Danielle Harris Interviews Kane Hodder

Posted 07 Aug 2009 in Interviews

I know that this has been out on the net a few weeks, but I still thought I should add it here. Danielle Harris of Halloween fame interviewed Kane Hodder on the set the web series Fear Clinic. It’s an entertaining interview with a lot of questions that Kane is not use to getting from the fans. Check it out below.


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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. The Gill-Man (07 Aug 2009, 16:08)

    Danielle Harris is yummy!

  2. Deputy Winslow (07 Aug 2009, 16:20)

    Nice interview, Kane Hodder can just look right into the camera and you can “see” Jason ! I appreciate the tip on slapping a cop although im not sure if im going to try it myself anytime soon.

    Oh and Danielle Harris is looking FINE ! Although she should stay away from any more of Rob Zombie’s “Halloween” installments cause those kind of movies can ruin a career !

  3. dan (07 Aug 2009, 16:56)

    Wow. A guy who listens to side projects by members of Insane Clown Posse, can also qualify for MENSA. That alone is worthy of a news headline!

  4. HisNameWasTravis (07 Aug 2009, 17:44)

    I saw Danielle Harris at last years horror hound. She is very short. Like 5ft1? Despite that she is also very beautiful.

  5. yellow misfit (07 Aug 2009, 19:09)

    Danielle Harris is a lovely young lady. Got the chance to meet her years ago and couldn’t have been nicer.

  6. Tony Carroll (07 Aug 2009, 19:39)

    Very cool. I suppose she’ll be doing interviews and such like this often since she’s going to be opening her own horror website soon. Here is my interview with her from a few weeks ago where she talks about opening her own horror site


  7. tommyblah (07 Aug 2009, 20:40)

    god i love her.

    my girlfriend’s really into her too.

    if only…..

  8. Jonathan (08 Aug 2009, 0:03)

    Got my tickets to friday the 30th reunion! Can’t wait

  9. WALTER (08 Aug 2009, 0:10)

    i would love to you know what , short chicks rule

  10. Chris. B (08 Aug 2009, 4:18)

    I remember meeting Danielle Harris at a Horror convention a few years back. I met her around the time the Halloween remake was hitting theaters, and since I wrote movie reviews for my school paper, she let me interview her about the film. My teacher (a big horror fan) thought that was awesome.

  11. jjv (08 Aug 2009, 20:30)

    i met her to and shes cool i meet kane at the same convention in orlando fl, along with robert gunner doug betsy zombie 1 and some ppl from friday 3 , mainly shelly, and the original creature from the blacklagoon,nice time i had.what the shit is mensa?

  12. Higgins Haven (09 Aug 2009, 16:17)

    Im gay and I think Danielle Harris Is One Of the Prettiest Woman In Horror

  13. Higgins Haven (09 Aug 2009, 16:20)

    Also I Love Kane Hodder (Not in a Gay Way :)

  14. EagleEye (09 Aug 2009, 22:07)

    I never liked Kane Hodder, he just seemed ultimately lame and plus he played my least favorite Jasons.

  15. Tha Jackal (10 Aug 2009, 0:43)

    I’ve had a major crush on Danielle Harris since I was a child!!! She’s so fuckin hot it’s beyond words… How she’s not a bigger star is beyond me, and I think Zombie screwed up when he didn’t cast her as the lead in the new Halloween movies.

    Still loved every scene she was in… She’s so hot… :)

    Did I mention she’s hot? heh

  16. Chad (11 Aug 2009, 2:49)

    I liked Part 7. All of the ones that came after that, not so much.

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