Jason X Screen Used Shirt Winner Announced

For those of you that remember, Creepy Tees sold their 30 Years of Fear package earlier in the year, which contained a signed poster from stars of Friday the 13th 1980 as well as a T-Shirt and a raffle ticket to enter into a drawing to win a screen-used shirt from Jason X. Well, this past weekend at the Spooky Empire convention, Creepy Tees held their drawing and the winner was announced.

If you received the Newsletter from Creepy Tees, then this is old news, but for everyone else, here is what was announced:

Congratulations to J. Bender (#51) from California! He was the lucky winner of the screen-used shirt from Jason X.

The screen used shirt that was won is to the right. The close-up image of the shirt is an image I got from www.fridaythe13thprops.de and may not be the actual shirt that was won. However, considering there were only two shirts worn in the film, it’s a fifty-fifty chance that it is the shirt.

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4 Responses to “ Jason X Screen Used Shirt Winner Announced ”

  1. I want the girls that come with the shirt! Cograts to the winner.

  2. Yea, hopefully some perv didn’t win the shirt and smell it every night. :) Consgrats, though, as it’s cool to own anything from the series.

  3. Congrats J. Bender.

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