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part2_original_posterBrad Fuller posted an update about the Friday sequel at the Platinum Dunes official blog. If you want to view the entire posting, which includes information on the new Nightmare On Elm Street movie, visit the blog. For everyone else, read what they had to say below.

Let’s talk Friday 13th. We have busted our ass to get that movie going! The script is great- dare I say, better than the first. Shannon and Swift have outdone themselves. We are working with New Line to get that movie going. I had hoped to be able to tell you that we started prepping the movie, but that isn’t the case. We are hoping that New Line decides get us started early next year.

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57 Responses to “ Platinum Dunes Talk Friday Sequel ”

  1. So Swift and Shannon ARE writing this one for sure. The words “great” and “Shannon and Swift” should never be in the same sentence when it comes to thier screenplays. I hope I’m wrong and Fuller is not just hyping the movie but FVJ and the reboot are a bad track record for those two.

  2. Freddy Vs Jason was a bad rep for them, but I think they made up for it in the reboot. On FvJ, you have to consider the director was Ronnie Yu, who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a Friday the 13th set.

  3. Yeah, most of the problems with FvJ came from additions Yu made to the script, not from Shannon & Swifts original screenplay.

  4. I loved Freddy Vs. Jason and the reboot.

    Am anxious for the sequel to start filming.

  5. No matter what S&S and Fuller have, this movie will not get green lit until NLC says so. I would not get excited over what Fuller has said, and while it’s good news I am sure he’s jsut putting this out there to keep fans well fed. I’m quite sure this project won;t be green lit until ANOES is in the theaters.

  6. Shannon and Swift involved again; won’t get my hopes up.

    As someone mentioned a while back; they write like 7th graders (no offence to 7th graders, mind you).

    I hate these two as writers and we’ll get another tit filled, stupid joked, annoying charactered, lame assed horror movie with no real terror.

    The re-boot was okay (and even had great parts) but I have to fastforward a lot and the music pretty much sucked. Friday’s have a theme/score of slicing strings…we need some of that back.

    And please make it simpler (no tunnels, no captives, etc) and much much darker.

  7. Shannon and Swift “have outdone themselves”? What, does that mean there are 50 more F-words and 3 more marijuana scenes? This ruins my day.

    Get ready for another mockery of a Jason film…

  8. Agree with Kevin.

  9. I respect your guys opinions, but I never thought I would hear fans complain about the number of swear words or drug scenes in a Friday the 13 th movie?

  10. Man S+S must have some incrimiating photos of someone high up on the board at “plastic” dunes or New Line to get this gig again.FvsJ was disapointing and should have been so much better.The reboot was a more a step in the right dirction but not as much in the way most of us hoped.Seriously these two over confident(have you seen them on camera?)chancers can’t have the best story/scripts out there for these films.If they have “we’re all doomed”.At least there is going to be a sequel and that’s something for us all to get excited about…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  11. I have never understood why people hate S+S. They actually understad the story and include Pamela in it. Something no on else really did sense Part 2.

    I think people hold on to nestalgia. Honestly, what was so much super duper better about Parts 1-4 over the others? The special effects got more detailed, at times, in the later films. Part 7 had the best make-up FX of any of them to be honest.

    Tom did great work on 1 and 4, but 1 particually is rather tame and dated by today’s standards. Wow, somehow got a throat slashed… Another got a head chopped of… Freddy’s decapitations was better done in FVJ than in Part 1. Part 1 looks VERY cheesy compared to today. Again, not trashing it. It was the first and lead the way.

    It’s like Star Wars. The fans fell in love with the originals. Twenty years later he comes back and gives them better FX than the originals, the fans bitch. He then comes back and gives them a more in depth and complicated political and religious aligorry, fans bitch. What some fan boy needs to do is go in there and put together popsicle-stick FX like they did in the 70s and 80s and a storyline that only appears to be mature and mysterious because it doesn’t bother to explain anything. Hire a bunch of people no one knows of and have someone bang the piano or butcher or violen and the fans will FINALLY love you because you gave them the best $10.00 could afford back in 1981. The fans don’t want a high quality production that defines Jason as a uniqe character and continues the tradtion of archtypal storytelling. The fans want the dime a dozzen (admited) Halloween nock off that they fell in love with thirty years ago.

    Manferdini didn’t impress me much until at least midway through Part 2 and finally in Part 3 onwards. Part 1 was… loud and annoying. There was no almost grandure. No little mystery.

    The movies grew in story and FX quality not through 1-4 but 1-7. Eight had a decent story and concept, the budget ran out and they did the best they could with what they had and it was decent. Nine was something different, an aquaired taste. And 10 and 11 were just ment to be fun and were. Twelve did a great job at retelling Jason’s backstory and setting a good foundation to modernize the franchize.

    The only thing I did not care for much was Jason being “afraid of water.” That kinda makes sense and kinda doesn’t. In the idea of subconcious fears, considering his drowning, it does make sense. However, considering Part 6’s ending it really kinda doesn’t. People get hung up on that.

    And, as a point of fact, a lot of the reason some fans of F13 don’t like FVJ is the absensce of Kane. From the best I can tell that was a Ronny decision and not S+S. I think people take their frustrations with Ronny out on S+S.

    S+S, in Part 12, gave us nudity, pot, jokes, Jason in a Hockey Mask in Crystal Lake, Pamela, and gore and blood. Maybe some of the older fans didn’t care for rap and not rock, but rap is rather popular and I think it felt right. More rock would be nice for Part 13. Some of the dialouge was, dare we say, hockey? That’s what makes it fun and I like it that way. Look at Part 1, was that mature dialouge and storyline? I love all 12 movies and I think people dress up the first four as something better than the rest because, well, they’re old and old people feel they need to make what they love more important than what’s out now to feel like they’re still loved more.

    Honestly, look at almost every franchise. The sequals almost always have better FX and more detailed stories and the fans love the popsicle FX and simple stories more forsome reason they can almost never difine logically. It’s like a kid or a cat playing with the box of a new high def TV instead of watching and enjoying the TV.

  12. f13ticket, I respectfully disagree.

  13. I just hope the people at Platinum Dunes have learned from their past mistakes, and do a good job this time.

  14. I also think S&S did a good job on both films. FvsJ was a film i never wanted, i couldn’t see how it would work. With every draft i heard about it got worse and worse. Then when the film was released, it worked. It made both characters work within the world it was trying to show and keep somewhat true to there own. Sure things are not perfect, but its very rare any film is perfect, especially films with a long running history and a large fan base.

    As for the remake, again I liked it, even though i felt something was missing first time around. Im kinda glad people can see a good Jason story and get allot of detail about the character in one viewing with a modern look. I love the old fridays, but trying to get friends to watch and appreciate them is pretty hard, especially when you have to show the first 4.

    So yeah, Im looking forward to the next, now the Vs is out the way and the reboot is out the way. its time we get a real decent sequel. something we’ve been waiting for since… hell the 80’s

  15. I didn’t think the writing for the remake was any worse that some of the films that came out in the 80’s. I never watched these films for the dialogue. The biggest difference between the remake and the original movies was that the kills in the remake sucked.

  16. Really? What about the line from the remake “say hi to mommy in hell”? None of the fridays from the 80’s, aside from JTM, were that bad… If some of you liked the remake, that’s cool. But there are some of us who think the characters and dialogue from the older fridays were realistic, while the remake wasn’t. The remake didn’t have realistic violence or any kind of an atmosphere. The first 4 fridays are solid movies. And for those of you that can’t tell the difference, you got a movie you liked. We just want a movie that we can get into, that’s all.

  17. F13ticket, well said! You absolutely hit the nail on the head. Facts and correct opinions throughout your entire post.


  18. I’m not excited at all about S & S being back on board to write.

  19. I think this is going to be for them, if they screw it up, I hope they walk away for good.

  20. f13ticket,

    Could not have said it better myself.

    I grew up with the original films but I loved Freddy vs. Jason and the reboot this year.

    I don’t know why some fans cannot accept new takes on the character and continue to put, the original 4 in particular, films up on a pedestal and act like there is nothing to top them or successfully continue the series.

    Also, jasonsfury I agree. I never thought the day would come when supposed fans of the series would complain about the number of swear words or drug use in a Friday the 13th film.

    People are just looking for something to complain about.

    I love all the films, JGTH is the only one that I am not a huge fan of and it has to do with the lack of screen time for my favorite character. I do feel that Shannon and Swift have respect for the character and now that the ground has been laid with the reboot I trust they will have something exciting for us with the 13th film in the series.

    One last note, the idea of Jason being afraid of water was Ronny Yu’s idea not the writers. It has been documented in many place one being Crystal Lake memories.

  21. I think some people are Jason fans, who only care about the Jason aspect of the movie… While the rest of us care more about the quality of the movie it’s self.

  22. They better not totally screw this up.

  23. Ben, we are are entitled in our opinion. And no people are not just looking for something to complain about.
    I don’t speak for others, but I want the best movie possible, what’s wrong with that? Real fans are the ones who are allowed to bitch and complain because if it wasnt for us there wouldn’t even be a jason.

  24. f13ticket, nice post and you bring up many valid points, but there is one simple problem with the new Jason movies; the characters are flatout unlikeable. That’s one of the reasons I put the older entries on a pedestal. The characters are sane and normal, and can be identified with. If you get rid of the overly stupid potheads and hateable snobby girls and replace them with normal acting people, you can make Jason scary again. It seems they have made him into a hero killing people you want to see dead in the movie. I love the character, but I love him as a VILLAIN.

    And since you brought up Star Wars, my problem with the prequels is I think Lucas seemed more concerned with making his kids happy with the movies than the people who have loved Star Wars since ‘77. I can picture Jett Lucas coming up to his dad and telling him about his imaginary friend named Jar Jar Binks with George’s eyes lighting up. He has the right to make whatever movie he wants, but the public should have expectations. Another problem with the new films is ol’ no-chin was surrounded by geeked out yes men that would nauseate you if you watch the BTS documentaries. Do you know why episodes 4 and 5 are more often than not considered the best of the saga? Producer Gary Kurtz had disagreements with Lucas on where the story he should go. He actually stood up to Lucas. And what happened? Kurtz was gone and we got the movie adaption of The Muppet Show aka Return of the Jedi.

  25. Dave Lane Dec 22nd, 2024 at 5:12 am

    I think some people are Jason fans, who only care about the Jason aspect of the movie… While the rest of us care more about the quality of the movie it’s self

    See this is why I like all of the movies that have been released. I want a well made movie just like everyone else, but I also love the Jason character. Throughout the series we have been given Friday movies that have good production values and tense scenes, and then there are other movies that rely heavily on featuring the Jason character and love that as well.

    For example, The Final Chapter is my favorite movie in the series. It took plot points and filmmaking perspectives that were established in the first three films and built upon those ideas and, in my opinion, created THE ultimate Friday the 13th movie. It had likable characters, plausable situations and very tense, real scenes with awesome effects.

    On the other hand, Jason Goes To Hell is my second favorite movie in the franchise. Later in the 80’s fans complained there was too much Jason, dumb characters and no realistic situations, i.e. telekentic girls fighting Jason and Jason teleporting from location to location. So, to combat sinking box office numbers and to try and appease the fans, New Line and Cunningham set out to create a new, unique Friday the 13th movie that would give fans Jason back at Crystal Lake with smarter, older characters. They created a mythology story that would create a type of mystery to an aging franchise and they showed less Jason, per fan requests. They fused what was good in the older movies with their new ideas, brought back Harry to score the movie and made a fun movie.

    Of course, fans revolted because Jason was barely in the movie and didn’t like an actual story being added into the franchise. So now Platinum Dunes gives us a lot of Jason with a reintroduction to Jason’s backstory, but keeps the characters that made the original movies so entertaining and now no one is happy. What do the fans want? I can’t figure it out? We can’t go back to the way it was.

    The original model for the franchise cannot happen anymore, different time. I would say that if you like the franchise and like the Jason character then you should be on board with what PD is doing now, if not then maybe you have passed the franchise by and you are ready for another franchise to follow.

  26. I love how most of you here hate how a new Friday movie is coming out b/c u don’t approve of the script writers. God, typical bloggers that will find anything to complain about. Be happy that a new movie is not being rushed out. NoNoNO, respect that a new movie isn’t being rushed out.

  27. BLA BLA BLA !! JUST MAKE A BETTER part2..!Have better kills and some more gore ,more darker with a great ending for a good part 3..AND bring back the old music.! thanks!

  28. f13 I agree with you completely. Being an older guy(37) who enjoys the older films a great deal I still appreciated the latter part of the franchise for the fun that they were. The reboot IMO was well done and all those involved took care in their craft to produce what was a film of memorable scenes, if not a memorable film as a whole. The screenwriters did admit that their kill scenes could have been more thought out and I’m sure that we’ll see some more imagination in the next film. It amazes me sometimes when people criticize the film makers for not making the movie the criticizers want to see, yet are still in line for the next one opening weekend. There’s alot of hypocrisy on message boards from fanboys to fangeezers who use the medium as a way to vent, not because they have something to say but more likely because they get caught up in a moment when they read someone else’s criticism and jump onto that bandwagon.

    Hopefully Platinum Dunes will make the next installment that one magic movie where all fandom will rise up and say in one voice, “This is one fantastic film! It has everything I’ve always wanted in a Friday!”

  29. Well said Jasonfury and F13ticket. fans should just be grateful to even have more movies to go see in the franchise….. Geez some people are just never happy

  30. Let’s have a guy talking to a maniquin about losing his virginity to it.
    Let’s have Jason take someone hostage and wonder what he fed her for six weeks.
    Let’s have a guy about to masterbate in the middle of a living room where many guests are staying.
    Let’s hear “say hello to Mommy in hell” as the final words of the re-boot.
    Let’s have a ton of fake boobs fill the screen (and sorry, if anyone remembers the originals we hardly saw breats flaunted so overtly).
    Let’s have ridiculously annoying charaters and their drinking games.
    Let’s have underground tunnels built around a summer camp ground that lead up to an overtured school bus.
    Let’s have a mechanical sounding, boring score.
    Let’s make everything kind of look like Jason in a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie (even right down to a guy getting caught in a bear trap).
    Let’s hang up pretty lights in Jason’s lair.
    Let’s not build up any slow and uncomfortable tension before a kill.
    Let’s want to have half the cast die as soon as possible becuase they’re so damn annoying, instead of feeling any sympathy for victims.
    Let’s show Jason in every single kill.

    Yeah, I love S & S and Platinum Dunes and what they’ve done in making Friday the 13th an MTV style movie. All gloss and no grit.

    I know it’s a harsh rant and I really do love things about the re-boot, but like someone said earlier; the days of the origianls and their simpler and darker concepts are gone. The re-boot (and some of the older original ones) simply did not build up tension and suspence. They hit you with a load sound for scares.

    And of course I’ll see the sequel to the re-boot and I’ll be excited. It is a F13 movie after all.

    What I really need is parts 4 thru 7 releaseed on frakin’ blu-ray.

    Happy Holiday’s everyone.

  31. It sounds like s+s will have to really pull the greatest comback, or people are just not going too enjoy it!
    They have to make the killings more gory and f13 style. Which is gory and interesting.

  32. I’m going to apologize in advance, and say I intend no offense to anyone. It’s just my opinion. However, I’m about to be a blanket dissenter.

    First of all, I also disagree the later installments are better simply by virtue of being newer, any more than the early installments are better simply by virtue of being older. Quality and quantity are not the same thing, and just because the later films could afford MORE special effects and MORE characters, that doesn’t make them better. In the end, any movie, on any budget, boils down to two things: 1. Do I believe in this story? and 2. Do I care? If I can’t answer those questions with a “yes” (or at the very least, a “eh, enough to keep watching for now”), I’m not going to like the film, and no amount of CGI or “important” jargon is going to save it.

    Now, I do *not* intend to draw a line at part 5 and say everything that came before it is golden, or that everything that comes after it is awful. I thought part 7 was quite a good film, and Jason Goes to Hell, while it was far too mystical for my tastes and I felt it took too many liberties with Jason, was well-written. I also don’t mean to say the old films are perfect. There’s Annie’s infamous slip-up about hating the word “kids” and then using it, and I’ll even admit my favorite installment, because of its draconian schedule, is rough in places.

    However, the first four are constantly trotted out as examples of what the series ought to be aiming for because of one thing: balance. The Jason of the old movies isn’t a one-note character who can only be a killer OR a victim – sometimes he’s both, sometimes he isn’t either one. The characters of the first few movies weren’t handily separated into Designated Nice Kids who audiences were “supposed” to root for and Evil Jerks they were “allowed” to hate; most of the cast members were decent, but believably flawed. Not all of the later films flounder in these areas, but the first four handle them more consistently.

    That said, now for my second dissent: I also like Shannon and Swift. Freddy vs. Jason had some issues (though how many of those issues were actually their fault and how many were executive tampering is a mystery that may never be solved), but I thought the basic premise was solid. The remake wasn’t just “better,” IMO, it was a huge improvement in almost every aspect. I don’t agree with them on everything (Jason and Freddy teaming up against Pinhead is something I’d read a comic about, but I don’t EVER want to see it in a movie), but I do think they’ve got the right idea, and I’m okay with their return.

    As to what I myself would like to see in the remake, the following: more human characters who are decent but flawed, a darker, scarier atmosphere, more *disturbing* kills. I don’t mean sadistic death-traps (Jason’s not a Bond villain), but things like Maggie’s death in part 7, where she’s crouched against the shed wall and Jason reaches right through it to grab her, or Lawrence’s death in the remake, where Jason wounds him, then lingers as he dies, waiting to pick off anyone who comes to help him. I wouldn’t like too much magic, and I also agree scaling back the crass humor would only be a good thing – there wasn’t ever THAT much.

    Like I said, just my opinion.

  33. Honestly, I don’t think anyone should really apologize for any of their thoughts unless it is an attack on someone on here. Are people Bitching on here, yeah, but isn’t that what this site is for. To express your views and thoughts on how you feel the property is being handled or what should be done with it. Personnel reading alot of your comments are very interesting as well as some of them are somewhat pointless and as the guy in Hangover said, “RE TARD”. Here I am over in the desert and when I get my breaks to catch up on the world, this is one site I hit. Just my thoughts.

    Now on to the talk of part 2. Just make a damm good movie, put some thought into it and respect the series. Yes it would be cool to come out on Friday the 13th, but does it need to? No, Helloween has survived minus not opening on that date, so Jason can too. My only request’s is, answer what happen to Paul and bring Jason Daddy into it, even if it is for a sec.

  34. Chris,

    It was my opinion. As you said that is what this board it for. I am a true fan of the series and have been for nearly 3 decades so I don’t buy that only fans that bitch and complain are the true fans theory of yours. I love the character and the series just as much as anyone, in fact the series as well as FvsJ are my favorite films ever.

    I also want the best movie possible but I willing to let the writers take chances.

  35. First of all, just be GLAD that there is actually plans to have another F-13th film released. I mean c’mon; they could of very easily stopped making them (F-13th films) a long time ago. Secondly, i’d be willing to bet that most of you (who are whinning) couldn’t even come close to creating a half-way good horror film such as F-13th! It’s very easy to say: “Hey, i’d make the best damn F-13th film ever; i’m a REAL fan and I know what the fans would want!”. Well, in actuallity, they (movie studios) do not only have the FANS to ‘catter’ to; in fact, to appeal to the average movie going audience IS their ultimate goal. It’s not like the choice is the directors, or the screen-writers; we are talking CEO’s and presidents of movie companys. And, if presented the chance, a director under them must obey!

  36. Ben

    Yes opinions yes….. But saying what you feel and making the issue only how “you” feel is not really opinion but more so how “you” “think” it should be. I have seen it time and time again over the time i have been here and I’m not directing this towards you personally but as to the point of this site.

    The problem with discussions like this is that people get heated and things get turned around.

  37. OOOER ?,Im sorry but im Looking foreward to part 2,

  38. jason_dumby….

    That was pretty rude.
    Telling people that are whinning? What’s the point in coning here if we cannot spill our feelings and give out 2 cents? There is whinning and then there is having a discussion.
    Thank you for being an ass. Geez man.

  39. Ben,

    BTW what i meant by “true fans” are the ones who understand what it’s all about, someone who has only seen 2 installments of the whole thing do not have the right to come here and talk like they are hardcore, same thing above but coming here to put the series down.
    That’s my point. Thank you.

    P.S. The writers took chances the last time and somewhat failed.

  40. I have no problem with S&S returning. They try the best to make a good F13th films & it not easy nowdays in the present compare to the past. And don’t blame them for some comedy, sex, etc. That always been quite common in the 80s F13th films. They try to give it’s that nostalgia feeling.

  41. “P.S. The writers took chances the last time and somewhat failed”.

    Again, that is your opinion Chris.

    As for the whole how I feel and making the issue only how “I” feel is not really opinion but more so how “I” “think” it should be, isn’t that what everyone is doing on here. Stating how they feel in regards to the particular topic?

    I understand that people get heated when it comes to opinions but I did not bash anyone for any opinion I simply gave my opinion on fans of the series that are not happy with any direction the series takes. There are several others on this particular topic that have stated the same.

    I love the series just as much as you obviously do so lets just agree to disagree.

  42. I agree with the nostalgia part but with every 7th word being “fuck”, it gets annoying fast.

  43. Ben… Thanks for summing all I said up.

    Agree to disagree? yes.. is there an ignore button here? LOL kidding.

    I guess anything that is said will be taken as opinion.

  44. All i can say is I hope this extra time will ensure a job well done. That’s what we all want.

  45. John Robert said it best!!!!! And to JasonFury, just because someone puts on a hockey mask we the fans are supposed to be greatful!!!! Give me a break. John Robert summed up my Remake Movie going experience to a big fat capital T!!!! As far as S&S go, someone needs to get these to morons away from the films I love. Peace and Merry Christmas to all!!!

  46. JohnRyder LOL funny… And Merry Christmas to you as well friend.

  47. “And to JasonFury, just because someone puts on a hockey mask we the fans are supposed to be greatful!!!! Give me a break.”

    Don’t know where you saw that in anything I have written. Maybe you confused me with someone elses post????



  49. bring back some old character if the saga like corey feldman tomy jarvis again and kymberly beck to the real final chapter

  50. Its to early for a corey feldman,jarvis yet. START him in part 3 so we have 3 to 5 movies like a new jason reborn for us and the NEXTGEN he has to be a zombie jason with in the next 2 parts so live it up 2 should be better then 1, and 3, should be better then 2,..! bring it on I love friday the 13th ..dont we all!!!

  51. Wow… Maybe the best thing to do, is to just agree to disagree.

  52. Well said dave. One of the great things about being a Friday fan is the differences of opinion and the discussions that follow. Always interesting, never agreed upon.

  53. Jay,

    Another sterling defense of Jason Goes to Hell.

    It brings a tear to my eye!

    I love that movie.

    I kind of liked the characters in the remake. I don’t know if I particularly like S and S, though they redeemed themselves with me on the remake. I guess what bugs me about S and S and Platinum Dunes is that they seem to think they have a natural born right to dominate the franchise now. Joe Zito arguably produced the best installment, and McLaughlin and Marcus also put in great efforts. You didn’t see them write/produce all subsequent sequels (though we probably wouldn’t have minded).

    Merry Xmas friends

    Merry Xmas Friends

  54. Platinum Dunes, please aim this sequel to REAL horror fans not disney/CW/twilight audience.

  55. Platinum Dunes!, please bring back Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis and make a Friday movie set after “The Final Chapter”, bring back the classic Jason!!

  56. the characters from the remake didn’t really seem believable to me. i hope they do a better job with that aspect of the movie next time.

  57. There’s nothing wrong with realizm. Jason is 65 and he has been in those woods quite a long time and of course he knows how to set traps…and a lot of them.

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