Vote Jason The Scariest Big-Screen Psycho

You want Jason to always win, even though he’s the bad guy, right? Well, fans can make sure that happens, but you have to vote to make it reality. Entertainment Weekly is trying to figure out who is the Scariest Big-Screen Psycho Killer. In order to find out, they are asking fans to vote to decide who moves on past the first round. Visit to cast your vote for Jason Voorhees and make sure our Crystal Lake Slasher is voted the Scariest Big-Screen Psycho!

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7 Responses to “ Vote Jason The Scariest Big-Screen Psycho ”

  1. Come on, Jason..No contest.

  2. Jason Voorhees 47.77%
    Norman Bates 52.23%

    Get over there and vote we are losing!

  3. Yea, I put my vote in. Lets get Jason to the next round everyone!

  4. As a huge fan of Norman and Jason…this is a hard choice.

  5. My vote is casted for Jason. Normans still ahead by a little bit. Frankly if Bates went up against Jason, Hed strangle Him with His Mothers dress.

  6. I vote Norman Bates, I only ever found Jason scary in Part 2(with the bag and all). Jason is a killing machine, whereas Norman Bates is psychotic, much scarier.

    …But Jason would kick his ass.

  7. no way fuck bates”jason is more bad ass norman bates sucks.,.,lolol i go for jason vorhees any day over any monster,.lol

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