Friday the 13th teaser trailer and new teaser poster premieres at Comic Con! (Trailer Description and poster pic included)

Any Friday the 13th fan who is currently anticipating the upcoming “re-launch” of the series and was lucky enough to be at Comic Con today got a special treat. The teaser trailer premiered and I don’t know if it could have possibly sounded anymore awesome. Hopefully this makes it’s way to the net soon enough for those of us who were not fortunate enough to attend Comic Con. Read on for the description of the trailer as told by the guys at Bloody-Disgusting as well as a look at a larger pic of this awesome teaser poster that made it’s debut today! Special thanks to F13Films reader Exile for fixing up this pic of the teaser poster. Much appreciated!

We JUST got out of the panel for FRIDAY THE 13TH that was so insanely popular that they had an encore presentation of the clip and montage. What did we see?

A vast lake… fade to blade… from producer Michael Bay… a clip showing the Camp Crystal Lake sign… from the director of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE…

Enter cabin, two teens walk into this old decrepit cabin. We see a shot of Jason’s bed, we know trouble is near. There’s a hole in the wall with melted candles surrounding the entrance - one of the teens sticks his hand in and pulls out… Pamela Voorhees’ head!

The door shuts, kill kill kill kill, ma ma ma ma….

A machete comes through the floorboards, a miss!

The second one grazes his foot, with the third hitting him in the hand as he falls.

Jason explodes through the floor and pulls him under. The teens screams, “RUN!”

And the montage explodes… (in no particular order)

-Jason jumps through window and grabs teen
-Jason runs up and slams his machete down on a teen
-Some dude is thrown on the back of truck spokes
-Loads of water shots
-A tent and a silhouette of Jason

The clip was intense, scary, dark and completely mad. I was blown away and I really think all of you will be…

FEBRUARY 13, 2024.

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Huge horror fan. Mainly the slasher sub genre. Die Hard Friday the 13th fan. I'm not like a lot of viewers. I love the entire series. Yeah, there are things about some films that I don't like. But I can honestly say that I don't hate a single Friday flick. I love to write and to bring info to people. So this site and my love for that go hand in hand.

44 Responses to “ Friday the 13th teaser trailer and new teaser poster premieres at Comic Con! (Trailer Description and poster pic included) ”

  1. Oh.. My… God!

    This sounds amazing. I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Updated the story with a pic of another teaser poster that I must own one of these days! Love it.

  3. I just tweaked the fixed-up poster a little more (worked the distortion angle out a tad more, and sharpened the mask and text a bit). The changes probably aren’t going to be noticeable to most, but just in case, it’s still at (I just replaced the old image with the new one).

  4. By the way, and it’s nice to read words such as “intense,” “dark,” and “scary” in the same mention as Friday the 13th, again.

  5. That’s awesome Exile, good job!

  6. please someone find the teaser online fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I wouldn’t hold my breath expecting any kind of decent online version of the footage shown at Comic Con. Even when stuff does show up from conventions, it’s rarely of any quality worth watching. Hopefully, the actual theatrical teaser will hit within the next few months.

    (Oh yeah, and I just updated the image one last time to correct a centering issue. I won’t touch it again…until I notice some other minute detail that nobody else will notice.)

  8. Sounds great!

  9. Everybody has probably already seen them, but photobucket has a few good pics of the new Jason.

  10. DAMN someone post the teaser online now!! lol i wanna see that trailer


  12. If it does show up, I’d say it will be online late Monday if someone managed to get a recording of it.

  13. Here are some more comic con tidbits that I read from iconsofright

    - The film is meant to stand on it’s own with a definitive ending. It’s not intended to have a sequel, nor is it part of a trilogy, although they are open to doing a sequel.
    - With that said, director Marcus Nispel did shoot multiple endings, so expect plenty of extra goodies for the DVD release.
    - While this is not an origin movie, it does explore Jason’s childhood briefly and Mrs. Voorhees is in it. It apparently combines the best elements of FRIDAY THE 13TH’s 2 through 4.
    - Jason’s … fast? And smarter then before?! Dread’s trailer description says Jason “runs at a victim at an insane speed, which Creepy called “a freight train of terror”” Derek says, “The writers made him smart, instead of chasing people around; he sets people up. He’s a smart character and you have sympathy for him.”

  14. i gotta say that sounded pretty good

  15. where the hell can I get that poster

  16. cmon guys, get the damn trailer on here so the rest of us can see it.

  17. The “trailer” (which was really just a Comic-Con preview) is not likely to be online anytime soon. We will have to hold out for the final theatrical teaser. Hopefully that one will be great whenever it comes.

  18. If this movie is a success, then of course the crew will make a sequel, its no doubt in my mind that this film WILL succeed, oh yeah any trailer?


  20. it is so great to see that all of us fans have a hard on for this film. Derek Mears is apparently a very good guy and deserving of the part, and its nice to see the traditional friday films coming back into play (pre “zombie” Jason). Cannot wait for feb 13…

  21. agreed, sean

  22. Was at Comic-Con today, saw the trailer. It would have been hard to tape the trailer as security was walking around the crowd making sure no one was filming it. I must admit, i am glad they got back to the roots of Jason and made a real horror film.

  23. Good God. Is anyone else terrified that it sounds like they DIDN’T screw this thing up? Like the studios have grown smarter about how to handle a remake or sequel of an already-existing film franchise and recognizable character? It sounds amazing and I don’t know how I’m going to wait 8 more months for this!!!

  24. Comic Con Trailer!!!

  25. Teaser is on YouTube.

  26. OMG!!!! Even though the person was messing with the focus….IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I take back all the crap I’ve said about this remake, I….CAN’T….WAIT!!!!

  27. comic con teaser looks amazing. I know it really wasnt supposed to be posted, but to the person who did post it I speak for every Friday fan by saying thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. i CANT WAIT 4 THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Truly awesome! The feel is definitely there! Cannot wait for the movie!

  30. That movie looks freakin’ awesome. It doesn’t even bother me that Jason runs now instead of just walking. It’s a change that I don’t think hurts the film at all.

  31. Wow. When Jason came running at that chick it nearly gave me chills. That is so awesome. No…it’s not “typical Jason”. But if I want to see that, I have my original series to lean on. This looks like a fun ass movie.

  32. It looks good, don’t get me wrong, but when i think derek mears and see jason run, it just reminds me off hills have eyes.

  33. Not too shaby. The poster is cool and the comicon trailer was pretty good (even though it was hard to see). Let’s enjoy it while we still can since Warner and New Line will probably cease and desist this too, bunch of fuckers they are! Still, can’t wait till February!

  34. Oh look it’s only a few hours later and now I can’t watch the trailer anymore. That was quicker than I thought! I’ll bet their watching this site like a fuckin’ hawk, amongst other popular sites that may show anything that’s related to the flic. Calm down Hollywood! We’re all still going to see this movie! In fact I so exicted for this flic that I’m going to Blairstown,NJ this weekend to see the sites from the original. Hopefully they didn’t change too much around. I know I can’t go to the actual camp ground this time of year(NoBeBoSco I believe they’re calling it these days) because it’s a private boys scout camp. Blows. I plan on eating @ the diner where Steve Christy was for most of the carnage in the flic before he returns to the camp and eats it! I noticed from the photo gallery on this site that somethings have changed but hopefully not any other changes since the photos were taken. I’ve also noticed that when I went to read about the camp on it’s website, they don’t mention F13th being filmed there at all. Obviously they don’t take to kindly to us hardcore fans. I’m shocked people got photos of the camp. Hopefully the town doesn’t feel the same way and that it will be easy to find some of these sites when I get there. Ok I’ve ranted long enough, sorry.

  35. I love Friday the 13th as much as anyone. I saw the original when it first came out in the theaters. But, there is something weird about making the killer, in this case, Jason, out to be a hero. To me, movies are really scary when you do not like the bad guy. When you are afraid of him. But, people seem to hero worship this character.

  36. I can\’t wait until this is released! Derek (Jason) is HUGE and Jared (Tom) is 6\’4 and can fight!!! I can\’t wait until I see these two go at it. Jason running at that girl at the end is chilling… I LOVE IT!

  37. Does anybody know when this poster will be available for Purchase?

  38. Kevin Bacon… Oh, my…

    I know this isn’t on topic for this thread, but I just can’t believe I’ve never seen this online anywhere before…

  39. CD,

    I’m in full-agreement with you. Once people start cheering on the killer, he/she loses a lost of scare-power. That’s why I think Mrs. Voorhees will always be “scarier” than Jason. At the end of the original Friday, I really wanted Alice to escape from that crazy old lady, as opposed to the “Jason movies” where I’m pretty much hoping that he’ll wipe out the entire annoying cast of characters.

  40. this movie is going to suck ,if there is no (kane hodder) there really is no jason nobody does it like kane besides jason doesnt run ??? what a waste as lot off jason fans are going to boycott this movie youll see

  41. Why can’t Jason run? He did in the second and third film. And how can you dismiss this Jason until you’ve seen him in action. Jeez, as much as I liked Kane in role I wish people would move on

  42. Yeah seriously. He ran a lot in 2 and 3 and to tell you the truth I think the fuzzy footage I’ve seen of the new Jason looks better than Kane’s zombie Jason ever did. We will have to wait and see to be sure. I’m sure everyone, including Kane lovers will like the new Jason.

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