Friday the 13th Sequel: Poster Contest Voting

I have been asked by a few of our visitors how the voting process will be conducted. Originally I thought Dusk and I would look over the entries and decide. But now I think the website should go another route …… you the fans will decide who the winner is! After the deadline of Saturday February 13th, we will post all of the posters in a gallery and everyone who visits the website will get a chance to vote within the blog what poster you think should win.

So much like the Bracket and Production Challenges, you will decide who wins and gets their poster design displayed in any and all Sequel news updates on the website. As a bonus, I thought I would display one of the poster entries as a sneak preview of what the website has been receiving so far. Good Luck to everyone and if you haven’t sent in your poster yet, please get them in by Saturday February 13th. Multiple entries are welcome!


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21 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Sequel: Poster Contest Voting ”

  1. My idea was too similar to what’s shown up top. Bummer.

  2. Make a variation of it and send it in. It won’t hurt. Everyone will be voting and maybe your unique version of the poster will come out on top.

  3. Please do not use any existing posters. it just makes your poster unoriginal. I really hope to see some cool posters but not if they are just re-hashes of previous films posters with a 2 over it. for example the one being shown.

  4. I made the above poster, Joey. The only reason I used that image is because of all the photos of Jason from the reboot, that’s about the only one I actually dig. But I completely understand and appreciate your criticism. I look forward to seeing what you create.

  5. I’ve made a poster, Doesn’t look nearly as good as that. but At least I’ve learned how to edit certin things out of photos that I want because of this contest. I’ll hopefully will create a 2nd poster that Will be pretty great.

  6. Wow. . . very similar to the posters I submitted. . . lol

  7. Ha Ha, yea there are similarities in some of the entries, but that’s alright. After all, it’s going to be the visitors to the site that vote what they want. Your one subtle difference may be all that is needed. ;)

  8. I just received 5 more entries. These are looking real good everyone. I am excited to see even more!

  9. And I feel I should Post this here since It’s the most recent Blog entry.

    I think I may be able to shed some light on the whole Jason taking hostages(Whitney)in the 2024 Sequel/Reboot (It’s now part 12 to me)

    Derek Mears said in the His Name was Jason DVD and in several interviews that his Idea for his take on Jason was a Combination of Rambo,Tarzan and The Abominable Snow Man from Loony Toons. While It’s evident where the Rambo and the Tarzan elements come into play It’s always made me wonder what Portion is The Abominable Snow Man? I did some snooping on Youtube this morning and I found this,

    Since Jason want’s to believe Whitney is his mom, Just take this into consideration.

  10. Nice one above shaunshady.

  11. Thanks, John. I appreciate it. :)

  12. To be honest, I really dont like it..

    I like the idea of it..

    But the “Body count continues” part is to ehh for me

    Its a startm, with a few improvements it could be really nice..

  13. I’m beginning to regret my poster being used at this point. lol I also look forward to seeing what you create, jmuller. :)

  14. Yea, everyone, lets keep the criticism to a minimum as I just chose the poster seen above at random. This is nothing official or anything that was picked as a winner. Everyone that has submitted their work has put some great work into the posters

    I say lets wait until we display all of the posters before we make any judgements. ;)

  15. How do you submit an entry?

  16. You can submit your poster to

  17. I just received a very original poster that I think is great! I am very happy with the number of entries we have received. Thanks again for the awesome response to this contest!

  18. Hey Jason, did you ever receive the two entries I sent? I never got a response (email) and I’m going out of town till around the deadline and won’t be able to resubmit in time.

    I missed out on the video remix and didn’t want to miss out on this one also.


  19. Yes, sir. I received them. I haven’t been responding back as I have received a lot of entries and it would just take too long. Sorry. But, yea, you’re all set to go.

  20. @Jason:

    Thanks! Sounds like things are going well for the contest, I’m glad that win or lose everyone gets their work shown to the community.

    It would appear you are getting many entries and the deadline is still a week away! Might have to set up a bracket challenge voting several daily ;) Guess it depends on the number of entries in the end.

    Great job you guys are doing with the fan interactions and all the contest. In the MANY years I have been visiting this site I have never seen so much community involvement. Can’t wait to see whats to come!


  21. I can’t wait to see these posters! Everyone has so many ideas for the sequel, and god knows what will shine through on the posters. Good luck to everyone who submits one (myself included lol)!!!

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