Promo Video Contest: Let The Voting Begin

A few weeks ago we announced our contest for the fans to create the ultimate promotional video for our website, Although there were not a large amount of entries received like the sequel poster contest from earlier in the year, the amount of work that went into the videos we did receive is really impressive. Kudos to everyone that submitted video as it is immediately apparent that a lot of time and creativity went into the creation of these promotional videos. Now, the visitors to our website can help determine which video listed below will be featured on our website in the future.

Vote for which video you think would best represent this website. It is suggested that you take into account creativity, relevancy to this website and how well made, techinically, the video was created. Each video is labeled so use that label for your vote. The vote will last this entire week and voting will close on Sunday August 8th. The winner will be announced Monday, August 9th taking visitor’s votes into account as well as the operators of this website. Good luck to those people that entered a video for the contest!

Entry #1

Entry #2



Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry # 5

Entry # 6

Entry #7

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53 Responses to “ Promo Video Contest: Let The Voting Begin ”

  1. I love # 7 that one gets my vote.

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  3. Thanks for the vote for #7. That’s mine, but I gotta hand it to #3. It feels like it runs on for a while, but kicks some major ass.

  4. I also like #7 it gets my vote too!

  5. I vote for #7 it was pretty badass

  6. Great job by everyone, it takes a long time to edit this kind of thing and everyone deserves credit.

    That said my vote goes to #3. It was a tough choice between that and MadWorldDesign’s video (#6) and the number 7 video.

    Again, awesome job by everyone, and as a LONG time visitor I really love the history of the site in #6. Plus he makes a kickass Scooby video…!

  7. I must say that they are all very impressive and you guys/gals did a great job. My vote has to go to #3, although younger visitors wont understand the musical reference its alright because thats Hay-day F13!

  8. Almost everyone went with the “music video” theme.. good thing I decided against that idea. Great job everyone and good luck to all.

  9. #7 definitely gets my vote.

    Starting to look like we already have a winner, huh? It’s that song… it’s just so good. If anyone wants it, you can download it off my blog, I better get permission to post that link first…

    My entry is #1, for better or worse I went into a completely different direction than everyone else, and these videos are superb and some of them very funny which isn’t usually my cup of tea when it comes to my favorite franchise.

  10. #-7 has the cool song but it doesn’t say anything about the website other than the address. it looks like it promotes the movie mostly. i still loved the song!

    But my vote goes to 6. it shows everything the site has plus some history, i remember that atomic screen from back in the day lol, that was funny. nice vids everyone!

  11. My vote goes to #6. That video was AWESOME!!!!!

  12. I really like #7 too. It just has what people need to know: The site is all about Friday the 13th. My only problem is that it says Friday the 13th: The Website, but not

  13. @TheWafflenator That’s why I picked that song. F13 for me isn’t particularly scary or suspenseful. For me it’s about having a good time which is why my vid is less serious and has more of a fun vibe to it.

  14. #7!!

  15. These are all really good. I however, have to go with Entry 6 as it has history of the website and integrates a lot of cool stuff into the video like the laptop in Ted’s lap when he looks at the old computer. Brilliant video!

    I also really liked the simple, but to the point nature of Entry 1. It outlines everything that’s on the website. A very good promo video!

  16. Video 6, It stands out the most.
    Also receives a nod because Friday July 13th 2007 was my 16th Birthday

  17. All the videos were great.

    My vote goes for Entry #6 because it incorporates everything the website offers and the history of the site. They were creative with the website screenshots and the music editing was done really well.

  18. I vote for No.6, catches the website contents the most. Great work.
    But all the other videos kick ass, too !!!

  19. I’m going w/#1…All the others seemed too similar and too long for a “promo”

  20. They are all absoulutly fantastic, you guys or girls have done a fantastic job!!!!!!!
    But no6 and no1 show whats on the site, so thinking it over, i think no6 ONLY because it has snipits off the franchise!

  21. I’ve seen promo’s 15 minutes long and are still classified as a promo. Most of the vids here are barely over two minutes. I don’t think length is an issue with these vids.

  22. # 6

  23. Is #1 a video or a animated gif? I click on it but it’s not playing but I see it changing. Maybe its a flash movie with stills.

  24. @Lester Romero

    Yeah I noticed dennis’s comment also about the long videos since most promos are short -but- the rules stated that it could be up to 5 minutes long so time is not a deciding factor I agree.

  25. I want to give a big pat on the back to the creators of all 7 entries. I wish I could vote for them all, but unfortunately I can only pick one. So Im going to vote for entry no. 4. And the reason is it features Harry Manfredinis score from part 2. I feel thats the most appropiate music for a Jason video. No offense to the others, like I said I love them all. Also it features the shot from the Jason Takes Manhattan teaser trailer, the only time You see Jason in his part 8 suit with a machete. I love Disturbed, Alice Cooper, and Psuedo Echo. But Manfredini is the soundtrack to Jason. Im just a little disappointed nobody used Love Is A Lie by Lion (Jimmys dead fuck dance song). But anyway congrats to all. Good work.

  26. @Tyler – Yes, I designed #1 by hand, still by still… (I thought that was what we were supposed to do). The reason it’s formatted like that is because the YouTube version has poor quality and color conversion: and since it’s so small, short and lightweight it’s possible to display the original.

    @JB Demented – Yeah! I saw that too, Part 8 Jason with a machete… I forgot to ask, that was pretty damn cool. Besides YouTube, I wonder if there is a high quality version of that teaser trailer anywhere, perhaps on the “Deluxe Edition” DVD?

    @jasonsfury – If the link below is inappropriate, my apologies, hopefully you can just remove the link and leave the rest of my comment intact. Thanks

    For anyone that’s interested, here’s the download for the song:

    Pseudo Echo – His Eyes from #7:

    To me the song isn’t fun or funny, it has a good “sick” or “sad” melodic tone to it.

    Also, check out that same /audio/ folder for other Friday the 13th songs and tons of other great Horror/Halloween songs.


  27. BlackOrange.

    I didn’t mean anything bad about your video, just wondering what you used. I thought it was a gif but after clicking it looked like flash.

  28. @Tyler – Likewise, I didn’t take any offense… I just like being informative, I thought it was fair of you to ask and I thought I should explain. It’s the curse of not being able to read tone in text, I know, no worries :) .

  29. Ah, I remember seeing the Part 8 teaser trailer now:

  30. I go with number 6…by far the most “website” friendly.

  31. I really liked #7, mostly because of the intro and outro, but I do love the editing and song used. It seems like most people like #6, but I thought that was too boring. There was no hook. Plus I’m newer to the site and I had no idea any of what happened in their video actually happened. On a side note, #3 almost got my vote, but it seemed a little too fun and jokey.

  32. Too fun? I’ll take that as mission accomplished as far as I’m concerned. :)

  33. Props to 6 and 7 for showing new footage. I gotta go with #6. but they were all good. Thanks for the entertainment!

  34. Entry 6 has my vote!

  35. #7 has my vote.

  36. I thought all of these were really good. I thought that 3 and 7 stuck out. Crap this is hard…uhhh…. I guess #3 will be my pick. Maybe more than one could be used.

  37. My vote goes to Entry #7.

  38. i vote for #7. but cut the first second, where robert campbell introduces himself, and start with “for over 20 years…” and clean up the ending, and you’ve got a winner. the fact that robert campbell is the reporter is not needed information. in fact, just having the audio from that clip over maybe some shots of crystal lake, or the barn police crime scene from part 4 might be a little stronger.

  39. im going with #6. awesome video and i think it would be the best promo video for this website.

  40. I’ve got to go with 6. A liked 3 and 7 a lot too.

  41. My vote goes to #3

  42. video (6) gets my vote. the guy that said it was boring is trolling cuase it was done very well. i loved the effect on tommies computer at the beginning hehe. where did you find that old picture?

  43. @ keefer I know the editing is a little off on mine near the end. I found out about this contest just as it was ending and put the video together in about two hours so I didn’t have nearly as much time to think about what I wanted to do and clean it up before it was done. I like your suggestion for the opening though. I’ll probably do another fan video just for the fun of it that’s much cleaner than this one.

    Oh, and thanks to everyone who has voted for me! I appreciate it a lot.

  44. I think I liked 3 & 6 the most. I rarely come here but I stumbled across one of these doing a search on youtube. If I knew how to edit I would have done a movie. Some of these remind me of videos on youtube with music and kill compilations. I guess I will vote for #6 since it has a lot of editing but I did like the comic book in #3.

  45. I have to give my vote to number 6.

  46. #6 very original.

  47. Just thought I’d post this for the hell of it. It’s a somewhat updated version of my entry.

  48. # 6 kicks ass!!

    It tells what the site is about and isnt a music video.

  49. Entry #6 is easily the one that kicks the most ass!!!

  50. I think I really like #6,,very pro.

  51. Thanks to everyone who voted for mine (which is #3).

  52. WHO WON????????

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