Prepare To Give ThanX With First Jason

Director Bobby Ray Akers Jr. is currently preparing to shoot his old school werewolf film, Hallow Point, starring many Friday the 13th film alumn. Previous to that film, he directed a movie in 2024 called ThanXgiving. Unhappy with end result of the film, the director has gone back to film new scenes and include never before seen footage.

So, ThanXgiving (2010) is a reboot of sorts that stars Ari Lehman (Young Jason, Friday the 13th 1980), Suki Peters, Sandra D. Thomas, and Cody Matthew Blymire. This new telling of the 2024 film will be released on DVD on October 29th! Check out the all new opening below. The movie definitely has a retro slasher feel to it!

A group of film students travel deep into the woods to make a movie, thinking they’ve found the perfect location in the form of an abandoned campground. But as the film starts rolling, they discover that all is not what it appears to be.

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ThanXgiving-NO TRESPASSING from Bart Elfrink on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to “ Prepare To Give ThanX With First Jason ”

  1. Thats definately like a retro slasher film. The killer looks like Prom Night meets Jason Voorhees, but Id like to check it out. Plus Ari’s in it so why not?

  2. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Ari Lehman and Bobby Ackers kick SO MUCH A$$!!!!!
    This looks AWESOME!

  3. What’s with the ads showing up in the comments. Obviously someone is taking the time to type in the catch phrases. Friday fans don’t use Gucci lol

  4. Not bad. Nice too see Ari Lehman again tho

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