Mark and Brian: From Radio To Jason Goes To Hell

Brian Wayne Phelps and Mark LaMarr Thompson are best known for their nationally-syndicated Mark & Brian morning show. Both Mark and Brian first met in Birmingham, Alabama in 1986. The next year the duo moved their show to KLOS-FM in Los Angeles, where they are still based today.

The enormous popularity of their radio show has given Phelps and Thompson several opportunities to branch out into other entertainment media. In 1991-92 the pair hosted a short-lived NBC TV series, The Adventures of Mark & Brian, based on their radio show. Throughout the years both Mark and Brian have appeared in several motion pictures and TV series, notably The Princess Diaries (2001), the Comedy Central series Reno 911 and perhaps their most notorious film, Jason Goes To Hell (1993).

The pair’s turn as police officers that discover a Jason possessed Robert (Steven Culp) in the Crystal Lake police station, is one of the fans favorite kills in the movie and the franchise. Mark and Brian offered promotional posters for the release of the film as well as a dedicated radio show for the movie premier. This was just another example of how New Line Cinema went out of their way to promote Jason Goes To Hell and make it an event for the fans, even though a lot of fans today still look poorly upon this entry in the franchise.


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12 Responses to “ Mark and Brian: From Radio To Jason Goes To Hell ”

  1. Wow, I didn’t even know these two guys were radio people? Kind of cool. Nice poster!

  2. the neat stuff that gets posted here onthe site is amazing!

  3. These guys were pretty cool about the whole experience. I really wish I could find a copy of their radio broadcast. It must be out there somewhere.

    Glad you like the post jjv ;)

  4. Image number #2, what were you guys just doing?

  5. Image number #2, what were you guys just doing?

    Hmmm……. :)

  6. ^the2ndsuitor,

    I thougt the exact same thing…looks really wrong from that shot. hehe…JF this is cool. I also thought they were just some paid extras..not big time radio stars! Thanks for the info!

  7. I never got how their faces got so damaged from just being smacked together. Maybe Jason is just that damned strong!

    I thought these guys were pretty good. I’d love to have a copy of that radio show as well. I’m gonna see if I can find any contact info.

  8. Yeah I remember when Mark and Brian appeared on The Arsenio Hall in 1992. And they went on about how many movies and TV shows they were to appear in the future. And the last title they mentioned was “Friday The 13th Part 9″, their words. And I was like Hell Yeah!!!. I think it was before the studio decided to call it Jason Goes To Hell. And their death scene is awesome. One of the cooler moments in one of the weakest sequals in the Jason franchise.

  9. very cool, that one guy has a kickin mullet.

  10. That pic of the poster is pretty badass!

  11. JF: I know this of off-topic but I figured I ask. was JX completely filmed in a studio since it’s all “future life” stuff? And, if it was, this would make this the ONLY film in the franchise completely done in studio with no outside filming right?

  12. Mark and Brian: From Radio To Jason Goes To Hell…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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