Fangoria Radio Interviews Derek Mears

fangradioI missed the broadcast Friday night, but Derek sat down with Anthony Timpone and Debbi Rochon to help observe Jason’s special day by giving the skinny on what he’s up to—including some info on PREDATORS and FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2. If anyone listened to the broadcast let us know what they talked about as Fangoria does not have the show up on their podcasts on iTunes to download yet.

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11 Responses to “ Fangoria Radio Interviews Derek Mears ”

  1. Timpone bugs me for some reason.

    I’m gonna go out on what will prob be another unpopular limb and say I really like Derek Mears as Jason. He might be my second favorite, except for the running and emotion (sorry in advance Germaniac!)

    Im looking forward to seeing him in part 2, except I hope they get rid of that awful hair he had in part 1. I always liked the bald Jason look better.

  2. PLEASE don’t start the running thing again….too late.

  3. My theory on Jason running was just to satisfy a modern audience. It was the in thing in the early 80\’s to have stalkers walk. Think of Michael Myers for example. I hate everything about Michael Bay and co. They changed Jason too much it was like watching Leatherface or something. Having said that I thought that Mears was absolutely awesome as Jason. And he comes over as a real fan of the series. Thank fuck for that.

  4. Well, since Jason was running ans showed emotions in the first 4 movies they just changed the things back to normal … which is a good thing. And Jason had hair in parts 2,4 and 6 .. so what´s the problem with that?

  5. david bronstein:

    i agree totally. Mears was good, had the perfect body type and all (reminded me a bit of the Brooker incarnation with the hunchback as well). But, Platinum Dunes has no clue. The more I watch the remake the more i really don’t like it. Jason holding prisoners? Come on. Not to mention the screenplay makes no sense. If they wanted to reboot it, it might’ve made sense to have counselors opening a camp. If it keeps going in this direction i will be glad if they end the series. Of course, they won’t.

  6. I don’t know why Derek would bother even talking with Fangoria. They’ve trashed every Friday film. Derek did a great job as Jason. The remake is much better than people make it out to be. Especially considering some of the previous sequels. The next one should bring back Tommy Jarvis.

  7. I have to disagree with Fangoria trashing every Friday movie. They have been covering this franchise since the beginning, nearly 30 years. In a lot of ways, Friday the 13th and other early horror movies from the 80’s helped build Fangoria. Without movies like Friday the 13th, that magazine would not have survived out of the 80’s and beyond.

    Fangoria dedicated a lot of coverage to the Friday franchise, so I would see why Derek would talk to them.

  8. The franchise thought enough of the magazine to give it a cameo in Part III!

  9. Hey all,

    Did Jason have hair in part 6? Geez its sad i can’t really remember exactly, but I thought he was bald? Im going to have to go back and check now.

    I just didn’t like the patchy hair in the new one. My favorite version was part 9, and I didn’t like the patchy hair there, either.

    I suppose I can buy the going back to the first couple and letting him run.

    Sorry to have started the running thing again, haha I missed out on the first round of debate

  10. crystallakehiker09,
    He did have a small, small amount of hair on his head in Part 6. At a quick glance, you would not notice it.

  11. Debbi Rochon is a hot woman. I can totally understand why Derek Mears would do the interview if she is the one conducting it. Have any of you guys ever seen “Tromeo and Juliet”? She plays Ness in that film and she is smokin hot!

    Derek Mears is a real man for doing this interview…even if Fangoria isn’t the nicest critic of the F13 franchise. Real men know how to open themselves up for critisism whenever there is an opportunity to be in the presence of a woman like Debbi Rochon. Way to go, Derek!

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