Jason Goes To Hell DVD Cropping Gaffe

I always laugh when I see movies on DVD, or even television, where the cropping has altered the framing of a movie which  causes objects to appear that normally aren’t there. The biggest culpret is seeing boom mics appear in the frame of a picture at the top of the screen. It is quite comical and people don’t understand how the movie makers missed the mic in the shot. Fact is, they didn’t miss the fact the mic was there, it’s just that in their final print of the film, their aspect ratio had blocked out the mic.

The US DVD of Jason Goes To Hell is a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and everything looks good in frame. In talking with Mario Kirner, his DVD German bootleg and UK version is displayed in a 4:3 aspect ratio. This ratio reveals some objects in frame that shouldn’t be seen. Check out below and see the stunt mat that the Jessica Kimble character falls onto that should be out of frame.


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14 Responses to “ Jason Goes To Hell DVD Cropping Gaffe ”

  1. bwahahah that is fantastic! Friday the 13th goes to hell this is so bad movie

  2. lol Cheap…

  3. I love this damn movie!

  4. That’s hilarious!

  5. Classic

  6. Part 9 is the worst in the series. However there are still some interesting moments in the movie. But the whole Jason thing travelling the=rough people I hated that. And Jason being blown up at the beginning. that hurt me.

  7. I thought Part 9 was one of the better installments.

  8. One more reason to Hate this movie…lol

  9. I remember anticipating Jason’s return at the end! Good Stuff! Him jumping through the floorboards was like him coming out of the water in part 1!! Great stuff!

  10. this movie isn’t as bad as everyone says. It has a lot of action in it and a decent sex scene and tried to get away from the same tired old F13 plot. Not a masterpiece but at least they made an attempt

  11. I agree with part 9 being the worst.

  12. Some fans complain if a movie is always the same movie again and again.

    Some fans complain if a movie ever strays away from the formula that is established.

    Some films try to stay so close to the formula, they end up being forgetable.

    Some films try to do something too different from the formula, and the fans hate it because they can’t handle something new.

    Result: No matter what you do you piss about half the fanbase off and your profits deminish unless you introduce a gimmick.

    Enter 3D, New York, Hell, Space, Elm Street, Re-Vamp, and Digital 3D.

    Result: Franchises turns a buck and earns the right to market toys and lives to see another day.

  13. Very funny!! But hey their human!

  14. Just another reminder of the cheapness that was this flick…I remember going to see Jason Goes to Hell in the summer of 93 on opening night…it was a summer full of my friends crappy movies and i was stroked to see Jason…well i didn’t really see him except for at the beginning and the end…took a serious razing from friends the rest of the summer after i spent months telling them how cool it was going to be…razing me about Jason being beat up by Clark Kent at the end of the movie…horrible experiences..

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