Custom 12″ ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ Sideshow Figure

When we posted our story about NECA’s plans for releasing more Jason figures, our visitors responded with wishes of seeing versions of Jason that were not released with official licenses. Many collectors of the Sideshow figures desperately want to complete their collection of Jason’s and lack the Roy figure from ‘A New Beginning’ and Jason from ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’. Some have gone the custom figure route to complete their collection and those figures are made quite well.

I found one particular ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ custom 12 inch figure that would fit right into someone’s collection and it is made quite well. The figure is listed on the Nightowl forums and the creator is asking $100 for the figure and custom made display base. Read the full details of the figure below and if you are interested, visit the thread at the Nightowl Forum and contact the creator. If you don’t have an account at the forum and do not want to create one, I will contact the custom creator and forward your information. Send me an email to [email protected].

Figure details
-film accuratly torn clothing
-film accurate hockey mask (not removable)
-latex skin applied over armature for a nasty “skin” feeling
-An overall “drenched” look to seem like he’s fresh out of Crystal lake
-Grass/mold in some areas of the body(including the left shoulder just like in the film)

Also included is:
-Bloody axe
-Bloody machete

The waters of New York and blood are going down the drain on the base of the stand, which is a street.
Behind jason is bricks for “city” look.
Stuck between the bricks is Jason’s stand that holds him up.

This figure will not disapoint anyone!
By him to complete your sideshow jason figures; you won’t have to complain about missing the part 8 figure finally!
Figure comes signed and dated.

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10 Responses to “ Custom 12″ ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ Sideshow Figure ”

  1. That is just creepy, i was just on the nightowl forums and happened to look at this like no more than 5 mins ago lol
    Awesome looking and definately a must get for any collector who wants a manhattan figure.

  2. Hey Jasonsfury, the vid is done and i sent ya the url on youtube.
    Let me know if you like and wanna use it?

  3. I hate part 8, but that’s a nice figure.

  4. That is a nice custom!

  5. Thats realy good!! Love it, great detail!!

  6. Excellent detail to this figure. I like everything except for the head. The diamonds on the mask aren’t right and there’s no face sculpt? I’d prefer a face sculpt over the display base……but that’s just me.
    Nice job on the figure anyway.

  7. Pretty close to the sideshow style. Great figure!

  8. Awesome!!!

  9. As a huge part 8 fan, I think it looks great bro!!!Be proud!!The blood running into the drain is sick!!!

  10. can i have it

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