight after years of waiting for jasons triumphent return… I think my hopes were set to high so I felt a little let down but I did nothing but think about the film my whole drive home and am already dying to go see it again… I would rate it 10 severed heads out of a possible 13!

  37. why does everyone keep saying “kids,…” we’re not retarted, we know a good movie from a bad movie, and some of us do actually have knowledge on the whole friday the 13th series. So, ahem, some people who dislike the movie, need to think before they blame this movie for getting big in the box office, on silly “kids” who “don’t even know the name of the camp”

  38. I would say my only main issues were the timeline… the bells that ring when they hit the trip wire (I know they were going for a smarter jason) and I get it, It just seemed odd to me. as well as the score…I think if they used more classic f13 music it would have made it that much more amazing… still a great great flick! cant wait to go see it again tomorrow!

  39. Saw the first showing today, and I loved it. It was so much better than I thought it would be, I did not go into the movie with my hopes up or anything, but it sure turnd out better than I thought it was going to.
    Derek Mears was awsome I feel, finally Jason is running, and more agresive.
    I like the look and feel of the film, the opening was not real bad, could have been better, I would have liked to see Jason`s face a little more, that was to short.
    But all in all I loved it, it was nice to see Jason back on the big screen again. Im gonna see it again.
    I hope when it comes out on DVD that there are lots of extras. Just one thing though, it was porno that horror, oh well can`t wait to see it again.

  40. Wow, i loved it personally!!! i only have a few minor complaints, the score, the fact that when he grabbed the girl and the camera gave a close up to his eye it looked as though he was trying to be scary and he should have just like had a more blank expression in his eyes, you never really see his face except for quick glimses before he puts the hockey mask on and at the end in the lake, he ran too much i like the running but he needed to stalk more. other than that i loved it i personally think derek has out done the other actors to portray jason and i want to see him back in the mask weilding that machete, i loved the huge homage to part 2 with whitney reminding him of his mother and her talking to him at the end how it stopped him for a while i wish the scene would have continued longer before clay attacked jason. with that said if you havent seen go see it and if you have only seen it once i recommend seeing it again because i saw it twice and it was much much better the second time around,
    happy friday the 13th all

  41. I was confused because I heard it was a remake of the original, which it was not. Not even sure it could be considered a remake of 3-5. When in the beginning the one character said “20 years ago” that would’ve been 1989 so that kinda confused me too about what I had heard in reviews. Anyway you have some good points it was a good movie, but I would say it is #12 I think and I’m looking forward to the next one. They opened it up to more.

  42. Don Krouskop, I agree entirely. I’ve now seen it three times as well, and the experience really relies on many things. The first night the audience was more into it than I was because I was trying to take in so much and make sure my expectations (extremely high) were filled. The second night, I relaxed a bit more and the audience was stil receptive but a bit less. That was actually my favorite viewing because I knew what I was in for and was less analyitical. Tonight was a bit odd because I’m a bit “Friday the 13th”ed out right now. Yes, folks, even your F13 FanAtic needs a break sometimes. But the movie still held up for me and definitely does fit in with the series a lot more than VIII-X did. Too bad the audience was the worst with a bunch of giggling teens barely watching the movie and screaming just for attention. I hate those audiences and I might just go a forth time to end it all on a high note. If any of you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and don’t listen to anyone. So many people and critics are spewing different shit. Even the older guy behind me tonight acted like a real pro until he said stuff like “Jason never ran.” and other pure crap. Watch it and enjoy it. We certainly have a better reboot here than Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” abortion. Thank you, Platinum Dunes, for not delving into Jason’s childhood!

  43. I Liked it!!! But the kills could have been better. Running Jason KICKS ASS. I wish the blonde guy would have had a more iconic death!!! I will see it a few more times before the dvd comes out!!!

  44. WOW! What a letdown this movie was. Only people who will like this flick are contemporary kids who haven’t seen better. That’s all they know and they’ll tell you “this flick was great“ “best Friday ever“.. etc.. But us true fans know better, we know how just a generation ago they made horror movies truly scary, not the travesty that it is nowadays. But hey, it appeals to the new generation so what the heck? I can watch all my fav Fridays from the 80s all my life and will be satisfied. This new bullshit will never stain good memories, although tonight I felt cheated. Here’s my humble review, from a TRUE fan:

    Opening sequence (prologue) had the worst acting ever! Intercuts with credits, damn! Who had that brilliant idea? Talk about jettisoning the moment. All in all the intro just felt like a parody of the first film ending.

    Flash today and we are treated to some annoying kids camping around Crystal Lake. At this point we are asking ourselves, ok these are the main characters, let’s hear what’s their story. Bam Jason kills them in like 10 minutes and we get the title card. Wait. Is the movie really starting now? Geez. The title card says it all: bland Friday the 13th lettering, no punch. Just like the movie. Remember when we used to get the mask crashing on the screen or the shattered glass with F13 in big block letters crashing on the screen with original music? Here we get Friday the 13th in simple red font, no music, no noise, nothing. Blah!

    From then on it’s kill after kill with that damn shaky cam almost ALL the time where we can’t see anything that is going on. Great! We get the damn tunnels were Jason hides and disconnects this movie from every Friday that we know of. Since when are there tunnels in Crystal Lake. The kills are unimaginative at best and totally devoid of suspense. I remember Marcus Nispel saying we don’t want to go the torture porn kill route, well boys and girls, he does it the exact way of torture porn!!! What a liar. Dragged on scenes were all the protagonist scream loudly in horror and the camera pans on them laying on the ground hurting and hurting some more. Yeah, that’s not torture isn’t it? Damn. The kills are in no way memorable and happen in a mushy way that they are undistinguishable from each other. And what’s about Jason appearing from behind at almost every kill shot? Talk about variety.

    The ending sucked big time as we don’t have a proper confrontation but a measly 20 second fight that’s over in the blink of an eye. People, listen: I am a REAL Friday the 13th fan and would have so much wanted to like this movie. But it is uninspired, there’s no suspense at all, the storyline is just.. non-existent, and there is like only two KiKiKi-MaMaMa throughout the whole movie! Basically it just doesn’t feel like a Jason movie although it’s set in Crystal Lake. Weird thing isn’t it? This movie was basically made for the Torture Porn generation by Torture Porn generation directors. The scary, suspensful kind of horror is truely dead in 2024. The new generation likes its horror bland and on the cheap. But hey, you kids liked it! Sorry people.

  45. Likeable teens? you lost me there. This movie was filled with douchebags, such horrible casting and cliche ridden jerks.

    The killings were boring to say the least, My Bloody Valentine 3D pissed on this remake on the gore department.

  46. I saw this today at 11:30 am and to say I was dissapointed is an understatement. Let me explain… Ever since I heard that Platinum Dunes was making this movie I was ready for it… I\’d seen the TCM remake and The Begining and was very pleased with those films. Now I then hear that the writers of Freddy Vs. Jason were attached to this movie, it was then I started getting my doubts. I enjoyed Freddy Vs. Jason but that wasn\’t a Friday The 13th movie… It was A Nightmare On Elm Street with special guest Jason Voorhees. I knew then that this film had trouble on the way. My main complaint is the fact that they are pushing this for the younger more hip generation of fans… excuse me I guess all of us that have made this Franchise the success that it is don’t mean shit now?.. the beginning of the film was a let down in itself. I should’ve known then that it wasn’t gonna get any better. It kicks off in 1980… and then boom were in present day… what the hell hapend in that span of 29 years… why does everyone know of Jason but not know what happend to those 5 people that vanished 6 weeks earlier… hmmm… They couldn’t find anything but Clay can stumble across and broken GPS and find Jason’s hideout… damn i guess Clay should’ve been a cop… this movie had so much potential and so much hype that it just did not deliver one ounce of a good time. It didn’t even feel like I was watching a Jason movie. My question for New Line is this… How the fuck can you strike out 4 times in a row? JGTH, JX, FvsJ, and now Friday the 13th… It’s pathetic to see this series get treated like this everytime they try to make a new film… Why was TCM and Halloween remakes good and yet our boy Jason can’t buy a fuckin decent movie.. Next time (if there is one) let the damn fans make the film… fuck the hollywood writers and producers that want to make a Hip new Friday movie for the New Horror fans that by the way won’t go and buy the old movies or the dvd when it becomes availible and shit on the one’s that have bought the movies (not to mention several different versions of the same damn film) and made this franchise so popular to begin with, and let someone make it according to the fans interest’s… Not stupid ass Hollywood. For the love of god if you can’t make a film better than atleast one of the last 5 movies don’t make another fucking movie! so in a nutshell… If you are a Die hard Friday the 13th fan of the first 4 movies… DON’T GO SEE THIS MOVIE… LET ME REPHRASE… Don’t go see this movie if you expect it to remotley resemble any of those films… YOU WILL BE LET DOWN.. If you are a new horror fan (you know the new Generation horror fan) then you’ll love this movie and forget about it next week… that’s how the new generation likes their movies.. for just a moment then boom something new is out, then “old” fans that have stuck by these movies and the studio’s that made them for so long are still standing there… they try to push some low budget P.O.S edition of the original films with so called extra’s on them so they can make some money because the film they just made … you know for the new hip crowd… BOMBED like crazy.
    Thats my review!

  47. i must say i did like jason……….but thats it

  48. TheDeadman13 i couldn’t agree with u more but im am the new Generation (17) but i would say im an old school fan even my music is old (zeppelin sabbath stones)lol


    Take a gander!!! $20 mil on fri night. Estimated for $51 open. Far exceeds FvJs $36 mil opening.

    Regardless of you detractors, if this thing hits 100m plus… take a bow

  50. “TheDeadman13″ yeah…”bombed like crazy”? I think you would consider me a part of this “new generation” but I actually have seen all the movies, believe it or not, and this new “remake” did not scare me, but I don’t think it’s fair for you to blame this shit movie on us, did we direct it? did we cast the actors? no. What were you like around this age? The people who wrote um what..dracula, probably said the same thing about your generation then too. (ps. it dosen’t make you sound like a great fan, it makes you sound old) sorry.

    second, same thing goes for you, “Yootsi” as did above for “Deadman13″ but I do agree with you on how the film went;not very well to say the least. But does anyone know whay trent’s family wasn’t killed years ago at their cabin, if they had it since he was younger…I really didn’t understand that, and even though the girl whitney may have, in this movie, looked like a younger mom of jason’s, when has he really let anyone live, who was trespassing on Camp Crystal Lake, in part 2 even though he thought ginny was his mom in the end for a minute he killed her, um because he realized she wasn’t “mother” but yet he knew whitney wasn’t either….hmm…

  51. oh, and before you say you can be young and be a fan, well you sound like a hypocrite because you make it sound like because this generation is young, we don’t know any better movies, and cannot be “true” fans.



  54. oops and finally, for anybody who said that the scene where he finds his hockey mask sucks and maybe wasn’t like the original, do some research and you’ll see brad fuller said their hockey mask scene was going to be different, then in the third movie….wow I have way too much time on my hands, but I think my point is proven

  55. Hey Friday fans!

    I love this site and love the feedback, I blogged a personal review of the movie…I’d appreciate the feedback from all of you guys!

    I tried looking at the film a little differently, value all of your thoughts


  56. I agree with Don Krouskop 100%. For those with these criticisms with Jason never running or the teenagers aren’t like the new teens in the new film, you need to re-watch all 11 movies again. Jason did run in earlier films. Remember when the cop was chasing Jason through the woods to his shack in Part 2.
    I saw it last night and actually liked it. Derek Mears did a pretty good job as Jason. I would have liked him to have been a little slower in his stalking. He moved a little fast to me.
    I also didn’t like the weed field part. That was unnecessary.

    What would of been nice is if they had blended a some scenes with the mrs. voohees/alice scene at the beginning for a nice timeline. Some similar to what they did at the beginning of Part 4.

  57. One other thing. Did anybody notice the wheel chair in Jason’s tunnel? I figured it was Mark’s wheel chair from Part 2.

  58. Thank god they didnt remake part 1, that scene was terribly acted, and borderline rape. The following 20 minutes were great, up until the new kids. thats when the re-invisioning came in and they re-invented the stereotypes for the teenagers. The snob who cant act like a snob, the stoner who is not funny, the the token black guy whos a nerd. It seemed like most of the films effort, editing, talent, music, went only into the scenes involving tits. The producers, and director should put thier future efforts into making porn. This was friday the 13th part 12 and nothing more. the shakey came was terrible, you couldnt see what was going on, so it confuses me how anyone can claim to see the superb acting abililities of the guy playing Jason. Only 3 deaths were halfway interesting. loved the sack head jason, hated the hockey mask, its like his persona changed and he became less brutal.

  59. Kate I was saying that in general… there may be exeptions out there but what I was saying about the new generation fans is… Why would they take a franchise that has been struggling for years and promise us all this shit and not deliver any of it. The only thing they delivered and talked about at nausea was the nudity and weed… thats it … was it scary…no… was it gory… no… my gripe is they had a chance to make this film great. They didn’t do that they tried to make it for the young generation thats not saying this film was made for kids i’m only 24 myself… I grew up on these movies yes I wasn’t alive when the first few were made. When i say young generation I mean the people who are into the torture and not the scare the Saw generation the Hostel generation the Devils regects and so on… I’m not trying to lable a certian age group. Jason wasn’t known for tortureing people :sleeping bag on fire death: he wasn’t known for kidnapping people :whitney: I was just saying they tried to make him appeal to that new generation that doesn’t have a clue what a slasher movie is. Thats all.

  60. Jason running makes him more scary, i dnt care what any of u think, its the best improvment on the droll sequels that appeared after part 4 he ran in part 2,3 & 4, & any true fan will agree that the early friday movies are the best by a long shot, the film is fantastic, yeah sure its far from perfect but show me a Friday film that dosent have flaws, but at the end of the day its about Jason thats why we love these films, and i honestly think we have seen our best Jason yet with part 4’s Ted White a ball hair behind, the whole running thing just makes him more intense & scary as you know the victims have less a chance of escaping, so stop yoyr bitching & if you want something to bitch about go watch rz’s halloween, if you feel a touch let down by certain aspects just think how good a sequal we could have if its done right, but all in all defo one of the best of the series

  61. And by the way Jason didn’t kill Ginny in part 2 just wanted to throw that out there.

  62. DON is right. People need to realize that these are modern teenagers! Yes we have ipods and Youtube…Hello it is 2024. So the dialogue and mannerisms apply to THIS GENERATION of teens, just like the original movies did to the teens of the early 80’s.
    I admit Its easy to be critical being F13 snobs that we are, but even I must admit they did a great job of bringing F13 back, and the promotion for this movie was awesome. This is what we asked for and they delivered…

  63. 2009 my bad

  64. I saw the movie last night, Now I am a huge Jason fan and must say I was quite disappointed.. I mean what was the rush with getting on with the kills, which by the way was nothing spectacular.. Couldn’t the writers of this film at least give us a little insight as to why Jason was this way, I mean show some creativity what was it they only had enough reel for 90 minutes worth of film show me that you spent some time on the script other than how long before we start the killing.. Showus what happened to Big J at the camp when he drowned… And for those who say that Jason was humanized come on,who do you know drowns and comes back to life so please with that… Now my review of the film is was J a pothead it seemed that way to me and if not what was with all the scenes with marijuana in it, it just didn’t make sense… The hostage didn’t make sense albeit it looked like his mom but lets be real he does not take hostages… The girl going with that guy who was searching for his sister, who do you know would do something so stupid she never met this guy and shes in the woods searching for his sister with him idiotic.. The ending was just probably the saddest part of it all, with so many creative ways they could have done this that was ridiculous,they kill him and drag or whatever way they supposedly got him there was just out of this world truly dissappointing.. I must say I was very dissappointed and would have loved to see what Rob Zombie would have done with it although I didn’t like Halloween either at least he thought about the script a little.. Which the writer of this did nothing of other than count the dollar signs…

  65. Ray… Yeah all the writers did with this film was count the seconds till they could show weed or tits…. it was stupid no point to the story at all… Jason is just sort of there… Okay… he hasn’t killed anyone till … now.???? Okay… and like you said it seemed like the only reason he killed was because some potheads stole his weed… give me a fucking break why… why … why … why in all that is holy did they make this film so fucked up… How can new line or whoever the powers that be.. how could they have looked at this script/story and said hey.. this is gonna bring Jason Voorhees back and make him scary… Did it bring Jason back.. yeah but so did JGTH, JX, FvsJ… they brought him back but sucked none the less… was it scary… FUCK NO!!! I see this movie is making big bucks at the box office… and you know that, thats all New Line and the fucks that made this film care about… fuck it if it sucks we don’t care we’re getting our money. They will make another one more rediculas than this one… and laugh all the way to the bank.

  66. Oh yeah someone wrote earlier about the bells and trip wire things Jason had in his lair… Did the writers watch See No Evil… didn’t Kane’s character Jacob Goodnight have the same setup in the motel? I’m gonna stop ranting about this movie. I just want to end it with… I was REALLY looking forward to this film and wanted to go in there and love it… but it was just a huge letdown… I am a huge Friday the 13th fan seen em all million times and enjoyed them all until this one I couldn’t help but look at my cell phone to see what time it was hoping it was almost over. Thats bad! I am with Sanchez Jason Lives is my favorite one too along with 1,2,3,4… the rest are okay but this new one just didn’t feel right it wasn’t like i was watching a Friday the 13th or Jason movie it was just a blank feeling when I left the theater. So after this i’m done talking about this movie. See you guys again in a few years when they throw another one at us. Until they come up with something that remotley resembles any of the “GOOD” films I’ll be happy. Later

  67. I’m amused by the guy who said this movie portrays today’s youth, are you serious?

    So, in 2024 teens are this stupid, arrogant, low lifes & utterly moronic ridden sex & pot maniacs, I’m done. You’re right, this movie is for you and not for me, I was never so happy to be 30 years old right now.

  68. I’m 35… (and, I’m not one who is down on the “younger generation.” I still consider myself a PART of the “younger” crowd… Hell, I LOOK 10-12 years younger than I AM..) I have seen ALL of the F13 films… I was an extra in 2024 Maniacs (Robert Englund is a cool dude… I hate to see what the hacks behind the F-13 reboot do to “Nightmare…” but… I digress…)

    I absolutely HATED this “film” with a passion… I’m not going to nit-pick parts or point out the exact things I hated (there are far too many to list…)

    I think Derek Mears rocks and, is a great guy…

    That said, Kane Hodder IS Jason. I’m sorry… Getting him as Jason would have been the first step in doing this remake RIGHT…

    It should have been directed/written by people who understand the series… Period. My Bloody Valentine is a FINE example of a horror remake done RIGHT… It far surpasses it’s original… It was fun… and, warrants repeat viewings…

    A rock soundtrack, featuring Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, etc. would have been great… For that matter, Zombie could have directed it and, done much BETTER…

    They just really dropped the ball here… I mean, I find good things in EVERYTHING… My friends sometimes get annoyed because I LIKE things too easily… and, I’m known to be an EASY critic… but, this steaming pile of filth just sucked the joy out of my life…

    I’d rather slice off my nads with a rusty spoon than EVER watch this F-13 remake again…

    Too harsh? Too bad… It blew…

  69. it’s good

  70. Is it me or are a lot of people extremely nostalgic and unrealistic. Like the characters in previous F13th movies were really intellectual teenagers? Kane Hodder will forever play Jason? The whole Jason is/isn’t a pot farmer has already been gone over for those that were not paying attention. Alice Cooper isn’t gonna write new songs just for F13? /and Rob Zombie doesn’t like F13th.

    As F13th fans I think we’ve all had plenty left to our imaginations to explain. Now that the remake is out people think it needs more explaining as to why everything happens. I picked up on plenty of references from the old films and felt like alot of things were given enough attention to stay true to the classics.

    The movies are known to always get teared up my reviews. It seems like those critizing the film are the same reviewers that always critizied before for the same things.



    -Stupid Teenagers

    -and an all too stupid misconception of Jason doesn’t run

    Has the old generation of F13 fans foregotten or is the newer generation not acknowleding that these things make these movies.

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