‘Jason Lives’ Director Talks ‘One Dark Night’

Director Tom Mcloughlin is still very active in Hollywood these days. He has directed many television shows and motion pictures and is very much tuned into the horror genre. Recently, Dread Central discussed with him his role in the Friday the 13th universe, but more importantly, the 30th Anniversary of his earlier film, One Dark Night.

One Dark Night is definitely a unique horror film, at least during the time of its 1981 release. Telling a ghost story, of sorts, was not the status quo as big budget monster flicks and slasher films were all the rage. However, Tom Mcloughlin seized an opportunity to make a film in which he had been developing for years. Check out a snippet of the discussion Tom had with Dread Central below and then head over to the Dread’ed site to read the entire discussion.

Though the flicks has always had its fans, I’ve always had was how did a bloodless supernatural thriller managed to score funding during the Sea of Slashers Era. “When we finally did get the money, [it] actually came from a Mormon businessman who needed a tax shelter instantly,” recalls McLoughlin. “It was like ‘Can you get this thing going in three weeks from right now and then we have to show it in the Bahamas to qualify for the tax shelter before Christmas?’” Fortunately, McLoughlin had already storyboarded the entire film and knew exactly what he wanted the movie to be, should he ever get the chance to direct it.   Read More

Synopsis of One Dark Night

A strange man named Karl Rhamarevich dies shortly after discovering a way to become even more powerful in death through telekinesis. On the night of his burial in a crypt, Julie is to spend the night there as part of an initiation rite, supervised by two other girls. The crypt becomes a scene of horror as Raymar returns to life and deploys his horrifying telekinetic powers, with coffins sliding out and splintering open to release decaying bodies on Raymar’s command. The bodies soon begin to menace the three girls trapped inside.

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  1. I havent seen one dark night, think Ill check it out.

  2. This was a great movie! Loved it at the time…kinda cheesy now, but it was pretty effective at the time. Saw it in theaters :)

  3. Would’ve been better without all of the emphasis on the glowing crack in the wall, but FT13th 6 is still one of my favorite movies.

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