Finding Camp Daniel Morgan: Shooting Jason Lives

Jason Lives is indeed one of the best of the series and still holds up pretty well with today’s audiences. The filming locations of this particular movie are now well documented and some visited on a frequent basis. One filming location in particular is the camp that posed as Camp Forest Green in the film. That camp is called Camp Daniel Morgan. Now, before the age of Google Maps and GPS tracking, finding places was a bit more challenging. For one, you had to use a real paper map. What’ts that? Two, you had to have a good sense of direction. Well, the production crew needed both a map and sense of direction to find the camp for their daily shoot.

Below is a hand drawn map showing directions of how to get to Camp Daniel Morgan. This map was drawn by a member of the production crew and even has the legend for directions on it. This is pretty cool piece of the production crew to view as it gives more insight into what it took to get to locations for filming. You had to drive to locations you had never been and find your own way there. Again, no Google Maps! Also posted below is a photo of the production crew setting up at Camp Daniel Morgan for filming. There are more images of the shoot at the camp, but those can be saved for another day. How many fans have been to the camp?


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15 Responses to “ Finding Camp Daniel Morgan: Shooting Jason Lives ”

  1. Whoa! I love that map. That was used during production? I also like the picture. I always liked the feel of that camp. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. David,
    Yes, the map was used by the production crew, specifically by Ken Sher for finding the shooting location. There are more maps just like this. Very cool items to view! :)

  3. I have to disagree that Jason Lives is indeed one of the best of the series. I think it lacks alot and the humor was so over the top it was just cheessssyyyyyy, for example when Tommy bust into the police station and the sheriff says, “are you in show business kid because you sure know how to make an entrance”. Starting from part 6 the franchise just went stupid and hasn’t looked back. I will say though that part 7 was ok and the reboot wasn’t great but it wasn’t a disaster but could have been so much better with a little thought. My thing it Jason was so scared of the water in part 8 then why the hell was he swimming in the ocean to get on the ship?

  4. Oh and by the way the sherrif’s station is part 6 was also the sheriff’s station used for the show in The Heat of the Night. Also covington is where Dukes of Hazzard was filmed.

  5. I didn’t realize we were debating how good Jason Lives is with this blog. ;)

    You are not alone in your thoughts. I respect your opinion. That being said, it is fun to look behind the scenes and see how these movies were put together!

  6. Jason Lives is the best in the series in this fans opinion.

    Thanks so much for posting the map Jason

  7. I remember being 10 years old & seeing Jason Lives in the theater….I was very disaapointed, even being only 10….I thought WTF is this? But now I look back on Part 6 & it’s ok, but too drastic of change in the formula.

  8. Not to get off point, I think the location was good for the movie…reminded me of the original camp(Nobebosco). I like Jason Lives better than anything after it(Maybe a tie with the reboot) I’m a fan of the first four, but that’s why this is the greatest franchise! Everybody has their own fav’s for different reason’s.

  9. This is what makes having different directors for pretty much each movie great. It lets each film have a different perspective and method. Sure, continuity is pretty much thrown out the window, but when you get to double digits, continuity can make things difficult. So many movie, so many differing opinions on which is the best.

    But back to the original topic, that is a pretty cool drawing by the crew, pre-everyone driving with gps to assist them. If the satellites ever become disable, we are gonna be so screwed. If I ever get a chance to go to Georgia, Covington is gonna be my first visit. I assume the camp is still being used and visiting without some kind of authorization by the head of the camp is a huge no-no? Is there any way to call these guys to ask them to visit the camp grounds for just a short time to take some pictures and such

  10. My wife and I took a trip there last year and it pretty much looks the same to me. A few of the cabins have been painted but you can definately tell that it’s the place where the filming took place. We also saw where the sherriff’s station was.

  11. recently visited this location and it still looks great…its bout an hour or so from my house

  12. I would love to visit the location, but i need more than a maps help since its many states away. Still, its my favorite so i would love to go!

  13. It is a public park so you can take pictures and you dont have to call before you go, when I lived in Covington we spent alot of weekends there. It is ok, I mean the movie makes it seem better than what it is. But, what surprised me is that the park doesnt have anything to even advertise that the movie was made there. I guess it isn’t that important to the park.

  14. This is an old thread by the time I post this, but I WENT THERE TODAY! It took me about 30-40 mins. East of Atlanta. Not too far out of the way. It looked great and just the same. They were about to lock the gates, and I mentioned to the ranger that I was a fan of Friday the 13th. He gave me some time to look around the camp.

    The Dock looks the same and all the cabins are there. It looks a little smaller in person. If anyone has any questions email me

  15. That’s great that you were aloud in to take a look around. Congrats!

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