Video Review Saturday: Replica NECA Hockey Mask

This week’s video is short and sweet. There are a number of people that did not have the pleasure to buy the NECA replica hockey mask for the 2024 reboot. It actually is a very good mask to own. It’s weight is suprising, but for the cots of $20, you could not go wrong. Customisers scooped this masks up by the truck load, repainted and restrapped them and then sold them for anywhere between $75 and $150. A nice little profit indeed!

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8 Responses to “ Video Review Saturday: Replica NECA Hockey Mask ”

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  2. Video Review Saturday: Replica NECA Hockey Mask…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  3. Thats awesome bro. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s a good mask. It feels like if you drop it, it would shatter though. It’s not form fitting what-so-ever. Very nice though. I would have paid $40 for it.

    Is it just me or was 2024 the best year for jason merchandise ever? The 3 3/4 (aka star wars/g.i.joe size) Pt 4 Jason figure was a dream come true for me. I think it is the best Jason figure out there

  5. The weight of it is indeed surprising. Glad I picked it up when I did for $20.

  6. You could definitely see the difference in weight when he picked up the JGTH mask. I’ve never cared too much about owning any merch other than the movies themselves, but the more posts about mask replicas I see, the more I want one.

  7. es una grandiosa mascara yo la tengo y me costo conseguirla…para los fans de friday the 13th es un honor tener la mascara de hockey en la coleccion.

  8. I am glad that I picked that mask up when I saw it. Eventhough the first one I got came from Amazon and was 40 bucks not including S/H but then I found it at Toys r us and had to get 4 more, I think NECA did a hell of a job on the mask and I hope they make more of them for the other films as well.

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