Lion and The Final Chapter Fan Edit

Love is a Lie, for me, is quite synonymous with The Final Chapter. I hear the song play and I immediately think of the “dead f*ck dance”. For those who do not know what the infamous dance is watch the below video.

Alright, now if you’ve never heard the full version of Love is a Lie, then watch the video below and check out the fan edit of Jason’s demise and the extended ending. Enjoy!

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15 Responses to “ Lion and The Final Chapter Fan Edit ”

  1. AHAHHAA i love crispin’s dance!!
    it reminds me joy division frontman: ian curtis, on stage

  2. I can’t look at him in the Final Chapter and not think “McFly, I thought I told you to never come in here.”

  3. @TheRustyMachete
    “You are my density.”

  4. TheRustyMachete
    “Do you really think i should swear?” “Yes, dammnit Goerge, swear!”

  5. In some interview I remember reading that during filming,the actual song he was dancing to was “Back in black” from AC/DC,which I thought was interesting :D

  6. Yeah Crispins dance was unforgetable. Plus there was extra footage when Tommy hit Jason in the head with the machete. And they shouldve went with the alternate ending. I always thought the original ending was kind of lame. Not the tommy chopping Jason into hamburger scene, but afterwards its like pointless. I mean cmon, this is the final chapter here (or so we thought). The alternate ending on the deluxe dvd wouldve been better, and if they wouldve added sound. But im gettin off the subject here, love is a lie has the true 80s rock sound. And everytime that song pops in my head I think of the Jimmy dance. Apparently Crispin Glover came up with it all on his own. Hes always been an odd one. Another reason I love the final actually had good casting. Love or hate Corey Feldman, He did a good job. And it featured the best Jason ever (Ted White).

  7. Theres a difference between Lion and White Lion. That is not White Lion in the movie. On a triva note though, Lion also did the Transformers theme in the 1987 animated movie.

  8. Shoot, Robert, what a typo! Thanks for the heads up.

  9. no problem, bro. I visit everyday to check out the news and never post so I guess being a 80s metal buff, I had to weigh in!

  10. If anyone is interested this song is from their 1981 album “Trouble In Angel City”

  11. Crazy dance!


  12. final chapter is my favourite movie of all time, not just of the friday the 13ths. I pray everyday that it will get released on blu-ray extended with the added gore put back in.

  13. “It’s Good!”

  14. All of the extras do kick ass. I’m definitely hoping they stick that other ending back in (and all the extra gore) in a future release, even if only in a dream sequence. It’s an effective scene, and after seeing it I’m kind of shocked they took it out.

  15. And Crispin’s dance scene and outtakes are downright hilarious. Honestly it’s probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a movie. Damn near brings me to tears every time.

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