Friday the 13th Sequel To Be Last?

friday-the-13th-teaserWhile reading the Guts and Gory Forum. I came across an article that was written by the website There is a surprising revelation about the upcoming sequel that I personally do not believe. This may not be true, a rumor, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

(*Potential Spoilers* Ahead)

A sequel to this year’s Friday the 13th reboot hasn’t even officially been greenlit yet, but we already know it’s got an official release date — August 13th, 2024 — and that it will be in 3D. However, that 3D sequel — co-financed by Paramount and New Line Cinemas — is still being held up by New Line, most likely because of the relative lack of success of the initial installment, which had a whopping $40 million opening, but only eked out a $65 million gross before the end of its run. Add the $26 million international gross and subtract the $20 million production cost, and there’s a decent enough profit there to suggest that the sequel will likely be greenlit. And soon, if they expect to meet the August date.

But how do you bring an audience to an already slumping franchise? Easy. According to our inside source, The Hollywood Cog, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift — who wrote the reboot and are also penning the sequel — have been instructed to kill off Jason and end the franchise.

Granted, Jason has been killed off plenty of times before, but given the already iffy nature of the sequel, it looks as though they already have plans to send Jason off into the sunset — and that may be the only way to really kill him: Launch him into the sun. Of course, if killing Jason racks up enough box-office business, I suspect they’ll find a way to bring him back. But, going in, anyway, producers Brad Fuller and Walter Hamada want this to be the last of the Friday the 13th movies, and you can bet your ass that that proposition will make its way into the marketing, spoilers be damned.

No director has officially signed onto the project to fill the vacancy left by Marcus Nispel (who is now directing Conan). And though the script was being shopped to the usual suspects — James Wan, Xavier Gnes — we can also report that a dark-horse contender has risen to the top, and looks to be the most likely candidate for the position. His name is Richard Wardlow, and he’d be making his directorial debut. But, in addition to doing the visual effects on Drag Me to Hell, Mr. Brooks and the original X-Men, Wardlow is an experienced 3D effects animator, which makes him ideal for the 3D sequel.

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42 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Sequel To Be Last? ”

  1. We heard this kind of talk all the time for years. No way in hell will they kill off Jason for good & end the franchise. The franchise will be around for a long, long time. I’m not buying this crap. :p

  2. As long as Friday The 13th and Jason exist in the public eye there will always be sequels and merchandise.It is simply too lucrative a franchise for studio’s to kill off.If there is any truth in these rumours it could be put down to the fact that every decade has had a “Jason’s last stand”.For example,the 80′s “The Final Chapter”,the 90′s had “The Final Friday”.That could leave the 00′s with there “end of Jason”.Every generation has seen Jason’s demise only for the cash return to come in and hey preston Jason is resurected once again.This could be a sneaky way of killing off the “J” man and then have him come back as a remake era zombie/undead Jason.This may all sound far fetched but it’s certainy some food for thought.LONG LIVE JASON VOORHEES……………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  3. That should have been “hey presto”.(Hey it’s been a long night shift.LOL)……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  4. They should call it Part 13, act as if the reboot was part 12 canonically (since it didn’t redo anything except for his mothers death, it is feasible) and then there really shouldn’t be anymore.

    That’d be pretty damn sweet.
    (correct the mistake of a reboot, end the series, hit number 13, all in one)

  5. hope it’s not true?

  6. this story is all around the web, so maybe it’s true! expecially the part that concerne the director.
    and i don’t think that NL held the greenlight! come one it made 90 millions.

  7. The 2024 remake:
    Domestic: $65,002,019 71.1%
    + Foreign: $26,377,032 28.9%
    = Worldwide: $91,379,051

    If we add the home video it easily made 100 milions.
    The 2024 remake cost 16 milions…I don’t weant believe to this new

  8. “Launch him into the sun”
    Nice why not we do a Jason XI? …. no words

  9. Jason into the sun is like politicians in Italy: ridiculous!

  10. sorry but why “politicians in italy”?

  11. Cause was the first example that came to my mind of somethin really inappropriate and “ridiculous” :p

  12. ok ;-)
    don’t worry u was right!

  13. Quote you was right… XD

    From Italy…

  14. In a way, I hope it will be the last. We all know how bad the sequels will get if they continue. I say go out on a strong note, rather than going out on a movie like JX.

  15. “an already slumping franchise” … the box-office for FvsJ and the remke was “slumping” ????
    Okay, if the call the next Friday “the last chapter” I am fine with that … as long as they call Part 3 “The next beginning”.
    Seriously, I don´t buy that crap.

  16. The F13 franchise began slumping after the fourth installment. That trend continued until Paramaount finally sold it off after the 8th installment. If anything, the franchise has seen as steady uprise in profitability over the last few years (including FvJ). When an article like this accuses the franchise of slumping, it puts into question the rest of what the article says. Its the same thing when people say stupid things to justify why certain actors who played Jason did a better job than Warrington Gillette.

  17. Yeah right, the last one? The final chapter, the final friday…they tried to kill him off permamently twice. Its like this Jason will never die, Hes like James Bond..the’re going to keep making Friday films probably years after we’re all gone and our kids are raising their own kids. Jasons just too cool to die…and besides he went to Hell and that didnt even work. What else can You do? Maybe go back in time and erase his exsistence.

  18. I doubt the legitimacy of this article. It is another blogger looking to get fans worked up.

    A already slumping franchise? The last film was a huge success as was FVJ.

    I doubt they will work so hard to do a reboot just to kill him off. Also the reboot took a more realistic approach so I am curious how they plan to launch him into the sun.

  19. I doubt it will be the last movie. It might be the last one at New Line or the last one Platinum Dune does (like TCM – personally I don’t think that is a bad thing cause PD really does not understand F13 I believe) but no way it is the last movie. Now they might reboot it again (which I would do because this reboot sucked) or maybe just go back to the old franchise (maybe reboot from part 4 – actually I liked part 5 so maybe start there). Personally I would like to see Tommy (Corey Feldman) come back and have another faceoff with Jason and I wouldn’t mind seeing another Freddy VS Jason (but only if Ronny Yu and Robert England came back).


  20. there will be 3 parts then it will move to different movie place and we will get a zombie jason !!!! evil never dies.!!!! bring on 5 more and a fvj part2 !!!

  21. Jason Powell,

    I think its interesting that you would suggest to bring back some historic cast memebers to the franchise such as Corey Feldman. I would add that if this is indeed the last installment, the producers should also attempt to bring back Jimbo (played by Crispin Glover) to the series. I know his character died in The Final Chapter but I dont think the F13 franchise is above bringing dead characters back as zombies. They did it for Jason after all.

    While they are at it, they should also bring back Kevin Bacon (because he’s Kevin Bacon), Darcy DeMoss (because she’s still smokin hot), and Terry Kiser (because he’s played a walking corpse as the title character in Weekend at Bernie’s – and he was good at it!).

    Not all the actors that were elemental in this series are successful these days either. Platinum Dunes, being the cheap bastards that they are, can easily pony up a fraction of the cash they made with the remake to hire some quality talent that has fallen by the side of the road. They can probably rehire Ron Palillo (Horshack from Welcome Back Cotter and Haus from F13 Part 6) and make him eat real horse shit for around $10. Then Jason can kill put a knife through his throat and the audience can watch the horse shit come back out of his mouth just like he did with the banana girl in The Final Chapter.

    I would like to see Warrington Gillette play the part of an updated Crazy Ralph in this new film. He is older now and has dealt with enough crazy people at Walmart check out stands to know depths of extreme madness. I think its time Platinum Dunes brought these actors back to series…its the only legitimate thing they can do at this point.

  22. I would be happy if they end it on 13.

    Do I want it? Of course not!

    Would I be okay with it because of the whole 13 thing? Yes.

  23. Well if its the last so be it. Sean Cunningham once joked on having 13 movies. And this would be it. Last years reboot for me was Part 12. i would have an awesome way to kill Jason. But still keep him alive as a good person. I’m not reavling how though. Just in case Swifty is looking for an idea.

  24. Hey, The Walmart Man, lay off the crack pipe, it has obviously fucked you up man.

    Now personally I would love to see a back story on Mrs. Vorhees. It would probably have to be direct to video/DVD because I doubt any non-fans would buy it but I think it would be cool to explore her past and what lead up to part 1 – maybe end it with her killing the two in the beginning of part 1. They could do it rather cheaply if they got the right story. Of course I would go with an actress who looked more like Betsy Palmer vs Nana Vistor.


    Then I would

  25. Hey Jason Powell,

    I dont need a crack pipe anymore…when I read what you wrote I was reminded of the same feeling I get when I’m smoking crack. Seriously, dude, wtf are you saying? There is no past to explore with Mrs. Voorhees. She simply fell off her rocker after her kid drowned. All the interesting stuff she did happened in Part 1 already. True F13 fans look to the future…a future with another film about Jason, not direct-to-video releases about Mrs. Voorhees.

    No one with any rights to the F13 franchise should waste any effort making a prequel. That kind of crap only satisfies Star Wars fan boys. We need a new F13. Reread the post I made above, that’s the kind of film that needs to be made. Since its the 13th film in the series, the gore needs to be maximized. Horshack needs to eat horse shit…but its gotta be done in a way that pays homage to the girl who Jason killed with the banana in Part 4. We needs to see him vomit the horse shit after Jason force feeds it to him. On the same note, Darcy DeMoss, who was completely clothed in Part 6, needs to be nude in Part 13. Crispin Glover needs to come back from the dead and dance like he just watched Michael Jackson’s Thriller 10 times. Then Jason needs to nail his ass to a door frame just to make him stop.

    I’m telling you, if this movie gets made it will be awesome! You don’t even need to smoke crack to see this truism.

  26. Cash rules everything around me. As long as there’s money involved Jason will always come back. When the money desappears so will Jason.

    You guys worry too much, Jason is the new Frankenstein he will be around for ever

  27. I agree with Schotta001. As long as there are fans of Jason, I think he will be around.

    The reboot made as much money as it did because of the fans of the series. Many didn’t like it, but hey it was another Friday movie! They can’t please everyone with one movie. There will be more because of us fans!!!!!!

  28. Maybe its just a ploy to get all this hype to get everyone into the theater to pay and watch. I mean, they cant really kill him.

  29. Well if it has to end, at least it will be the 13th film of the series. (Including FVJ)

  30. I don’t think its part of Jason’s character to force feed anybody horse shit. He wants his kills to happen quick and he doesn’t like to torture his victims too much. This is Friday the 13th, not Jackass.

  31. I think Walmart is like 13 years old or something

  32. I’m not 13. I’m a big boy. You guys are seriously warpped. How can you not want to see a new F13 go over-the-top on the gore? How can you not want to see some awesome cast members return?

    But whatever…as someone above point out, this was a blog post and hardly an official article on the the next installment in the series. It hasn’t even been green lit and sequels usually depend on how much money the film that came before it made anyway.

  33. This is marketing. Friday the 13Th was created to make money. As long as it continues to do so, Jason will always find a way back. No one reboots a Franchsie to kill it off in its sequel.

    We’ve also heard of the Final Chapter, the Final Friday, the Final Nightmare.

    If people thing it’s going to be the last, they show up on droves. (Or at least more than usual will.) This increases profit. And sense studeos are about money and not ‘artist or story entegrity’ they will make a New Beggining, or Jason Lives, or whatever it takes to bring Jason back for more. This doesn’t surprise me at all. The only thing that I might find amusing is if anyone took this seriously.

  34. Response by Brad Fuller from his Twitter account about this being the final Friday:

    “never heard of that site ( and if that story is an indication, they certainly suck at fact checking.”

  35. Glad to hear that this news is most likely fake as hell. I will only accept no new Friday the 13ths when I am on my deathbed XD. I will only allow Jason to “die” when I die.

    I wonder if anyone else has thought the same.

  36. No ’cause I want my children to see them XD

  37. jajajja yeah rigth , THE FINAL CHAPTER

  38. Shannon and Swift shouldnt have the right to kill off Jason, FvJ and the reboot werent all that great, I dont think they really understand Jason, someone should ask Victor Miller or Tom Savini about how Jason should die.

  39. Corey Feldman wrote a treatment for a new Friday the 13th film once. He said that in the film his character discovered the sources behind the reason Jason kept coming back from the dead. He also admitted that this source was largely based on his desire to achieve continual work because he would have to reprise his role for every new film that came out. I think they should tell Feldman to change that treatment so that he kills off Jason once and for all since they lied to him about killing off Jason in The Final Chapter. It’s the only way to be sure.

  40. Hahahaha Warrington Gillette post number 1000 and 1 for the Walmsrt Man!

    Personally, I say keep posting, you’re helarious.

    There doesn’t seem to be a way this could ever be the last friday. Will there ever be a last friday? No way. Too much money to be made. Jason has become the ultimate urban legend, every generation will tell a new story, which I think is a great thing. As long as they don’t treat him to a Halloween resurrection story. (Which I liked the beginning of)

    Platinum Dunes should hand over the reigns to Marcus and Lorey, the guys who gave us JGTH. Still, undoubtedly, the best atmosphere of any Friday since the first (though part six was close)

  41. I doubt it will be the last… They said the same about part 4 “The Final Chapter” and JGTH “The Final Friday”… As long as it keeps makin’ money, they’ll keep makin’ the movies.

  42. I hope they keep these movies around for a long time. I don’t care if they start coming out straight to dvd I will buy every single damn one of them.

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