Clarification On Friday the 13th Sequel News

So, today turned out to be a bit busier than our typical Wednesday here at One of our in-progress stories that was not meant to be made public at this time, was inadvertantly released publicly on our website for a short period of time and pulled immediately. This story was picked up by site visitors and eventually made it’s way out to the web.

We were not aware that our unfinished story was even read by anyone as we removed it very quickly from our website. However, we live in an information age and once something is put out on the web, it’s there, permanently. That being said, we felt it necessary to clear a few things up and confirm some information that has already been floating out there on the forums or blogs today.

People who visit our website on a regular basis have been well informed on the status of the potential sequel to the 2024 film produced by Platinum Dunes and Distributed by New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures. Brad Fuller, of Platinum Dunes, was very gracious in keeping fans updated on his Twitter account throughout the release of Friday the 13th last year as well as during the production and release of Nightmare On Elm Street in 2024.

Mr. Fuller’s updates shed a lot of light on the sequel process as well as his interviews on Dread Central, Bloody-Disgusting and Shock Till You Drop. All of these outlets aloud us to inform our visitors with facts about the sequel that other people may have missed through the long and traveled process of getting a new Friday the 13th to the cinema. Below are listed facts pertaining to a new Jason Voorhees film via comments made by Brad Fuller and to some extent, Andrew Form.

1. Platinum Dunes wholeheartedly intended to make a sequel to their 2024 reboot and to do so in a very timely manner.

2. PD intended to have the new film released for August 13, 2024

3. Mark Swift and Damian Shannon turned in a draft for the new film to Warner Bros.

4. The new film would have some sort of winter setting, perhaps not for the whole film, but it would be included. A camp setting was also to be involved in some way.

5. For reasons not fully explained, Warner Bros. decided to not greenlight a sequel utilizing the script that was turned in.

6. Since that decision by Warner Bros., Platinum Dunes has moved on, preparing to remake Monster Squad as well as a possible new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie.

7. In May of 2024, Head of Distribution for Warner Bros., Dan Fellman, was asked by the Associated Press about further sequels to A Nightmare On Elm Street after that remake had a successfull opening weekend. Mr. Fellman mentioned that the company would certainly entertain sequels for both Nightmare On Elm Street and Friday the 13th.

This is all of the information that has been officially reported by genre websites or by Mr. Fuller himself. Back in October we were notified that Warner Bros. was beginning development of a new Friday the 13th film. This was not officially confirmed and still is not at this moment, but we mentioned it on our website as a way to let fans know that there was movement. As the weeks have passed, our website has learned of other information pertaining to a possible sequel. That information was to be held onto for a time until we felt it necessary to post. That brings us to today.

Due to an error, as previously mentioned above, a partial story was made live on our website and now this yet-to-be-confirmed information is a matter of public knowledge. That knowlwedge is that Warner Bros. is developing a new Friday the 13th and that Platinum Dunes is not involved. This information has not been officially released by any of the parties involved, such as Warner Bros., but we can say in good faith that this is true.

The great thing for fans is that things are moving and that’s all the die hard series fans can hope for. When more information is made available, we will definitely let you guys and gals know!

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99 Responses to “ Clarification On Friday the 13th Sequel News ”

  1. sounds good to me. out PD…go for a new jason.
    and please …adam green!

  2. come on, get it going WB.This is great news,at least the ball is moving and thankfully no PD.GOOD TIMES.

  3. No PD… Means a decent movie no matter what.

  4. woohoo this means that paramount will maybe relase the rest of the friday the 13ths on blu-ray!

  5. Hmmm, while I have enjoyed some of PD’s past films like TCM, I was not thrilled with both the F13 and NOES reboots. WB could possibly give the Friday series the kick start it needs. Interesting news. We’ll have to wait and see.

  6. C’mon you guys. I thought you were supposed to be Jason fans. Who the hell cares who does the film, as long as it gets made? I am 41 years old. I don’t got the kinda time that you guys have, so quit your whining and let these people do their jobs. For gods sake, I am willing to bet Todd Farmer is perfectly content to NEVER touch another Jason script ever again, thanks to all the lovely things that were said about him here. Most of you guys probably still live in your parents basement, just watching the movies. But again, there wouldn’t be any of them if they listened to all of you. From what I have read, all you guys wanna do is bitch about the people who make the films. So, I ask “What films have you guys made?”. Never mind I know the answer. NONE! So please, maybe some of PD’s films aren’t as good as the originals, but at least they are out there. I am sure that if you guys had your say, there probably wouldn’t be any. So again, go watch a Star Wars film. After all, you can’t mess them up any worse, and leave the filmmakers alone so they can get this done. Thank you.

  7. This is awesome news! I like what Bill Walters wrote. I love all the F13 movies and I dont care who directs them or whatever. Lets be thankful that they are even still making F13 movies. I love all of them very much. Glad to hear there will be a sequel to the remake. Awesome.

  8. Hahaha! “Parents’ basement”…hahahaha! That was funny…maybe a little on the harsh side…but still funny.

  9. Can anyone shed light on Warner Bros involvement? I thought they only had distribution rights to some of the older films abroad. Why is it that they are the key studio involved.

    Didnt Newline buy the rights to the character and not the name “friday the 13th”? so in theory they could call it jason whatever. and not involve the other two studios?

    please share if you know.

  10. At this point, it does not really matter to me wether Platinum Dunes is involved in the sequel, all I’m looking for is for Jason to come back. But I still hope they keep the winter setting.

  11. I’m with Bill and Blaze-I even treated JX like it was the 2nd coming or the holy grail for me the day it came out to theatres….ANY Jason in the works, in ANY situation (except part 8 for me) by ANY director is better then nothing-remember this ppl-These movies were originally intended to be low-grade filth “B” movies-we enjoyed them even as they became a little more popular. It’s ont OUR fault Jason has become a milking cow for anyone with their hands on it, but it WILL come and we WILL all be there in line opening night! I’ve done that for ALL of the names I grew up with (Jason, Freddy, and even new-school Leatheface and Myers-It’s just fun to do even if it is a bummer)

  12. Yeah, I’m shocked that nobody got on Bill any harder than they did. Though his point is valid…. we do have a younger participation in the forums and I’m shocked someone hasn’t came back at ya ;)

    But all in all I’m no spring chicken and being in my early 30’s I’ve been watching these for a long long time. I would never complain about PD making another film, because I’m still shocked that it’s still going on after all these years.

    BUT, on the flip side, I would “prefer” they didn’t touch the project. Though I like a lot about the reboot, and I was impressed at how they gave us the closer to original Jason for one, and they took it back to Crystal Lake. But in doing so they made some major changes that I think watered it down.

    In the end though I do have to give them credit for one thing. They did give us a movie in a movie. Because if you remember that opening weed scene, you get a lot of right off the bat action, then the real movie starts.


  13. I’d love just about anything now….

  14. “Speaking of which out of curiosity”…

    But how many of you guys liked the opening montage in the remake better than the main story?

    It’s weird but when the movie started I was digging the whole weed expedition at Camp Blood. The story line was old school, the acting had an old school feel, plus the kills were good.

    But personally. I liked the opening better even though it was all tied together.


  15. As long as you bring Mears back I have no complaints

  16. Hey Bill, 2 things…

    1. Everyone has the right to an opinion, so are you, but just because other don’t match yours, you have no right to start insulting people, so F*ck off for that. lol

    2. Why should anyone settle for just “anything?? If it’s going to be made then make it right.

    Wow you accept just anything for others things in life? Get a life pal. Don’t come here and act like a jerk and not expect to get your ass verbally kicked.

    Sorry JF in advance, I normally do not get irritated like this but this fool just pushed that button.

  17. I am glad there is movement, and am even more glad that PD is out. Now don’t get me wrong, i would not mind another PD’s sequel because well atleast its a F13 movie, but since they are so hell bent on remakes, i dont think their mindset is in the right place to helm F13. I mean Monster Squad?! They have no soul lol.

  18. I agree with wafflenator. Make sure that Mears is brought back. He had such an intensity as Jason, and really made him terrifying again. Something I hadn’t seen since part 4. (not to offend CJ Graham or Kane Hodder, they did a great job in their own right but Jason was a pop icon by that time) I hope that whatever comes of this makes us fans happy, and keeps more movies coming.

  19. Don’t feed the troll.

    Too bad PD aren’t making another Friday The 13th movie, it will fuck up the visual continuum, because the sequel will probably look a lot different than the first if another compagny is involved. It doesn’t have to be set in a snow setting, just make it gory and over the top, but without being too much cheeck-in-tongüe. Which leaves me with one crucial tip for the new director: THUNDERSTRIKE.

  20. So we should accept mindless drivel that comes from the mainstream horror genre? I’d love to see someone totally revamp the Friday the 13th series and make it different – yes have Jason but really make it unique and new and have a filmmaker there who has a dark and depressing sensibility because the comedic horror films are terribly done and not worth seeing. Someone even said Adam Green – yeah if you want the film to bomb. I thought a horror film as supposed to make people terrified and scared, not laugh. You know why these remakes suck? Is because the understanding of fear and terror isn’t there. I don’t mind remakes if they’re good. Remakes have been done many times before and a lot of them are solid – like The Fly, The Thing, etc because they were are serious films made by serious filmmakers who knew what horror was.

  21. I hope that the Friday-series can go on being produced by, lets say, Twisted Pictures or Lionsgate…just watch the gore from Saw or Bloody Valentine….could be a nice nudge for the Fridays.
    PD was only good at Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but after that film, it became a bit boring…in almost every remake of populair slashers, we have the same boring scores by Steve Jablonsky ( Chainsaw Massacre, Elmstreet, Friday, Amityville)..and bad writing by those guys who wrote Freddy vs. Jason, and all those other remakes…
    It’s time to get some fresh faces on board, with other musical composers ( my suggestions: Brian Tyler, Tyler Bates) and it would be nice if Todd Farmer had a real chance to write, or someone else besides Swift & Shannon…sorry guys, but I wasn’t satisfied by the boring storytelling.
    Well, now I’ve got these things off my chest..let’s hope that the next Friday will be a bit more old-school feeling like the first 5 installments. After all, retro stuff is becoming big business again, including a 70’s feel to pictures and music something with that

  22. Scott made some good points. Especially about the horror genre these days specifically remakes finding the need to add comedic elements to the movies. For what reason I have no idea. I guess they think because the casuals going in know about the franchise and expect more of the same so they add in comedy either to try to be funny or be more light hearted.

    All that said, I don’t see them moving away from that trend at all. At the same time its hollywood and hollywood is about the paper trail. Not the fans who all have their own interpretation of how a Friday the 13th film should go.

    Knowing they can’t please those people, they can only hope they lure them in on opening weekend as well as the casuals.

  23. Chris, nicely said! I felt the same way when I read that dude’s statement.

    We are all entitled to our opinions and whatever they are doesn’t make anyone any more or any less than anyone else. Excuse me if I prefer my Fridays to have some substance and intelligence. I don’t want the film makers to reinvent the wheel, just make a better product. Doesn’t matter if I’ve made a movie or not, it’s my money that’s buying that ticket or DVD. THAT’S what’s keeping these films going. Do I show up to every installment on opening night? You bet! But do I particularly like said installments? Not always. It’s all a matter of opinion.
    By the way, I haven’t lived in my parents basement for about 20 years. Sincerely, a 40 year old.

  24. i say we all get together with and make our own Jason movie. Of course you all have to come to Memphis as I don’t want to fly and let TSA cop a feel …well not for free anyway :P

  25. The remake has grown on me. It has a few flaws, but I now think it’s more entertaining than most of the other entrties, next to Part VI and Jason Goes to Hell (Which has also finally grown on meZ).

    It’s better made, better acted and has a better narrative than most of the series. The best interpretation of Jason since Part 2, if not the whole series. Although, not hugely scary, still the scariest Jason since The Final Chapter.

    I’m looking forward to the seqiuel. A winter setting, and maybe stronger, more adult type characters.

  26. Monster Squad??! That would be like remaking Gremlins, or … MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE! >:3

  27. No offense Bill Walters, but what kinda excuse is that?

    Platinum Dunes said in an interview that people shouldn’t give them shit because they’re at least bringing back the famous slashers to the screen. That’s like saying a teacher should give a student an A just for showing up to class. I mean I like the Halloween series a lot, but Rob Zombie’s H2 was still garbage. Honestly, I’d rather have no movie than a piece of trash.

    That being said, at least Rob Zombie is a true fan of horror compared to Platinum Dunes. At least Rob Zombie doesn’t make remake after remake and try to get a bunch of non-horror fans to see his movies by casting the star of the latest CW show. Instead he uses a great score and puts in actors that horror fans are familiar with. I’m really interested to see what he’s going to do with his new movie, The Lords of Salem. I’m glad he’s doing that instead of the blob remake.

    Anyways, I’m for a sequel as long as it’s good. I know it sounds redundant, but the majority of hollywood horror remakes/reboots in the past decade have been total garbage.

  28. I’d also like to add that PD doesn’t give 2 shits if the fans like their movies or not. Why do you think they don’t care about critics tearing their films apart or the fact that their movies get massive dropoffs during the 2nd week in the box office.

    They only know stereotypes. They focus on the worst aspects of the originals. They have the same bland scores for their movies and they only hire music video directors to give their films a flashy look. I rest my case.

    P.S. This is coming from someone who really used to like their movies.

  29. Hi again. Bet you thought I was done, huh? Well, no. Listen. I am not trying to put anyone down. I am a huge fan of all horror movies, and like you I am tired of seeing the series get watered down and weary. But last time I checked, I am not a filmmaker. Are you? No. So how can we sit in judgement of a company who is trying their hardest to give us a good Jason film? After all they ARE fans like us, but maybe not as hardcore. If you think I am an asshole then fine. Whatever. But after I read the comments on the whole Todd Farmer thing, I was embarrassed to be a Jason fan. I am not embarrassed by the films, but rather the behaviour of all the so-called Jason fans. Todd Farmer is a licensed screenwriter, and some of you called him a hack. Whether you like him or not, this is innappropriate. I think Ronnie Yu is a hack, but (other than this post) you don’t see anythng from me about it. Opinions are just that. Opinions. And ok. Maybe the whole basement thing was harsh, but no more harsh than calling Farmer a hack. He wrote a better Jason film than what hit the screen, and now everyone hates him for it. Well, I guess you can’t please everyone. But Jason fans should be more open to new ideas for the films, especially since the genre is starting to die out. All I am saying is that we, as Jason fans, need to be more respectful to the people still trying to keep this franchise alive. It’s not like we all just got out of filmschool, so we really have no idea how difficult it must be to keep things fresh and new. After all, this franchise is almost 31 years old. I agree with most about PD, but without them, we wouldn’t be discussing this now. Their attempts, whether good or bad, have kept the franchise in the here and now, instead of letting it die like so many other franchises have. Bottom line is that negative feedback will only hamper efforts to keep this thing alive, and nothing would please the MMPA more than this kind of thing to continue so they could bury these films forever. They hate them, probably alot more than any of you. If you think I am overdramatizing this, then ask John Carl Buechler about it. He can tell you much of what I have I bet. Thanks for listening to another ran from an irate Jason fan.


  31. Opps I meant MPAA :p

  32. Yea whatever Bill, your a hypocrite. Stop while your ahead.
    Tell ya what, next time the vehicle in which you drive breaks down, make sure you take it to just anyone! Because afterall, without any mechanics in this world no one could fix your car, but if they take you for everything you have you cannot complain because they are doing a job, no matter what.
    See? I too carry crazy thoughts. Although I’m not a hypocrite. Good luck with things Billy.

    Gee, I hate having to kick people like him in the ass.

    Anyways there. No more of Bill for me, I’ll just skip his postings from now on, his blithering will be like “A new beginning”, it will be ignored.

  33. Chris… Thank god. After all, you said everyone was entilted to their opinion. Guess you meant yours. Anyway, I have nothing to be ashamed of. I have said my piece and you can think whatever you like. That’s why its an opinion. And as far as kicking me in the ass, well lets just say that plenty have been there before you, and they all regretted it too. Good luck with your car repairs, if you are even old enouh to drive. People who have no trust live a very lonely life. And I apologize to JasonsFury for my “opinion” causing all this trouble. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion… except me.

  34. Well if your right and it sounds true! Then WAHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look forward too seeing what WB can do with it and not PD!!!

  35. @ BILL WALTERS. Youre absolutely right. I Feel like some F13 fans are some of biggest cry babies ever. I mean just be happy a F13 movie is even being made. And for all the PD haters i bet none of you could even make anything even close to what they did. The f13 reboot was amazing and thats coming from a real F13 fan.

  36. LOL Scott are you serious? What is with this “you could never make anything close to what they did” crap? That is they’re job, thats what they do, they should do it right if they don’t want to hear people be “cry babies” as you put it. We are the ones who see these movies, and if I’m going to pay to watch this, I want a good movie. SoI guess in orer to be a “real F13 fan” you have to be satisfied with no matter what? Yea, that’s what it means I suppose.
    I now see that there are some people who just have no expectations.

  37. So PD wants to remake The Monster Squad and TMNT? Maybe its best that there not involved with the FT13th sequal. We will get another Jason movie, the question is when.

  38. JB.. As to when, I hope whoever does this takes the time to think it through and give us the best film. Rushing through it only causes fans to complain, hence this thread.

  39. Chris I paid the same ten bucks to see the reboot as you did. I loved it, you hated it. What more can i say besides people have different tastes… Its not the 80’s anymore, and they will never comeback. Its impossible to re-create a moment. You remember a great night you had well you can go to the same place with the same people at the same time but it will never be the same ”moment” just like it will never be the paramount first 5 ever again. Enjoy the oldies but look forwards to the futur. peace and love yall!

  40. Scott, you missed my point. But I expected that.

  41. Um…the “basement thing” made the post for me…take that out,…and…well….leave it in! “Monster Squad” should not be remade under any circumstances…

  42. Oh…and the remake? They had Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” prominently featured…the film scores above a 5 just for that…

  43. Sorry Chris. Yeah I did get your point, and I am not satisfied easily either. I did not like NOES reboot that much. But I did love TCM reboots, Amityville and of course the f13 reboot. I just find its always the same complaining about PD and how the movie was horrible and I strongly disagree. Anyhow, bottom line a movie cant satisfy everybody and I respect that but its not cause it did not satisfy everybody that it was a bad movie either.

  44. Well Scott thank you for taking the time to be adult about the whole thing.
    I agree, some like, some don’t, you did, I didn’t.
    My whole concept was this, for those who did enjoy the remake shouldn’t be putting down those who didn’t, the whole point of movies is to love it or hate it.
    Look at siskel and ebert, if those two were doing their thing now, they would both me seen as those who must “live in they’re parents basement”.
    Now, lets just hope TMNT goes south, because we are in big shit if it gets made. LOL

  45. Well said, Scott. That’s the thing Chris.If you didn’t like the movie, then why are you bitching about them making more? According to you they are just ruining it so why don’t they just quit right? All you cry-baby fanboys are doing is proving that the audience who watches these films is immature and unable to deal with reality. But movies are a form of entertainment, not a specific statement to YOU or any individual. I understand your point about PD and again I agree. I don’t like the fact that they are cranking out all these remakes either, but I refuse to carry on about it in this forum, because this is a site for FANS. If you didn’t like the films, then good for you. Don’t run the rest of us down because we did. And, incidentally, my car runs great. See, its called preventative maintenance. You keep things in working order so scam artists CAN’T rip you off. Take a little breath and don’t judge me just because you don’t agree with me. We should all be able to get along, being Jason fans and all. As far as them not doing a good enough job, take a few college classes and become a filmmaker. I would LOVE to see how well you do.

  46. I personally think horror in general is going downhill. I’ve never met a remake that lived up to the original. Could any of you guys name even one? Everyone has a right to their opinion on whether or not they like a movie or not, it’s part of what these post are supposed to be about…discussion. I’m just sorry that negative personal attacks have to be made when a person doesn’t agree with a movie that you did or didn’t like. i graduated college, but have no desire to be a filmmaker…i couldn’t do better…that’s what they get paid the big bucks for. They at least owe us, the film going public, a good show.

  47. I had the unfortunate pleasure to read Bill’s lastest incoherant rant, but i will reply because of his wonderful outlook on it all.

    First of bill, I love the franchise, I hated the remake, I want to know how you think not liking an installment makes me a “fanboy”?I’m also interested in how you have seen me not be able to deal with reality??? You just rambled there.And yes movies are entertainment, So then why are you making a huge deal out of this?
    You don’t like what PD is doing and don’t agree ect ect? And won’t carry on about on this forum? But you have no problem insulting ppl and brining them down because of a difference of opinion? LOL… your such a hypocrite. And your saying because I don’t just agree and like it all I’m “not a fan”? Lol wow that takes balls.And i you say if i didn’t like the films then good for me? Exactly! Your the one making an issue out of it.Think man think! Please tell me how I am “running down the others” because you like the film? lol You got it backwards jack! Do you even think when you type? wow! Please show me where I ever put your opinion down? Just wow.
    And yes I’m so judging you Bill!!! LOL your a riot!!! Show me proof! There is none, so stop reacting like it’s others faults when your the one who took low blows at people. BTW guy, i never said i don’t agree with you, your the one who went off like a maniac saying those who didn’t like the movie are the ones who live in they’re parents basement and about being a fanboy, yea thats not judging nor starting crap. I love your idea how we should all get along being jason’s fans and all, well your concept is that ones who didn’t like the remake arn’t a fan. So stop going back and forth with things to suit your needs.
    As to anyone having to go to college to be a film maker, what does that have ANYTHING to do with anything?
    Your so full of crap my friend, you shoot your mouth off and then don’t think others have the right to defend themselves against trolls like yourself. Stop and think for a second as to what you post from one time to the other. no one is impressed with you nor are you “getting under anyones skin”, so if your here to just push insults and be an internet bum then there is the door, don’t let it hit your behind on the way out.

    Thank you.

  48. @ Bill Walters

    Ok, there are people who hated the film as well as people who liked it. The “fanboys” you speak of are disappointed because the filmmakers themselves generated a bunch of false hype claiming that this movie was going to include elements of the first 4 films and go in a darker direction. The comic con trailer and teaser trailer made it look pretty promising. The last trailer made it look like a cliche 90s slasher, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and saw it. The movie was entertaining, but still a huge disappointment. The problem these “fanboys” as you call them have is that Platinum Dunes has a lack of credibility and keeps on making the same mistakes film after film. Their track record proves this.

  49. Justin, you’re kidding me that Rob Zombie is a true horror fan, right?? That is a joke, because he screw up Halloween big time. If he is a true horror fan, why he did something he said in the past he would never do, but did it anyway & screw it up? He is a hypocrite & not a true horror fan for that. I rather PD do remake than Zombie. And he is trying to do another horror remake since you mention he doesn’t do remake after remake like PD. Remeber The Blob? You make big deal about PD not being horror fans for doing so many remakes, but why does Zombie get a free pass as a horror fan with his shitty Halloween films & his next remake in The Blob? Also, his casts are far worse than those on CW shows like his wife. He even make Malcolm McDowell look bad.

    And as for the news on F13th sequel, I personally don’t care if PD are involve with this again or not. Just as long the movie is good & fun, that all I care. That & get Derek Mears as Jason back!! ;)


  51. I’m glad to hear some sequel news. I didn’t mind the remake, but I think the sequel should have some better actors. And please, Harry Manfredini is a must! The music score made the original F13 movies such classics. Modernizing everything takes away that nostalgic value that we all miss.
    “Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma”

  52. Funny as im replying to this the remake is on HBO Zone at the moment in the tri state area haha, better than anything else on right now ! When people talk of a remake or a sequel like this there is always heated debate im not surprised to see it. I realize alot of people didn’t like the remake but in my opinion, it was vastly better than the NOES remake, and light yrs better than the Halloween remake. Both those originals were really good as well and there was plenty of opportunity for good remakes but those were squandered. NOES at least had a good story and production, but J.E. Haley as Freddy is just … well, it leaves me speechless.

    The remake for faults or not did well in theatres off the bat, and i saw it opening night and after that awesome opening sequence i was good for the rest of the night regardless what else happened. M.W. Designs is right about that. I loved every minute of that opening half hr or so and the goosebumps i got when Jason ran to slash Whitney and the screen flashed “Friday the 13th” w/ the familiar ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma the entire theater roared, louder than anything i remembered hearing at a horror movie. Jason is still the man, no question about it. Anyhow, Platinum Dunes did their thing and now let’s see what someone else can do with it. I am excited for it.

  53. Extremely disappointed that Platinum Dunes is not involved. Brad Fuller has to be terribly disappointed about this. He worked very hard to get this sequel going. What a shame. I fear that the sequel will not have the same feel as the first remake since new people will be involved. And if Derek Mears is not replaying Jason, I will not watch it. IF they bring back Kane Hodder, easily the worst Jason of all, I will be done forever. I loved the remake and this certainly hurts the franchise if you ask me. Hopefully, Michael Bay is still involved in some way. Sad news for me anyway.

  54. @Michelle – The Dawn of the Dead remake was brilliant.

    @Chris, Bill, & Scott – I don’t agree 100% with any of you, and I love that. Let me explain: I, like all of us here, am a die-hard, crazed F13 fan. My living room, hallway, and garage are filled with posters, hockey masks, autographed 8×10″s, you name it. Every halloween, I show up as Jason (this year I did the reboot look, but with the sack). My text message alert tone is “ki, ki, ki, ma, ma, ma”. I have my wedding anniversary tattooed on my wrist in the classic F13 font roman numerals. BUT this DOES NOT mean I am a “bigger” fan than anyone else here. I may disagree with 99% of what I read here on a given day, but I dig all of it, because it means the community is active, and if they never make another movie, Friday the 13th will continue to live on because of us.

    Basically, this site’s existence means I am not alone – my family and friends are sick of hearing me talk about Jason this, Jason that – but that’s EXACTLY what this site is about.

    SO, in closing, KEEP IT CLEAN – the whole “parents basement” comment was totally bush league, bro. But that’s just my opinion.

    My name is Chris (just a coincidence), I am 32 years old, live in my own place, and my car has had all scheduled preventative maintenance.

  55. voorhees213,

    Now that’s a classy way to post.

    I lolz’ed at the “my car has had all scheduled preventative maintenance”

    Good to see some people know how to be decent on here,Good on you guy!

  56. i was just about to write something about all this bickering,but now i dont need to.Well said Voorhees213.fanboys or haters jason would kill us all.

  57. WOW! Htf did this topic go from opinions on Jason-to car mechanics? When you take everything away; PD, NLC, PP, Cash-cows, Writers, scripts, directors, $$$, marketing, plots, etc…we just have JASON VOORHEES and his legacy of his trademarked hockey mask and blood drenched machete. I’m 26-and was the typical “never left the house and watched these films over and over again like they were all new for the first time growing up all through childhood/teen years…not as much to at all anymore-but I do have them and sometimes do watch them. (Just like Joe Bob Briggs on JX special features claimed there were ppl out there just like me) The formula is simple; we LOVE Jason and most-to all- of the entries. Keep in mind the series IS nearing 31 years on May 9th, they certainly should be done right and should keep the idea the same all the way through. It’s okay if it doesn’t please EvErYoNe…it’s not going to-nor have they ever. It’s said they can’t jumpstart a new sequal out every year today like they did for the original 4 or 5. Sadly, it’s aging, pop-culture is always looking for something new and they are going with that idea. (You don’t know how MANY ppl I hear saying stuff like, “I’m glad we are finally getting a new, fresh idea.” Without knowledge that there are 12 films prior the remake! I don’t just “settle” for things in life usually, but it’s Jason-the greatest horror serial killer of all time sure-but we have to accept them for what they are today…even if it’s not what we had THIRTY-ONE YEARS AGO! We are lucky to even be still getting merchandise, moves, and a strong fanbase yet…

  58. thanks JASONFURY.
    at this point i don’t care i just want to see jason in action again! and it will happen for sure! thanks! u made my day.

  59. Thank God!

  60. Platinum Dunes had nothing to do with Jason until the Remake. I don’t see what the big deal is that they won’t be involved. Last I heard, they didn’t want to make sequels to Freddy or Jason. If WB is as excited as we are about a sequel….let them do it. I don’t think Mears would care if someone else is producing it either, if asked to reprise his role, I believe he will. Bring on the sequel!

  61. Oh my, people have got their panties in a twist over this article. Typically, the platinum dunes group have tried hard based on interviews to get the fans excited. If they wants the fans excited, they need to get better scores to these films. I think the score (next to the script) is a huge factor in the success of a horror film. The scores for all of PD’s (yes I said all) have been very unmemorable. If they want to make some improvement (no offense to Jablonsky but I am not a fan), they need to work on getting people to make distinctive scores. Most fans of NOES and FT13 can hum you the scores for multiple scenes because they are memorable. It’s ingrained in us…

  62. Yeah, horror in general rarely has memorable scores anymore. Signs, The Hills Have Eyes remake (The main theme) and The Happening. are some of the few good ones.

  63. If the element of fear and terror isn’t there then there’s no point for a Friday the 13th sequel. Case closed. I love the idea of it taking place in the winter or in a snowy area. That to me brings something new. Also, Jason without a mask would be pretty cool. Just his mangled face, but keeping it in the dark shadows. That would be another cool way to go about it. Not a lot you can do with these type of films since it’s a certain formula that gets old after the first film. Maybe myself and others are asking for too much when we want to see a smart, intelligent masterpiece of Friday the 13th. Sick and tired of the cliche, boring and generic style of many of the later sequels.

  64. Adam and Pinehurst, I totally agree with you. The score is the BIGGEST thing that people remember about horror movies. Why, oh why did they not have Manfredini in the Remake?
    Scott Goldberg, you didn’t help pen the script for H2 did you? ;)

  65. The remake was ok, I’m happy about Platinum Dunes being gone. Didn’t like the college-brat stereotype characters, or their dialogue. They should bring back Derek, I think he’s the new Kane. I’ve said it before on here, the next F13 should be a low-budget indie film like the first few. Take it back to the roots. Ti West should be involved, he would do it more justice than anyone.

  66. DO NOT let this thread die!

  67. As long as Platinum Dunes isn’t involved, I’m looking forward to it. Maybe someone has finally wised up and realized that every PD movie is exactly the same – no plot, put a group of irritating characters in a remote location, kill them. Yawn. The only remake PD didn’t totally screw up was Nightmare on Elm Street. Unfortunately, they didn’t do anything new or original with it either. And now they’re going to remake Monster Squad??? Does no one at PD have an original thought in their heads?!?!?

  68. I’m one of the guys who blasted Todd Farmer, Bill. It was in a thread asking us our opinion as to weather we would or would not like Todd Farmer to come back to the franchise. Todd came on the forum & got all butt-hurt about the bashing. As an artist, he needs to know what we think. We told him.

    Sorry we embarrassed you in front of your girlfriend, Bill ;)

  69. i’m wondering when we’ll hear more. can’t wait.
    friday 13th january 2024 is the best date to release it, the other, june 2024, is full, batman 3 and more.

  70. please no prequel with the mother instead of jason!!!

  71. Platinum Dunes absolutly destroyed the NOES remake, myself and numerous others walked out half way through the movie it was that bad. On the other hand i absolutly loved the Friday remake and the Texas Chainsaw remake..

    Both brilliant…

    Jason movies were always based around bratty kids going to camp or away and getting slaughtered.. i really enjoyed the acting, they act like normal teens.. teens have sex smoke weed and drink and play beer pong… nothin in the movie was out of the ordinary.. jasons lair was a great added feature, makes him more human than a man that just telaports all over the place…

    great movie, cant wait for part 2

  72. [...] the horror community) site contributor jasonsfury pulled down the original blog and posted a clarification which pretty much stated that there had been no official word, but the site “can say in good [...]

  73. c_s_a78, I rather enjoyed Mrs. Voorhees in the first Friday. It helps that part 1 was the first Friday I ever say way back in ‘83. But that aside, I do enjoy the story of Mrs. Voorhees and her descent into madness. Could be interesting but I highly doubt that will happen. At least not in an first run, theatrical releases in the saga. Perhaps if the series were to ever end up direct to DVD (God forbid) we might get that kind of film. But as long as these movies are in theatrical release (and let that be for a long, long time) we will almost always get a Jason film.

  74. Joseph Zito was attached to direct an 80’s film version of Spider-Man!

    OMG, this would have been terrible.

  75. Personally, I don’t much care which production company is behind the new sequel, what interests me much more which people are involved, especially when it comes to directing/writing the movie. The remake bored the hell out of me, but that wasn’t because of PD but simply because seemingly nobody has a clue about how to improve upon previous installments without pissing off the fans. They tried Jason in Space, Jason as Demon-Worm and Fake-Jason among many things. And they got major backlash from die-hard fans of the franchise. So what did they do? Go back to the formula from 1980…*yawn*. Now, I do realize that I’m probably not gonna make myself popular around here with what I’m about so say, but I sometimes wonder wether I’m the only Jason-fan in the world who want’s a little more nowadays than the same stale fast-food I had yesterday. I loved the old ones when I was a kid, and I still do, simply for nostalgic reasons. I loved them DESPITE their flaws, not BECAUSE fo them. I don’t need lousy scripts, bad acting, annoying teens who have sex/go camping/smoke weed. I recently watched the My Bloody Valentine remake, and while that one certainly wasn’t the holy grail of horror movies, it made me realize on thing: you can have an old school slasher flick with over-the-top kills and gratuitous nudity AND at the same time characters that are likable and mature and also a story that has more going for it then just killing everyone, one by one.

    Because when I hear people talking about the 2024-Jason being scary, I always wonder wether they saw a different movie than I did. How can a villain be scary if the pople he’s up against are so painfully annoying that I couldn’t care less about what happens to them. Some of them were actually so unbearable that I was really hoping they’d die a slow, painful death, preferably anytime soon, please. Thank you very much.

    With all that being said, my hopes for the upcoming sequel is that whoever ends up making it has the balls to really put some quality into the whole thing instead of just giving us yet another tame rehash of movies the we watched ages ago. We might have been kids when we watched the old ones, but we’re grownup (a little, anyways ;) ), let’s hope the F13 franchise does too, one day.

    And who knows, maybe there are actually a handful of Jason-fans out there who share my opinion….
    Greetings to you all!

  76. CypherCrowley,

    Don’t worry about not making yourself too popular, your opinion matters and it’s yours and you have the right too it, and personally i agree with you, on many things you said.

  77. Now that Platinum Dunes is not involved with F13TH II, I hope the new director will follow the fourth first classic movies and, why not, bringing back Tommy Jarvis… now I really hope things will change for the better into a “old fashioned classic” new Friday the 13 movie… I can’t wait!!

  78. It’s a great chance to make a real Friday the 13th classic movie… please!, follow the four first films’ style!!!, make it dark and suspenseful again!!!, bring back Manfredini!!!…

  79. Being fair with PD, they made a good films with TCM’S two movies… but apart from that they became just like a machine making all their films just “one like the other like the other like the other”… I think they became too mechanis with their work: same photography, same music composer, same look… It worked with TCM but not with the rest of films… so it’s good to have a fresh look at this new project…

    Now it’s time to take F13TH seriously again and to put it where it belongs… good news, no doubt!


  81. PD’s remake was so bad… Jason with an olympic bow?, Jason on that sort of a batcave?… Jason kidnapping??… weed on Crystal Lake???… I’m so happy PD is out of the new project now… maybe there’ll be people showing more respect for the original four films of the franchise, maybe we’ll finally have a real Friday the 13th “classic” new movie…

  82. gosh they need to make the next friday the 13th and name it “friday the 13th part 13″ were up to the 13th sequel! lets make it the best damn jason movie ever!. Have all the remaining survivors of the previous movies get together to go back to crystal lake to all gang up on jason…but of course jason will kill most of em lmao. But still this is the kind of sequel i want. this would be an awesome movie, they can show all the survivors in their current lives and how the horrors of jason still haunt them, have one of em a successful lawyer, another one can be a complete alcoholic etc. i watched the jason documentary and loved the cast saying they would love to return to make another friday. C’mon hollywood do it!

  83. ….or better yet! have jason hunt down all the survivors in their present locale. so jason can wind up anywhere in the U.S. including the snowy setting. Jason is a never tiring stalker so i can see it happening him traversing the woods that are everywhere and winding up in any location. I really wanna see a scene where jason winds up at a football stadium to stalk his victim and seeing him obliterate anyone who gets in his way! now that would be a body count haha

  84. My choice would be bringing back Corey Feldman and Kimberly Beck… and just making a F13TH movie following the dark and suspenseful style of the four first films… and of course, bringing back the classic Jason (Part 3 and 4’s) and throwing away that stupid (and not so iconic) machete thing…

    Go classic!

  85. First they still have to make it…but no matter what, I’m sure as hell gonna see it..part XIII…do you guys and girls think the producers and other people involved are reading our material here?
    If so, they could get a little idea of the do’s and don’ts.
    Remake was okay….for a Friday it suddenly had a bit of TCM class..( wether thats good or bad) but please don’t make anymore of Fridays that have the same feeling and sound as the other PD movies.
    I have to give credit to Rob Zombie for atleast make a totally different film of his Halloween series..and kinda was hoping that the Jason remake would have it’s own unique quality..well the movie is here, it’s still very amusing and Jason is very well done by if the next movie isn’t about, let’s say, JX2..I’d like him back for the part…if they ever get to do a sequel to Jason X, I hope they take back our Kane Hodder…great guy and great UberJason

  86. @MLC, I would love to see this too. I’m a fan of the franchise but I’m a bigger fan of the first four, even the 5th to a certain extent but I have my doubts about getting that from any future installments. The slasher climate has changed since those films were made and unfortunately Hollywood doesn’t make them like they used to. At the same time we can hope that someone will see that and maybe go retro on the next one, never say never I suppose. maybe we’ll even get elements of those films in the next one even if it is an updated version of the classics.

    All I know is with Platinum Dunes out of the picture (and I’m not knocking them, they did a decent job on the reboot) we hopefully won’t get Swift and Shannon’s terrible screenplays. No offense meant to those that enjoyed their work (I did too in a guilty pleasure kind of way) but their writing IMO is subpar and we as fans deserve better.

  87. I agree with you uzisB4jacuzis, they should bring back all, or most of the survivors to take on Jason in the next one during the winter time at the winter resort, which use to be where the camp was. Now just for the record if they did this one, this would really only be the 12th sequel in the series. The remake/reboot does not count, it is still only at eleven sequels so far. Also just for the hell of it they should throw in a fake Jason killing people too! Untill the real one kills him! MLC I like your idea of bringing Kimberly Beck back as Trish, but I’m not so sure for Corey Feldman as Tommy. I say bring Trish back so she can clear tommy’s name, since some still think he did the killings and is still wanted in crystal lake.

  88. The lack of Platinum Dunes involvement sounds like good news to me. If they would come up with a plot that involves likable characters that aren’t based on overblown stereotypes and get a director who can capture a sense of suspense, I’d be more than willing to shell out my $10.50 to go see it.

  89. I think the new crew that’s supposed to make a new F13TH film would have to have at least one single person to watch what fans are saying about all this…

    So they could know there are many fans wanting a film with that classic, dark, suspenseful feeling the four first movies had… (even the fifth one still has that classic “touch” to me, even without Jason in the mix).

    Is that difficult to make a classic F13TH movie?, is that hard to make something like the four first films?… think about Ty West’s “The House of the Devil”… it seems to be a film shot in the 80’s but it isn’t!!!!, why not making the same thing with next F13TH film?

    There are so many good things in the first four F13TH movies that have been ignored from 6 to PD’s last reboot…

    It will never be said enough: do not show Jason too much!!!, show him just with the final girl!!!, throw away that stupid machete thing!!, hire Manfredini to make a classic score!! (and not like his work for part 5 and 6 for example), bring back Steve Miner!!, bring back Tommy Jarvis storyline (even if having to pretend “a new beginning” does not exist)…

    GO CLASSIC!!!!!

  90. I’m not throug with reading the whole thread but stopped after the main information got left. Here just my thought: 

    Bill: someone has to be a filmmaker to write down their opinions about a movie project? I have to disagree. This is exactly what Joe Public has to do, so that the guys involved in the actual production have a feedback. Positive feedback can be found at the boxoffice. Chin chin! Negative needs to be read on forums.

    Guys: Modern film makers are not sitting at their desk, closed in their working room and never come out until the script and film is done. BUT they work with feedback coming from fans all the way through the production. This is a franchise and not a never seen or heard before title. Be sure Fuller, Warner and Co are reading all of this here and will talk about and work with the feedback. So please show a bit of respect when writing their names. Productive opinions be it pro or contra are always helpful. Just write them down the way it supports the upcoming Friday movie! 


  91. hey jasonfury…any news???

  92. Hang in there. Hopefully something can be told soon.

  93. [...] Aquí podéis leerlo todo muy bien explicadito. from → cine, frikismo extremo ← Expocomic 2010 LikeBe the first to like this post. No comments yet [...]

  94. Really thanks Jasonfury,
    i really hope to hear soemthing GOOD soon!

  95. …and hear soemthing news could be a very good x-mas present!
    eh eh :-)

  96. I would love another F13 movie.
    I’m 36 years old and have been a fan since I was 15.
    I love all the original movies, but I must admit that the ‘Michael Bay’ remake from last year was actually really good!
    Bring it on – give us another new movie!


  97. Been offline for WAAAAAAAAY to long(long story) and log on to to find a sequel to “09″’s offering is still not dead.A lot of time + idea’s have passed since the last movie so let’s hope they take the time to make the epic masterpiece we’ve been salivating about for years…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  98. Hi everyone!
    I have this doubt about the cast of Friday The 13th movie. Are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki going to be part of the cast??
    Because I have read lots of blogs and websites where it is said they will be.But I don´t have specific information or, reliable sources of information to get to know it.

  99. When will it come out I want to see it

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