Freddy Vs Jason RE-IMAGINING

Most of us (or at least me) were disappointed with the film Freddy Vs Jason. Since New Line has released the reimagining of Friday the 13th and A nightmare on Elm street is coming soon, let’s forget about the 2024 film for a second and focus on the Mears-Jason versuses the Haley-Freddy.

From what we’ve heard, Freddy is more serious and sinister in the new film, which would totally take the comedy out of the conflict. Let’s imagine a new Freddy Vs Jason, but with a better director because if you ask me Ronnie Yu needs to stay out of the horror genre, especially when it comes to Jason Voorhees.



Let the battle begin….this time for real!

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31 Responses to “ Freddy Vs Jason RE-IMAGINING ”

  1. I seriously an shocked about this and since I hated the first I really don’t want Freddy anywhere near Jason.

  2. One thing I think the original Freddy vs. Jason didn’t capitalize on was Freddy’s estimation of Jason’s mind and capabilities… and how utterly *wrong* it was. Freddy seemed to see Jason as a big, innocent, easily-manipulated child, when Jason is, in fact, quite deranged, and what appears to be naiveté is really just magical thinking.

    Therefore, if I were going to make a more serious Freddy vs. Jason film, I’d use that as its premise. The movie starts with Freddy attacking Jason like any other victim. As with his other victims, Freddy enters Jason’s dreams to do this. At the beginning of the movie, Jason’s dreams are fairly standard… and yet, Freddy senses something isn’t right. There are little things, small glimpses of viscera and decay, that shouldn’t be there and catch him somewhat off guard. As the film progresses, Jason’s dreams get increasingly more sick, twisted, and deadly, and as Freddy realizes he’s dealing with something just as monstrous as himself (if in a different way), he goes from trying to defeat Jason to simply trying to get out of the dream.

    Of course, “challenges” (read: problems) with this setup are 1) Freddy is as unsympathetic a character as they come, and this would pretty much force him into the role of protagonist, 2) keeping Freddy in character would be very important. Obviously, he can’t look stupid or vulnerable, and he can’t react to things the same way a final girl would, and 3) since the whole thing would take place in the dream world, without some creative sets and special effects, it might get too expensive.

  3. Scab,

    I agree, I feel the same about the first one. God-awful.

    But with a serious twist, this movie might work, or at least work better.

    Kane, if it was your Jason in the first one, you’d have just run over him. It wouldn’t have made for as much of a movie as it did (which wasn’t really much to being with). For that movie to work at all, it had to have Jason being portrayed as he was, which was awful (IMO).

    All in all, I probably wouldn’t go back. It just doesn’t work. All the years in development probably speaks to the fact that its near impossible to come up with something that would satisfy both sides and actually be good.

    Ha I’ve posted 100 times how much I dislike Ronnie Yu’s work. I hope I sell a script one day so I can tell him that he should definately stay away from horror.

    Man, I’d love to see another Friday filmed in New Jersey. I know most of you don’t agree, but I would love to see another Friday sequel that had the atmosphere of JTGH. Man, the costume, the ambiance…I love that movie, I still think it gets nowhere near the credit it deserves. Jay, I know you agree!

    Kane, I’d like to ask you…How did you feel about that scene in the reimagining when Jason was sharpening his blade and then threw a tantrum. A few of us discussed it in a previous blog, and I personally hated it. Why would Jason have to sharpen a blade? Even dull, I think he’d just smash it through someone with no problem. And I’m not much for a Jason with feelings. I’d really like to know what you think.

    Sorry to be off topic! At least Jason carried Freddy’s head off in the first one. Remember Freddy’s nightmares? Oh god…that beefy boy episode…yep…no more freddy in our Friday’s please!

  4. Oh yeah, why does the new Jason wear a coat? yuck.

  5. I personally don’t like the new Freddy. I think Robert Englund will always be the only Freddy.

  6. Maybe I’m the only one who has this opinion, but I liked FvJ, sure some things could have been thought out better, but no matter how they did it, people were going to complain…mainly because all of our hopes and expectations were set so high.

  7. Freddy vs Jason is always going to be impossible to make without zero flaws or plot holes. It was a gimmick movie that payed off huge for New Line and gave the fans what they were looking for for 2 decades. No need for another one.

  8. Personally i think we haven’t seen the last time these two will match up.An old school scary Freddy”without the wisecracks” VS a traditional Hodder esque stature jASON added with a director that understands the production hell that this went through the last time round.A director with a history in horror films (Rob Zombie need not apply).But most of all,ABSOLUTELY NO SHANNON AND SWIFT……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  9. I agree.
    No need for another one.

    I loved the Freddy vs. Jason we got…
    IMHO it had the best ending of any Freddy, or Jason movie…as long as you don’t count the wink.

    The things that really disappointed me about the FvJ movie, are also things that have disappointed me since New Line took over Jason.

    I’ll just focus on the big thing.
    Get the damn Machette out of his hands already.
    He was never a Machette obsessed freak in the Paramount movies…ever.
    I count less than 5 kills by Jason himself with a Machette in the first three movies combined.
    Probably less than 20, maybe even less than 10, in the first 8 movies combined.

    Jason was creative, and used anything he could get his hands on.

    In Jason X, JgtH, and FvJ…he never puts the Machette down, and while there are creative kills, they usually involve the Machette being uselessly thrown into the mix for no reason whatsoever.
    Part 12 sort of headed in the direction away from the Machette, but not enough. He still lingers around with it, and when in doubt, that’s what he kills with, even when there’s something much more interesting laying right next to the area.

    Jason doesn’t equal Machette.
    They got Freddy right, but they made him seem too much like a child molester, which may have been true, but it never came on so thick until FvJ. Not that I minded much.

    Jason walking away with Freddy’s head was just too perfect.
    Silenced all the Freddy fans.
    Got numerous boos from the theater I saw it at, while there were a few cheers and claps…Freddy fans clearly outnumbered the Jason fans…I gave the guy next to me a high five, I have no idea who he was…but we loved it.

  10. i only watched it cause jason was in it, they made him look dumb and slow, the new jason would kill freddy !!!!!!!!

  11. The FvsJ we got was the best FvsJ we could get. Just look at the recected scripts or the other ideas that where thrown around. They were TERRIBLE!
    Visually, FvsJ was great. the story-concept of FvsJ was great Freddy tricking Jason to kill in order to get his dream-powers back). IMO opinion the portrayal of Jason was better than the his last 4 outings (yay for an emotional Jason!).
    -What could have been better: The kills. Only the bed-folding kill was memorable.
    - A few scenes in the final fight. the fight needed o be even of course, but IMO Jason got his ass kicked too much in a few scenes (eye-stbbing scene e.g.).

    But those were just minor complain. To me, Fvsj was the best possible FvsJ we could get.

  12. I agree with Germaniac. FvJ was about as good as it was going to get. I personally would have liked the atmosphere to be alot darker, more in the vein of the earlier Nightmares and Fridays.

    I would still like to see Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. the idea just seems so “out there” that it could be fun.

  13. As far as Im concerned its a dead issue. Yes FVJ was terrible but its too late to see the real battle. Kane Hodder would definately return if he was asked, but according to Robert Englund..Hes hung up his glove and hat forever. So a remake is pointless.

  14. To crystallakehiker09,

    I believe that when someone makes a reboot, then they are entitled to incorporate new ideals, such as Jason sharpining his machete and having flashbacks, prompting his temper tamptrums.

  15. I loved Freddy Vs. Jason and with the exception of Kan Hodder being screwed over and not given the role of Jason in the film I have zero complaints.

    I would not like to see a new F V J with the New Jason and Freddy. I think the one is perfect and there is no need to do it again.

  16. the endng of freddy vs jason is not what people believe. Freddy won over jason. and I’m a jason guy!

    Think about it… Freddy has NO supernatural powers in the real world, only in dreamland. so WHY oh why is freddys head winking to the public and smiling a bit?

    easy… the end is in the dreamworld. Jason is dreaming he’s won and that he’s walking away from the lake.

    Freddy got jason back to his dreamland, exactly where he found him in the first place.

    so again Jason is drowned and in zombified slumber under the waves of crystal lake and Freddy returned to the dreamworld.

    I think the movie got as good as It could get and I personally like it. its is FAR BETTER than JGtH, Jason X and the last few nightmare movies to be honest…

  17. You sold me right down the river Kane!

    Man I tend to disagree. I have a vague recollection that in JGTH you tried to give Steven Culp some cues as to how Jason would act and what his mannerisms would be while he was possessing his body. And if I’m not mistaken, Culp replied “my Jason wouldn’t do that.”

    I found that statement offensive to all of us. Although, very surprisingly, I found Culp’s strange rendition of Jason oddly on target and kind of good. Idk, I always thought Jason just didn’t do certain things. But then again, I have a lot of time on my hands to think about such things.

    Thanks for the answer though!

  18. I don’t want to see a new FvJ with Mears & Jackie. I felt the FvJ was the best they could do & it kinda pointless to make another one. I enjoyed FvJ, that I don’t want to see them try it again with how one movie is kinda like a one-shot comic book story.

  19. crystallakehiker09,

    It sounds as if you are referring to me as ‘Kane Hodder’, which in fact I am not. Kane is just the screen name that I have always used in horror forums. Just thought I would clear that up for you.

  20. Does this mean you’re the other “Kane”? As in Glen Jacobs, the wrestler in WWE. ;)

  21. Haha oh Im sorry,

    I thought he did post on here from time to time. i apologize.

  22. No problems here, I’m sorry for any confusion.

    And no I’m not affiliated with Glen Jacobs, the wrestler known as Kane.

    My screen name was inspired by a character in the spider-man comics.

  23. Has anyone concidered Michael Meyers coming into any of this?

  24. He dsont even look evil!! this freddy just looks like he has a skin problem…. ughhh already know im not going to like it

  25. Freddy became an anti hero gimmik after number 3 the crowd was cheering him on with his witty one liners ,people forgot he was a mass murdering peodophile lol and jason …well i dont think i ever truly understood what he was as he became indestructable despite him being a lunatic to begin with ,they both just became merchandise subtracting from any real sense of plot ,which brings me to mick bay …. Im sorry this man has no vision or talent other than trying to break world record pyrotechnics

  26. Dude persionaly if any one asked me i think that freddy would win if freddy an jason fought because freddy is a dream which means hes imortal jason is a mortal so hed get his a#s kicked by freddy cause freddy can do anything where as jason is confined to things that a man can do

  27. NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET IS IMORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. jason is ok… i like michael myers more tho cause of hes mask… der should be a freddy vs. jason vs. michael. that would be awesome. i think michael myers would so beat freddy….. jason would be a challenge…….. oh critch NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTREET SUCKS BECAUSE JASON AND MICHAEL MYERS ARE WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY BETTER. OH AND JASON IS IMORTAL SO IS MICHAEL… THE ONLY ONE THAT ISNT IMORTAL IS SCREAM AND I THINK PINHEAD AND TEXAS CHAINSAW MASEKER

  29. lalalala if u agree with me that michael myers and jason ARE BETTER THAN FREDDY than reply and say “i think jason and michael myers(michael) are better than freddy……….. >;^P

  30. A nightmare or elm street is my favourite film.

  31. I really don’t like Michael Myers, I do on the other half like both freddy and jason. and is very much agreed freddy will win going against jason. but jason is badass and freddy’s fedora is fuckin killer. I love the way jason flips heavy objects like they aren’t shit and pops his victims skulls like grapes

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