Contest: Create Your Best Sequel Teaser Poster

Posted 31 Jan 2024 in The Saga


We at are good listeners and think your participation in the franchise is the number one reason these movies are still getting made. Likewise, your involvement in our website is the reason we are here as well. In the past, we have run a few contests involving winning DVD’s, comics and an LP soundtrack. Now, we think the fans should win something even more valuable……….a chance to contribute to our website and a sequel in the franchise.

What we would like you to do is create the ultimate teaser poster for the impending sequel. It can be any dimensions, horizontal or vertical. Once all posters are received by the deadline, we will judge the best poster. That poster will then be used by one of the writers here when reporting news about the sequel, until an official poster is released.

So, put your creative talents to the test. The worst case is you spend time creating something you really can enjoy. The better case is that you could be recognized by us here at the website and have your hard work displayed for everyone to see.

Submit yout entries to by Saturday, February 13th. We will announce the winner the following week.

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. Corey (31 Jan 2024, 2:49)

    If I knew how to do a good photoshop or something, you can bet it’d be pretty awesome, Oh well, I suppose I can imagine it in my “Jason-decayed” mind huh?

  2. MadWorldDesigns (31 Jan 2024, 4:49)


    How many entries are allowed?

  3. Chris. B (31 Jan 2024, 5:34)

    That sounds like a cool contest. I will try to come up with something. I love making posters and stuff like that on the computer. It’s fun.

  4. jasonsfury (31 Jan 2024, 6:09)

    “How many entries are allowed?”

    Honestly, there is no limit. If you want to make numerous variations, be my guest. We are really looking forward to what comes in. Good luck to everyone!

  5. MadWorldDesigns (31 Jan 2024, 7:01)


  6. Tony Carroll (31 Jan 2024, 15:57)

    This should be very interesting!

  7. cat (31 Jan 2024, 15:59)

    Very interesting!!!

  8. Corey (31 Jan 2024, 19:29)


    Are hand-drawn posters allowed? I mean, I do work with GWAR, so I can assure you I can draw up some wicked stuff with sharpies… figured I’d ask you.

    Oh yeah, thanks for the response to my question about SpfX crew brackets…

  9. jasonsfury (31 Jan 2024, 22:23)

    Sure, Corey. Do you have a way to scan it and email the drawing?

  10. Corey (31 Jan 2024, 23:08)

    Hell yes I do brother…I’ll start on it tonight and when it’s finished, I’ll def. scan it, and email it to you right away! thanks man!

  11. jasonsfury (01 Feb 2024, 0:25)

    Awesome! Can’t wait to see what you have planned!

  12. Steve W (01 Feb 2024, 2:32)

    This is an awesome contest, just emailed in my entry.

  13. jasonsfury (02 Feb 2024, 5:47)

    I have recieved some great posters everyone! Keep them coming. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity showcased.

  14. Palpatine (02 Feb 2024, 6:56)

    This sounds like a cool contest! Im in!

  15. Palpatine (02 Feb 2024, 7:06)

    Will all or some of the posters be displayed here on the site? Wha judges? is it you guys or us?

  16. jasonsfury (02 Feb 2024, 21:21)

    More great entries have been received. I love everything that has been submitted so far!

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