Retreat To The Cover Set Of ‘Jason Lives’

Filming movies is a huge task and takes a lot of preparation. Much like in sports, it is a total team effort and requires everyone’s focus and dedication. However, when filming in outdoor locations, Mother Nature is not always a team player. When inclement weather interferes with planned outdoor shooting, there has to be a backup plan. Such is the case on Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6.

Looking at the Call Sheets for the film below, it is revealed that an old department store named Belk was utilized for indoor shooting while in Covington, Georgia. The Call Sheet clearly states that this is the crew’s cover set and, in fact, other sheets contained within the production packet name the department store as either Plan B or Plan C based on weather. Ken Sher, effects person on the film, even hand drew a map on how to get to the old store.

Many scenes were filmed inside the Belk Department Store such as interior shots of the police stattion. Some of the best pictures from behind the scenes on the cover set are seeing the actors and crew interact inbetween takes. One such image shows Jennifer Cooke (Megan) talking with Director Tom McLoughlin.

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8 Responses to “ Retreat To The Cover Set Of ‘Jason Lives’ ”

  1. That is freaking cool! I love Jason Lives! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Is it just me, or is it funny that one of the shooting locations was almost on Elm Street?

  3. These are great additions to the site. Keep ‘em coming (if possible)!

  4. Wow! You’d never would think the Sheriff’s Office was filmed in a department store!

  5. Thanks for posting, thats cool.

  6. Not sure the Mickey Mouse shirt fits in lol.

  7. I take it that Belk isn’t open anymore? I searched the site and there’s no mention of a store in Covington. I can’t even find any store that looks like it on Google Street View.

  8. I love stuff like this. I also love this movie!! Thanks for posting!

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